Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oprah Winfrey : Satan's Hand Mistress

(Youtube link, may require broadband)

Oprah. Just plain evil. I don't know how she could make it any clearer short of plastic surgery to give her horns and a tail.


trueaim said...

"And they overcame by the Lamb's blood and the testimony of their word. For they loved not their lives even unto death" Rev: 11 -12.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, the light and all that is good is a white male.

And the Anti-christ, the devil herself is black and female and boldly in your face daily.

humanity is doomed

Until the Grand-Son of god comes of age that is and vengence will be his, vengence the likes the world has never seen before with but one of one thousand to see it through.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

When did Jesus become a white male?

I was of the impression that the fairy tale Jesus was before the Askenazi converts took over which would actually make him, pretty much, arab, palestinian, whatever, but not white.

How does one figure that that socialist nigga is the anti Christ? She is just expounding different views of different religions. She's not doing anything outrageous. People who have given up on the biblical fairy tale but who still need to believe in some kind of fairy tales may listen to her but anyone who follows her or any other fairy tale deserves their fate.

Why are not all of the religions which do not agree with your Jesus fairy tale the anti Christs?

Sometimes coming to the vault is like watching the emotional retards in a holy roller church. You want to laugh but you can only feel sorry for them!!

Texas Arcane said...

Still waiting on what you are offering.

Have only heard about what you want to take away. No word on what you are offering in exchange. That makes you a thieve.

Is it that your goods are so shoddy you don't want to mention them?

I was an atheist for sixteen years. I'm not proud of it. Atheists are generally rotten people even when analyzed on the most fundamental biological level.

A world without Christ is a cosmos without meaning. There isn't a religion in existence that makes as much sense out of the human condition as the New Testament. If you've such an analytical mind why can't you recognize there is no equivalence of religious ideas? Maybe because you do just enough analysis to flatter yourself and pull up short where it could do you some real good.

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