Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama : Obfuscating Effeminate Wafflin' He-She Tranny Gender Bender

This down-low brother doesn't have a leadership bone in his body. Sounds like Oprah on crack.

People like this don't know where they are going and the herd that follows them anywhere will quickly find itself going around in a circle. Those whom God would destroy he first makes ambiguous.

Obama is the leader that God sends you before he waxes your ass


CadorBolin said...

Barack Obama is for all intents and purposes a foreigner (born to a "flower child" mother who preferred to cavort with nonwhites--fact) and to me, he is being pushed strongly in the jew-run media by kosher leftists because he's the ultimate expression of multiculturalism.

Are the right-wing jewish neo-conservatives on the way out? With Obama as the figure head I can't really see the average white zogling being enthusiastic supporters of wars on behalf of Israel.

For me, I can't really see "President" Obama being effective for Israel's interests. Yes, he will be able to order bombings and attacks, but who will support him enthusiastically about such endeavors?

Take a look at Stalin during WW2. After getting his ass kicked in the first year, he quickly changed the slogans and propaganda from promoting socialism to reviving the Othodox Churches and re-branded the fight as "The Great Patriotic War". It's always romanticism that moves the people, not doctrinaire socialism.

The jews have a hard-on for multiculturalism, but they will use xenophobia whenever it suits their ends (like 9/11 for example).

Justin Patrick said...

I'm curious what you think of Carl Jung's concept of the anima (and for females the animus or animi).

Anonymous said...


The brother workin the down-low ain't da kinda change I been hoping for.

Keep da change. Think I'll just keep traveling down my own road.

Justin Patrick said...

Also, what do you mean by ambiguous?

Anonymous said...

Right on brother!

Enigma said...

Yes, yes he's working the down-low. Got a lot of left leaning monkey men following along. This is not going end nice. No sir.

Texas Arcane said...

"Also, what do you mean by ambiguous?"

Obama never really says anything. Reminds me of that Simpson episode where Koto and Kang took over the bodies of Dole and Klin-ton.

"Twirling, twirling, forever twirling into the future!"

It's fun. Look, I can make up an Obama speech of my own on the fly ...

"A process of change into a brighter future on our national discovery of conciliation and forward looking progress!" That's pure gold. I just made that up.

Translation : 22,000 megatons and 10,000 rads an hour of background radiation by the end of Coke-Bama's first term.

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