Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can You Do Math? Debt + Income = ITZ COMING

When you realize how far the United States has extended it's credit and to whom they are indebted and what instruments have to be paid off and with what collateral, you will know the truth.

I_T_Z ....C_O_M_I_N_G. Nothing is going to stop it.

No amount of sophistry, semantics or wordplay is gonna change this. Somebody is going to get paid the money they are owed, whether they take it in barter or take it out in ass. Amerikwa never had the power to cancel it's own debts and they are not going to legislate it into existence now.

Obama = Repamarations

I knew it.

Knew it.

Predicted it here on Vault-Co too.

I cannot tell you how badly I want this guy to be elected President. It's the shortest possible distance between two points.

Seriously, why drag it out? Let's end it and get it over with. Who wants even another couple years of this abject humiliation watching Mystery Babylon drag it's nose through the slime where America used to be?

I assure you, this dude will absolutely vaporize any semblance of order left in the United States. Couldn't pick a better time to get in office, either. Just as the economic tsunami is cresting for the massive crash, he'll be taking his oath of office. It's truly Vault-Co Apocalyptiverse grand theatre. The Black Pharoah ascends the throne just as Egypt is slipping into a famine it will never emerge from.

A False Flag Starts Every World War

The 'Kwa goes to a "heightened alert" state.

I think I know why.

The stock market hasn't even moved yet. It's about to, though - it's going to plunge 2000 points one day, 3000 the next, in the very near future. A diversion will be needed. If the 'Kwans realize their government simply liquidated them all into the poorhouse, their outrage will have a focus. They need to come up with a crisis and a corresponding excuse very soon.

How do you do that after your coming economic collapse, John? Use a newspaper on their nose when they stray, a doggy treat when they obey? I'd like to see that on a budget of zero.

No, Johnny, very soon the 'Kwa will only have one asset left they will be able to deploy to induce anyone anywhere to do anything ... and that is nuclear weapons.

I want Obama to be elected because I have 100% confidence he is nothing but Robert Mugabe on a diet. A marxist as hardcore as Barack during a major economic depression will literally be throwing gasoline on a fire. McCain is Bob Dole in pancake makeup, he's the walking dead, it is nearly impossible that he will win at this stage. Amerikwa is more than stupid enough to elect Obama if they were dumb enough to elect George Bush. Even if it was close, Diebold will simply make sure Barack gets enough votes to be confirmed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chimpout at the O.K. Kwan Mall

Tyrell and Laquavis keeping it real, Kwanzanian-style.

As many as 300 hominids took place in the riot, acting natchurel and what-have-you/what-not

Most people don't quite understand what sort of effect all this has economically on a country.

In the 1960's, my family used to go to an open air drive-in and they allowed us to run up front to the playground to frolic with the other children while the movie aired. I remember those warm summer nights as being some of the happiest of my life. We whirled around on the carousel, they gave away free ice cream, my brothers and I played cowboys and indians with plastic guns. Saturday night was the most fun of any night of the week.

Then the drive-ins got desegregated.

Today there are no drive-ins, just vacant lots with tumbleweeds blowing across them. Nobody in their right mind would go to a drive-in with blacks unless they had a death wish and wanted their kids to catch a stray bullet. A drive-in for a black person is the equivalent of an open range shooting gallery.

Slowly the world shrinks. Nobody sends their kids outdoors anymore without an escort. Nobody trusts their children even to be out of earshot without supervision. Bowling alone. Pretty soon you don't even trust people you formerly felt safe around. The government presides over a nation of animals kept captive in their homes after sundown and a social environment in which everybody else is terrified of their neighbors, feels no common bonds, has no homogenous culture to share other than what is force-fed them from the sterile idiot box on television.

In the last and final stages, boys and girls no longer have any social situations in which they can be introduced and meet marriage prospects, they decline into impulsive sexual encounters with random strangers. Losing any common ground with the past or the future, divorced from their heritage with all traditional role models ridiculed as persecutors and exploiters, they turn to tattoos, piercing and self-multilation of a variety normally only seen in zoos in primates that are absolutely cut off from all sensory inputs and normal family bonds.

Is it possible to imagine a more toxic, ruined civilization than the Western world?

Everything good that our ancestors left to us has been utterly, utterly destroyed.

Land of the Dead

Excellent comparison between U.S. and China. The United States is a rotted out hole where a nation used to stand.

I usually don't link to Jim Kunstler because I think he's a bit of a poseur and a drama queen. This column was particularly poignant. Kuntsler is a leftist who gloats a bit too much at what was a deliberately engineered failure, not a failure of the American ideal.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

J.R. Nyquist - International Bolshevism Wins

"Self-tenderize." A beautifully coined expression.

Australia Decisively Cuts The Dead Horse Loose From The Wagon Team

It's the exact opposite of anything that John Howard would have permitted during his reign. It's also very, very smart.

The Australians are basically telling the whole world that the United States of America is insolvent and they are cutting the debt loose the same way we used to do with third world failed regimes that had made it obvious they would never be able to service their bills.

This limits the pain on Australians and is helping decouple our economy from what is a millstone headed straight for the bottom of the ocean.

The fake real estate boom was a great scheme to extend the working life of the 'Kwa another few years so it could be completely stripped of all assets before the final hour arrived. It's over now. There is no last resort left. Now the chickens come home to roost.

How Mossad Conquered France

Sarkozy would have to one of the most clever political insertions in Mossad history.

"The Future of Food" - Must Watch!!

Excellent summary of how the modern agricultural system has prepared the entire world for the mother of all famines. The destruction of decentralized farming was deliberate. Whether or not the result was deliberate will remain a question for future generations.

Fukiyama's "The End of History"

Oh, it's the end of history, alright. Western history, anyway.

Britain plans to spend £3bn on new nuclear warheads

Russian missile cruiser begins patrols around Spitsbergen

Putin wants closer military ties with Venezuela

The John Birch Society got it right - South America Would Fall To Communists and be used as a Russian base to strike at the U.S. using internal subversives first and then Latin American armies to put boots on the ground after the war began. The Birch Society said America would be tricked into giving up the Panama Canal to the Reds.

Boy did this sound crazy in 1955. Impossible. Science fiction. Never happen.

Hugo Chavez has called for a strategic alliance with Russia to protect Venezuela from the US.

Will Russian Bombers Haunt U.S. Borders?

Russia and China Now Buddies in The Coming Energy War - Guess Who Is The Enemy?

Stuffed Shirt Squawks About Russian Bombers Using Cuba As Airbase

We're ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! - Part 1


Remember when Vault-Co said in 2003 that World War III Would Be Subs + Cruise Missiles?

Just to make sure nobody is left out of WW3, here's ...

Pakistan warns U.S. it's nuclear sales to India mean itz coming

... and even the media is starting to figure it out.

Will Survivalists Have The Last Laugh On Everyone?

Cold War II = Very Hot War Soon

It's so simple you don't need to be a mad prophet like Vault-Co to figure out any more.

Remember, by the time it's that easy to figure out it's getting ready to hit the fan, everybody and their brother knows it.

I hope the ten year headstart we gave you at Vault-Co has managed to help you. If you heard that emergency beacon turned on, it's because God had given you ears to hear it.

Nobody At The Helm In Kwanzania

I rarely link to this guy's blogs because he's usually way off topic.

This one is spot on.

The best kept secret in the United States is that there is nobody at the helm. The only plan is every man for himself, women and children last. That's the plan in the 'Kwa.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuclear War Side Effects

Most people don't know what all these effects are and you never hear them consolidated in any description. It is almost as if the total picture eludes the average mind, sort of like the elephant and the six blind men we spoke of before.

At the outset of a nuclear war, the enemy will detonate a high altitude nuke over your nation designed to maximize electromagnetic pulse as it's yield. This sends everybody underneath it back to the 17th century for anything connected to the grid. That's actually before any nukes arrive intended to do harm with blast or fallout effects. Any talk of "limited" nuclear war has to take into account that there may be no central government or communications left to decide where the limits are - leaving regional commanders to fire everything they have in response.

So right at the beginning, you have TEOTWAWKI. This is before the actual war even starts.

Globalism = The Best Engineered Famine Ever

The nuttiness of globalist ideologies has prompted the Western nations to lay down (economically speaking) in the middle of a four lane superhighway in their underwear with a yellow stripe painted down their middle. They have sacrificed their entire nations on the altar of a false god, a field of dreams, which has utterly abandoned them in return.

If Asia continues this way with tariffs, the U.S. will have not only offshored all their industry, they will also have offshored all their food. They have engineered a framework for starvation that will be worse than anything they have ever watched in reports from Africa on television.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vault-Co Prophecy #99999: On Time And As Predicted

Yawn. Knew it was coming.

If you read Vault-Co you got four years advance warning of this outcome of the U.S. BMD research program. Vault-Co is like having a copy of next year's newspaper today.

Britain Nine Meals From Anarchy


They mean the Western world.

Itz not coming anymore. Itz here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Federal Government Emergency Stocking Shelters?

Remember Vault-Co first spoke of this more than a year ago, when we reported the Federal Government was intercepting shipping containers on the docks as they arrived from New Zealand to confiscate canned butter.

Remember, there are no shelters for you. Of any kind. (Unless you're a Vault-Co player.)

Wherever they are caching this food, you can be sure it is someplace you will not be admitted to when the time comes. I would be willing to bet it is underground, probably with it's own rail system and even movie theaters and barbershops. I would bet you anything that in terms of their own safety, the U.S. government has been working on subterranean architecture for the past fifty years without a pause in the action. Long after your civil defense program was canceled "for lack of funds," the Feds were using atomic tunnelers to cut cities into rock where no man had ever gone before. Just the ones that people know about speak of a secret government with resources and funds that can scarcely be imagined. Some believe the facility under Denver Airport may be connected by underground rail to both coasts.

The U.S. Feds have literally bought out a half dozen suppliers for #10 cans and other freeze dried foods all across the planet. I've seen anecdotes from the guys who run these places scattered over a dozen forums all over the world. The Fed paid the going rate but it was still a seizure. Imagine what is going on behind the scenes that they are tracking shipments from overseas containing long term storage food so they can nab it on the piers when it is offloaded? That besmacks frantic desperation.

Typical government operation. All that construction and the guy who was supposed to stock the pantry must've spent the money on catered lunches and exploratory travel instead. It looks like now they are in one helluva hurry to put food into their own little personal refuges. That must be because itz coming.

Vault OS Update 24-7-2008 : X11 Video Driver

I got a Sensoray X11 video capture board off Ebay with DOS drivers at the start of this week for $10.00 USD, two camera inputs. The link to the information page for the model I got is in the header above.

I wrote a program using this driver about 12 years ago in Sydney for a client who wanted to watch his parking lots after hours. It was one of the easiest applications I have ever written. I finished it and deployed it in only a week and it was a fixed price project for what was considered a 4 week job.

The reason I wanted to write the drivers for this first to run a security cam application in a VOS window in Breadbox Ensemble is that the X11 DOS drivers are the closest thing the industry had to a standard X86 interrupt driver for security cams. The driver standard includes scaling of images on the fly for inclusion into window panes and some other frills that could come in handy for Vault Dwellers with multiple video feeds. There are several hundred different systems compatible with the X11 drivers so it should not be that hard to locate one of them to use in combination with Vault OS.
The best way to use this board is to put a splitter box on the incoming signal to send one line to the Vault OS box that will be the "video" service on IPX/Ethernet and the other straight to cheap analog monitors. You will then be able to watch the video services from any terminal rather than having to be in front of the monitors all the time. This may also expedite video chat links between different terminals in the Vault, although I confess delivery of the audio stream in real-time escapes me at the moment, I'm not quite sure how to go about that. Maybe if I get this running I will think of something for the audio.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vault OS Update 23-7-2008 : 2MB SBC!!

I got Breadbox Ensemble desktop running on my embedded PC-104 board! 2 MEGABYTES of RAM, 16 MEGABYTE memory card!!!! It comes up almost instantly when turned on!!! This has an IBM MicroDisk (385 Megabytes) connected to it about the size of my thumb, from which you can browse PDF files on this 800x600 LCD screen!!! I have bought an ancient copy of Borland 4.5 C++ with the GEOS SDK to develop applications for this. This OS comes out of the box with HTML browser, TCP-IP, IPX support and a dozen or so extremely useful programs included : Paint program, text and RTF editor, Geobase Database, Spreadsheet. It staggers belief in terms of modest hardware requirements. Closest competitor to this would be FreeBSD with requirements of 8 Megs of RAM and 16 megs of storage to run a minimal installation like a dog. Next step is to get this hooked into my development Ethernet box in my study to test network apps on it.

I think I have arrived. This Ensemble OS is what I've been looking for. I've been studying the GEOs developer SDK I got from Breadbox and essentially this OS will support anything you could have imagined writing in 16 bit real mode in C++, which means the sky is the limit in terms of functionality. You can access all the COM and parallel ports directly just like you would do under DOS and the comms protocol supports connections to TCP-IP or IPX (I will likely design everything for IPX from the beginning and see how it goes) seamlessly for any app running on the desktop.

The only problematic program I found in Breadbox that gives you an error is the performance monitor. When running it alongside the screen dump utility or other apps concurrently it appeared to generate a system error. Otherwise, I have been death marching this OS since Sunday, with an automated script (built-in macro editor!!!) loading programs and exiting over and over again to see if it would crash. Nothing there yet. I think it is pretty solid, it would have to be since it is built on 24 years of GEOs technology and drivers. I could winge about the display GDI interface, which is slow under VESA but there may be way to optimize this once I learn more about how it works. The error trapping is far better than under Windows - a critical error prompts you it will exit, after saving the last safe configuration.

Pretty amazing, right? I just sat here for an hour staring at the screen after I got it to come up on the $12.95+shipping 486DX single board computer I bought on EBay. I still can't believe you can view PDFs with this thing and run a fully loaded spreadsheet and an HTML browser in another window. I have no idea how they get this thing to run in 500K with an EMS swap manager. That display is right off the high color VESA chip on the minicomputer. If this OS did nothing but allow you to browse a directory and view PDFs I would have gladly paid twice what I did to get a copy.

P.S. There's an existing app that lets you monitor and tune a radio card connected to this board - AM/FM/SW/DB/UHF - that sits right on the Ensemble desktop. I've been looking at the SDK and there is a uniform way to talk to external interfaces like the new line of radio cards for PC-104 and regular ISA bus cards. There is also an interface to the old X-10 protocol for home automation, which does support 12 volt devices with the right equipment. ( Amazing! I'm scared I will never get to sleep tonight if I keep playing with this SBC so I'm going to put it aside and get some rest. In case you're wondering what I've been babbling about for the past year on Vault-Co, this was basically what I had in mind.

P.P.S. The list of included video drivers is pretty extensive, including legacy displays more than thirty years old. There are drivers for monochrome screens in extremely low resolutions, which means this OS might be able to run displays on the new line of zero energy organic flashram LCDs and the increasingly cheap VFD panels with excellent viewing characteristics in lowlight conditions that come in green, orange and yellow flavors.
P.P.P.S. Huge Help authoring system and E-Book reader included with Ensemble. The help authoring system is also configured for callbacks in the SDK, which is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about for Vault-OS, where a dynamic expert system greets you when it comes on and prompts you for your situation followed by operating procedures i.e. if this is a possible nuclear emergency, it tells you to unplug all EMP breakpoints, close blast valves, shows you where to check to make sure equipment is secured in anticipation of ground shock, etc. Most important of all, it has built-in sound card support so there are numerous voice synthesis options and voice prompting capabilities.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cool Downloadable Flash Game!

Awesome shelter management. 'Nuff said.


No, this isn't a bad dream.

We have arrived in the Vault-Co future.

U.K. Is A Used Nappy Excuse For A Country

I don't want you to believe I am a secret enthusiast of the Nazis.

I consider it a fun mental experiment to imagine what Britain would be like if the Nazis had won.

I reckon it would be a better place to live than it is now. You can say I'm terrible for thinking that, except I believe it is true. I honestly think there was more respect for individual rights under the Nazi regime than there is today by the governments of Europe. It's a sad witness to the endless cycle of decay that afflicts all civilizations. What was vilified only a few years ago as inhuman and treasonous to Western values is standard operating policy for the governments of Europe today. I think more than anything else it testifies to the essentially confused condition of both the people who serve in the government and the citizens who pay their wages. Taken as a whole, they are all a bit addlebrained.

High Priest Of Globowarmthinkery : "Complete Rubbish"

The biggest problem has been appointing competent people to administrate global warmthinkery schemes for a simple reason ... in the very act of examining the science behind it they realize it's literally made up out of thin air. Ergo, globowarmthink administration has to be accomplished with incompetent fools or nobody at all. Anyone capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time who is permitted to see the hard facts kept hidden from public scrutiny would immediately realize it's a gigantic marxist scam.


This is not a test.

Next Year Will Be Ten Times Worse Than Anything Seen So Far

Mother of All Bears Approaching

Commercial bankruptcies rival start of the Great Depression ... only beginning!

Retail dominos collapsing across the 'Kwa

Food Prices Set To Go Through The Roof - Pack it Now!

I just got an email from an old Army buddy. He was laid off with around 4000+ other people last weekend when his private sector contract company burst like a bubble. Apparently they just woke up and realized there had been nothing but profits on paper for the past three years and they had no money left in the bank. A lot of their construction contracts had recently been canceled so my friend was so much dross to be jettisoned. My friend says there are a couple thousand people applying for vacancies even as janitors in his region.

DUBAI ... The Future That Should've Been

Amazing montage of the developments in Dubai.

I post this as illustrative of the future I once thought the Western world would have had if it had not been so badly derailed two generations ago. This should've been us. Unfortunately, you see more and more of this, situations in which the formerly undeveloped nations have been able to take full advantage of the technologies and construction sciences that we created and perfected.

Meanwhile back at home, we can't even keep our old bridges from collapsing. This is a tragedy, in case you had not guessed the genre yet. This sad story ends in World War III.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tupperware for Genocide - THIS CASKET'S FOR YOU!

Let's head off your rationalizations :

1. The brand is identified. These are tailor made to store biologically dangerous corpses and they were specifically manufactured for military clients. They're too expensive otherwise to acquire for any other purpose, being custom manufactured for this sole use.

2. That plastic will eventually degrade in sunlight irregardless of it's rating. Those are not being stored there as a convenience for anybody. They are there only temporarily.

3. Many, many people have pointed out that Atlanta is the airport hub of America and it would be expected to store these coffins here for shipment as quickly as possible to anywhere in the country.

U.S. Government Orders Half A Million Cheap Coffins. They're expecting a lot of sheeple to die soon.

"Hold The Line" from the Netherlands

This is a link to a short film that I think succinctly demonstrates how it is impossible for a creature like man to possess nuclear weapons for any great length of time without resorting to using them at the first provocation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dead Silence

The Sun is going to take a nap now for a couple millennium. It's gone to sleep.

Smooth as a babies bottom for most of last year ... but now it's gone just placid and meek. It's July and the northern hemisphere has a climate more like winter in most places.

Globowarmthinkery was when fags talk about the apocalypse - a "heat wave." They'd be excessively tanned, a faux pas.

There is no terror like that of the cold. It smothers everything before it into silence.

I still expect some startling surge in 2012 before it flickers out forever on our tiny fragile civilization and the long night arrives.

Team Diversity Enrichment Proceeds Apace

The Added Value Of Chimpmanzees Imported Directly Into Your Living Space

When Free Range 'Groids Act Natchurel and Whathaveyou&whatnot (see video link)

It was fun when they are kept a minimum of 100 miles away and you only see'em on television splitting the atom and performing miracle brain surgery on the Pope and defeating the aliens by using their vast intellectual gifts. When they actually start to turn up living and breathing in your environment, not so good itz. The day the laughter stopped at the Valleyfair. I wonder if the guy was thinking "These fellas are not much like Will Smith at all" when they were sinking their steel-toed boots into his cranium. Enrichmentation, itz.

This is how they act when times are still good. Imagine what these critters do when things take a turn for the worse. Well, as a matter of fact, the first link in the header tells us just that.

I'm only funning'ya by making this out to be anything. Something like this has happened in the 'Kwa for the past fifty years every day. It's just now that sometimes you hear about it, where before with one monolithic media monopoly you were never permitted to hear a word of it.


Primed over the past twenty years for the worst multiethnic civil conflict in world history. It's going to be a 3,000 mile wide Balkans where you'll need to consult a map to know who is shooting at you from block to block on any given day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is India Going To Jump In On World War III?

Short answer. Yes.

Browsing the forums of the world, one is amused to see how little interest 'Kwans have in such developments. "Nuke'em 'til they glow!" they screech ... having never known war or famine or hardship on their own soil. It is impossible for them to imagine the chickens coming home to roost.

They are convinced these things only involve the deaths of faceless people they shall never meet and human beings who exist only as theoretical concepts to them.

They believe the 'Kwa to be inviolate, a Mystery Babylon that shall always dwell in gold and finery and rule forever and ever in the name of Lucifer and his sodomite armies. People only die in fairy tales and on the televitzing device.

... and the truth is ... their final day as a nation is right around the corner.

How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

- Revelations 18:7 KJV

Global Warmthink : The Kult Is Shattered

The premise has gone from "incontrovertible" to completely unscientific gibberish in one year.

Let this be a lesson to you. Mankind is mostly stupid. Astoundingly stupid, pliant and conformist. The ones who pretend to be nonconformist are mostly the hardest of hardcore conformists to some peculiar regime.

You could go from cradle to grave and never meet anybody who can honestly think for themselves, irregardless of what the other seven billion believe. Most of the human race is faking it twenty four hours a day. They are a type of grazing herd monkey that mimics the popular notion of what a human is ... not very well, I might add. They don't want to be shut out of the competition for mates and food so they nod their heads at the appropriate times. Pretending to be a nonconformist is usually a simple biological gimmick they act out to try to distinguish themselves from the other chimps. When people actually encounter the genuine article (like me) they go bugeyed, scream at the top of their lungs and try to dig a foxhole to hide in mentally using their fingernails.

Particularly in the modern era, man is an actor. Some people have roles as doctors or lawyers or the President of the United States. It's all theatrical imitation like you see in circuses, where they train the apes to ride little tricycles and smoke a cigar.

I agree with Richard Feinman, who once laid out the arguments for why you should be no respecter of persons. There are no "experts," just specialists - and they are often too specialized to come to conclusions about anything outside their specialty.

Globo-Warmthink was not just a religion. It was a lousy failed inferior religion for halfwits. It didn't get off the ground and has fallen by the wayside. It didn't have enough merits to be worth preserving outside the narrow band of sociopaths who stood to profit from it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vault OS V1.0 : Compatible Workstations In 3 Versions?

VOS will not be able to proceed as an open source project because of all the proprietary tools and libraries I have had to buy in order to build the infrastructure.

You may be interested in knowing how I plan to write three different versions of Vault OS and have them all run interchangeably using the same data files and communications standards.

DBase III/DBF for the Database. File Sharing under DOS for global archive access. IPX for serverless, decentralized network communications over any Ethernet interface. I2C 1-wire serial protocol for sensing, control and automation. It won't matter if the terminal workstation is running in DOS, Windoze or Linux/BSD. The protocols and standards will remain the same. All embedded units will connect using Ethernet and IPX or else simple I2C master/slave protocols.

There is no server. There are only individual workstations that answer and transmit messages. A terminal looks up the service registry and finds a terminal that has advertised itself as an inventory datastore. Or a weather station. That's where the service comes from on the network, including on the same machine. The .NET Windows version of the terminal edits, searches and updates the same record database for inventory that the text mode version does, all over the common network in Ethernet.

I am currently working on Vault OS implementations in three forms:

1. Rock Solid Text Mode Application (w/occasional X-Mode window) in Powerbasic For DOS using the PB/Vision library. This runs anywhere, on anything, even using a terminal VDU on top of DOS 3.2. Any cheap hardware in the world that could be described as a "PC" and just about any configuration will be able to run this text mode version and it will likely look good on any of them. This is a real mode application that will use EMS and XMS if available, so it could theoretically run on a 286/XT ... or even a PocketPC?

2. A version for .NET in C# using the VG.NET vector library. When I say this thing looks good, you will have to see the screen shots of my Vault OS desktop running to know what I mean. It looks absolutely beautiful. I put their clock sample application (you can download it from the link) as the default clock in the upper righthand corner of the VOS desktop with a few changes. This interface scales to any resolution sized LCD or monitor with anti-aliasing and looks exactly the same at any size.

3. I am getting the SDK and development tools together for this absolutely awesome multithreading OS called BreadBox Ensemble, an environment for DOS that will run on anything over 386 in true color with a complete modern windowed user interface. This port will wait until last but it may end up being the "definitive" version I run in my own shelter. Note that the text mode version listed above will not have the capacity to browse HTML or PDF files without some real jimmyrigging. This is one of the major shortcomings of the text mode version because the ability to search and view a megagigabyte library of PDF files is one of the big attractions of a unified archive of data. For this reason I consider Breadbox to be the "target" port of the Vault OS when I have completed #1 and #2 and have tested them for a while in my own Vault. Note that a slightly older version of New Deal Office 3.2A may be "available" for Vault dwellers who are not ready to shell out $99.00 at the current price for Breadbox.

Is Train Wreck Nation Getting Ready To Attack Pakistan?

Eric Margolis thinks they are. He compares it with the bitter, sour grapes bombing of Cambodia once it became obvious the U.S. had lost in Vietnam.

Amerikwa is getting pretty ugly in her old age. Will somebody do the merciful thing and push this horrible old crone over the stairs in her wheelchair? Stop her before she kills again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Arctic Ocean Floor Explodes Into Life With Volcanos

Of course, this has nothing to do with warming of ocean waters from the bottom up. That is all due to farting cows and decomposing baby nappies.

'Kwanzan Panic Rush On Banks

They are supposed to be lining up at various branches all over California. Police are not just stationed in front of IndyMac, they're watching for possible unrest in front of most banks.

Nothing of this magnitude has happened to the 'Kwa in almost 80 years, since the start of the (formerly) "Great" Depression.

Vault-Co suspects that the "Great" Depression of 1929 is similar to the "Great" War of 1918. It is unlikely to retain it's prefix of "Great" compared to what is coming up shortly.

'Kwans are crying because they got knocked down by a little seafoam that crested close to shore. Look out in the ocean and see what is coming.

Amerikwanza Down The Drain

The Panic of '08 - Massive Run on Banks Beginning

Bush Accepts Defeat in the Caspian Region

Nationalizing banks lets others know you are in desperate straits

Bernankes promises old wine in new bottles for same failures

U.S. Stock Market Prepares To Start Leaping From Office Windows

Kwa Corporations Sold Off At Fire Sale Prices For Pennies

Return of the Wild - Savage Animals running loose in the 'Kwa hunting baby meat

The usual stimulus package is announced

Depressions lead to world war

The Cold War Never Ended

Russia lays claim to Arctic

Open Provocation To Russia Will End In Global Thermonuclear Warfare

World War III Will Begin Soon

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Not About Iran. It's About Russia

Russia will hurt you where it doesn't grow back. Ever.

The menace of towelheads riding goats with rocket launchers pales beside the threat of nuclear armageddon from a Russian first strike. There's no comparison.

Talk about misplaced priorities. Iran is only important to the 'Kwa because it's important to Kosher central. That makes the 'Kwa a colony of Israel, not a free sovereign.

DoomShock on CNBC

(Youtube link)

Some casual pundit pinheads are doing their whole entertainment spiel there on the televitz, keeping it's real ... meaning surreal ... and suddenly a guest who perhaps wasn't vetted properly drops the W-Bomb on the entire crew of face puppets.

One week to famine in the United States.

For the rest of the segment they seem to try to recover and go back to the fast-paced, hard hitting theatrical imitation of people who know what they are talking about, but the caller on the phone has put them into an ugly place they hoped they'd escape from when they went to work in television ... reality. Just thinking about what he said appears to leave them stunned like fish in a pond somebody is running electrical current through.

What we've got here is a land mass with 300 million people packed into it whose entire food supply chain depends on outsiders and cheap gas. No gas, in one week it could be babies, the other white meat. Sorry, it's unpleasant and will never play in the sticks, but that is the truth. Rather than shoot the messenger, think of the people who got the country into this fragile condition without any safety net of any kind. It was all their tall tales about globalism and linked economies that got the nation to lay down in the middle of a four lane superhighway in their jock strap. The 'Kwa was never this exposed until it was talked into the condition.

SSRC : *Solar Hibernation* Has Begun

Director John Casey declares the obvious in this press release.

1. It's a new Ice Age. At a minimum, this cycle will last 206 years.

2. The last Little Ice Age in the 1400's we had a billion mouths to feed and a quarter of them died from hunger. This time we have eight billion mouths to feed and agriculture is set up for socialized subsidized corporate profit, not efficiency or economy.

3. If you're not panicking yet it's because you don't understand what is happening.

The Sun has decided after 2012 it's going to be taking a little nap.

Pack it, becuz itz coming.

First Bank Nationalization (Globalization)

Charles Schumer instrumental in turning the bank over to global governance regulators

IndyMac assets seized by government for default

Paulson assures public the same is not about to happen to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

... but of course, he's just saying the opposite of what is true, the way those human types do.

36 Signs Your Empire Is Crumbling

Excellent rundown by David Green for website.

The 'Kwa is a doomed nation. It's going to crater and leave a nasty splash where the country used to be.

I honestly hope my fellow Australians learn something and take away ideas they can use when they see the why and how. The 'Kwa was the first to drink the hardcore commie koolaid of multiculturalism, globalism and fiat currency. They will also be the first post WW2 nation to expire of same. Don't let their sacrifice be in vain. They are an object lesson to others - nations that serve their own interests will be the only ones that survive the next twenty years. Keep in mind that it is in the interest of a nation to remain at peace with others and with itself and that it is paramount to look after your own security and happiness, not delegate it to some far-off commie world government that will make you just another entry in the Big Book of Socialist Failures.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Russia's all over this, you can't talk about Iran the way the 'Kwans do without mentioning Russia, like you can't talk about pro basketball without mentioning any black players. It's weird and schizoid to pretend Iran is just sitting in a vaccuum - unless you think of it an implosion grenade, that sucks everything else into it when it detonates.

Email 11-July-2008

Tex! (Bulletin for your site)

I hail from a very large brokerage in NY. My boss (formerly bullofbulls) told everybody last night they should find a farm and get out of cities in next few months. He okayed many withdrawals of dividends held by us and told us firm may close before next week or sooner. People are afraid even the normally good outlook guys think something bad approaching.

Here's to you hope this makes your site visitors curious about what may/could get happening in US and Canada before the fall. I have been reading your site since you were crazy but appears you are becoming saner.

"Master Stockbull"

ZOGBux Total Meltdown Approaches

Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae insolvent, concedes U.S. government.

Science fiction headlines. Sounds like Vault-Co circa 2004 on crack.

Oil's a tad pricey. Interruption in cappuccino service on the veranda foreseen by some 'Kwans.

Amerikwan government makes bank nationalization sound like a slight change in the rules that govern flag folding at official ceremonies. Funny that, I thought that is what happens during economic collapses, the government has to step in and try to float the wrecked financial sector with even more sodden funny munny bouncin' paper.

Fantasy Doomers

Pretty good.

50% of the people who think they are survivalists are just an expression of the problem itself. We would have never found ourselves in the mess we have now unless they were just a reflection of the overall decline of our culture. It's important to know that such people cannot offer solutions because they are the problem.

Neurotic, hebephrenic, aphasic ... it's like a caricature of the fruit of this generation. Blame it on the water or the environment but these kids just ain't made of the same robust stuff as our parents. They're flimsy, self-indulgent, mentally frail, incapable of ever handling much reality at all. Everything has to be a kind of indirection or there is no talking about it at all. The most natural conclusions are to be discouraged, there is always a kind of overanalysis to avoid the Apocalypse becoming an actual inconvenience. It's hard for them imagine something in the world making them feel uncomfortable or inadequate. They are really a kind of critter that can't be dragged out of the womb mentally. They won't have it.

For this reason, I esteem most to be absolutely doomed. No wonder they are averse to any serious consideration of the topic. Maybe they sense this at some level.

I've said it before.

What's coming ain't no Foxfire, basket weaving tie-dye cotton hemp fabric singalong with Care Bears and Eco-conscious unicorns and smurfs.

It's bitter, acrid, scary, terrifying and primeval. It glows at night and makes strange noises in the darkness so obscure you never do figure out what they are. Most days you will be very lucky to know where your hip pockets are and have a plan to see the following morning. The only real security in that world will come from a Vault of some form or another. You will discover then what I know now - during really hard times, it's impossible to sit down and think your way through things before you first have the option of locking a good strong door behind you. Then you can pull up with a cup of tea and work things out so it doesn't feel like madness. Anything else, you'll always be running and quaking with fear until you die, which won't take long in the world that is coming.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2009 : The Resource Wars Begin

(Link fixed)

Note the weird comments about "no particular ideology dividing the world any longer over principles." That's a fancy way of describing Hobbe's War-Of-All-Against-All, which is fought purely for naked survival according to the law of tooth and nail, divided by national and racial interests. No right and wrong. No Geneva Convention. No old fashioned notions of humane conduct or some rules of warfare.

The sad thing is, modern people are so ignorant of themselves and history they actually think this constitutes progress. It's really the classic return of barbarism, predicted by Robert Kaplan, as the only remaining articulation of what is a global war of kill-or-be-killed that is coming.

This is why Vault-Co figured out ten years ago that this war would be fought in the nastiest fashion possible using the ugliest weapons available with no quarter given for any country that cried mercy. We were expecting Cobalt-60 and Americium from the start. We knew the way the world was headed by closely observing the people we met every day. It's the microcosm that gives you the window on the macrocosm, because geopolitical currents are driven by the individual natures of millions of people according to the choices they make every day and the things they say while they are making those choices.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Secret Emergency Meeting House of Representatives

The news is slowly leaking out. Insiders have been slipping information out to the press for three months. Vault-Co first heard this in March in a private email from a contact who works in Washington, D.C. and we didn't know what to make of it. We have been waiting to see confirmation in other places before posting it up here because at the time it was the weirdest insider info we have ever received.

The House of Representatives held a secret emergency meeting in extraordinary circumstances behind closed doors on March 13th, 2008 to tell politicians the truth.

The United States of 'Kwa is finished. It is about to completely collapse into martial law and a likely civil war. Preparations for indefinite detentions of U.S. citizens considered to be possible security threats to the coming North American Union and the imposition of the Amero are complete.

As I understand it, politicians were given two options during this meeting.

1. They were told they can go along to get along.
2. They were told they can expect to go into camps themselves if they don't go along.

Some key personnel were told of extensive new secure facilities they may be able to bring their families to if civil unrest poses a danger to their relatives or themselves as retaliation attacks. Apparently the shadow government has been working on an underground defense system for seven years to keep it's own members safe from harm during the coming "adjustment" that will end with the dissolution of U.S. sovereignty into a new amalgamated region like that of the European Union.

What additional evidence do I have to support this claim?

Well, here's a little something

Here's a little more

This is a big dot

This false propaganda is now appearing worldwide against Iran

Iran is monitored by the IAEA right down to the chrome finish on their toilet seats. They report no such evidence, rather to the contrary.

Provocation exercises scheduled immediately for Iran

One Gulf of Tonkin coming right up.

Army Of the Sodomites

They're looking for a few good men. Actually, anybody with a pulse whose pupils respond to light will do.

If you wonder why Israel went from one of the world's best armies fifty years ago to a sad collection of brutal disturbed hopelessly inept losers today, you'd be advised to note their own change in standards over the years.

RUSSIA : "Military Response" To U.S. Missile Shield!

Vault-Co Prophecy #9,998 : Amerikwan ballistic missile defense is fraud tech that will never work but it will provoke World War III from Russia and China when it is installed in Europe.

Status = Confirmed.

#9,999 : Ballistic missile technology will assure that the third world war is fought with dirty salted cobalt weapons and nasty neutron bombs.

Status = Pending.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ragnarok is Back!

Awesome site back on line.

Those of you familiar with Rzero's former site will know it's a great place to get a continuous doomer feed at any hour.

Britain Turns Into Real Monty Python Skit

What about cultures that eat buried cowsh*t as a delicacy like some in Africa or fermented human spit as a beer like Amazons? If the two year olds wrinkle their noses at these dishes will they immediately go into the Clockwork Orange style retraining centers with the stapled eyelids watching interracial porno to desensitize them?

This stuff would be eye watering hilarious if it was not for real. Unfortunately it is.

Britain is being depopulated by natives at an astonishing rate. Wherever they go, they will never be coming back.

The entire British army would join up with the Germans to fight to liberate England in 1939 if you could go back in a time machine and tell them what was going to happen in the future.

Britain is a doomed nation.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is the optimistic feel-good hit of the summer rose-colored glasses outlook, of course.

Obama : Obfuscating Effeminate Wafflin' He-She Tranny Gender Bender

This down-low brother doesn't have a leadership bone in his body. Sounds like Oprah on crack.

People like this don't know where they are going and the herd that follows them anywhere will quickly find itself going around in a circle. Those whom God would destroy he first makes ambiguous.

Obama is the leader that God sends you before he waxes your ass

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vault OS V0.1 : 16 Bit Real Mode GUI, IPX + TCP-IP

It isn't much to look at yet. This is built on top of the OpenGEM 5 distribution. I've got vector based image maps working, serial I2C access, crude IPX and TCP-IP support, a flat file database system, distributed data storage at any registered device, a very crude HTML browser working with no forms support. I modified the calendar, clock and calculator to run as customized desktop processes at startup. I am trying to get the 16 bit Metabase database compiled in (the ANSI C database) but it is slow going.

The screen driver can support 320x200 monochrome right up to 800x600 256 colors. It runs a modular system using packages in GEM so it can scale right down to an x86 device running on 200K or less if required by dropping packages from the distribution.
I believe this will be something amazing if I keep working on it.

Vault-OS Update 3-7-2008 : Universal DOS Network Access

This link is too important not to post.

It essentially guarantees network access for any DOS machine that will run MS-DOS 5.0 or better. One disk can setup any machine you can scrounge up to do networks including file sharing.

While you're at it, have a look at this, supposedly the most stable embedded UNIX style operating system in existence ... Minix 3. Read some of the papers by the author, it is designed to be faultproof and instantly bootable.

Ancient Cycle=Ice Age Toggle=Magnetic Reversal

Something really big is happening down there in the Earth's core. Something amazing.

Remember the days when this stuff was fringe nut fantasy? What happened? Vault-Co was just sitting in place and somehow we drifted right into the mainstream without budging at all. Ten years ago, magnetic reversals were the stuff of alien UFO blogs and new age prophecies. Vault-Co was one of the first sites to predict that 2012 would coincide with incredible changes to the Earth's magnetic field and a reversal that would herald a new ice age. Of course, in all fairness, we got these notions articulated with the help of Robert Felix at and his marvelous book.

When the magnetosphere inverts, the surface of this planet will cook with radiation. Anything topside will be grilled like they were basting on George Foreman's greaseless slow cooker. Gamma ray counts in the thousands in a single day for anybody topside. That's why you need a Vault and it needs to be in deep bedrock.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oprah Winfrey : Satan's Hand Mistress

(Youtube link, may require broadband)

Oprah. Just plain evil. I don't know how she could make it any clearer short of plastic surgery to give her horns and a tail.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Russians Preparing the Smackdown

The cruise missiles will blot out the sky. Anti-ballistic my arse. Hit this. Notice the judicious use of the word "swamp." That means black out the heavens so the sun don't shine no more with nuclear cruise missiles traveling just above the ground at many times the speed of sound.

Kwanzanian Baby Snatchers

The Kwanzany government is the enemy of the people who live in it. They are murderers, thieves, kidnappers, assassins, torturers and rapists. Every day they continue to exist is a black day in history. They are overdue to water the tree of liberty by about twenty years.

The Good Old Days When There Was Food

Worldwide hoarding by the wise drives prices ever higher

Nowhere to go but up, it's only the beginning

Western civilization's golden era is now officially at an end

The Great Kwanzanian ZOGBUX Krater

This is what the Amerikwan economy is going to look like come this fall.

Peter Schiff says in the article above that it's doomsday alright ... only not for the world economy, just for Amerikwa. 'Kwans are starting to sound like Carthaginians ... as they sensed the end approaching following their mass disarmament by Rome, most of them continued to tell themselves neurotic escapist fairy tales about how the world would stop turning if anything ever happened to Carthage, the economic center of the world at the time. A few months later, Carthage had been destroyed, it's helpless disarmed population exterminated and the earth salted so that nothing would grow there for a thousand years. If the Romans had gotten their way, we would have never even known that Carthage existed at all.

Dow Jones is plunging like a crack whore off the roof of a Brooklyn tenement

U.S. Dollar will soon be on parity with old chinese newspapers in exchange value

Zogbux goes the way of all fiat currency throughout history

The Resource Wars have arrived, only America has no military left and no money

I guess they'll just have to fall back on those nukes. Whooda thunkit?

Going to be mighty cold in Amerikwa this winter indeed

We know what the disease is ... now what does history tell us the doctors will prescribe?

War, war, war, war

War, war, war, war

Bankers dig out of depressions with warfare