Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Great Kwanzanian ZOGBUX Krater

This is what the Amerikwan economy is going to look like come this fall.

Peter Schiff says in the article above that it's doomsday alright ... only not for the world economy, just for Amerikwa. 'Kwans are starting to sound like Carthaginians ... as they sensed the end approaching following their mass disarmament by Rome, most of them continued to tell themselves neurotic escapist fairy tales about how the world would stop turning if anything ever happened to Carthage, the economic center of the world at the time. A few months later, Carthage had been destroyed, it's helpless disarmed population exterminated and the earth salted so that nothing would grow there for a thousand years. If the Romans had gotten their way, we would have never even known that Carthage existed at all.

Dow Jones is plunging like a crack whore off the roof of a Brooklyn tenement

U.S. Dollar will soon be on parity with old chinese newspapers in exchange value

Zogbux goes the way of all fiat currency throughout history

The Resource Wars have arrived, only America has no military left and no money

I guess they'll just have to fall back on those nukes. Whooda thunkit?

Going to be mighty cold in Amerikwa this winter indeed

We know what the disease is ... now what does history tell us the doctors will prescribe?

War, war, war, war

War, war, war, war

Bankers dig out of depressions with warfare

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