Monday, June 23, 2008

World War III : Soon Indeed

Itz coming. Pack your rice.

Obama was never a grass-roots candidate.

From the beginning he was a pet project of the CFR and George Soros. The poor sheeple think they have an alternative. All they will get is a puppet with a different skin color.

It's like that scene in MARATHON MAN where they fake his rescue, then his "friend" just drives him around the block and brings him right back for more torture. The sheeple never learn.

They had their chance to elect Ron Paul. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


CadorBolin said...

Obama sucked up to AIPAC and gave them war guarantees as soon as he won the nomination.

A few of the sheeple grumbled but they still rationalize and cling to him.

The average 'kwan is hopelessly brain dead. Obama and his backers are going to push him to the Presidency on a wave of white guilt.

If not--well, the warmonger McCain is a good alternative for elites.

Anonymous said...

"Is it Safe?"

Damn, I guess not.

trueaim said...

Ron Paul is CFR Rockefeller endosed through the his Masonic/Internationalist John Birch Society connections, picked to be an 'also ran' and a light weight Zionist as oppossed to the heavy weight International Zionist/Communists Obama McBush Billary etc.
Ron Paul Revolution! LOL! nice one Roman nice one.

Texas Arcane said...

I have concluded this independently about Ron Paul as well.

He just gave up too easy. It was like he was anticipating dropping out suddenly at that stage, as if it were scheduled.

Good riddance. A man with so little fight in him would never prevail against the people in power now.

CadorBolin said...

I was into Ron Paul before it was considered cool to do so.

What pisses me off the most about his campaign was the amount of money he raised. What did he do? Nothing at all, he just sat on it.

Anyone with half a brain would have banked EVERYTHING on the New Hampshire primary with that money. A strong 2nd place showing would give enough momentum to be a top tier candidate.

Was he fake opposition? It doesn't really matter now.

Chesterton said...

@Cadorbolin: He spent several million on NH and Iowa.

@Tex & trueaim: Ron Paul dropped out of the race after McCain had the nomination clinched. There was no point in running as a third-party candidate, since many States don't allow switching party affiliations mid-race. If he can't even get on the ballot in most States, what's the point? Raising awareness about his political views, perhaps, but he's probably smart enough to know that it's too late for that.

I think he just got tired. That much travel, campaigning and media derision would take its toll on anyone, especially a 72 year old.

I should note that I tend to look for the simplest explanations before tossing my hat into the Zionist/CFR/NWO/Reptilian conspiracy camps. I'm sure the Zionist and CFR folks have done plenty of bad things, just as most powerful groups, but this doesn't look like one of them to me. Ron Paul is just an old guy who got tired.