Thursday, June 19, 2008

World War III : Inevitable, Unstoppable, Predestined

America wants to make it happen.

The Russians are supposed to sit there and do nothing while they are cordoned by a ring of ABM sites. The scenario has them sitting with their hands folded. Does that sound right to you?

Surprise, rube. They told you the Cold War was over. In reality, it was just getting ready to go hot. I can practically smell the Cobalt-60 in the air now.

It's not too late. Vault-Co might have gotten a headstart on you but there is still time. Start digging. Pack your rice. Keep your ammo dry.



CadorBolin said...

Apparently, the kosher leftists (the Democrats) are being pushed by AIPAC to pass a resolution calling for a naval blockage of Iran:

trueaim said...

Ah Ha! Gog the 'King of the Locusts' rises in the North, according to Ezekiel in the land of Magog (Russia).

We live in the said...

I've been meaning to ask you a few question regarding preparations for what we all know is coming. Alas my circumstances are not as favorable as i would like for such an en devour but as the old saying goes 'never give up, never surrender' :) If your willing to offer some advice on specific questions just email me back on this address..

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