Friday, June 6, 2008

Vault OS Update #22 : Framework & Graphic Strategy

Been working on it most of this week. I have the configuration screen running, the desktop and a lot of the subsystems for driving IPX via a TSR. The screens look great because I have a custom font and icons built from custom characters plus special characters used to draw the interface.

I decided on a strategy for displaying graphics like diagrams and security maps - each module will be chained into a common environment with IPX running to keep the communications going, but I will put the program into a clean Mode-X 360x480 256 color screen for super high fast display of large virtual windows (like an overhead map of your shelter/retreat) showing status markers for any sensors you have defined. This Mode-X resolution is available on all VGA cards with or without VESA, so it will run on very old displays and systems and it looks incredibly good. If a major alert comes in over IPX, a flag will flash on the graphics display screen notifying you so you can exit back to desktop if need be.

I'm using the Bullet '99 B-Tree library for the multiuser database, it's awesome. Without a doubt the stablest and fastest database ever written. I'd like to add "for DOS," except I work in .NET all day long and I never got a query result back as fast from any Windows SQL driver written in the history of mankind. IPX flies like a bat out of hell, too - although my current setup is just a Pentium 200 desk PC talking to a laptop. Have to see what adding more traffic does to the IPX network.

Otherwise, it's a dream. Seriously. Windows should be this stable, simple and reliable. It isn't and never will be.


Monstertrucks in your closet said...

A very good evening to you there sir. Would you be kind enough to furnish me with a URL for that database, what do you call it now, Bullet '99 B-Tree library?

Texas Arcane said...

I challenge you to find Cornel Huth, the brilliant writer of this awesome real mode dbase.

I had purchased a license in '98 or thereabouts which was still valid. Otherwise it is not free and shouldn't be, it is an
excellent piece of software.

I had to find Mr. Huth through a variety of indirect pointers to his new website. Kind of like a quest in an enchanted wood. If you can make your way to the center you should be able to find Mr. Huth.

If you want to try a demo of the software first, there are still many downloads of the last version on the net here and there if you do a search on Simtel.