Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Team Diversity and Daily Hazing Squadron

This stuff has been happening a thousand times a day all over Amerikwa for the past fifty years, 24/7 without relenting. It's just that the peasants never saw it in the media because it is the news the media chose to ignore every day for the past fifty years. By accident, of course. It's only because of the internet that a truth as plain as the nose on your face becomes as plain as the nose on your face. Alternative access to this sort of media means it gets broadcast worldwide instead of sitting in a file archive in a safe at CBS/ABC/NBC without ever being seen by human eyes.

I noticed when I was in the military that enricher soldiers who got busted doing a gangbang on a melanin-challenged teenage girl they recruited from the civilian sector never seemed to make the local news broadcast, even as the forces of military justice were in swing and the horrific details were known to almost every soldier on post. According to the local news station, it apparently never happened. There were exceptions in places like Okinawa, where the asian people did not practice the strict amnesiac protocol that was de facto operating procedure in the more Western nations. There you heard the paper report the story for what it was - news. Everywhere else, it never happened and anybody who says it did must be some kind of nazi'er sumthin' of that nature.

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Anonymous said...

If this were 12 young whites attacking a black man it be racially motivated.