Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Stake Through The Heartland

Did you blink? You missed America dying. Rewind the videotape and run it at half speed this time, you'll see it flash by.

All you got left is millions of complete strangers from competing ethnic groups crowded into rapidly decaying ghettos scattered from coast to coast. There's no "there" anymore there. Even the dying elderly remnants of the urban prairie have been washed away now ... leaving nothing behind but the seeds of chaos to bloom in the stinking mud.

Just as quick as that, the United States is gone. Lost in the sifting sands of time, another casualty to Team Diversity. I like to remember it the way it was in it's heyday and forget about what it looks like now. I venture you may never see it's like again.


CadorBolin said...

Urbanization--which gave way to modern amenities along with Bernays-style decadent social engineering is really unsustainable on a mass scale. You can't keep the televitz going unless you have a stable infrastructure that can exist in a mild climate.... forever.

This is GOOD news if you despise modern Amerikwa.

My respect for nature has increased tenfold.

I saw M Night's "The Happening" a few days ago (I liked it more than "Signs" and "The Village"). Although he gave a few paeans to the global warming claptrap to promote it, I didn't really interpret the film that way. Just like Hitchcock's "The Birds" it was as if nature itself was just thumbing it's nose downwards on the modern city slickers and decided to get rid of the undesirables.

Anonymous said...

Half of europe was under water in the 90's. It's still there.

Anonymous said...

Remember the sludge from New Orleans, the 'toxic gumbo'? Well thats what's gonna be left when the water finally recedes.

A real life post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Texas Arcane said...

I liked "The Happening." Once again I disagree entirely with the reviewers of Shymalayan's work.

It wasn't his best film. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it, the problem was that it was over too quickly.

Creepy about the twist on zombification where instead of trying to attack humans, the zombies attack themselves. I would have enjoyed this film even more if it had another hour.