Thursday, June 19, 2008

On The Cusp Of A New Ice Age

I remember looking at the upper atmospheric temperature readings in 2003 and thinking ... somebody around here is a goddamn liar. It was getting so cold up there it was like space was pushing down through the mantle of the Earth to touch the surface. Something was going on and it sure as hell wasn't warming.

Chances are you would have never heard about any of this, except maybe on Vault-Co or Robert Felix's site.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Forget about the Day After Tomorrow. The transitional period to a new Ice Age will feature signs and wonders of a nigh biblical nature, guaranteed. This generation will see incredible things indeed ... unfortunately, they are the last things they will see before the supercooled air descends through the eye of the continent wide cyclone cell and freezes them solid.

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