Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's Escape To Anywhere But Here

Don't worry, it's only the best and brightest. There will be plenty of slack jawed minimum wage slaves left over from third world countries to serve the remaining elites.

I expect Australia to get a substantial boost to average IQ with the immigration from America, South Africa and Britain. I expect all three of those countries will see ever accelerating shifts downward in the Bell Curve as everybody with intelligence quotients above room temperature leaves ground zero to the listless desperate remainder.

Although it wasn't obvious at the time to most people when I emigrated out sixteen years ago, it's damn near obvious that short of the Antarctic, there is no place left on Earth to escape to other than Australia. It's all relative and Oz is seemingly the last refuge left away from manboons, chimpmanzees and other five star enricher squadrons.

I know something that none of them know. I know that when Taiwan happens, the air over Australia will be filled with Chinese nuclear tipped cruise missiles like the arrows of the Persians in the CGI enhanced movie "300" raining down on the Spartans. So don't think this is a place to escape. Without a vault, this is just another place to die.


Anonymous said...

I count myself among the intelligent British bailing out the sinking ship. Although I will be trying to get to NZ first since jobs in my field are in huge demand there. For now...

British culture is dead, there is no hope of resurrection until after TSHTF and I plan on being there to make it happen.

trueaim said...

Napoleon said; 'dont wake up China'!
he was an evil freemason, but he wasnt stupid, he most surely would not approve of western nations, not only waking China, but tearing down their own factories and rebuilding them in China for free. Now that would be stupid! at least Chairman Rudd will be able to greet our new Chinese overlords in perfect Mandarin.