Thursday, June 26, 2008

'Kwans : Technically, more reptile than human

Seriously, what happened to my nation of birth?

Don't tell me it's anecdotal or subjective.

Most of them are like a brain stem connected to a penis powered by beer and hamburgers.

I can browse any forum on Earth and immediately see which posters are American. The atrocious misspellings, the awkward grammar, the simple cliches, the self-parodying political ideas. They are more like caricatures than real people.

Fake imitation humans cannot maintain the internal or external infrastructure of a nation built by real people. They cannot navigate the diplomatic waters needed to keep peace.

A nuclear arsenal of that size in the hands of critters like these means the Third World War is eminent. There's no way they can resist their impulses to use them. Our ancestors would have melted them all down before they died if they had any idea what kind of cretins would inherit their country after they were gone.


Solsys said...

Here is a link I just had to post as an example :

Don't think of future Amerikwa as Detroit, a city being abandonned, but rather of a city like Johannesburg, where the old culture & population were being replaced by new ones.



Anonymous said...

Posting as a literate American, I submit:
"the Third World War is eminent"
You mean imminent, do you not?