Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Kernel of Truth and the Usual Lies

There are lots of people striving to become official party anthropologist at the moment, most people think Jared Diamond has already been crowned (all his books together are not worth piss in a boot compared to two sentences of Robert Ardrey) but one of these wannabes here reveals his wad of subjective hooie wrapped around an important fact ... like I told you in the post recently, dogs and other ground predators would have taken an enormous toll on early man. The fossil evidence testifies to exactly that.

This idiot then goes on to conclude that the Mount Everest built out of mammal bones that was the Neolithic was a result of a tragic fall in the shower by Woolly Mammoths on a bar of primeval soap. Man just "happened" to be in the area for about 30,000 years when this occurred.

The second biggest pile of bones on Earth, humans killed by other humans, are all the result of mislabeled prescription medicines. So you see, I too can practice counter intuitive reasoning like the edjumificated types and whatnot. Except of course, real geniuses are counter intuitive because reason is bound together deftly with intuition in a way that just doesn't occur in ordinary people ... like the author of this article, for example.

Anyhow, you can see ... dogs are nothing to be laughed at when TSHTF. One man against fifty wild dogs is not good odds no matter how well armed you are. Without your brain and fortified shelter you don't stand a chance.

I tell people this often so that if they ever get ready to go walkabout after Day Zero, they will have their memory jogged before they go out the door and take into account they could be walking into the equivalent of a human blender set to puree. Keep in mind a pack of dogs can come over a hill out of nowhere in the space of seconds before you can even put your hand on your holster. It's serious business. It'd be a shame to survive all that and then get killed by a savage horde of Pekinese gone bad.


Anonymous said...

Mates sister told me that she and her daughter were bailed up by wild dogs. They escaped by climbing a tree. They thought it was a right hoot. This happened this year.

I am a dog lover but by god I shoot them on sight if they are on my mates farm (he doesn't have any). 308 vs Canine - Canine loses in a big way.

And NO, I don't underestimate them SHTF / TEOTWAWKI

Lastly - in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracey dogs were shot on sight

Anonymous said...

It may be quite far from reality but the FPS game "STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl" illustrates this - a pack of those 'blind dogs' is one of the nastiest things you can encounter. At the least it may give an abstract appreciation of how terrible wild dog packs will be.

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