Monday, June 30, 2008

Foreknowledge Means Collusion

Tell me how many Arab owned companies moved out of the WTC the week prior to 9-11 and surrendered a $50,000 deposit to do so. A thousand? One hundred? Ten? One? Zero?

Canada : Orwellian, Fascist, Marxist State

I could post stuff all day about Canada. I could do the same for Britain or most of the Western world. This was particularly lunatic in scope and warrants reading.

Think of the Apocalypse as God's way of saying : You're a drag and I don't like you. The only way I am going to get any relief from this hideous monotony is to bring the smack down.

I honestly can say that I agree. The most important thing to know about the Children of the Devil is that they are drags.

New Appreciation for the Elderly

Nobody dead is safe down south of the border. They will harvest their hair, clothing, whatever they can dig up and sell. Strangely enough, diversifiers do not metamorphosize upon entry into proper citizens and continue their macabre ways even on the special cosmically charmed soil of the 'Kwa. Whatta shocker.

Remember when they drag your papa from his coffin and pull out his gold teeth, we are a nation of immigrants. They are coming here for a better life, acquired by any means necessary.

'Kwan Versus Darwin : FAIL

Leeshawn bee gate-jumpin n'sheeeeeeeeeiiiit yassum. Because of the nature of the injury, there were fortunately no fatalities at the scene. Respekt BRRRAAAPPPPP dats what'im'talkin' bout yo whaddap widdat racist cracker forward inertial mass n'sheeeiiiitt? Date bee dey trip, homes, no'whadd'im'sayin yassum brudda bee trippin'n sheeeiiiittt.


Russian-supplied Shahab Missile System Moved To Border

'Kwa Implosion Imminent - Total Financial Meltdown

Oh my. Babies, the other white meat. Itz here.

5 Psy Experiments That Prove Mankind Is Absolutely Doomed

All there in simple black-and-white. Extrapolate and smell the fallout.

Tyrants At EU Proclaim All Democracy Is Now Banned

What the EU needs is a French Revolutionary style uprising that ends with wagon carts of heads being towed away still blinking. Punt'yer favorites through the streets, collect'em like pogs and scare your friends. Look, I've got both party secretaries! I just need to get the Executive Treasurer and I'll have the entire front row!

This made me laugh so hard I had tears coming to my eyes. Love this guy ...

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was so annoyed not to have been punished that he rose on a point of order in the manner of Kirk Douglas, shouting: “I’m Spartacus!”

U.S. Economy Grinding To Total Standstill

No food gets in. No worthless dollars out. That's worse than a depression. That's a gated genocide camp.

Banks say the 'Kwa is about to leave a crater a mile deep

Man is not a learning animal - Fiat Currency Leads To War

World War III Is A No-Brainer and is being planned now

Working on a rationale to attack Iran

Resource Wars - Klausewitzian Total Unlimited Warfare

Lieberman Promises False Flag in '09 To Keep Sheeple Petrified and Submissive

This guy has the inside line on the people who organize and perform the deeds. If he is warning of it, it is because he has already been part of planning it on trips away from home.

Hint : 'Kwans ain't never going back to the Moon

That's for vibrant, healthy nations with citizens who can still walk and chew gum at the same time. The 'Kwa can't remember to wash their hands after using the toilet ... they sure as hell ain't going to the moon to harvest helium three.

The West now exists strictly as comic relief until the nuclear-tipped cruise missiles arrive to relieve them of their lives. They scarcely have sufficient engineers remaining to fix indoor plumbing ... going to the moon is a little optimistic. In 1955 it was a nation of engineers ... today it is mostly a land of crotch-grabbers and baggy-pantsed hook-em-horns congenital losers who can't make correct change for a dollar.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The European Union : A Secret Coup By Tyrants In Shadows

Drag them into the streets in their underwear and make them run a gauntlet of citizens with sticks right into the nearest prison, never to be released as security threats to all of Europe. These people are bagmen and lackeys for international bankers and crooks out of Zurich and Tel Aviv who are paying them to establish a secret coup of their own governments and nations in order to set up a new world order run by financiers.

As H.G. Wells pointed out, the campaign for World Socialist Government must be conducted in public if it is to have any chance of success. It must be an "open conspiracy" in which every step seems so harmless it meet with little opposition.

The Irish started this but the peoples of Europe need to finish it.

Now you know why gun control has been pushed all over Europe in recent years. It was a rush to get weapons out of the hands of the sheep before they realized they were being herded into a slaughterhouse.

At 3:55 in the video, watch for "Such impertinence!" Even their vocabularies reflect the moods of prospective rulers. They have been made an offer by wickedness in high places and have already been counting the money they were promised to betray their own nations.

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.
And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry.

Now when the tempter came to Him, he said, "if you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread."

But He answered and said, "It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him, "If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down, For it is written; "He shall give His angels charge concerning you.’ and "in their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone."

Jesus said to him, it is written again, "You shall not tempt the Lord your God."

Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

And he said to Him, "All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me."

Then Jesus said to him, "Away with you, Satan!" For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’"

Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.

Matthew 4:1-11

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Watch the YouTube video at this page.

The time has come for the people of Europe to charge Brussels with a coil of rope, drag the bastards into the streets in their underwear and give them a fair trial for treason followed by a hanging. It would speak louder than any words and future tyrants would be discouraged for a century by the example set.

If you listen carefully, you will see the truth about mankind for millennia ... sociopaths are only swayed by arguments emphasized with bullets. They will not listen to reason. They don't care about what you want. They don't care about "democracy." They use that word when it is useful, otherwise it means nothing to them. They are natural tropical monsters who wish to impose their will on others and do not take "no" for an answer.

It's not the common man's nature that leads to radical sectarian wars. It's the nature of the sociopath that makes it the only viable option remaining.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The 'Kwa Lacks The Brains To Practice Diplomacy

It's all frantic and desperate and too little, too late. I can't believe anyone is stupid enough to think North Korea would surrender their nuclear weapons for any reason. It would be a death sentence. Nukes are the only reason that North Korea has not been attacked yet. If they ever gave them up their government would be toppled by the end of the year.

Whose a Better Scientist? Anybody!

Try to imagine somebody so poorly equipped intellectually for the scientific method they cannot make the connection between unheralded oceanic volcanism and the warming of the world's oceans. We're not talking about Sherlock Holmes here. Anybody with a pulse can do better science than this.

Why are these people explaining things to me in the mass media? They should sit quietly and never speak out of turn for the rest of their adult lives ... because they have nothing to say.

Another example here. You'd have to be as thick as molten paraffin not to be able to see the holes in their arguments. Any halfwit could see this has nothing to do with human activities, at all. The facts don't support that idea.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Would Be The Ultimate False Flag?

You could reel yourself a World Government in on the back of a lie this big if you were able to pull it off. Don't think people are this stupid? See my previous post below. It would be the last word in mass distraction from real problems.

Panic in England Over UFO Armada

All That Way Just To Conquer Liverpool

They've Come To Study Our Socialist Flats and Minivans

Sheep Stealing Wankers

Our alien science is so advanced it defies your comprehension. But what we really need are nice warm wool shirts.

They Need To Attack Our Combustion Engine Flying Machines ... to test their starship propulsion systems against our benchmark!

Limeys seeing'em everywhere ... common before a World War starts, historically ...

Are they Time Travelers getting a peek at our 21st century civilization right before it gets nuked? I dunno. Some people think it is something more sinister.

'Kwans : Technically, more reptile than human

Seriously, what happened to my nation of birth?

Don't tell me it's anecdotal or subjective.

Most of them are like a brain stem connected to a penis powered by beer and hamburgers.

I can browse any forum on Earth and immediately see which posters are American. The atrocious misspellings, the awkward grammar, the simple cliches, the self-parodying political ideas. They are more like caricatures than real people.

Fake imitation humans cannot maintain the internal or external infrastructure of a nation built by real people. They cannot navigate the diplomatic waters needed to keep peace.

A nuclear arsenal of that size in the hands of critters like these means the Third World War is eminent. There's no way they can resist their impulses to use them. Our ancestors would have melted them all down before they died if they had any idea what kind of cretins would inherit their country after they were gone.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fiat Currencies = Inflation = World War. Period

Do 'Kwans deserve what is going to happen to them? After all, they are a nation of bastards. The Founding Fathers would not approve of any of these bums.

If you are no better than a stone-age savage, then sooner or later you will live like one. What does a nation of crotch-grabbers thinks it has done to deserve running water and electric lights? Everybody in that country talks like a free range 'groid, so now they can experience the 'groiditude they envy so much. In fact, let's pack'em into the cities all together and see what happens. No more running away from diversity into the suburbs. Look at diversity in the face and tell me how wonderful it is. Wait until you have to go next door to ask them to turn the stereo down so your kids can sleep. That's going to be extremely funny.

Does Radical Climate Change Lead To War?

Of course it does. History bears witness, both the history we know and the history we suspect.

The real question is, does radical climate change plus about fifty other related factors that "just happen" to coincide lead to war and worse than war? Apocalyptic war?

Of course it does.

Remember, if you were reading Vault-Co ten years ago you had a one decade advance notice on these things long before the "intelligence" communities were able to draw these simple conclusions. Tex only makes it look easy in retrospect. It's sort of like the first time somebody broke 4 minutes in the mile. Initially it was considered a miracle but a short while later it was fairly routine.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten Best Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

Excellent survivalist porn. I like'em all.

What Would You Do If You Discovered a 60 Foot Long Underground Vault Beneath Your Garden?

Amazing photos. This guy runs a blog describing his search for a buried tunnel he suspected beneath his property ... incredibly, he turned out to be right.

Looks like it was a well constructed Luftwaffe bunker.

See how long those corrugated steel barrel vaults last? 70+ years old and going strong! If he gets a coat of paint in there and cleans the place up a little it should be good for another 300 years!

I love the barrel vault design, it's nigh indestructible. I am actually planning on a similar length and diameter for the "Grand Redoubt" when I get around to building it. I think the "Hoag Shelter" design can be an excellent compromise to get more usable floor space.

Pining For The Apocalypse

Read the comments.

This is a complex subject.

I'll try to sum up thirty years of reasoning on this subject by saying this ...

Once you lose the confidence of the sweet people who made Western civilization a nice place to live, you've already lost your civilization. What follows is mere epilogue.

Without writing a couple paragraphs (I could easily do so) it is sufficient to say that when people feel so trapped between the madness of political correctness and reality that the apocalypse becomes something to actually look forward to, you have self-fulfilling conditions at work. If the Dutch middle-class starts to eagerly desire the collapse of their own society after centuries of peaceful tranquillity, that tells you that it isn't far off at all. Once the people who actually keep that society intact start abdicating, the end is very close.

I reckon similar sentiments could be found all over the UK and most of Europe. If the Europeans give up and abandon ship, will the new immigrants be able to keep the magic going that makes it such a nice place to live ... as opposed to where they came from? Is it the cosmic synergy gas exuded by the soil? Who needs'em anyhow? The streetlights, flush toilets and hydroelectric plants will just fix themselves, the same way they do in Zimbabwe.

Monday, June 23, 2008

World War III : Soon Indeed

Itz coming. Pack your rice.

Obama was never a grass-roots candidate.

From the beginning he was a pet project of the CFR and George Soros. The poor sheeple think they have an alternative. All they will get is a puppet with a different skin color.

It's like that scene in MARATHON MAN where they fake his rescue, then his "friend" just drives him around the block and brings him right back for more torture. The sheeple never learn.

They had their chance to elect Ron Paul. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A Good Example Of Why NASA Is Hopelessly Inept

This loser sounds like more like a professional witch hunter than a scientist.

Notice how NASA, with all it's hardware and money, is no better than the minds that work there. The smart people left a long, long time ago.

Who is a better scientist than this guy? Anybody who can fog up a mirror.

It's the sociopaths who want the credentials, the position, the appearance of authority. That's because they need it the most, men who would otherwise have none. The porn-surfing affirmative action hires at NASA are not good enough to shine the shoes of the janitor who worked there in 1958.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buckle Up

Stocks collapsing

The brass in high places know it's getting ready to implode

The poor will go hungry first and they are the ones who can cause the most trouble, having the least to lose.

The government has to cut critical services starting now

There's a classic route you take when your nation is going down the fiat currency toilet pipes.

You have to find a war somewhere to start.

Israel Preparing For Attack On Iran With Or Without U.S.

Is it Iran's response they are worried about ...

... or Russia's?

Russia has problems of it's own and blames them on America

In all fairness, Vault-Co predicted in 1997 it would never last past 2006 before it went pear shaped. Our prediction was wrong. It limped along for another two years into 2008 and then it all began to crumble away as described very, very rapidly. As always, our timing was off but most of the other details were very close to verbatim.

We're about to hit some turbulence. Please buckle up your seatbelt.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Even The Sheeple Suspect Something Is Wrong

You know when it becomes so obvious it is no longer fashionable to sneer at the idea, it has already passed it's use-by date. The masses are always wrong and they are wrong now when they suspect things are taking a turn for the worse. They're not taking a turn for the worse. They're taking a turn for the apocalyptic.

Amerikwans think they know what terror is. They have no idea. This is just the short subject before the main feature. The real horror is only beginning now.

Here the consumer units prove they can use a $2.00 calculator to draw a conclusion we had already sealed in stone ten years ago on Vault-Co. Vast parts of the United States will become uninhabitable and untenable during the coming decade. Everything they have taken for granted will prove to be as unstable and unreliable as the sand that comes in with the tide.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Too Cold In America To Grow Food Now

Fruit harvests failing all over the country for the same reasons that caused the massive flooding in Iowa. Cold air coming down from the north like it was middle of winter when in fact it is the first day of summer. Where the two fronts met, you got condensation and biblical amounts of rainfall.

Somebody turned off the Sun.

There will be one last gasp of solar activity as we approach the solar maximum in 2012 and then it will shut down like this for good for at least a thousand years.

That means nuclear war over resource conflicts, plain and simple. Just like Vault-Co predicted it, ten years ago, on the ancestor of this blog.

If you grew up beside a radiant space heater, lived beside a space heater, married and had children right beside a space heater, grew a garden and harvested it beside a space heater and had never experienced a microsecond that the space heater wasn't turned on and giving off warmth, you might learn to take the concept of "heat" for granted. You might not even be aware of the space heater and you would not understand the idea of "cold," having never experienced it before.

It sort of reminds me of that Asimov story NightFall. The people on that planet had never known darkness. They also didn't know what it is like to be in darkness without the light. They would do anything, even set the planet on fire, to drive away that horror. That is exactly what they did.

I propose that our flickering candle against the coming of the long night will be atomic and it is going to light up the whole world.

This is a good time to rehash one of our greatest hits.

The Last Days of The Empire

All healthy value systems turned upside down.

Luckily for us living organisms, mother nature has a way of correcting malfunctioning animals that is final with no higher court of appeal. She just walks into the room and sprays everybody with Darwinian bullets indiscriminately and leaves God to sort them out.

It's time for the West to die now with some dignity left.

This is the top of the rollercoaster ride. Ready? Hold onto the rails.

Scientific Proof of the Coming World Superstorm

This is a rehash of much older evidence that I and many others have known about for a long time. The flip-flop of climate states is never anything short of apocalyptic. You can imagine what these kinds of climate changes do to societies that have based their whole existence on one kind of weather, only to wake up to discover everything has changed radically overnight. I would predict particularly severe population crashes for highly sophisticated zero-stock, on-demand, widely distributed societies like the one we live in. To expect more than 5% of the population would survive with the added factor of modern weapons is decidedly optimistic.

Martha Stewart : Oy Vey, A "Monster" She Is

Martha's crime was moving while not kosher and having the audacity to make money as well.

If you show me anybody who is not of the tribe who looks like they would be able to field a stock offering leading to a new financial institution or successful corporation, I will show you the next person that the Federal Government will target for "investigation"/"prosecution" in America. I'm convinced the only reason they eased up on Bill Gates was that he was able to demonstrate proper ancestry.

Martha's "crime," like that of Pauline Hanson here in Australia, was so vague, incidental and undefinable as to be opaque. The only person who would define it as a crime is a person who had already made up their mind they were going to get her and would use the first excuse that came along to proceed.

Globo-Warmthinkers are STUPID

Listen to these idiots try to backtrack after ten years of promoting warmthinkery:

Sun is like, dead

Whose a better scientist than these guys? Anybody. That's who.

They promise the planet will stay warm on platitudes alone in this article

But don't get us wrong. The Sun is like ... important and whatnot. It plays a role, surely. What have you and heretofore. It just does not have the impact that farting cows, decomposing nappies and me making strange gestures with my hands at the sky does.

It's an interesting argument, sure, babies, the other white meat

Get yourself edjumificated! And whatnot.

It's time to recognize that the facts are working against my renewal of tenure

I gots me an edjumification! Yassum! In a scienmajific sense.

The cold winds will blow. Their fates are sealed, silent beneath a glacier where they will never be found. They ran the contest of life, they failed, they now join the other 99.99999999% of animals who ever lived who couldn't get it right.

There's an I2C Controller In Your Laptop/PC NOW!!

Very interesting bit of arcane knowledge I stumbled across. After I already bought a plug'n'play I2C controller for $68 USD.

Almost all modern PCs with recent graphics cards have a built-in I2C controller right now, ready to rock. I2C is rapidly becoming the world's simplest input/output controller for embedded applications with nothing more than serial commands.

There's a Vault-OS version coming in .NET, for sure, before the end of this summer. I am working on the DOS real mode version a couple hours a week but I've been tinkering with the .NET version almost every night. It is starting to look pretty awesome. Screenshots coming soon for both versions.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

World War III : Inevitable, Unstoppable, Predestined

America wants to make it happen.

The Russians are supposed to sit there and do nothing while they are cordoned by a ring of ABM sites. The scenario has them sitting with their hands folded. Does that sound right to you?

Surprise, rube. They told you the Cold War was over. In reality, it was just getting ready to go hot. I can practically smell the Cobalt-60 in the air now.

It's not too late. Vault-Co might have gotten a headstart on you but there is still time. Start digging. Pack your rice. Keep your ammo dry.


Herding The Cattle Back Into Ground Zero

Americans left for the suburbs to escape the hordes of diversity enrichers flooding into the grand cities built by their ancestors decades earlier. They had the luxury of fleeing because they had the capital and spending power to move anywhere they wanted to. They changed the rural wilds into beautiful, elegant and tastefully engineered communities where they could live and breathe without fear of being enriched at the point of a switchblade without warning.

All that is ending now. Poor people don't have any options. They have to follow the dwindling supply of jobs and commerce wherever they can pitch their tent. As economic hardship crushes the formerly broad middle class into powder, their children are reduced to a nomadic existence in the diseased and decadent metropolitan areas living behind barred windows and gated shuttered houses. The rot concentrates itself at the detonation points for World War III where civil defense means the least. It's like all the barnyard animals coming in from the fields to march up the slaughterhouse ramp to die.

There is nobody with fewer options than those who live in the city. They tolerate the greatest encroachments upon their freedoms and are always the first to sacrifice their dignity for bread. Jefferson said the cities were the breeding grounds for every kind of disease and madness and that the strength of the republic always hinges on the number of landowners in the country who have the privilege of being able to tell the rest of the world to go to hell and get off their property. Crowded into pillboxes of bricks inside the big cities, men and women are nothing more than animals fighting for dwindling shares of resources.

I lived in New York City for five years and I don't think I've ever seen anyplace on Earth so utterly wretched and dehumanized. It's a turd spraypainted with fake gold. That was the most horrible place I've ever seen inhabited by man ... until I got a look at Los Angeles.

On The Cusp Of A New Ice Age

I remember looking at the upper atmospheric temperature readings in 2003 and thinking ... somebody around here is a goddamn liar. It was getting so cold up there it was like space was pushing down through the mantle of the Earth to touch the surface. Something was going on and it sure as hell wasn't warming.

Chances are you would have never heard about any of this, except maybe on Vault-Co or Robert Felix's site.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Forget about the Day After Tomorrow. The transitional period to a new Ice Age will feature signs and wonders of a nigh biblical nature, guaranteed. This generation will see incredible things indeed ... unfortunately, they are the last things they will see before the supercooled air descends through the eye of the continent wide cyclone cell and freezes them solid.

A Stake Through The Heartland

Did you blink? You missed America dying. Rewind the videotape and run it at half speed this time, you'll see it flash by.

All you got left is millions of complete strangers from competing ethnic groups crowded into rapidly decaying ghettos scattered from coast to coast. There's no "there" anymore there. Even the dying elderly remnants of the urban prairie have been washed away now ... leaving nothing behind but the seeds of chaos to bloom in the stinking mud.

Just as quick as that, the United States is gone. Lost in the sifting sands of time, another casualty to Team Diversity. I like to remember it the way it was in it's heyday and forget about what it looks like now. I venture you may never see it's like again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whacky Kwanzanians 3rd World Circus Laff Riot

More and more news you hear out of the 'Kwa used to be the sort of stuff you'd expect to hear from some undeveloped government in Africa.

Apparently upon doing the first thorough inventory of their nuclear arsenal in ten years, the Kwandans have discovered thousands of sensitive nuclear components unaccounted for.

They've got the plans, so all they needed was the parts

If your little nation had the means to build a nuclear weapon and knew it might be the only defense against the Kwazy Kwanzan Invasion-Of-The-Week and you also knew that by adding 12 pounds of cobalt you could turn your little nuke into an area denial device for the entire Kwanzan army for a hundred miles, would you add 12 pounds of cobalt? Vault-Co figured out the correct answer to this question ten years ago.

Nobody puts Pandora back in the box. For any nation to consent to giving up their nukes in the current Kwanzific atmosphere would be tantamount to suicide. They'll stall but you'll never get a nation to the table if they have any sense.

Proliferation. It's what's for dinner. There's a strategy, however. It hasn't changed in sixty years. It's called civil defense.

Krazy Krumbling Kwanzai Krapocalypse

Iowa, Illinois and Missouri to be depopulated of 'Kwan populations? Looks that way. Don't worry, it's only the heartland. We'll still have New Jersey.

The timing of it all couldn't be better.

This will push food through the roof. A million refugees for the camps. Insurance busted.

It's as if God no longer cares for the 'Kwa.

J.R. Nyquist : Communism Wins

The John Birch society was right, about everything.

Ending apartheid was simply a propaganda device to permit the communists to move in and take over Africa. The West is on it's way out, they could never find the energy to do it all over again. The West paid for the infrastructure and now the Red Chinese and Russians are taking all the toys, all around the globe, forever.

Talk about a guy who sees the Elephant. Nyquist is it.
If the oil countries are persuaded to refuse the dollar, if the dollar drops much further, the United States will be financially drained dry. The defensive bulwark of the West will be cut from its sources of supply. Try to imagine what happens to a carrier battle group without money. Do you think it can operate? If so, you’d better think again. What about America’s ICBMs? Imagine a ballistic missile submarine without logistical support or a paid crew. The collapse of the dollar isn’t a discreet financial or economic event. It is a link in a larger chain reaction, a catastrophic sequence of events. “I want to warn Americans,” said KGB/SVR defector Sergei Tretyakov. “You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia now is your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.”

Kwanzanian Zogbux Implosion

The 1930's wasn't the Great Depression. That was the Great Recession.

What is happening now is the Great Depression.

Just like WWI was the "Great War" until WW2 broke out and people got to see what a real war looked like. Except that wasn't the Great War either. WW3 is the Great War and itz coming.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kwanzanian Hoax Now A Public Embarrassment

You can fool some of the people all of the time.

I would think this public shame may be in danger of triggering millions of suicides like in M. Night Shymalayan's The Happening. Does the common man really understand how stupid he'd have to be, in retrospect? I don't think he does. Small mercies.

Monday, June 16, 2008

'Kwans Bugeyed On Drugs 24/7

So much for recycled miracle urine as a water source. (Wink-wink) Yes, I'm sure that's how all those tranks and sedatives got in there.

This explains a helluva lot. Sometimes when you're speaking to a Yank they have that far-off grinning 1000-mile stare like shellshocked combat vets. It's just the dope in their water.

Between this and about ten different effeminizers in the water, you're talking about a population that can be made to think what they're told, say what they're told and do what they're told. It's too easy. Yanks are the warmest place to hide. They're the perfect host.

Maybe it's for the same reasons they trank down cattle when they arrive at the slaughteryard. So they don't try to bolt and run when they are prodded up the ramp into the cool interior.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bringing the Famine Smack Down

Body blow to the agricultural system. They just lost another year's worth of crops. What is it with the timing of these things? Pollinators dying, Russia and Chinese demand sucking up the remaining crops, fuel headed for $200.00 a barrel, climate getting too cold to grow anything other than potatos and mushrooms. It's like a Vault-Co blog post on crack.
What did you people do to make baby Jesus cry? You must have done something wrong because somebody up there doesn't like you. You don't need to get hit on the head with an anvil to see that it appears somebody is twisting quantum reality with the express purpose of making it clear that you are screwed. What are the odds of all these things piling up on each other? Boy, when it rains it pours. Vigorous civilizations have leeway and a safety margin - a couple of years of grain in abatement. Modern edjumificated types don't seem to have any safety margin at all. A couple whacks like this and the ref is counting out Western civilization.
Wise investors will begin to put their money into cannibal cooking utensils. Open air barbecues trays and giant rotissery wheels. It's the wave of the future in food preparation.

The scariest thing of all is hearing people in the first world cluck their tongues at how much misery this is going to cause for the undeveloped nations. "They could even ... like ... starve," they say. They have no idea. It's not the undeveloped nations they should be worried about. Those people still have a rural farming supply chain and an agricultural base. The West doesn't have any food left other than what they import.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tyrants Thwarted At Final Threshold Before Absolute Power

I'll keep this simple for you.

A coup in 40+ nations in Europe has been conducted without the people of any of these nations being consulted. Each and every one of them has been conquered by stealth under cover of darkness.

One nation and one nation only was allowed to vote on the matter of the European Union - Ireland. Even with notorious vote fraud and a massive propaganda campaign, the Irish still knocked it back by 54 to 46.

The mass media damage control has leapt into action, immediately spinning the nay vote into a simple desire for more assurances or an executive they can vote on.

Not true. The Irish don't want to join the European Union. Neither do the other forty nations that have had this treasonous occupation shoved down their throat.

Given a say in their own lives, Europeans would say no to the European Union. Is that "democratic" enough for you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Big Bang Is Finished

Feel that tightening loosening up in your chest?

As it turns out, the sociopaths in our institutions telling us the universe was eighty miles across and outfitted with security cameras they installed were all wrong.

They're just little monkeys and this show is much bigger than anything their tiny brains could even begin to comprehend.

When you look into the night sky, you are looking into infinity. It goes on forever and it never stops in any direction. When you think back in time, you are looking at eternity. The same looking forward. There never was a beginning. There will never be an end. Space doesn't curve on itself - it isn't self-referential solipsism. The same goes for time. There are no closed loops in the cosmos that swallow their own asses. That's all a lie from foolish, greedy men.

On and on and on and on, halleluiah, maranatha. Isn't that wonderful beyond description?

The universe isn't winding down. You will never cease to exist. You are going to change in form and composition but you will not end. There is no road closed sign in the universe that God made. You are part of that in the most profound sense - your very atoms come from the lights you see in the night sky.

Worth fighting for, right?

You weren't supposed to say anything, of course - but wasn't that kosher tale of black holes and entropy just a bit of a downer? More gibberish, as usual. Seriously, what did you expect?

None of it true.

Life is worth fighting for. It can be tragic and sad some ... well ... a lot of the time, actually. Still, worth fighting like gangbusters for to keep on going. You wouldn't want to miss anything, especially not a final meeting with your creator.

Man's brain is really small. God's mind is really beyond our ken.

Since Temperature Records Began

Read through 'til the end of the article.

The idea that the common man will just start a victory garden is a flawed assumption. It's going to be impossible to even grow potatos without an underground greenhouse in North America.

If you start with the foreknowledge you gain from reading Vault-Co, your end result will be much more optimal to actually go on living.

Our next project, the permaculture lab, was never intended to be anywhere other than under a meter of soil. We are working on the proposition that the future is going to be a very, very cold place even here in Australia, with irregular sunshine and little heat. We have planned on growing food the same way they do in Antarctica for a role model.

Also remember, you can't harvest a garden that is aboveground in a radioactive environment. So a piece of thick translucent plastic ain't gonna cut it.

John Coleman's Speech Before San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Thinking about all this stuff makes me feel sad most of the time.

I always have this sense I may have missed my actual universe by a slice of quantum reality and gotten stuck in this kind of sh*tty, substandard place where everything involving humans is sort of dumb and sub-par to the point of being ludicrous. To a degree in which my speaking out loud may actually reduce my innate dignity. As I have gotten older, I've lost all interest in talking to humans altogether, with a handful of exceptions.

It's sort of like Charlton Heston being dragged in front of the orangutang council and charged with heresy. Does he really gain anything by arguing with apes, no matter how eloquently or with what powerful arguments? Or would he really say more by refusing to honor these beasts by replying to any of their questions? You know in advance how it will turn out - everything Chuck says will sail right over their heads and they'll just scoff and sneer at him the more sense he makes. I think Chuck should just stare at the monkeys with an even gaze and not respond to any of them - he shouldn't give them the satisfaction. That would say much more with silence. The truth is, they have no common context. All their assumptions about the world are so differentiated that the apes have no ears for anything that Chuck could possibly say.

I reckon this is why a lot of bright people, as they get older, tend to just start sitting in easy chairs by themselves and staring off into space.

I should be grateful I still have so many enthusiasms to comfort me no matter what is happening in my life. I'm lucky to have such a wide variety of passions, including one for survival. That and my family together with my faith are a source of enormous comfort to me. A lot of you younger people will not know what any of this means until you are much older and your blood begins to cool. It's once you lose interest in being proven right about anything that you will start to see with greatly renewed clarity.

The West is a Diseased Sewer Of Inferior Ideas

They're working on the last bastion of sanity, the First Amendment. After that, it will all be no better or worse than any other greasy, inferior third world "big monkeys get all the coconuts" "governmental" systems. All of these systems of government are the direct expression of inferior character, inferior minds and inferior reasoning. Essentially, dominant primates dominate primates. That's how much "reason" is behind any system of "government" where some primates are freer than others, in particular systems where your race and heritage determine what you can or cannot say from the moment of conception.

The reason people can't handle freedom of speech universally applied is that they have low native intelligence, poor self control and bad character. They lack the virtues that formerly distinguished our species from the lower animals. Our entire civilization is in rapid decline and all this is a bloody smear left on the wall during our descent. Decaying civilizations begin retracting all the freedoms your ancestors shed rivers of blood in order to acquire and bequeath to you ... the right to think what you want, speak what you want, bear arms in your own defense, own your property without challenge and associate with whomever you want. In declining societies, everything that was formerly considered the ultimate good is declared the ultimate evil. All healthy value systems are turned upside down and the worship of death becomes the official state religion.

"Good and evil are meaningless to things that have no souls."
- Plato (428-347 BC)

"Nothing appears more surprising to those who consider human affairs with a philosophical eye than the easiness with which the many are governed by the few, and the implicit submission with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers. When we inquire by what means this wonder is affected, we shall find that, as force is always on the side of the governed, the governors have nothing to support them but opinion. It is, therefore, on opinion only that government is founded, and this maxim extends to the most despotic and most military governments as well as to the most free and most popular."
- David Hume: Of the First Principles of Government (1758)

From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage

-Oswald Spengler (1880-1936)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Coming World Famine

Was at supermarket tonight.

Noticed vast, scary gaps in the shelves. Thought I might be the lead in a spooky made-for-television apocalyptic flick from the 1970's with Peter Graves or another famous character actor. Kept expecting Brian Dennehy to walk up behind me and say something poignant like "Weird, how all the saltines vanished, isn't it? Blinked, you woulda' missed'em, pal. Maybe there won't be any saltines to replace them. We'll see." Then he would of bit down on one of his saltines in that famous passive-aggressive manner to show me he beat me to the saltine aisle by about twenty minutes. I'd probably be one of those wooden actors like either David Hasslehoff or Michael Landon. Dennehy would have to carry my sad deadpan ass in most of the key scenes with his sparkling repartee.

Of course, I piled wheat biscuits and rolled oats up so high it constituted a possible avalanche hazard on top of the grocery cart. Good shopping for a survivalist who knows where the real staples are. Screw you and your saltines, Brian. I'm makin' me up a mess of oat mush.

Obama Ready To Finish This Sick Beast Off (once and for all)

This Mugabe-style Marxist hardcore lowdown brother is going to do a job on the Amerikwan economy during his term that will be nothing less than epic if he gets elected. I foresee a booming trade in baby cooking utensils in early 2010 if he is installed in office.

Amerikwa will get the same treatment by historians that the late stage final Egyptian dynasties did. They put a black pharoah on the throne. Then they all died screaming. That's the upbeat, feelgood hit of the summer optimistic outlook, mind you. Amerikwa's fate will probably be much worse when all the tragedies are collated into one big narrative.

Team Diversity and Daily Hazing Squadron

This stuff has been happening a thousand times a day all over Amerikwa for the past fifty years, 24/7 without relenting. It's just that the peasants never saw it in the media because it is the news the media chose to ignore every day for the past fifty years. By accident, of course. It's only because of the internet that a truth as plain as the nose on your face becomes as plain as the nose on your face. Alternative access to this sort of media means it gets broadcast worldwide instead of sitting in a file archive in a safe at CBS/ABC/NBC without ever being seen by human eyes.

I noticed when I was in the military that enricher soldiers who got busted doing a gangbang on a melanin-challenged teenage girl they recruited from the civilian sector never seemed to make the local news broadcast, even as the forces of military justice were in swing and the horrific details were known to almost every soldier on post. According to the local news station, it apparently never happened. There were exceptions in places like Okinawa, where the asian people did not practice the strict amnesiac protocol that was de facto operating procedure in the more Western nations. There you heard the paper report the story for what it was - news. Everywhere else, it never happened and anybody who says it did must be some kind of nazi'er sumthin' of that nature.

Vault-Co Must Be Stark, Raving Bonkers

"Being ahead of the masses in your observations of economic trends is no way to win a popularity contest. If you're 30 days ahead of the masses, you're considered a genius; but if you're two years ahead, you're considered insane. It makes me wonder about the experiences of historical geniuses like Nikola Tesla, since they were at least a hundred years ahead in their understanding of science."
-Mike Adams

Talk of a Great Depression For Amerikwa

(Youtube link above, may require broadband)

The 'kwans are starting to sweat. You can see their poker tell starting to show.

World War III - it's not just for the nuts at Vault-Co to predict anymore. (Youtube) The elites try to get out of the depressions they cause by starting world wars. This time will be no exception.

Australians Exit Iraq With Dignity And Pride

No casualties. No accusations of atrocity. No surrenders and no retreats.

A perfect performance by one of the most kick-ass footsoldier militaries in the world today.

Kevin Rudd is not an evil James Bond style jetsetting supervillain subterranean NWO operative like John Howard. He's a man with a lot of flaws. He's also sincere. His first, second and last loyalty is to Australia. As far as I am concerned, he has my vote from now until forever.

A Kernel of Truth and the Usual Lies

There are lots of people striving to become official party anthropologist at the moment, most people think Jared Diamond has already been crowned (all his books together are not worth piss in a boot compared to two sentences of Robert Ardrey) but one of these wannabes here reveals his wad of subjective hooie wrapped around an important fact ... like I told you in the post recently, dogs and other ground predators would have taken an enormous toll on early man. The fossil evidence testifies to exactly that.

This idiot then goes on to conclude that the Mount Everest built out of mammal bones that was the Neolithic was a result of a tragic fall in the shower by Woolly Mammoths on a bar of primeval soap. Man just "happened" to be in the area for about 30,000 years when this occurred.

The second biggest pile of bones on Earth, humans killed by other humans, are all the result of mislabeled prescription medicines. So you see, I too can practice counter intuitive reasoning like the edjumificated types and whatnot. Except of course, real geniuses are counter intuitive because reason is bound together deftly with intuition in a way that just doesn't occur in ordinary people ... like the author of this article, for example.

Anyhow, you can see ... dogs are nothing to be laughed at when TSHTF. One man against fifty wild dogs is not good odds no matter how well armed you are. Without your brain and fortified shelter you don't stand a chance.

I tell people this often so that if they ever get ready to go walkabout after Day Zero, they will have their memory jogged before they go out the door and take into account they could be walking into the equivalent of a human blender set to puree. Keep in mind a pack of dogs can come over a hill out of nowhere in the space of seconds before you can even put your hand on your holster. It's serious business. It'd be a shame to survive all that and then get killed by a savage horde of Pekinese gone bad.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You didn't believe me about ROLLED OATS

You've never heard a long, extended Vault-Co rant about rolled oats? You have not been surfing this site long enough!

My personal, firsthand experience with 12+ year old food has told me things I didn't otherwise read in books anywhere.

Some foods have special qualities. The books say 5-10 years. I'm telling you, stored correctly, some of this stuff will go 20, 30 and 40+ years.

1. Powdered whole milk lasts infinity plus if kept cool, dry and out of light. Infinity. Forget about "3-5 years" like they mark on the bag. I'm still drinking powdered milk from 1996. There is just no appreciable difference.

2. Shredded wheat is eternity food if kept dry and cool.

3. Rolled oats, a very nutritious food, last damn near forever even when stored in less than ideal conditions. That and brown sugar would weather many a famine as a staple.

4. White rice, of course. It never goes off if kept dry.

Still under observation ... powdered eggs, sardines, many others.

Use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, then keep them in a cool location. That food may outlast you. I would swear to this in an affidavit if asked.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's Escape To Anywhere But Here

Don't worry, it's only the best and brightest. There will be plenty of slack jawed minimum wage slaves left over from third world countries to serve the remaining elites.

I expect Australia to get a substantial boost to average IQ with the immigration from America, South Africa and Britain. I expect all three of those countries will see ever accelerating shifts downward in the Bell Curve as everybody with intelligence quotients above room temperature leaves ground zero to the listless desperate remainder.

Although it wasn't obvious at the time to most people when I emigrated out sixteen years ago, it's damn near obvious that short of the Antarctic, there is no place left on Earth to escape to other than Australia. It's all relative and Oz is seemingly the last refuge left away from manboons, chimpmanzees and other five star enricher squadrons.

I know something that none of them know. I know that when Taiwan happens, the air over Australia will be filled with Chinese nuclear tipped cruise missiles like the arrows of the Persians in the CGI enhanced movie "300" raining down on the Spartans. So don't think this is a place to escape. Without a vault, this is just another place to die.

What happens in 2012?

Think there is just too much going on right now to even consider this?

What if Vault-Co told you that these are all parts of the elephant?

It was no comet that killed the dinosaurs. (Vault-Co made this assertion in 2002)

The overdue magnetic flip of the poles will roast the surface with radiation

Scientists don't want a panic on their hands.

They try to dwell on the possible effects on cell phones and internet porn connections.

With everything else going on in the world, this could be the straw that broke the camel's back. We don't need people running into the streets screaming with their possessions in a wheelbarrel.

Back when we had sunspots

Eggheads guarantee something spectacular is getting ready to happen.

The timing is almost enough to make you believe in God, isn't it? Maybe it's because he exists. If you're so open minded, why not consider that?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Perfect Time For A New Ice Age

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

- President Thomas Jefferson

Oil at $200.00 a barrel. The highest price during the highest demand.

Did you know major parts of the United States have been constructed on the assumption of heating oil for homes which is cheap, plentiful and trucked in from the outside each year on a just-in-time basis? Did you know without it, there are entire regions of States that would have to fight for wood to burn to stay alive in a particularly harsh winter? Did you know these same States also make the same assumptions about the food supply? What about elderly citizens, single mothers and children who are not capable of chopping down every tree in sight in an emergency and burning it in a barrel in their living room just to get through the night without freezing to death?

The real national security crisis is the economy

This thing hasn't even begun yet - the real crash is just warming up

No leaders left with America's best interest at heart - America is an occupied nation

Grandpa is glad he'll be dead soon

World War III - get on with it. Promises, promises. Russia is standing behind Iran. Be careful who you shoot at and with what. They may start shooting back. That could get ugly quick.

The Beginnings of Real Terror

As put by geophysicist Philip Chapman, a former NASA astronaut-scientist and former president of the National Space Society, “It is time to put aside the global warming dogma, at least to begin contingency planning about what to do if we are moving into another little ice age.”The sun, of late, is remarkably free of eruptions: It has lost its spots. By this point in the solar cycle, sunspots would ordinarily have been present in goodly numbers. Today’s spotlessness — what alarms Dr. Chapman and others — may be an anomaly of some kind, and the
sun may soon revert to form. But if it doesn’t – and with each passing day, the speculation in the scientific community grows that it will not – we could be entering a new epoch that few would welcome.

Sunspots have been well documented throughout human history, starting in the fourth century BC, with written descriptions by Gan De, a Chinese astronomer. In 1128, an English monk, John of Worcester, was the first person known to have drawn sunspots, and after the telescope’s arrival in the early 1600s, observations and drawings became commonplace, including by such luminaries as Galileo Galilei. Then, to the astonishment of astronomers, they saw the sunspots diminish and die out altogether.This was the case during the Little Ice Age, a period starting in the 15th or 16th century and lasting centuries, says NASA’s Goddard Space Centre, which links the absence of sunspots
to the cold that then descended on Earth. During the coldest part of the Little Ice Age, a time known as the Maunder Minimum (named after English astronomer Edward Maunder), astronomers saw only about 50 sunspots over a 30-year period, less than one half of 1% of the sunspots that would normally have been expected. Other Minimums — times of low sunspot activity — also corresponded to times of unusual cold.

A spotless sun. An unknown phenomenon to the inhabitants of the interglacial. You don't appreciate what you had until nature takes it away.

It's all fun and games sitting around on Oprah talking with all the metrosexuals about what sort of natural textiles they are wearing in order to offset their queer carbon footprint and such.

Then the Sun gets snuffed out like a candle being pinched between the fingers of God ... and all the consumer units begin to feel the first pangs of what mortal terror is like.

Globo-warmthink was the best idea the sheeple could field about the changes we have seen in recent years. It was the apocalypse according to gay men.

Then there is real life. That isn't something you discuss in easy chairs over lattes on Oprah's set.

A new Ice Age means babies, the other white meat. The mall may remain closed for some time. The takeout window dark and locked up at McDonald's.

Do you think that some people are at least getting synchronized with Vault-Co? Wrong. We're still about a million steps ahead of these guys in seeing the implications.

World War is going to rage across the planet long before the glaciation begins anew and the superstorm hits. Resource wars will soon tear this little blue orb to pieces. There ain't enough to go around for both Asia and the West. The Chinese have two choices:

1. Be civil and perish quietly

2. Destroy the West and then take their stuff - food, fuel, women and agricultural territory

Friday, June 6, 2008

Even The Army Figured It Out

Mankind does not have the brains to realize the opposite of all their fears is what they should have been worried about. They don't have big enough imaginations to visualize that much of the human race ass-backwards. That's why you can rest assured that after the globo-warmthink kult dissolves nobody will ever be expecting the massive Ice Age that is going to hit this planet in the coming decade. It will be biblical and nobody outside of Vault-Co regulars will be prepared for it.

As the new Cold War heats up, you can also bet the poor slack-jawed yokels will be saying, "Yeah, wasn't it global warming last time? What's this, the latest new crisis?" Cry wolf enough times into their dull ears and they will soon lose the ability altogether to respond to a real threat in the environment. They'll probably still be sneering when the first missile contrails start to drift overhead. The average man cannot handle much reality and even a little false panic will tend to exhaust whatever small attention span he may have had.

Vault OS Update #22 : Framework & Graphic Strategy

Been working on it most of this week. I have the configuration screen running, the desktop and a lot of the subsystems for driving IPX via a TSR. The screens look great because I have a custom font and icons built from custom characters plus special characters used to draw the interface.

I decided on a strategy for displaying graphics like diagrams and security maps - each module will be chained into a common environment with IPX running to keep the communications going, but I will put the program into a clean Mode-X 360x480 256 color screen for super high fast display of large virtual windows (like an overhead map of your shelter/retreat) showing status markers for any sensors you have defined. This Mode-X resolution is available on all VGA cards with or without VESA, so it will run on very old displays and systems and it looks incredibly good. If a major alert comes in over IPX, a flag will flash on the graphics display screen notifying you so you can exit back to desktop if need be.

I'm using the Bullet '99 B-Tree library for the multiuser database, it's awesome. Without a doubt the stablest and fastest database ever written. I'd like to add "for DOS," except I work in .NET all day long and I never got a query result back as fast from any Windows SQL driver written in the history of mankind. IPX flies like a bat out of hell, too - although my current setup is just a Pentium 200 desk PC talking to a laptop. Have to see what adding more traffic does to the IPX network.

Otherwise, it's a dream. Seriously. Windows should be this stable, simple and reliable. It isn't and never will be.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vault OS Update #22 : An Epiphany

A week ago, after I had spent the night trying to cram FreeBSD onto a 4 megabyte RAM card, I went in the morning before work to an industrial manufacturer down the road to see if I could buy some of the standalone one piece PC terminals they were phasing out.

The terminals were too expensive considering their age ... but I saw something else that stunned me. It immediately caused me to rethink everything I was doing.

Basically, the terminals themselves (CRT based) had worn out before the software. They had an x86 based real mode system running on the terminals that had been working for 12 years without a reboot. I had a look at this system. It was a beautiful text mode interface with a strange trick to embed bitmapped graphics into parts of the screen (remapping the unused character set), redefined fonts and a custom palette. It looked awesome and it would literally run on anything. It was fast, multiuser and very powerful. The entire maintenance and installation disk for the application, which was quite big, fit onto a single floppy disk. This system ran on x86 boards with 4 megs that only accessed memory over 640K as EMS virtual storage for overlays and data. It was truly incredible. It had run for 12 years, day and night, without ever being turned off and without being rebooted. The biggest problem was that there was no screen saving function and the CRT screens had been burned as a result of running ad infinitum with the same display on them. This is why they had to phase out the terminals for new LCD panels. The operator described the application as "supernaturally robust" and said he was dreading the day management decided to go to some .NET platform or worse, Linux. He told me that "I have little doubt this application would run for 100 years unattended without failing if the hardware held up."

The application, which the operator was nice enough to show me some of the features of, consisted of a multiuser network that had fileshare and IPX sockets without anything but DOS 3.0 running underneath it. No 50 megabyte "small" Linux. No 24 megabyte "small" BSD. No 12 megabyte "small" Windows 98. Rather, just sitting on DOS.

They showed me the backup system should anything ever crash. (It never had) It was a floppy disk. They had been talking about going to a tiny compact flash card instead but since it was never broke, they never had the motivation to fix it.

When the terminals booted up, they got the addresses and service information from all the other computers with a single broadcast on the global channel and then all the other computers got it's address and services back in the same exchange. A single packet of information to say "I'm here, this is what I want to subscribe to and this is what I publish." In other words, exactly what I wanted from Vault OS. Just as I had envisioned for Vault OS, local terminals connected to local sensors and devices broadcast their inputs to all interested subscribers at regular intervals, so all machines could perform the same global functions with the same installed software, just configured differently.

As soon as I had found out what development tool had been used for this software, I went straight home and bought $300 worth of licensing, tools and add-ons for it. I set up an older machine with these tools which I will network as a test bed here at home to several cheap PCs of various antiquity.

I think when I started to investigate this idea, my very first notion of using Visual Basic For DOS was the closest I came to getting it right, except that VBDOS isn't quite the tool I needed. I wanted something as RAD but with more assembly language level power when required for certain kinds of control over the machine. I think this tool I that have found by sheer chance is it.
This would result in a Vault OS that would literally run the entire gamut of x86 devices, from lowly XTs to embedded cards (which I have a truckload of) with the same look and feel on all of them, no matter what you could scrounge up.

... and most incredible of all ... it's cross platform in the best possible way.