Thursday, June 19, 2008

Herding The Cattle Back Into Ground Zero

Americans left for the suburbs to escape the hordes of diversity enrichers flooding into the grand cities built by their ancestors decades earlier. They had the luxury of fleeing because they had the capital and spending power to move anywhere they wanted to. They changed the rural wilds into beautiful, elegant and tastefully engineered communities where they could live and breathe without fear of being enriched at the point of a switchblade without warning.

All that is ending now. Poor people don't have any options. They have to follow the dwindling supply of jobs and commerce wherever they can pitch their tent. As economic hardship crushes the formerly broad middle class into powder, their children are reduced to a nomadic existence in the diseased and decadent metropolitan areas living behind barred windows and gated shuttered houses. The rot concentrates itself at the detonation points for World War III where civil defense means the least. It's like all the barnyard animals coming in from the fields to march up the slaughterhouse ramp to die.

There is nobody with fewer options than those who live in the city. They tolerate the greatest encroachments upon their freedoms and are always the first to sacrifice their dignity for bread. Jefferson said the cities were the breeding grounds for every kind of disease and madness and that the strength of the republic always hinges on the number of landowners in the country who have the privilege of being able to tell the rest of the world to go to hell and get off their property. Crowded into pillboxes of bricks inside the big cities, men and women are nothing more than animals fighting for dwindling shares of resources.

I lived in New York City for five years and I don't think I've ever seen anyplace on Earth so utterly wretched and dehumanized. It's a turd spraypainted with fake gold. That was the most horrible place I've ever seen inhabited by man ... until I got a look at Los Angeles.

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