Friday, June 20, 2008

Globo-Warmthinkers are STUPID

Listen to these idiots try to backtrack after ten years of promoting warmthinkery:

Sun is like, dead

Whose a better scientist than these guys? Anybody. That's who.

They promise the planet will stay warm on platitudes alone in this article

But don't get us wrong. The Sun is like ... important and whatnot. It plays a role, surely. What have you and heretofore. It just does not have the impact that farting cows, decomposing nappies and me making strange gestures with my hands at the sky does.

It's an interesting argument, sure, babies, the other white meat

Get yourself edjumificated! And whatnot.

It's time to recognize that the facts are working against my renewal of tenure

I gots me an edjumification! Yassum! In a scienmajific sense.

The cold winds will blow. Their fates are sealed, silent beneath a glacier where they will never be found. They ran the contest of life, they failed, they now join the other 99.99999999% of animals who ever lived who couldn't get it right.

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trueaim said...

"before the industrial revolution the sun accounted for only 10 -30% of climate varibility" - ???????
LOL, now that is stupid.

two words that warmthinkers have failed to account for - SOLAR SYSTEM.