Saturday, June 21, 2008

Even The Sheeple Suspect Something Is Wrong

You know when it becomes so obvious it is no longer fashionable to sneer at the idea, it has already passed it's use-by date. The masses are always wrong and they are wrong now when they suspect things are taking a turn for the worse. They're not taking a turn for the worse. They're taking a turn for the apocalyptic.

Amerikwans think they know what terror is. They have no idea. This is just the short subject before the main feature. The real horror is only beginning now.

Here the consumer units prove they can use a $2.00 calculator to draw a conclusion we had already sealed in stone ten years ago on Vault-Co. Vast parts of the United States will become uninhabitable and untenable during the coming decade. Everything they have taken for granted will prove to be as unstable and unreliable as the sand that comes in with the tide.

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