Friday, June 6, 2008

Even The Army Figured It Out

Mankind does not have the brains to realize the opposite of all their fears is what they should have been worried about. They don't have big enough imaginations to visualize that much of the human race ass-backwards. That's why you can rest assured that after the globo-warmthink kult dissolves nobody will ever be expecting the massive Ice Age that is going to hit this planet in the coming decade. It will be biblical and nobody outside of Vault-Co regulars will be prepared for it.

As the new Cold War heats up, you can also bet the poor slack-jawed yokels will be saying, "Yeah, wasn't it global warming last time? What's this, the latest new crisis?" Cry wolf enough times into their dull ears and they will soon lose the ability altogether to respond to a real threat in the environment. They'll probably still be sneering when the first missile contrails start to drift overhead. The average man cannot handle much reality and even a little false panic will tend to exhaust whatever small attention span he may have had.

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