Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bringing the Famine Smack Down

Body blow to the agricultural system. They just lost another year's worth of crops. What is it with the timing of these things? Pollinators dying, Russia and Chinese demand sucking up the remaining crops, fuel headed for $200.00 a barrel, climate getting too cold to grow anything other than potatos and mushrooms. It's like a Vault-Co blog post on crack.
What did you people do to make baby Jesus cry? You must have done something wrong because somebody up there doesn't like you. You don't need to get hit on the head with an anvil to see that it appears somebody is twisting quantum reality with the express purpose of making it clear that you are screwed. What are the odds of all these things piling up on each other? Boy, when it rains it pours. Vigorous civilizations have leeway and a safety margin - a couple of years of grain in abatement. Modern edjumificated types don't seem to have any safety margin at all. A couple whacks like this and the ref is counting out Western civilization.
Wise investors will begin to put their money into cannibal cooking utensils. Open air barbecues trays and giant rotissery wheels. It's the wave of the future in food preparation.

The scariest thing of all is hearing people in the first world cluck their tongues at how much misery this is going to cause for the undeveloped nations. "They could even ... like ... starve," they say. They have no idea. It's not the undeveloped nations they should be worried about. Those people still have a rural farming supply chain and an agricultural base. The West doesn't have any food left other than what they import.

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