Friday, June 13, 2008

The Big Bang Is Finished

Feel that tightening loosening up in your chest?

As it turns out, the sociopaths in our institutions telling us the universe was eighty miles across and outfitted with security cameras they installed were all wrong.

They're just little monkeys and this show is much bigger than anything their tiny brains could even begin to comprehend.

When you look into the night sky, you are looking into infinity. It goes on forever and it never stops in any direction. When you think back in time, you are looking at eternity. The same looking forward. There never was a beginning. There will never be an end. Space doesn't curve on itself - it isn't self-referential solipsism. The same goes for time. There are no closed loops in the cosmos that swallow their own asses. That's all a lie from foolish, greedy men.

On and on and on and on, halleluiah, maranatha. Isn't that wonderful beyond description?

The universe isn't winding down. You will never cease to exist. You are going to change in form and composition but you will not end. There is no road closed sign in the universe that God made. You are part of that in the most profound sense - your very atoms come from the lights you see in the night sky.

Worth fighting for, right?

You weren't supposed to say anything, of course - but wasn't that kosher tale of black holes and entropy just a bit of a downer? More gibberish, as usual. Seriously, what did you expect?

None of it true.

Life is worth fighting for. It can be tragic and sad some ... well ... a lot of the time, actually. Still, worth fighting like gangbusters for to keep on going. You wouldn't want to miss anything, especially not a final meeting with your creator.

Man's brain is really small. God's mind is really beyond our ken.


Chesterton said...

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