Friday, May 23, 2008

Would Modern People Know Totalitarianism If They Saw It?

I don't think they would.

I don't believe there is a third of the population who can spell "totalitarianism," much less know what it is. I think the majority of people living in the West don't even know what kind of government they live under ... even worse, I believe they no longer even care.

The most incredible thing about this event was just how little uproar there was about it, other than full support for whatever it is the "guffamint" decided arbitrarily to do. The media was on the sidelines cheerleading the whole thing and built up an even bigger set of vague smear stories than they did against David Koresh after they incinerated him and eighty people. The thing is, David Koresh was a bastard and some of the agitprop was likely true, except that still doesn't explain why the government attacked a civilian home with heavy armored vehicles and assault choppers. Whatever was wrong with Koresh, he had a twenty year history of cooporation with law enforcement.

Waco was a field trial and this recent experiment at the Zion Ranch was an attempt to extend the envelope that was already pushed out by Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Next up, the government will be conducting field executions of people with overdue library books. People who pass without signaling. People who play their music too loud on Sundays. Whatever fringe group you got, the government will use them as their excuse to see how much more they can get away with. Each time, the population is further desensitized to atrocities by the ruling elites.

So don't come crying to me when you feel that rifle barrel in your back shoving you into the boxcar. You waited too long to start caring and it was too late by the time you did.


Anonymous said...

O.J. simpson got off too.

You throw enough money at the court system, you can muddy up any water you want. In this case, we have several hundred adults willing to throw all their money collectively at some attorney.

You still have no idea what kind of society these people are. "immediate phisical danger" probably not, at least not for most. "Long term psychological destruction" yes.

Children are being raped!

CHILDREN ARE BEING RAPED.... clear as daylight.

The government issues a warrant and takes ALL of the children, better safe than sorry, to discover who is being raped and sexualy abused, what ages, what genders, how widespread is this pedophiliac society reaching it's destruction?

AND the investigation finally shows that it's only little girls, between the ages of twelve and seventeen.

So now what, Tex? Now the state is wrong for not psychically knowing who is being raped and who is not? They are evil for wanting to protect each and every child until they figured out the extent of the damage?

Throw enough money at the court system, and even Tex Arcane gets confused about how to protect a child from a rapist....

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

andyboots37 said...

I really don't think they would.

The X-box generation is coming into physical adulthood and they have nothing to contrast their current belief system with.

I'm crowding 40 and I remember standing for the national anthem and hearing the Lord's prayer over the PA in school. Antiquated and illegal practices today.

Kind of feel like I just got in under the wire before the NWO full-court press.

I find the Spirit of God is the only thing that keeps me from becoming and Orwellian zombie or a fringe anarchist. Just playing the game, biding my time. I know how it ends...the Bible tells me.

The cup of iniquity is just about full and the angel puckers for the trumpet blast!!!

In Christ/In Adam

The only unpardonable sin is rejecting God's free gift of Christ. Everything else is taken care of. Compliments of Jesus!!!

andy b.

Anonymous said...

"Children are being raped!

No, they're not:

Not even their worst enemies have ever accused the FDLS elders of being gay so the boys were never in any danger at all. That's half the kids right off the bat. As for the girls, the reasoning behind snatching them, hinged on a common but weird misunderstanding of what the word "children" means. In the minds of many people, as well as in the laws of many states, everybody under a certain age is a child or in legalese, a "minor". Ths point-of-view does not admit any distinction between teenagers and children. I'm sorry but that's RIDICULOUS!!!

Teenagers are not children; they are sexual beings themselves as anyone who knows anything about psychology or had a halfway normal adolescence ought to know.....

Their enemies accuse the FDLS elders of being child molestors but that's because they classify teenagers as children. Once you see past this, it's obvious two-thirds of the girls were also never in any danger. The only juveniles who were at risk were females 13-18.

Now I'm not saying this to defend these creeps. You can still see the FDLS guys as a crew of conmen running a scam to get sexual access to teenage girls. It's not legal nor should it be, but they're not pedophiles.

Yes, these guys should do jail time but we don't need to breakup whole families in the process, nor do we need to destroy the Bill Of Rights of the US Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Most Australians believe that they live in a Democracy. From what I've seen and read, and by the way the pundits talk on the televitz Yanks believe that they too live in a Democracy. I can't but feel dismayed that these people are allowed to vote.

Australia = Constitutional Monarchy

America = Republic

Both enjoy democratic processes but that does not make them democracies. Besides, what's that quote "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner"?

Maybe a quick test should be given in parliament and the courts asking them the system of government we have. A fail should equal an instant dismissal and removal of any pension / rights.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about elsewhere but in good old Australia we do not have democracy but we do have an "Elected Dictatorship" in the guise of Democracy.
And an "Electoral Dictatorship" is the most humiliating of all as we get to choose our master!