Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Prison Planet Won't Work

Destroying is easy. Creating is hard.

I'm 45 years old and I've been watching this station wagon roll downhill my entire life. I've never known anything but descent. Inside the wagon, there are people who know how to turn on the radio and find the kind of music they like to hear on it. "We control the wagon," they say, "because we control what people hear and what they have the options to hear." There's another guy inside the station wagon who knows how to operate the windshield wipers. "I control the wagon," he says, "because I control what people can see." Another guy plays with the red hot cigarette lighter. "I control the wagon more than any of you," this guy says, "because I've got the most dangerous weapon in the wagon at the end of my fingertips." Then there is the guy with his foot on the pedal and brake. "I am the one who controls the wagon, because I can slow it down or speed it up. Nobody has more power than I do."

The station wagon keeps rolling downhill no matter what anyone does. When it hits the bottom going a hundred miles an hour, almost everybody on board will die. Some people scream to put on the seat belts, others make fun of the notion - as if admitting we are going to crash at the bottom will somehow be the prime cause of this event by simply thinking about it.

There is nobody on this wagon who can bring it to a stop or even more incredibly, make it go uphill again. We live in a declining society and all the pathetic a**holes in the illuminati who take such pride in how rapidly they have destroyed our culture and ruined our social fabric know somewhere deep inside that they cannot replace any of this stuff with something better.

The plan was, turn Britain first into a madhouse with multiculturalism, then police the lunatics by putting cameras on every corner and create a de facto police state. Turning it into a madhouse was easy. It is obvious now that there will be no substitutions to replace the order and rule of law that was there previously. All the tech gadgets in the world are just so much flotsam and jetsam against the rising tide of anarchy. You'd need to put a camera inside every human heart and then find somebody to watch that camera. That's not going to happen.

Destroying is easy. Anybody can destroy and call it genius. Creating is hard.

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