Friday, May 16, 2008

A Whole Mess of Rainbow Stew Cooking Up On The Stove For The Globalist Paradise

Everybody but Amerikwa knows itz coming.

China knows itz coming.

It looks like even Amerikwa is starting to realize itz coming, but the problem is they can't get anything done anymore in the land of dumbth.

Remember when Vault-Co kept telling you the next war would not just be a nuclear war ... it would be a war waged with neutron bombs and cobalt jackets?

If Vault-Co is just a deluded petty ranteur, why in the hell is everybody buying up Cobalt-60, making it one of the hottest resource commodities in the world? It is hardly used in medical science any more.

Two weeks under the stairs and hose down the car? Did you think that story they tell the peasants was ever true? You will need to think a little longer term than that.

Itz coming. Amerikwa will lead the way.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E


Anonymous said...

While Cobalt is a great strategy of the ultimate 'salting of the earth' I don't think that will be china's objective. I think there's a good chance that China will want to reclaim some collateral from teh massive debt we owe them. They need land and resources, we owe them hundreds of billions but have nothing but land and resources to pay with. Why would they want to ruin our only collateral?

Not to mention the risk of U.N. repercussions when that shit hits the jet stream and all of europe is downwind.

Cobalt? Probably not. Or possibly only on select localized target regions.

Nuke war? Anyone with half a brain can se the undeniable inevitability of it.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing a point, but why would anyone use 60Co in a nuclear weapon? If you want a cobalt bomb, you place 59Co and the fission neutrons will activate it to 60Co, just as you make it in a reactor but millions of times faster. Using 60Co in a nuke would be redundant.

It DOES make sense for making dirty bombs, that is raddusters or chemically-fueled radiological-dispersion bombs.

Anonymous said...

"Those aren’t missiles; they’re cobalt jackets."

"What are they for?"

"Well, this is ‘need to know,’ so keep your mouth shut, but they are designed to slide on over most of our conventional ordinance. They’re made out of radioactive cobalt, and when the bomb they’re wrapped around detonates, they contaminate everything in the blast zone and quite a bit beyond."

"So they turn regular ordinance into nukes?"

"No, not exactly. The cobalt doesn’t detonate itself. It just scatters everywhere."


OK, now I get it. Sorry for the previous post.

BTW: Nice boyz, these Usandals. The world will be a better place without them.

Anonymous said...

I had never thought that the US had a scorched earth policy. I'm familiar with the idea of MAD. But to have a set policy saying "if we can't have it no-one can". Forgetting for a moment that "we" is supposed to be "the people" and that "the people" have long since ceased to matter (rigged elections)

Probably the only hope the US has is a civil war. Not that that would happen thanks to the televitz.

Actually I'm a bit depressed reading this post. I mean, i've got prep's but they are far from hard core. At best I'm prep'd for a local disaster. Maybe my family will survive for a month or two longer than the sheeple. At least we won't have to put up with idiot neighbours parking us in for that month LOL

Anonymous said...

Didn't you read the bit about how China was just bluffing? Nukes are only good for bluffing, when everyone has them.


Texas Arcane said...

You just keep telling yourself that. It makes my job a whole lot easier. The fewer shocked hungry stragglers who roll up after TSHTF the better.

Anonymous said...

No kidding analnymous.... Nukes are 'just for bluffing' just like the maxim machine gun, just like the nuclear submarine, just like chemical warfare.

Every 'next big leap' in war technology was intended to be such an insurmountable threat that it would render military conflict unprofitable and obsolete. Each one of them worked, for a while. Until the shock-value of the new technology wore off on the enemies, and proliferation began.

Stop acting like a moron and put your tinfoil hat back on.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)

Anonymous said...

That story from the New York Press does not pass the smell test. It stinks like BS. It's a good story, in the sense of entertaining fiction, but there are so many details that are implausible, incredible, or defy actual SOP.