Sunday, May 25, 2008

When Post Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

Ordinary people don't know about the ancient animosity and conflict that has existed between men and canines for millions of years. They have been the number one obstacle to our expansion and there are probably more human beings killed by jackals or something similar thereof than any other cause in history outside of other human beings.

We beat these creatures by domesticating turncoats as our alarm systems, protectors and aide-de-camps. Without dogs bred to protect us from dogs, it is likely we would have never been safe down out of the trees. We owe them much of our survival.

I believe that one of the surprises waiting for the survivors of the Third World War will be that once they have surmounted shelter, hunger and thirst, they will find themselves at the mercy of packs of wild dogs running into the thousands in the post-apocalyptic environment. Dogs really are man's second best friend. His best friend is Colt .45, a buddy you should never leave home without.


Anonymous said...

A long time ago wrote a (bad) essay on feral dogs in a post-apocalyptic world for an obscure webmagazine. Unfortunately when my old comp blew it was lost.

From the research that I did I came to the conclusion that Lassie will turn dingo very, very fast.

Luckily, dogmeat is edible.


trueaim said...

I think there will be many animal species that will profit very well in the coming years, wolves and dogs, bears, birds of prey,even the big cats will be back in buisness, all your top predator carnivores that we know, plus a few more that we dont know will appear on the scene, humans are actually a slow moving, soft, easy target and there are alot of us at the moment, give it a couple more years than watch those beasts multiply!

Anonymous said...

I always carry. Hadn't thought about dogs turning on me, but I suppose what's bad for the bad guy is bad for his dog, too.

.357 magnum.

Don't let a dingo eat your baby.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)