Monday, May 26, 2008

Western People : Slow As Molasses

I just felt like posting a few things tonight. Not because I think it will do any good, but just because I want to show you how incredibly dumb modern people are. They are really, really feebleminded bordering on senile or even vegetative. There's no way genes could account for all of this. There have got to be poisons in the food and water accelerating this somehow.

Lee Hamilton brushing over Mineta's testimony, a revelation that would have brought down the government fifty years ago.

Here as in so many newsrooms across the globe, it was reported that WTC7 had collapsed several minutes before it happened ... when it did happen, it was almost comical in it's speed. Nobody has ever seen a building fall that quickly from a structural fire in human history. Skyscrapers in Mexico have burned several months without ever collapsing, much less at freefall speed :

Here's another report that obviously went out too early

Really Monty Pythonesque, mankind

There was no reason of any kind to expect that building to collapse that way. None at all.

Foreign countries get to talk more about American news than Americans do

Silverstein blurted it out but that's not enough to trigger brain activity in Ameriwans. It's so obvious even a child could figure it out. Amerikwans are drawing a blank. How much more blatant could they make it?

This is grand guignol. It's melodramatic theatre. Badly conducted and orchestrated, I might add, with cardboard villains and caricatures. Everybody benefited. The only people that got hurt are the little people, the people nobody cares about. The nothing people that don't make a stain when they die. Silverstein pocketed the riches of a small country by playing along. The attack on Iraq and Afghanistan was planned the year prior.

You can appreciate why I identify with Luke Wilson in IDIOCRACY so strongly. This is the world I live in. I feel like that guy all the time. Sometimes I can't believe what kind of crap comes out of ordinary people. There are days I feel like the only person on the planet who can walk and chew gum at the same time. I've felt this way most of my adult life. Most people, there just isn't enough "there" to consider anybody "there." Global warming, gun control ... how on Earth could you pull this crap on real human beings? You couldn't. That's why nobody did. It's my generation that was ripe for this garbage. They buy it, hook, line and sinker. They've got minds like infants.

So you're wondering why I used the phrase "Western people" above?

Transparent fraud perpetrated on the British people, just as slow as their Yank counterparts

I could post a thousand more links, but honestly, why bother?


Chesterton said...

"There's no way genes could account for all of this. There have got to be poisons in the food and water accelerating this somehow."

I think there are three primary causes:

1) Crappy artificial food.

2) Lack of sleep.

3) Lack of exercise.

At first glance it seems like these three simple things cannot possibly account for such a drastic shift in intelligence levels, but you have to think in the long term here. Several decades of sleep deprivation are just as bad as going without sleep for a couple of days. Lack of exercise -- hell, one could even say lack of any physical movement whatsoever these days -- eventually catches up with people's immune systems. A compromised immune system makes it more difficult to filter out all of the toxins you're getting in that food -- and so on and so forth like that. It's a pretty vicious cycle.

I guarantee that if people started getting eight hours of sleep, eating better, and lifting some weights two times a week there'd be armed revolution in the streets within three months' time. Oh, and unplugging the television would be pretty good, too.

Anonymous said...

Good call on the lack of sleep part. I hadn't really thought about it to be honest (to tired)

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