Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vault OS Update #21 : Must Read

This article is incredible. It led me to another site where someone has Monowall running off a 32 mb flashcard. The author of this site has already figured out how to build the entire required infrastructure using FreeBSD architecture.

I have to do some experiments to see if I can get this running on one of my embedded boards before I can know more. I've got the environment running in VMWare as a virtual machine now.


Anonymous said...


I am like "mollasass" when it comes to the tech stuff. Can you tell me whether Vault OS will allow anyone to connect sensors for temp, CO2, wind, Rads etc and their computer read and monitor them??

Texas Arcane said...

Yes. I have experimented with a lot of different ways in the past couple of weeks and I believe that the I2C interface for serial devices is the most straightforward and the easiest to make uniform for all sensors connected. It will not be mandatory, though, because when "services" are set up properly it will mean you can relay anything connected locally onto the services channel as a message to any concerned parties listening on the network. So a subscriber to the "weather channel" will get regular pings of packets with weather sensor information that is collected at another terminal.

The only gray area is a small scripting language to make the uniform hookup and transmission of these devices into something that can be configured easily by the user. It's not just for others using VOS, it's for me too because when I get a new sensor I want to be able to register amd read it through VOS without recompiling the code.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so instead of spending big $ on a CO2 monitor/alarm you could just connect a sensor (which is a lot cheaper) to the computer and VOS would read it and do the rest?

If this is correct then I am VERY interested in your program.

I can 'drive' the computer (like a car) I use CAD for a living, but do not ask me how it works - beyond standard maintenance.