Wednesday, May 7, 2008

They'd Rather Lose Than Nominate Ron Paul

I'd be lying if I told you I had any hope left of any kind for this ship of fools. I just wanted to be an I-told-you-so later on by predicting that Ron Paul would never see the inside of the White House no matter how much public support he got. I'm just glad to see that it is likely Ron Paul will escape an attempt on his life.


Anonymous said...

what baffles me the most about this election is why the American people take the time to go to the polls and then vote for insanity?
They want their DNA collected, phones tapped, taxed more, jailed more, they want to criminalize everything from j walking to thinking about j walking. Right now in 2009 you will not be able to do anything without a passport thats going to cost $100 just to get. Then the national id social security scam. Dictators of great would be so proud of the people lining up and begging for powerful government.

Anonymous said...

here's my prediction: We'll vote for Obama, hillary will be the vice president. Then Obama will be assasinated (fortunate for hillary and NOT the first to die from standing in her way) and she will assume the throne, and finish what she and bill started, concerning helping china to overtake the west. Her cut? chancellor of the North American Alliance.

I wonder sometimes if there's a breaking point left in the U.S. ... I mean is there any possible horror in the future that will shock and humble the public enough to remember what this nation SHOULD be? Any imaginable tragedy or tyranny that could trigger a reaction? Or are the Amerikwans really 100% dead already?

(A Thousand Good Intentions)