Monday, May 5, 2008

The States Kills It's Enemies, Meaning Anybody Who Tells The Truth About Anything

Whores don't hang themselves and pimps don't commit suicide period.

Nowadays, one wrong move in America can be as deadly as a rumor of disloyalty to the Emperor in the days of Imperial Rome. There are so many poisonings, drownings, light plane crashes and explosions and otherwise faked deaths in any given day in the United States you can't even keep track of them all.

Word is, Dick Cheney is a world-class major pervert of historic proportions. If people ever found out how sick this dude is (his mother was mentally ill so it is probably genetic) they could never look at him again without laughing out loud. Palfrey herself predicted she would turn up a suicide soon and she did. Her evidence, alas, vanished altogether.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes the dead madam. It made me chuckle, I admit. Suicide, suuuuure.