Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spinning the Death Of The United States

It's like a soft pillow being pressed on their faces with the press whispering quietly to them to assuage them. That's what the press does nowadays, is to shush the struggles of the sleeper for air and hold their arms while they press the pillow down.

If America has failed as a world power, then does that mean we can hold those who have captured the institutions responsible? Was it "inevitable" or a direct result of their bizarre Bolshevist policies concerning the United States, forced on a public who technically always outnumbered and opposed them every step of the way? I thought post modernist ideas like "diversity" and "globalism" and "multiculturalism" were supposed to keep us competitive? They were in fact, a direct injection of arsenic into the American blood stream.

(YouTube Link) This is the reason they put street lamp posts on every corner in America

When a people lose their faith in their Gods, their nation withers away and dies

This business of "Christianity withering away" sounds remarkably similar to Karl's Marx's "The State Withering Away."

In reality, the only thing withering away is the United States. Killed by a massive infestation of internal parasites, in fact. Nothing "inevitable" about it.

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