Saturday, May 31, 2008

See The Elephant #2

This is a pretty good example of what I was talking about below.

In the past ten years, very quietly with little or no publicity, the oceans of Earth have changed into an anoxic, bacteria rich soup flushed with sulphur dioxide and other compounds normally found in byproducts of undersea volcanism. Massive waves of extinction in the ocean have been marching through one species after another as they have heated up rapidly and dramatically from the bottom. In large parts of the ocean, jellyfish are the only thing left thriving outside of the microscopic level. Birds fly for weeks over the sea until they die of exhaustion and plunge into the water, unable to locate fish to eat. This has happened so rapidly it seems to be incomprehensible to most of mankind - you can tell people about it and they nod but it is obvious they don't really understand the implications of what they are hearing. It doesn't register with them. They don't actually know what that means.

All mass extinction events start in the oceans this exact same way, going back two billion years of fossil and strata records. It is indubitably related to underwater volcanism, followed by surface volcanism.

This guy's conclusion in the article above is that all of this is due to overfishing. He's like the blind man who grabs the trunk. "An elephant is a lot like a snake," he says, "in fact, it's exactly like my brother Al Gore's pet snake."

It's not a snake. It's an elephant. Mandating dolphin-safe labels on tuna cans will not save you.

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