Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rev. Manning Lays The Smack Down

I love Reverend Manning. I think he's awesome. That's the bread of life coming from his lips. He always tells the truth about everything, he never pulls his punches, every single word is informed by scripture and the living word of God.

I've known Obama was a man-goo smoothie guzzler for three years, even before Sinclair came out with his story. I've always known. I've always known Oprah was a lesbian, going back probably fifteen years or more. That's why George Soros chose him as the next President of the United States, because he was utterly compromised as a human being.

These people want you to think they represent the norm. They need you to believe that - after all, they have captured the institutions. They need to put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter to have credibilility. In fact, they are radical, slobbering far-left hardcore Marxist homosexuals, each and every one of them. If they are not ashamed of that, why have they spent their entire adult lives hiding it?


Anonymous said...

how did you know obama was gay?

Anonymous said...


*slowly backs away to the nearest exit*


trueaim said...

The U.S is so dumb right now that even Osama instead of Obama could run for president, why not, he is also a coloured marxist homosexual herion addict at least he could get the Kwa's some cheap oil, Osama is maybe even more electable than Obama, LOL, nice one roman nice one.

Texas Arcane said...

Obama doesn't exactly require the best high-tech phased array gaydar to detect.

It could not be more obvious. I've known he was a down-low brother since the first time I heard him speak. His arms and hands rotate at odd angles and are held close to his sides as is natural to females. His speech and ideas are fluffy, pink ambiguous amorphous platitudes and homilies, all form, no substance. That's not a guy.

Joseph Dantes said...

Plus look what he married.

The first gay black Kenyan president.

Quite the trifecta!