Monday, May 5, 2008

NASA's Best : Vault-Co Right. We were Wrong.

When do I get that check in the mail? I'm looking in the box everyday but it hasn't arrived yet.

The most important consequence of this that you need to grasp is crop failures.

Right now we've got a small glimpse of what is going to happen shortly to the food supply. It's just a glimpse. The real horror show has not kicked off yet.

All it takes is a half-dozen frosts in any given year, as is perfectly normal during a cooling phase ... and the Earth has about 5 1/2 billion more people than it can actually supply food for.

That means babies, the other white meat. Like Cormac MacCarthy's THE ROAD except without the rose-hued glasses.

Earth's biggest remote island, recently dismantling both agriculture and gun rights, thinks this is about improved ski seasons.

Oh, my. These Aussies can be some very slow lads at times. It's all the fault of "La Nina," you see. That's what it is. The year without a summer in Australia. Aussies think it's cold now. Please don't throw me in the briar patch, Brer Fox.

Thirty million people to feed and most of our food supply now comes from overseas. Not smart.

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