Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last Days of the United States

Where these people are going, they won't be coming back from.

Fools see empires die in one final war and they assume that this war is the reason a civilization was destroyed. They never see that the groundwork is laid over many decades and the final stroke is merely a mercy killing ... the real entropic heat death of the United States occurred about twenty years ago. The Roman empire when it was first sacked and burned in 410 A.D. after nearly 800 years was already so decadent and degenerate the inhabitants hardly had time to figure out what was happening before they were beheaded by barbarians entering through gates.

One thing I have gathered from the Roman parallels is that the people who live in a declining society don't just lose the means to solve their problems, rather they lose entirely the ability to even recognize problems exist. Romans didn't think anything of marrying two women to a swan or men to their horses. They had lost the power to discern anything, be it good or evil. They had lost the ability to even discern that they had lost their discernment. They had lost the perspective necessary to even understand why discernment is critical to human survival.

The nuclear war that is approaching is not the cause, it's merely a final infection that will never heal. It is like blaming pneumonia for the deaths of AIDs patients, when in fact it could have easily been something else once the patient's immune system is compromised to that degree.

This parallels the Roman experience, where the loss of control over surrounding territories made them easily accessible to the enemies of Rome for staging areas from which they could attack and finally destroy the empire for good. The Roman "military" had largely ceased to exist and the gathering forces against the Romans were often led by ex-mercenaries who were coming to collect on debts they believed were owed to them.

Thomas Chittum's "Civil War II" was one of the powerful fringe books I read in the late 90's that changed me into the fast-digging paranoid tunnel dweller I am today. It can be downloaded for free from TimeBomb2000 at the moment. This book, in addition to J.R. Nyquist's "Origins of the Fourth World War" and Robert Kaplan's "The Coming Anarchy" was like getting liquid nitrogen fired at my reptilian brain stem in terms of the earth-shaking changes in perception I experienced after reading them. I was never the same.

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Anonymous said...

'Lost the power to discern' I've really been running into that lately. Most people in this country have no ability to recognize simple things. Accountability for action, nobody knows where to place it. They all run aroung with committees and talk shows, discussing and trying to figure out who is to blame for the consequences of smoking, or out-of-control-children, or child abuse or post-abortive depression. Nobody seems able to figure out where the accountability lies.

I recently confronted a co-worker who I had caught lying to me in order to dump some of her due workload onto me. I confronted her with two conflicting statements she had told me within an hour of each other. She admitted she had said them both. When I called her a liar, she vehemently denied the charge, to the point that I now have some bitter office politics brewing around.

Yes, Amerikwans have lost the ability to discern the line where their heads end, and their asses begin.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)