Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 1st, 2008 A.D. : Record Lows Across The Globe

Enjoying summer yet? I love summer. The hot blistering sun, the green blooms following spring ... oh, that's right, it's June 1st and we never actually saw spring, just a winter that doesn't seem to end.

Al Gore lies, a lot. Satellites and deep sea temperature monitors don't lie.

Rapid Climate Cooling = Resource Conflicts Over Fuel = World War III.

It only took ten years for the world's best scientists to figure out what Vault-Co knew back in 2001 from reading old books on weather published in the 1860's ... THE SUN IS THE SOURCE OF ALL WEATHER AND CLIMATE CHANGES HERE ON EARTH.

It's the Maunder Minimum, people. You don't need to get hit on the head with an anvil like the Coyote in those Road Runner cartoons to figure it out. There is going to be one gigantic apocalyptic Solar Maximum in 2012 and then the Sun is going to enter an expansion and cooling period that will last at least 12,000 years. It will grow larger in the sky and paradoxically, emanate less heat. Sun spots will nearly cease to exist, a phenomena we take for granted when in fact it only occurs regularly during the interglacial period. All other times, the Sun is a much cooler and bigger ball hanging in the sky.

Let me tell you about what effect the cold has on civilizations. Mind you, I am speaking of far stabler societies over the past 5000 years with a much larger and more reliable agricultural supply chain that was based inside the nation, not the "globalist" house of cards we live on top of today.

1. The cold makes people get hungry. And cold. This makes them very irritable and easily driven to desperation. What would seem outrageous and unthinkable becomes the new normal for people who are cold and increasingly hungrier. Less food means less metabolic heat and less metabolic heat makes people more impulsively aggressive. 1.5 billion hungry and pissed off Chinese people is a big, big problem. It's all fun and games when the Sun is out, Walmart is open and selling your exports and you've got food on the table. Whole different ballgame at the start of a new Ice Age.

2. When it's colder, nations go to war.

3. The simple little things taken for granted during warmer eras now become major crises on a daily basis.

4. Cold makes protein scarce. You probably take protein for granted. Try going 24 hours without some, eating only carbohydrates. It tend to make folks get a little rabid real quick-like. If they don't get some soon, they start to lose the needed biological energy and drive to acquire it. The most expedient but previously inconceivable alternatives then emerge as the shortest plausible distance between two points.

5. Resource conflicts cause ethnic tribal ingroup instincts to come to the fore and outgroup tolerance to decrease. In fact, altruism is often the name we give to those most willing to kill outsiders in the name of the common good. The stage is ripe for a resurgence in the racial nationalism that characterized World War II (particularly amongst the Asians) except a million times worse on this cycle. World War III will be a naked struggle of various competing ethnic groups to survive one another at the expense of outgroups. The amity-enmity ratio is only possible to neutralize with enough burgers and milkshakes to leave human beings in a kind of warm, confused fog. There is no such animal as "multiculturalism" when the temperature drops.

Ice Age II = Global Thermonuclear War.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E.
(Itz coming.)


Alex said...

So that is why I have been eating like a starved animal for the past week.

Anonymous said...

Hottest may of the century here.

You can find articles that prove global warming. You can find articles that prove global cooling.

There are no polarbears in western europe and south america hasnt become a hot desert.

I'm starting to believe that NOTHING is happening at all.


Anonymous said...

"Nuclear Nightmares

This documentary explores the topical scientific issues investigates, the truth behind our fear of radioactivity and asks whether our nuclear nightmares really are based on reality. From Hiroshima to Chernobyl scientists have been studying the impact of exposure to radiation for over 60 years and
ve always assumed that any level of radiation is bad. But now some scientists are questioning the power of radiation to cause cancer and finding evidence to suggest that it may have beneficial health effects."

Joseph Dantes said...

Those two elephant posts plus this one are what sold me.

Now I see the elephant too.

We are doomed.