Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hunger Makes Men Go Mad

... but this ain't nothin' yet. If you wonder why this doesn't sound as bad as Vault-Co has been predicting since 1998, it's because it is just getting started.

Watch for a temporary glut later in the year and an announcement that people should stop panicking madly running around screaming. That's the time to buy up a whole mess of food before this hits twice as hard the next harvest season. This planet won't be getting any warmer for at least 11,500 years or so.

"We'll be fighting in the streets over food long before the next Ice Age arrives." - Robert Felix


Anonymous said...

Oil is at $122, the price of food can only go up.

Odd feeling to see things you know were coming actually see happening.


Anonymous said...

I'm in a dilemma.... I just got the tax returns back, and am in a position to secure a year's food supply for myself and my wife. But, dollar short and day late, food prices are up in the stupidly expensive range, even though I've heard firsthand reports that supply chains are still relatively reliable, and that many grocers are simply benefitting from 'panick buying'.

You think things will get bad enough in the U.S. *this* year that I oughta just 'buy in' and get it at whatever price? or should I just keep a moderate supply, and save most of my prep money till the big panick is over and buy up like a mad-man this fall or next year when the rice run is over (temporarily)?

Texas Arcane said...

If you are willing to look for it, you can still buy a lot of food in bulk. You just need to search outside the regular retail channels.

The supply chain has not collapsed yet and it is very true there is simply a lot of profiteering going on. At the beginning of all famines, this characterizes the initial phase when most market players assume that business as usual will conclude shortly. It will be later on that they'll really be charging what the market will bear when genuine scarcity hits and comes to stay for a long time.

I am saving for the later part of this year when the fake surplus and "glut" will appear, followed by a few weeks in which prices will drop. Yet I'm still spending on average, a $100.00 a week on storage food. Over 52 weeks, that can add up to around two years worth of food for four people. In the fall when prices drop, I'm going to do megashops of $1000.00 worth at a time of bulk staples.

This time next year, watch as real panic sets in because some stuff climbs to prices that just are not reasonable for 90% of the population to pay on a weekly basis. Then it will get ugly and I would not advise shopping during this period.

Anonymous said...

May 6 1.28am

Personally I'd rather be early and have paid extra than to be late on the account of trying to save a few dollars. Food is still cheap. It may get cheaper in the short term but realistically the sky is the limit (IMPO). That goes the same for all other area's of your preps.

Google "The alpha strategy" and download the PDF ;-) --- (be interested in your take on that pdf tex)