Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greenland is the First To Go

Not good. Not an anomaly. The recurring start of a new cycle that is best called the end of the interglacial period. A return to normalcy, in fact.

Warmthinkery soon to be as popular as Rational Rose for software development.

Another bit of madness the strongest adherents are now denying any knowledge of.


Anonymous said...

Odd I could have sworn I saw a documentary last month about an increase in agriculture in Greenland due to the mild temperatures.

Found this:,1518,434356,00.html


trueaim said...

Greenland had a milder climate around 800 - 1200 AD, it had lovely lush green grasses and good farming land for the Norse settlers, Now its an ice sheet.

Anonymous said...

The "fabled" Northwest passage opened in 2007 for the FIRST TIME in history.

(And the parka-packin' doofus inhaling spores in his hidey-hole failed to notice, ever so conveniently.)