Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eurotrash Closet Marxists Outlaw Their Opposition

So tell me again why it's wrong when the Nazis do it, but right nowadays. What with peeple so edjumificated and whatnot.


Alex Supertramp said...

Stop bitchin' and learn to love Big Brother Tex. 100 million middle class Chinese don't care about democracy and nor will we when they install more of their puppets in Canberra.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I have just automaticly stood to attention, clicked my heels, stretched my arm out and up at 45degree's, open hand palm down and shouted "SIEG HEIL"

Seemed the only response suitable.

Anonymous said...


You have some strong opinions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex. What's your opinion on HAARP? What about those video's doing the rounds of the strange lights in the sky just before the quakes in China? Lastly - your opinion on the accusation that HAARP is linked to those quakes?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link, can't say I'm surprised, only a year until i can get out of this fascist place.

Keep up the good work on vault-co, I've never commented but I have been reading for about a year. Thanks again.

Texas Arcane said...

"Earthquake lights" go back more than a thousand years. They have been observed all over the world prior to earthquakes. They are in Robert Felix's book ICE AGE NOW and they are talked about in INTRODUCTION TO PRACTICAL GEOLOGY circa 1952.

They are related to the buildup of electrical charges caused by pressure that is then relieved by the quake.

Anonymous said...

piezo-electricity, right? (yes I know, wiki)

Also, there is no HAARP.

Back on topic; Fuck Europe. Dissolve the EU now and close the borders again. That should stop the swarm of begging, thieving and job stealing eastern european trash that are invading our contries.


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