Monday, May 19, 2008

The End Cycle

Something common characterizes the Book of Genesis, the ancient Vedantic writings, the Indo-Aryan tales of the Mahabharata, the end of days and the great war of "fire mushrooms," even the Norse tales of Ragnarok.

We always find the last straw that finally unleashed God's wrath was the attempt by mankind to corrupt the original seed of man, made in the image of God, by mixing it with demons and beasts to produce abominations.

God produced the Flood to counter the genetic miscreants produced by the union of Nephilim and human women. The Mahabarata says that Vishnu struck down the world of man because he was intent on mixing his seed with that of beasts. The Vedantic writings say that men were seeking to merge their descendant lines with that of evil spirits and imps from the netherworld into something which would be unable to attain the divine.

In all these writings there is the same consistent theme found each and every time - man is a special and unique creation who is a child of God and when he grew so wicked he sought to pervert his genetic inheritance, the creator moved to close the curtain on that era. God intervenes to prevent human beings from moving themselves so far from his original design they can no longer be considered human and therefore beyond salvation.

In all these ancient books, such efforts by the children of evil are cut short when heaven ends the cycle of life with a great and terrible Ragnarok.

You can laugh all you want at these ancient writings, except that these very same books say in the last days men always scoff at wisdom and reject the lessons of history. So they predicted that as well. Most of the ancient texts seem to know in advance what human beings will do when the end approaches better than most men themselves do.


andyboots37 said...

Very interesting.

What good would man's existence be if it could not obtain salvation? Living a few inane stitches in time would be a painfully moot point. Thank God He'll spare us the inevitable conclusion of "the land of the circus geeks".

Sadly, the world's "educated" are totally blind to this truth. Professing to be wise, they became fools. Romans 1:22

We are all God's creation. Not necessarily His children. See John 1:12 for clarity!:)

Great observations.

andy b.

Alexander Supertramp said...

What line is left to cross? If the law makers don't even care about the integrity of our species, how much contempt must they have for individuals and communities? If we are willing to go this far then the time for trying to assert any moral balance must have long gone.

Chesterton said...

Do those ancient texts say anything about deviants giving birth to children without fathers?

I don't currently have a fully functional shelter, as I've previously stated on here, but I think I'll feel just dandy when a blast wave swats all of this trash into the side of a building.

Anonymous said...

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,..." (Romans 1:22)

Anonymous said...

Time for a massive dose of chlorine
Make that double