Friday, May 23, 2008

Cultural Diversity Expands In Baby-Eater Central

(Very graphic links, warning this is what is happening in the real world)

Oprah Winfrey was telling you South Africa was on a golden path to utopia in 2001. It still suffered from afterglow under apartheid which it was just then shaking off to return to it's "normal" state. Oprah was convinced that the dying embers of European rule were in fact the beginnings of a grand new era of peace and prosperity at the hands of magnificent bonobo administrators.

Vault-Co told you it was headed down greased rails to classic Chimpbabwe hellworld.

What was odd about all of this? Oprah was as vague as the rest of the mass media. Other than beautiful platitudes and sentiments, you didn't hear much news out of Africa in the mainstream at all.

One of us was lying. One of us got it wrong. Was it Vault-Co or was it Oprah?

What was the difference in our paradigm that made it possible for Vault-Co to accurately foresee the future but proved Oprah utterly incorrect altogether?

Vault-Co continues to insist that simply reporting the news from reality for one month in the mass media would lead to armed revolution in the streets. True. That's the reason the media is so tightly controlled, to prevent any contact between the mushy confused brains of the Western population and the ugly world out there beyond the glass wall of the Propasphere.

Once isolated inside this sensory deprivation tank, all kinds of miracles of human mental engineering become possible ... gun control ... global warming ... carbon sequestration ... "free elections" .... "wars to make peace," ... etc ... the only stipulation is that no real news must ever be permitted to slip past the opaque barrier of baloney.


trueaim said...

Oprah Winfrey has been one of the most promoted, supported, loved and popular individuals in history she is also a God-hating, black, lesbian, lying, cunning, crafty, corrupt idle gossiper. Says something dosen't it?

Jesus says -
"My kingdom is not of this world"

Anonymous said...

Sad but unavoidable.

This is what you get when the barabarians take over.


Alex Supertramp said...

Winnie Mandela crica 1986 "With our necklaces and our box of mathces we will liberate this country". Same old, same old. Then again maybe not. At least she was committing horrific tortures and murders in the name of political power, awful but a quite human thing to do. But slaughtering folk over females, petty jealousies and a bit of tucker is what animals do. I've always thought that the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill" wasn't a total prohibition on killing, but an admonition not to do shit like this.

CadorBolin said...

There are two Russian words for "truth", they are:

PRAVDA -- which means ideological truth (or wishful thinking). Basically, just government mouthpiece propaganda to be distributed for mass consumption.

ISTINA -- the real "street level" truth. Soviet insiders used this word whenever they spoke frankly among themselves to differentiate their from their own public BS and what was actually going on.

I wrote a high school paper (in the early 1990s) arguing that the solution for apartheid was the blacks and whites to have their own seperate homelands. I got a good grade for it, but the teacher was a bit irked that I didn't follow the rest of the class's lead and call for the usual "equality for all" BS.

Whites are a meal ticket to the blacks in South Africa. Whether they know this or not is besides the point--every year whites flee South Africa and with them, the ability to maintain the infrastructure for business and agriculture. As black population keeps growing, there is more and more competition for diminishing resources (food, jobs, etc).

The Zimbabweans fleed because of violence and the fact that their own country simply cannot produce enough food anymore. But they're going from the frying pan right into the fire. South Africa is not that far behind!

Here's another bit of "Istina" for you:

Anonymous said...

Re: Cultural Diversity (CD)

Is CD a good thing or a bad thing ?

Seems like the evidence is kind of a mixed bag.

On one hand, the whole of the USA became one GIANT melting pot of various cultures and on, the whole, that has worked out rather well. I think the major reason that worked out is that NO ONE GROUP HAD A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE OVER ANY OTHER. Yes, some cultures obviously got the short end of the stick (Blacks as slaves, and Native Americans as the conquered) come to mind.

OTOH I'm sure the Native Americans would argue that adding CD to their society didn't exactly improve the quality of their lives.

The problem with CD I think is that you cannot take an existing population/culture and successfully stuff a whole bunch of people of a different race/culture down their throats without a lot of killing eventually being the outcome. It's the human condition.

The USA worked, because once the natives were genocided, it was pretty much a clean slate and everyone had to share the pie and no one racial/ethnic/cultural GROUP had a huge advantage - all were forced to share the pie.

Blacks were forced on the USA thru slavery and Mexicans thru politically approved illegal immigration.

As times get harder, those GROUPS will inevitably fracture off from the mainstream USA race/culture. And those GROUPS will start to kill each other.

Because that's what HUMAN GROUPS do to each other under times of great stress.

Anonymous said...

what the hell ever!

How can you think cultural diversity has benefitted the american nation?

Holy shit most of the problems we have in this country have stemmed from conflict and bad mixing between cultures and ethnicities.

Anyone who thinks cultural diversity is a good thing, is a white person who has never been around anone other than fellow sheltered-white-people.

Go to Compton, Anacostia, Chula vista, Detroit, east L.A., see how they like your 'diversity' there. See how appreciative they are of the land of opportunity your forefathers created from wilderness.

Abe lincoln was right. We shoulda deported the blacks back to africa when we set em free. Say what you want and wave your knee-jerk racist banner at me... But you can't argue that our prison system would be 80% less capacity without em.

I have no problem with blacks, or mexicans, or asians, or whoever. I have a problem with trying to mash us all into one crowded room and telling us that there are no differences other than skin color and eye shape and expecting us all to get along and treat each other the same.

There is a reason why history, conflict, and many other differences in culture, thought process, and psychology have naturally segregated us into separate regions. Bollocksing all that up and expecting everyone to mesh into a cooperative 'melting pot' is like expecting dogs and fish to be just as happy living in trees as the birds.

Don't believe me? Go to Compton and tell me that blacks are not trying to segregate themselves, once again, as all of human history has shown...and see if they like your intrusion, your 'mix in the melting pot'.