Friday, May 16, 2008

The Crumbling Ruins of Detroit

Fifty years ago, the most beautiful and prosperous industrial city in the United States. The streets looked like Disneyland and the inhabitants lived in a virtually crime-free utopian paradise of monolithic stone and magnificent architecture. You would think nothing could hurt the city of Detroit, a metropolis built stronger than the pyramids.

The only thing that changed was the demographics. With that, the city of the Jetsons soon gave way to the Flintstones.

Here the diverse leadership tries to mimic the stuff they have seen the previous inhabitants doing. Sitting and discussing. Speaking with a measured voice. Banging a gavel. Shuffling paperwork around. It's not making enough magical mojo to make water flow uphill again.

It's not working. Nothing seems to anymore. The wind howls. Wild dogs growl in the darkness of the decaying wreckage of what was once the crown jewel of Western civilization.

Lothrop Stoddard was right.


Anonymous said...

I loved it when the ghetto-talk manages to creep through.

These folks will be swinging machetes and setting stores on fire the moment the shit hits the fan. All of them.


Anonymous said...

"You disrespecting me?"

It'd be funny if they weren't able to have a negative effect on their constituents.

zombi chikenn said...

i like 2 fart