Friday, May 23, 2008

China,Russia : For Want Of A Nail, a Nation Was Lost

Nuclear "partnership" is a diplomatic synonym for "joint atomic waxing of capitalist ass."

While Amerikwa has been chasing towelhead goatherders in the Middle East, meanwhile back in the real world Russia and China have basically locked up the entire planet's resources and consolidated control of nearly every single important strategic element required to fight and win at the big stakes game of global thermonuclear warfare.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend this blog to friends, but the occasional straight-faced skewiness is just too much. This newest entry is so skewed in its reading of the source material that it's really more an unreading than a reading at all.

-Analnymous (the One and Only)

Anonymous said...

I almost feel soryy for the West.



Alex Supertramp said...

I wouldn't want to be living on Guam in the near future.

Anonymous said...

khaleej times? Please sick to real newspapers.

Texas Arcane said...


Our ancestors were good at diplomacy. That means reading between the lines of what people say and what they intend to do. It's a survival trait, because what people say and what they do/mean are often very different.

Vault-Co has been saying on a weekly basis for at least 7 years the exact same thing:

1. Missile defense programs will never work. (Check)

2. Missile defense programs will cue the other nations involved that a nuclear war is approaching. (Check)

3. Missile defense programs will solidify alliances all over the planet against the United States. (Check)

4. Missile defense will precipitate a joint pre-emptive surprise strike against America by China and Russia. (Almost Check)

America stopped attendng to all the duties of a nation and instead concentrated all of it's resources where Israel told it to - in the Middle East. While they were off fighting Israel's battles for it, meanwhile the rest of the world has been shut out to America economically, politically and culturally. America will soon return from the Middle East to discover it is a bankrupted international pariah which is militarily isolated both in the physical and strategic sense.