Sunday, May 4, 2008

China Getting Ready To Win WW3

The paradigm of the next war will circulate around nuclear cruise missiles and mobile platforms to launch them from. Obviously, the Chinese are preparing for that war, unlike the Americans who continue to get ready to win World War 2.

So obvious even the Pentagon figured it out

They ain't getting ready to march in parades

Their best technology came from the treason of the Clintons when in office

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trueaim said...

When i was at school, here in Aust i recall taking an interest in metal shop, I was told, 'no use learning a metal working trade, son, Australia isn't going to be a manufacturing country, were going to be 'the clever country' we will just 'outsource' that sort of stuff'

I thought 'clever country' more like your going to be a dead country. Australia is now on target to become a Chinese Province.

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