Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Australia : Bangin' Pathetically on the Outer Hatch

Some meteorologists suspect that the (supposed) first world nation called Australia is less prepared than most third world nations for radical weather accompanying climate change. Even as Myanmar contemplates a possible death toll over a 100,000 from the recent cyclone, their neighbors to the south are finally making nervous observations about their own country. Australia and in particular the Gold Coast is a kingdom of styrofoam houses and tackboard construction that is scarcely equipped to stand up in tougher conditions that are to be expected in these regions at regular intervals.

I was speaking to a guy at work about this the other day. I pointed out that even as Australians waved their beercans at the television and feigned pity for the third world savages always building cheap housing at sea level, their own nation was just a gigantic pool of floating corpses waiting to happen. You would be hard pressed to find construction in undeveloped nations as cheap, unsafe and downright hazardous as that you would encounter here in Oz. It is accurate to say 90% of homes here are not much better than a bucket over your head in a cyclone.

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. The bell tolls for thee.

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Anonymous said...

You're spot on as usual Tex.

I've been watching the housing market for some time now. The houses are of poor build quality even to my untrained eye. A back yard is a thing of the past as we forget the very reason for housing blocks being 1/4 acre (that is to grow food).

Nope. Most Aussies are dumb and it'll only be after "it" hits the fan and has hit their faces that they'll realise that something is amiss.

There there sheep, go back to sleep. The government will look after everything. BAAAA

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