Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Example of What is Wrong With Britain

If you read the articles in newspapers a hundred years ago and compare them with articles written today, you will see that articles written nowadays are more frivolous, ludicrous and age far more rapidly. They tend to paint a picture of an entire population that has gone completely off the rails mentally and lost all touch with reality.

The next time somebody brings up the fact there appear to be almost no Britons over 40 who can read, send them this link. This is the kind of clown they have in charge of the educational system over there. I'd consider this prima facie evidence this dude needed to be sacked, given a pink slip and sent home. He gives the impression he's a bureaucrat who has gone quietly mad in the isolation of his office.


Anonymous said...

"A more recent analysis of media content has been carried out by Clara Zawawi as part of a PhD thesis. Zawawi conducted an analysis of 1,163 articles published by three leading metropolitan newspapers, The Courier-Mail, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age to identify the origin of media stories. Her research was able to confirm the origin of 683 of the articles, of which 251 (37%) were directly the result of public relations activity. Furthermore, Zawawi found that surveys, papers and submissions sent to journalists with the intent of gaining media coverage could also be regarded as PR and these accounted for another 88 articles. In total, she concluded that 47% of articles in these three major metropolitan media were the result of PR activity."

Texas Arcane said...

I had to post this quote as an addendum by this guy ...

"He told the Times Educational Supplement: 'It's a very short route from wireless technology to actually getting the electrical connections in your brain to absorb that knowledge.'"

Oh, it's a short trip alright. In the movies, of course. Does this guy still know the difference?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people think tech is the answer to everything, the solution that will save us all?

IMO, tech will be the death of us all. Or to be more precise, mis-used tech.