Monday, May 12, 2008

Amerikwa Falling Apart

What nobody owns, nobody takes care of. It's the disaster of the commons. That's the reason that nation-states work and every other attempt at a different arrangement ends in babies, the other white meat.

A garbage heap country run by arbitrary whim at the leisure of tyrants

Ruled by madmen who make up contrary laws on the hour on impulse

It's falling apart for the same reason that the streets of Rome stunk of raw sewage and filth in the last days of the Empire and the Roman citizens lived fearfully shoulder-to-shoulder between vicious gangs of alien invaders. The remaining "citizens" are content to be treated like so much refuse and trash themselves.

It's because nobody cares about it anymore. They're just passing through. It's a colony of the world, a giant circus of shopping malls where everyone is just grabbing what they can on the drive-by. It is forbidden to even feel allegiance in a context anymore.


Alexander Supertramp said...

This year the incarceration rate passed 1 in 100. Way higher than China and Russia -

Anonymous said...

While I do agree our infrastructure sucks, it still beats the hell out of europe and most other countries in the world. As far as sewage overflows, I'd like to read an article with a more reliable source than the EPA's 'estimates'.... After all, the more they estimate, the more hippy liberals they can stir to anger and protest, the more political pull they can grab, the more money gets diverted to their particular agenda (and pockets).

Don't expect the barber to tell you that you don't need a haircut.

(A Thousand Good Intentions)