Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Craziest Thing We've Ever Posted

I honestly believe that when my brain and nervous system were burned by sodium lye in my bloodstream at 18 months of age, I hooked into this somehow very similar to the way animals are hooked into it. We might say animals are hooked into it because they don't have the blather of conscious thoughts to drown out the signal.

I think in some way I may never be able to accurately explain, I still hear the signal despite an inner dialogue as sharp and intense as that of anybody else if not more so. I think my early trauma did something to me that enabled me to hear this signal despite the presence of a conscious mind.

So there you have it. Sounds nuts except I think if you've been reading Vault-Co for a couple of years you know it might be plausible.

I'll go a little further and say all of my precognitive flashes take place at night and not as visions or dreams, either, rarely if ever. I believe they actually occur under the surface in another part of my brain that never sleeps.

I suspect the reason that all severe Asperger's sufferers have such chronic insomnia is that there is a part of their mind that never shuts down and continues to run at night when they are supposed to be in deep theta. In fact, as they grow weary after dusk, this part of the brain is able to come into the foreground and exert itself more intensely. I don't think it is the subconscious because it seems quite rational in ways that other people's subconscious minds never are.

I think in some people, like me, it acts as native radar several years in advance of the fact.

Many paleontologists often wonder how it happens that animal migrations and shifts in behaviour in ancient times always seem to proceed the actual changes to the environment. It's because they have a radar that feels things. Animals know when itz coming and so do some people. I believe that sodium lye burned out a part of my brain that creates social conformity and consensus and once it fell silent, I could at last hear the ancient dormant mammalian part of the brain that watches for subtle changes in the environment that can save it's life and the lives of others around it.

I think if I had been on the coastline of Indonesia before the tsunami, I would have felt a strong desire to move to higher ground before it showed up, just like all the other animals there.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Firebird (Free SQL Database Standalone) + .NET ADO

I had a bad experience with this database about two months ago but I realize now it was the idiots I was working for at the time. I just tried to port the CDC.NET code from Microsoft SQL Server (hard to install and configure for beginners) to the Firebird Open Source database (runs as embedded, local or networked) and I had the ADO provider replacing my MSSQL commands in less than one hour. There are a lot of administration tools for it, most of them less than 1 meg in size executables, contrast with 250+ megs for Microsoft SQL Express.

It's a great database - the best, in fact, when you consider it alongside all the other options. It has an automated install for both the SQL Server and the web service provider, so it should be really simple for amateurs to install it on their network if they just follow the prompts. At least it should be a lot easier than the very expensive and time consuming MSSQL server in comparison. You can set up your users in configuration files and never have to touch anything again. There will be a tabbed configuration window where you can do this the first time you start Vault OS and anytime thereafter you want to change something.

Because the database supports it, you should be able to run all the features in standalone mode with no server started if that is what you want. I'll see how it goes but I think that Firebird makes this fairly easy to do with a few configuration switches.

CDCommander Source Public Domain : Reboot

This is the CD Commander source code + executable : CDC Source Code

This is as many supplementary run-time files as I could find for Borland C++ Builder : RTL

Sorry about my first attempt, looks like I included a lot of unnecessary files and had it compiled for Dynamic run-time linking. This version I compiled from scratch with static libraries, but if you get any errors otherwise let me know.

It should be as simple as unzipping the file at the top of this blog to it's own directory and doubleclicking on "CDC.exe" to run it. If you have any problems please tell me. I also erased the database, you add new records by doubleclicking "->NEW RECORD" on either tab for Personnel or Inventory.

I figured if anyone used this source code they are first going to port it into a more recent version of C++ Builder.

Globo-Warmthink = Communism, Plain and Simple

Scientists under communism deal with their opponents not by refuting their arguments, but by having them committed to mental institutions and lobotomized.

Many people in the globo-warmthink kult have questioned Gray's "mental state" and suggested he is probably senile. That's how they cope with genius. It's in their nature.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

CDCommander Source Released As Public Domain

This is a legacy archive in the development of what is going to be Vault OS. It was nearly finished, it could use a bit of work and then it would be complete as I originally envisioned it at that time.

I release this source code as public domain, you can do whatever you want with it however you want. I would ask as a courtesy if you fix this source code up and decide to sell it, you present a small credit line to me as the original author. I would also ask you to consider making it freeware if you do so.

This program could possibly be completed in about four hours of work by a good Borland C++ Builder coder. It needs reporting features and some improvements in the query designer. There are quite a few features it could use like calendar scheduling, I cannot remember what the status of those features was when I abandoned it.

This was designed as a single user application using the SQLite database as it's storage repository. Making this multiuser would be next to impossible as it is now, but I would like to have seen some features like mass email for all personnel implemented. If you do not know how to do with with BCB4 I have some source code for it.

Note it uses a cut'n'paste XML format for the query designer so that people can share queries via email as text.

If you are serious about developing this further, you can leave a comment here and I will get in touch with you to give you some more information on what could be done to it. There are a number of free tools for BCB4 I collected with the intent of integrating with it, like "FreeReport," a print report layout tool. I can tell you where to get these if you know how to compile them in with BCB4.

I completely wash my hands of this version and encourage anybody who thinks they could do some good with it to consider it their property to do with as they like. The only favor I would ask of anyone is to make some version of this software free for those who might need it and could not afford it. Remember, you can always sell a manual for the program and in this particular case that might be in high demand for a tool like this.

Understanding the Amerikwan Legal System

What's the charge, officer?

You removed by force over 400 children from their mothers and put them into foster parenting homes without review or appeal?

You must have a warrant in your hands, right? What is the charge printed on that warrant? Does the warrant list the prima facie cause for the warrant being issued? Is the accuser a physical person who has sworn testimony before a judge that the judge has decided justifies issuing a warrant for the arrest of person/persons residing at a named address? Does the warrant authorize the immediate removal of children from the parties named in the warrant because of an imminent danger that has been identified in this environment?

This is an excellent introduction to understanding how the legal system works in the U.S.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nancy Pelosi : Banking On Ubiquitous Feeblemindedness

I just had to post this because it is kind of the essence of what it means to be an 'kwan.

Subconsciously, the assumption is there in the back of the minds of all the 'kwans that everybody else out there is also a moron. A 'Kwan cannot imagine their own stupidity nor do they have any sense of the vast spectrum of human intelligence from top to bottom.

They think to themselves, I've never actually read the Bible but I have nothing to fear by inventing scripture on the fly because everybody else does it. Hell, they think, I don't really even believe in God or fear him and everybody else is faking it completely as well. We are all stupid bastards little more than animals who can walk on their hind legs and we have nothing to lose by making up all kinds of crazy quotes from stuff. We all know at a subliminal level that there is nobody left who can even read books, so what risk is it to me if I pretend to have done so? Who will correct me otherwise? Everyone else is faking it just like I am.

Fifty years ago, the general population was so familiar with scripture that she would have been exposed as a person with no credibility as a human being by the time she finished her speech. She could forget about getting re-elected after word got out she was so dumb she fabricated scripture.

It's the same situation with global warming or the big bang. It's true because it's on television. Once it is on the box it is self-validating by virtue of having been announced on the box. It doesn't matter what the facts are because nobody is left who is bright enough to tell the difference between reality and what they have heard on the televitz device.

The entire civilization is self-referential, just like somebody drove a polyvinyl tube up their ass and fed the other end back around into their mouth. All their inputs are connected to their own outputs. The real world stands no chance of gaining admission to this closed-loop cycle.

Nevertheless, Pelosi got caught.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Half-Sized Food Storage Bucket

Got these empty honey buckets for .50 cents each at a grocery store. Good for smaller items and portions, requires a smaller mylar bag and oxy absorber too. I did about 12 of these last weekend.

In order of access after occupying the shelter, my nutritional plan is:

1. First Two Weeks - Daily Ration Boxes
2. First Two Months - Freeze Dried Serving Portion Food
3. First Year - Half Size Buckets and Canned Goods
4. Next Ten Years - Full Sized Buckets and 100kg drums

I plan to keep acquiring new food in my rotation until we have another ten years worth of 100kg drums and full sized buckets. This super long term reserve will probably go into the silos. At present the silos are a hodge podge of all kinds of food, most of it due to be rotated out and replaced. I always wanted the silos to be the long reach reserve where I break that stuff out after ten years of subsisting on the plan above.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vault OS : Feedback Needed

I have two things to inform you of and I need to know if anyone is interested.

First, I've got Civil Defense Commander, which is say 75% complete. I've got all the source and binaries for Borland C++ Builder 4 which I could package up and release as public domain code. It makes me wince to look at because there is little room for expansion and not much attention to some of the final details of the implementation. I left off at this point because I gathered it was not what I wanted. I had to think about it for some time before I got around to the Vault OS concept. Some of you from the first Vault-Co site may remember when I had photos of that posted up. It's no skin off my nose to give it away, it might be useful to some individuals and it even might get polished up if I include all the source code. I can tell you a specific path to follow to complete it, even where you can get a free report design tool to plug in to generate printed reports. I just feel like I have other things that are better directions to go in, for example Vault OS.

Second, I've got CDC.NET, which is an application I've never told anybody about. Basically, it is a .NET/ASP.NET powered shell for a complete client/server shelter management system, running under Windows with a server required (MSSQL/MySQL). It's all powered by Web services over the network and uses stateless sessions for everything. I have not looked at it in 2+ years, but I distinctly remember it being fairly complete and quite usable. This includes inventory, logs, time management and scheduling, personnel and medical records. I could have kept working on this and was pretty close to making a complete product before I abruptly got sick of it, especially when I was thinking it was pretty current tech if it would have to also run on ancient x86 hardware. I didn't want to ever mention it since it would appear to be just something else I got started on and never finished with gusto. * UPDATE * : I just had a look at it. Much more advanced than I remember. Looks like a perfectly usable complete app, in fact. You wouldn't know otherwise unless I told you from looking at the front of it.

So there are two options here. Hendo, a friend of mine for a while, the guy who always promises to run me over with a monster truck, has recommended I do a .NET version of Vault OS first that will run on modern hardware, then do the x86 version later, because modern hardware is much easier to configure and develop for.

1. Release both CD Commander and CDC.NET as public domain or open source. Kiss'em goodbye and never look at 'em again. Stick to working on Vault OS in QNX Neutrino for x86 PCs in DOS.

2. Release CD Commander as Open Source, then do the work needed to package up CDC.NET and release that as a test version of "Vault OS for Windows."

I'm curious to know what would be more useful to the most people in the most accessible way in terms of platform, environment and paradigm. Remember CDC.NET will work standalone on any machine with the server running. There's also another angle ... CDC.NET may be very demanding (relatively) for the server computer (you'd need a modern portable with Windows 98SE/XP at a minimum) but the clients can be pretty much anything running a browser. So you could still use cheapo PCs even running something like Arachne possibly (?) under DOS for the client end, as long as the server was a decent machine. I know it can be done and is routine for many sites but I don't know the exact mechanics of plugging DOS boxes into area networks in Windows. Of course, you could also just run the client browser on another low end portable with Windows of some flavor. I think the problem with pure DOS browsers is that CDC.NET uses Javascript for some client-side validations. That still doesn't mean it wouldn't work.

There's one more interesting twist to add to this. You can run a real .NET application on a Windows platform with an embedded HTTP browser as the client. Above this browser window you could put any kind of Winforms/Toolbar/Tabbed/Menu you wanted to launch things like a local monitor for I2C sensors like I was talking about for Vault OS in DOS. There's also the potential there to submit local sensors to the server in the background so they are available to all other machines on the network.

Finally, considering what I already have running, this is much easier to develop than my grand plans for Vault OS in QNX Neutrino. It's coming along well but of course you're still talking about ten hours of coding in QNX to duplicate functionality I can perfect in ten seconds by dragging it from the Visual Studio IDE and dropping it on the design window.

Any feedback much appreciated. If it's not obvious by now, I always have more ideas than time.

The Stampede Is Beginning

Sheeple look up from their cud. They're still chewing but there is a puzzled look in their eyes as they roll that grass around in their mouth. They begin to realize they have just taken their last cheap bite of food. Bovine consternation. Their lips and gums tackle each other like professional wrestlers, trying to draw a conclusion. Oh right. Food gone. No more grass.

The other members of the herd shuffle around, snort and paw the ground nervously. Luckily for them, they have edjumifications. Everybody knows we have divine guarantees to a serene life of bliss wandering the aisles to graze. It's in the Bible nobody reads somewhere. Bad things cannot happen. It's Fukuyama televitz reality where every show has a happy ending. Eleventh hour cavalry will arrive soon and drive away the doubleplus wrongthink. Listen to the televitz, learn something about the world. Cannibal megafamines don't just happen. In fact, they can only happen in twelve part miniseries on the televitzery device. It will all take place perhaps long after we are gone. Our children might experience something like that. The cud springs eternal for us. Edjumificated types know itz a scienmajific fact.

Wow, this is like serious. If it goes on much longer it may even be reported in the mainstream media. Here we have edjumificated types warning about the possible dangers of a warming world. No wonder they always get it wrong. It's global cooling they need to worry about.

What is the evolutionary penalty for incorrectly identifying a coming Ice Age as a global temperature increase instead? It's death without benefit of appeal. It doesn't matter how many people vote otherwise. Every single one of them got it absolutely wrong. Even on those rare occasions where the majority gets it right, they only get it right for the wrong reasons. The majority is always wrong.

The mark of a declining civilization is not just the loss of answers to problems. It is also the loss of the ability to even correctly identify what the problem is. Shrieking maenads have been promising us the decomposing baby nappy armageddon for ten years, but Vault-Co figured out the real story back in 2002. The facts pointed to a new Ice Age. Everybody else got it bass-ackwards in every regard.

I have written about Roman temple fires many times on this blog. The late Romans believed soot from temple fires kept burning at night were causing crop failures in the surrounding fields of Rome and they engaged in violent struggles to regulate temple fires. Lucretius repeats this urban myth in THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE. They ended up ordering them doused at night. This gave free reign to the criminal element to run wild within the city at night without the restraint of illumination to expose them. Rome went from bad to beyond worse. Arguments over whose temple fires were doing the most damage resulted in stabbings on the Senate floor itself.

The truth is, the Romans weren't even close. They were so far off on a tangent they were not really relevant anymore as human beings. Their crop failures were caused by their overcultivation and refusal to allow fields to recuperate or lie fallow as their ancestors had done for centuries. Romans thought, we moderns are edjumificated and stuff. We've outgrown all that fuddy-duddy crop rotation stuff those old squares always recommended. We'll just run all fields, every year, until they suddenly stop producing anything at all and we all starve to death. Besides, everybody knows there is a consensus that it is the temple fires causing these crop failures.

The difference between the Romans and modern people is that even the late Romans were brighter, better looking and more advanced. Soon afterwards, they all died screaming when the Visigoths came to collect their mercenary money. If even the canny Romans died, what hope modern individjools? None at all. Brawndo, it's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Every Nation Under Globalism : A Closed Island With No Food

Japan is just the first.

Under globalism, all your food production is moved somewhere else.

That means you can starve to death at any flashpoint if something, anything, anywhere interferes with the transport of that stuff from over there to over here.

Again, pretty easy concept to grasp.

If you live in a treehouse and can only get food if somebody puts it in a bucket you lower with a rope, then all they have to do is steal your ladder and cut your rope to starve you to death up there. This isn't nuclear physics. I could probably convey this idea to a chimpanzee using pantomime.


I'm sorry, all I hear is a lot of breathless mumbling, allusions to some possible murky misdeeds, guilt by association, rambling discourse on how all people different from us deserve to be punished .... sorry, I'm not quite following all of this. I just want to hear one straight answer.





Brawndo! It's got electrolytes. It's got what plants crave.

Here we go again ... "Well, you see, it is a complicated issue. First of all, many of these people inside the 'compound' are named Herb. Historically speaking, the name Herb is associated with evil. Also, some of these people dress funny. They also pray a lot and tell their teenage daughters they should not appear in gangbang sodomy porn. That's what we call 'authoritarian' leanings, which isn't exactly abuse but sounds sort of suspicious. Also they don't rent DVDs as often as their neighbors. We've decided to execute everybody involved until we sort all this out."


Monday, April 21, 2008

Food Rationing In America


It begins.

Remember when I told you to PACK YOUR RICE?

Well, it's getting too expensive to pack soon.

It's only six billion hungry people. How much trouble can they make, anyway? Will cappuccino service be interrupted? Does this mean we may have to switch to home brands for a while at the supermarket? We could always drive to places with cheaper prices somewhere, except for the roads being clogged with all those angry starving zombie-types and gas priced too high to afford.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anyhoo, We Can Always Eat Wheat, Can't We?

No, we can't. There are a dozen coincidences conspiring to make wheat more valuable than gold.

Crop failures in Australia downgrade wheat harvest projections

Disease and crop failures are destroying wheat fields worldwide

So, is there something else we can eat? Corn? Bioethanol put that out of everybody's reach as long as those policies are in place.

Most crops require pollination, temperatures above 20 degrees celsius for more than twenty minutes a year and at least a little water now and then.

The death of pollinators is continuing unabated

Permaculture lab underground is looking like a damn good idea right now, isn't it? I know it is, but I'm way behind schedule. I have to finish the Sparkgap quonset before I can start on the Permaculture lab construction.

My advice is look good and hard at potatos and grow them on your own piece of land.

The "Perfect Storm" For Global Famine

They wanted to use the phrase "Apocalypse Trifecta" but that's classic Vault-Co.

I should have gotten trademark rights to all this stuff ten years ago. I could be selling "Pack your Rice" tee-shirts right now off CafePress.

Some believe that the current globalist food production system was never anything more than a communist pipe-dream.

While we're discussing the subject of collapse, this might be a good time for a link to a previous article. Vault-Co says that most of what is applied to the U.S. here actually could be applied to the entire Western world that has been following in Amerikwa's shadow.

It is a fact that communist countries and third world nations have less distance to fall because they already subsist at the bottom anyhow. Most of their living arrangements are based on a crisis that never ends.

What's the charge, Officer?

Reproducing-while-melanin-challenged. Similar to moving-while-Muslim except with less carpet bombing.

I've heard the same round of endless innuendo, wild accusations without a face to put to them and a series of mumblings involving some kind of "child abuse" that we heard after Waco. It was four years before it was revealed that the notoriously law abiding David Koresh was up on a $50 firearms charge of the variety that could be brought against half the gun owners in America. They could have sent that via the mail.

What is the charge? Taking 400+ children and their mothers captive and separating them into camps?

What is the charge? If the original warrant (incredibly, based on an anonymous call!!!!!!!!!) proved to be false, by law isn't it required that everybody involved be released immediately?

Nowadays, Amerikwans are so stupid it no longer matters. They can't even spell "Constitution." So what if there are no actual charges? Does it really make a difference? The dominant primates decided to do something. The lower ranking primates must submit to their will or else start a fruit fight. It's that simple. That is all that remains of what was once the greatest nation on Earth.

Today, they send up a balloon against some "weirdos." (They dress and talk funny, like people used to do in the United States.) Tomorrow, the ninjas will come through your skylight, probably for tracing your browser records to an occasional look at Vault-Co. Tell me when you're inside the tent camp behind barbed wire with the other detainees, about how it's all part of an edjumificated process.

Now, was that Harry Tuttle ... or Buttle? We have a compensation check here for your surviving relatives.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Strange Quakes In Midwest Are Not Understood

Low level rumbling nonstop on parts of the ocean floor worldwide where formerly seismic activity was largely unknown.

Now quakes in the Midwest. Some kind of severe subduction is apparently underway in the Northwest.

Looks like all the ducks are in a row for 2012, the biggest solar maximum in recorded human history.

Oil and Rice (Resource Conflicts and Famine)

Both reach record levels in price.

Rice is the dietary staple of 3 billion people.

At current prices, there are about 3 billion people who can't afford rice.

There are 6 billion people on Earth. Half the planet is looking at starving to death unless they are willing to go to war and take what they need by force.

You do the math for yourself.

All Charges In "Polygamist Raid" Demonstrated False!!!

Told you.

An anonymous phone tip from a black woman pretending to be a white runaway was all the Federal Government had in justification for a military assault on a village of white people followed by separating them into segregated camps and removing their children!

Let me say that again.

An anonymous phone tip from a black woman pretending to be a white runaway was all the Federal Government had in justification for a military assault on a village of white people followed by separating them into segregated camps and removing their children!


Notice how Amerikwans barely complained!

Next time, they come for you, dumba**!

Notice how absence of a crime is no proof you aren't guilty in modern Amerikwa.

Are you Amerikwans that stupid you don't know that the rate of underage pregnancy in the "cOmP0uNd" was actually far less than in the surrounding society? Have a think if you can!

The real crime here was that they were white Christians and they were reproducing. That's all the occupational government needed to know. These people are lucky they didn't get Waco'ed by ZOG as another training exercise. They should be glad just to still be alive. Normally the government incinerates them before they can appeal their conviction for crimes they never committed.

Everything you need to know about the 'Kwa

Find Amerikwa on this list.

Remember, this was 2007.

Remember this when somebody is telling you China has problems just as big as those of Amerikwa. Not unless money can't solve those problems. China is on top of the mountain. Amerikwa is beneath the flaming lake of hell, in the toxic ooze.

If you're Chinese, you're looking forward to a brighter tomorrow, especially after your country whacks the West right off the planet with a nice swift and decisive nuclear war. If you're anywhere in the West right now, your country is somewhere between doomed and utterly doomed. The West looks like the hulk of a car wreck after it has been stripped by vandals.

Top Pentagon Former Official : Vault-Co Was Absolutely Right

Like we told you. Missile defense shields were envisioned by people not bright enough to know how easy they would be to breach.

While America worked on a system to stop ICBMs from 1965, meanwhile the Russians created nuclear cruise missiles traveling at several times the speed of sound. You could no more hit these missiles with another missile than you can fire a dime from Idaho at Jupiter and hit a painted target on one of it's moons the size of a 50 cent piece. It will be a century before any computer could possibly react that quickly or that accurately.

The plan in the 1960's was to detonate one nuclear weapon to stop another. That was a pretty good plan as far as ABM systems go and nobody has ever improved on it. The problem is nowadays that in order to stop an incoming cruise missile flying at Mach 7, you'd have to detonate a dozen nukes in front of it very close to the ground, which would kind of defeat the entire purpose of trying to stop it.

So once again, as Vault-Co predicted, we return to the foremost conclusion of them all concerning the survival of people in the modern world.



Read some of these stories.

This planet and all of it's inhabitants (I do mean all, including the elites) are only recently down out of the trees. The whole globe is a gigantic madhouse for monkeys in manpants. The average human being is only differentiated from Koko the sign language gorilla by 9 IQ points. The people on this planet who think they are the natural aristocrats are a fancy ape with a top hat and suspenders, but still mere apes.

I have something incredible to tell you.

Man has been looking for the missing link for so long.

Man himself is the missing link. Someday, with some more refinement, there may be actual human beings on this planet in great numbers. Today, the whole lot of them are without exception, by and large merely an intermediary stage to something better. As Nietzsche said, how could they be an end in themselves, when they are not even finished yet? Man is a stepping stone to something better. This real better will be something that modern man cannot imagine. He will not be a Nazi Ubermensche. He will not be as perfect as the angels. He will not be a demon or a reptile without a soul. He will not be a computing machine with legs. He will not be a new age aquarian helium head hippie dork. He will be something that ordinary people simply cannot comprehend with their tiny brains. With any luck, someday there will be humans that really are what ordinary men only mimic or pretend to be today.

Those men on the Earth will be descended from those individually smart enough to survive the madness that is coming on this planet now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Defying Truth Until The Bitter (Cold) End

As we have said before, these people will be flash frozen statues in their own lawns before they realize they got it wrong.

That's assuming that they survive to that point without food, since you can kiss that goodbye if the climate continues to cause crop failures at the rate we are seeing now.

This is why I want my permaculture lab to be inside. Outside and fortified isn't good enough for me. I am convinced it may become simply too cold to grow most food topside without a reliable underground heated environment.

Resource Conflicts & Famine Wars : Itz Coming

These third world nations are just the first places to erupt in social unrest. Which is exactly what you would expect.

I went out today to get some washed potatos. The supermarket fruit&vegetable section looked like there was an air raid siren blaring. Half the produce was cleaned out and what was left looked like it had gag price stickers from a Monty Python skit. The grocer wanted $12.00 for a bag of potatos that appeared to have been salvaged off a warehouse floor somewhere.

As for the rest of the store and all the packaged goods, that was like Vault-Co on crack.

Nobody is more scared than I am when something I have predicted comes true. It always shocks the living hell out of me. I just call'em like I see'em and it's still a fright when I realize it was really that easy to get right.

Feminism is Hate #2

(Youtube Link)

I was bullied so badly by female teachers in school it was technically child abuse. I was probably amongst a small group of boys who were so well behaved in general that they almost exceeded girls in their docility. This didn't give any of us any protection of any kind. The only thing I saw in common between all the victims of teacher bullying of males was that we were all high-IQ children. When I was going to school, whenever a female teacher spoke to a high-IQ male, their entire face screwed up in disgust and barely concealed contempt. Everybody in that class was getting a subconscious cue that all high-IQ males are the enemy of the State and essentially subhuman. You would never see this face when this woman spoke to a low-IQ male. It was reserved specifically for only those males who represented the human gene pool after the Neolithic.

I won't lie to you. I know when the day comes for me to close the Vault door and lock the hatch from the inside, at some point during the next couple of hours I'm going to have a hard time suppressing an occasional giggle. It's probably bad but I don't think I will be able to help it. It's hard to feel sorry for Babylon when it finally gets exactly what it has got coming to it.

The British People Are A Conquered Race

I've spoken to so many British people who have immigrated from Britain in the past ten years to Australia.

Almost every single one of them breaks into a cold sweat when you ask them why they left. They try to put on a happy-go-lucky smile and act really nonchalant ... then they offer a reason that just doesn't make any sense. Does somebody whose ancestors have lived there for at least 20,000+ years just wake up one morning and decide the weather is too cold? Then pull their children out of school, sell their home at a loss, leave a good paying job at twice the money and fly to Australia without even being certain how they will live?

The best way to describe them is to say they look identical to that man infected by terror at the beginning of Mel Gibson's APOCALYPTO when the protagonist encounters them fleeing through the forest to find a "new beginning." That's what I see in their faces when they are trying to answer this question. I basically ignore what they are saying and just watch their faces. There is a real blind animal terror there that they are deeply suppressing, perhaps for fear it would drive them mad. Let's face it, it is hard to sneer and seem cool when you are fleeing your own native soil after being kicked off it.

Satan's School of Service To Evil

(Youtube Link)

... and here we have the real purpose of the pagan idolatry called Krisschannity that began with the revision of the King James Bible by the convicted felon Cyrus Scofield. It's all about the ultimate corruption of the word of God into a hideously perverted theocracy that will be used to cull the sheeple into camps with as little resistance as possible.

All true Christians have but one master and that is the firstborn of God's children, Jesus Christ. Even that yoke is very light compared to the tyranny of the wicked. Any other human being on earth who tries to dominate you or bring you to heel is an enemy of God.

This is the reason that the State hates Christianity. Christianity is by it's very nature and teachings the enemy of State power administered by sociopaths (the children of the devil) everywhere it is found.

Our kingdom and Lord are not of this Earth. We are promised that someday, it will be. Until that day, don't ever go down on bended knee before a single one of these filthy, diseased, abominations called men.

"Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment; thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honour the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour"
(Leviticus 19:15)

"These things also belong to the wise. It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment"
(Proverbs 24:23)

To respect men for their station is sin. We are admonished to be lawful and to obey those kings that God gives us for our benefit. To respect such men as have seized governments in our world means to submit to kings placed over us by Lucifer. Can a man serve both God and Satan at the same time?

"Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him;" "And, ye masters, do the same things unto them, forbearing threatening: knowing that your Master also is in heaven; neither is there respect of persons with him;" "But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons;" "And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear"
(Acts 10: 34, 35; Eph. 6: 9; Col. 3: 25; I Pet. 1: 17)

God makes it really simple for you. You will only have one master forever when you have turned your soul over to Christ. Any other man who tries to force you to your knees deserves a bullet in the head. Resistance to tyrants is a God-given duty for a true Christian.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

9-11 : It collapsed, you see

I've seen this photo before, I'm posting the link to it for those of you who never have.

That's a 45 degree cut from a thermate charge. I've seen them in the military used in a variety of contexts.

There is only one way on earth that this beam could look like that. It's not a structural collapse from fire. That beam was surgically cut with a thermate charge, as were all the other beams in that "collapse." Those charges were all set during the building-wide "power-down" a few days beforehand when the building was emptied except for the same security team in charge of the cleanup afterwards, when they shipped off all of these beams to be melted down immediately.

RICE APOCALYPSE : The Final Stir-Fry

Told you to pack it. You didn't believe me.

Enoch Powell Was Right

The Communists in Europe are getting ready to celebrate their coup of Western civilization in 1968. There was a real prophet in that year who predicted another future as a result and he was the one who turned out to be right.

The end of Europe is close at hand.

One Nation, Under Lucifer, With Eternal Damnation For All

If God doesn't destroy the 'Kwa soon, he'll have to issue a formal press release apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Satan's children do not believe in freedom of speech or expression, especially the truth, which wherever it is spoken irrevocably condemns them to hell. Anywhere the truth is spoken, they are convicted of horrific sins against God. That's why they do not tolerate it.

What can you say about a society that considers forced abortions and the flesh of their own offspring to be a suitable raw commodity for use in artistic public displays? As an anthropologist, what sort of future do you see in sight for that society? We're not talking rocket science here.

UPDATE : HOAX, which I suspected, but which does not change a single word of what I wrote. Just the idea somebody would even fake this is so vile and revolting it tells you everything you need to know about the 'Kwa.

The New Tiger Bares It's Claws

China is calling on racial ties within Australia for a "People's Army" (!) to defend torch procession!!

So much for the multikult rainbow diversity utopian kingdom! It appears to have vanished in the past seven days forever.

Australian government trying to keep this game inside the sanity flags

Poor Rudd is making too much sense in a world gone mad

China cracks the whip on the dogs at CNN and CNN prostrates themselves at the throne in submission.

Hey, everybody, tell your old friend Tex the truth! Did I sleep through the invasion last week?!? What's going on here, did we lose a friggin' war?!?!?!?!? Won't China have to actually put troops on our soil before they can occupy us in order to enforce this kind of hegemony? Don't tell me after predicting all of this for ten years, I daydreamed right through the week it happened?!?

Anybody who was confused about who is calling the shots now on Planet Earth, this should clear it right up for all of you.

For you poor lads with the cheap seats in the back who may not have heard them read out the memo, it goes like this ...



World On The Brink Of Total Anarchy

Grain exports halted by nations to meet internal needs

What happened to the global supply chain utopian kingdom where everybody would supply everybody else's needs? One week and it's back to babies, the other white meat.

Australia's rice industry has ceased to exist

Food riots coming in Manila?

Food crisis will engulf all nations, not just the third world

Energy equals food and resource conflicts equals WAR

Watch the dumb-a** environmentalists continue to try to cut the ankle tendons of their own nations from the inside before other countries can even get to them. Green on the outside, red on the inside. Environmentalist are human flash-bang grenades that go off at the right moment to cripple their own nations and leave them at the mercy of strong external threats.

Inflation gripping the world as the commie globalist economic system unravels

... just like in every nation it has ever been tried.

America's internal chaos will tear it apart amidst a thousand competing ethnic groups

... ever notice in history when a big nation is destroyed, how it's almost like a mercy killing at that point? By the time their evident wretchedness is encouraging outgroups to attack them it is because they have been so weakened as an ingroup they are ripe for plucking. Vault-Co has been talking about this for ten years. We were right, almost everybody else was dead wrong.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctors : Bad for Women, Children and Other Living Things

There's already a cure for cancer. It's called Vitamin D. It's cheap and cannot be patented. It's so cheap you can get your dosage from 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day. That's why no doctor will ever mention Vitamin D to you. Doctors don't make money treating well people. Doctors like to drive sports cars and date supermodels. They're not gonna get rich going around making people well.

The number one cause of breast cancer in the modern era is probably breast screening, which it is claimed is an exercise in detecting breast cancer early on. In fact, it is a way of causing breast cancer early on, generating money from patients who might have otherwise been just fine.

Everything in the modern world is a lie. It's all baloney from A to Z. At every point in which the mainstream society makes contact with you, you will notice you are wounded. It's sordid, tacky, unseemly and diseased rubbish, all of it. The guys who pretend they are the reasonable alternative? They're also rubbish and just playing good cop-bad cop to wind you up for another scam.

Just another day in the 'Kwa

There are ten murders equally as gruesome in the 'Kwa every week. Identical in every way to any given week in South Africa. It gets flushed down the memory hole. It never happened. It's a non-event. Like crop yield figures in the Soviet Union under Stalin, even repeating them is a crime. To even think long on such things is forbidden.

This is a story you will not see outside the local newspaper in the region where it happened.

Resource Conflicts & Famine Wars

Remember those phrases we started to use on Vault-Co over ten years ago?

You can't have hunger and peace.

Hunger and the rule of law are not compatible.

Hunger and consumerism don't go together.

Hunger and market systems are opposites.

Hunger makes people do stuff that is not civilized and they stop caring about the consequences.

Hunger and stable infrastructure cannot co-exist.

Hunger and reason are a dichotomy. Hunger drives reason out in favor of necessities.

All radical political shifts and bloody revolutions find their origins during periods of famine.

Hunger is the enemy of sanity. Sanity stops meaning anything when people get hungry enough.

The whole basis of modern mythologies like globalism, multiculturalism and surrender of national sovereignty only make sense when you've got a full belly of hamburgers and are pleasantly numb from sugar and fat in your bloodstream. Once that glucose level bottoms out, it's like awakening from a dream and all of a sudden ideas like these sound like an attempt by strangers to murder you in your sleep. Wait until you see that backlash. Weimar Germany in 1929 was a well fed nation where the whacky notions of Weimar seemed to be have some self-referential validity. Look at what happened in that nation when they started to go hungry.

One Man Stands Up In Britain

When the law was thrown out by the present government, they have made all subjects of the Queen into legal freeman whom they have no legal claim upon except the threat of force by the traitors to the crown who hold the Queen unlawfully.

There is no provision under the law to turn the people of Britain over to the EU, a supranational organization never elected and staffed by people nobody ever voted into office. All Europeans have been sold out by traitors within their own nations. The European "Union" is an unlawful occupational government introduced in a coup that never had the support of any of the people over whom it seeks to rule.

"Risk of Nuclear Attack on the Rise"

Like all stories in the media, starts with a germ of truth, turns 90 degrees and spins it off into an excuse to expand the power of the State.

Remember, if it's in the mainstream news, itz probably a lie with just enough factoids behind it to pass itself off as legitimate.

American Bolshevism : The Draconian Police State

All you need to do with modern sheeple is invoke some night gaunt like "child abuse" and this generation will basically roll over like dogs and do whatever they are told.

All of this story is more like something you would expect to hear reports coming out of a communist country about a "crackdown" on this or that divergent viewpoint before it could gain any strength.

If you'll watch closely, you'll notice that any place where the numbers of white Europeans are growing as opposed to dwindling, you will very shortly see people in black ninja suits descending from military helicopters to handcuff that lot, wherever they are. Break it up people, you know you are not allowed to breed. That's only permitted of extra-special wonder people who occupy higher caste positions than you do.

Without extraordinary evidence of probable cause, the notion the government can separate women from children and lock them up inside a sports stadium without benefit of appeal is exactly the kind of thing you would expect of Nazi Germany. It represents a disregard for so many rights under the former system of law it is hard to know where to begin.

One of the oldest games in town for psychologists who need to drum up business is to isolate kids, any kids anywhere, and grill them until you can hatch some stories about child abuse out of them. It's natural for kids to fantasize when they are prodded and most shrinks know it's usually only a matter of time before they are spilling out the story of how Chuck Norris and Rodney Dangerfield pushed them into the all-black limousine, drove them to the cemetary and made them sit on a tombstone while they touched their privates. I predict an endless series of narratives emerging from this, when in fact what you had was some underage rape committed by a handful of men involved who probably are no more numerous inside the "compound" (small village of likeminded religious people) than in the world outside.

It always starts with fringe groups that nobody is willing to come forward to defend. If it flies, the government assumes it can push the limits a little more the next time.

The criminalization of all normal and natural life

The Rest of the World Starts To Come Around

... on China. They start to see the implications of it all.

It's like watching molasses run down the side of a tree in winter.

Given enough time, people can arrive at conclusions. Sometimes it takes a century or more. That's why it is so important to learn from the past and always shun people who tell you there are no such things as parallels. Such people are always motivated by the desire to keep the rubes fresh and gullible for the same old game with a different name.

All utopian schemes end in rivers of blood. Globalism is just a new term for the oldest utopian scheme in mankind's history. They build the Tower of Babel like clockwork every couple of centuries and then God comes in and knocks it down and scatters the fools to the four winds with only the shirts on their back. People never learn and by the time the next "empire" rolls around they usually only remember the previous one in myths.

To last long and prosper on the Earth, you only have to remember a handful of moral principles and stick to that straight road, without looking to the left or right. Just ten, in fact. All the other ambitions of the wicked and the grand schemes and the desire to rule over all with an iron rod under one yoke are basically a kind of neurosis that plagues the sociopath and psychopaths who have written the better part of that tragic play we call the human story. There can be no universal altruism to replace Christian faith and those who claim otherwise and appeal to man's better nature are simply not wise enough to know that man has no better nature. This is why all grand schemes of madmen end in rivers of blood and the wailing of mothers.

The sick, twisted and strange feverish dream of the Fukuyamas of the world that the prosperity of markets would end in a planet of happy consumer units who would beat their swords into plowshares is the weirdest and most bizarre anti-rational notion that has gripped a pack of fools since the early 1700's. War. War never ends. Attempting to engineer a world where war is an impossibility leads to bigger and more horrible wars than would ever result from simply leaving men in nation-states aligned happily in homogeneous societies using real metal as currency. All globalism did was turn the factories, profits, jobs and manufacturing capacity of the West over to Red China so it could prepare a Third World War of apocryphal dimensions with which to annihilate their enemies. That is all it did.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zero Hour : Pack Your Rice

For ten years we have said it. In the beginning, few understood why.

Now, lots of people are starting to figure out what we were talking about.


Worldwide rice shortage, the dietary staple of three billion human beings

World Bank declares international emergency over food supply

UN Chief : Babies, the other white meat

Rice harvest fails catastrophically in Sri Lanka

The world's poor are tackling the barricades for food

Political instability is yoked historically with food shortages

South Asia is running out of fish to eat

The monster of looming famine takes center stage

Price inflation may trigger mass starvation in developing countries

Egyptian government has no bread and circuses left to placate the masses

The coming food riots in America

The revenge of Thomas Malthus - booms in good times, massive culls follow

Hunger, strikes and riots worldwide

Francis Fukuyama was full of crap - hunger topples any regime including "democracy"

Corn becoming the new gold in agriculture

Philipines caught in rice squeeze

The silent famine is sweeping the globe

New York Times - The Worldwide Food Crisis

India struggling to feed one billion people who can't afford food

Hunger talks and everything else walks. People who have never known hunger do not know what people will do when they get hungry. People who would laugh at the notion in normal times will be the first ones to eat their dead when hunger grips them. Hunger releases the beast and it overturns governments and nations in the time it takes for human beings to begin metabolizing their own body fat. Anybody anywhere who thinks they can control the demon genie called hunger usually turns out to have been wrong. There is no reasoning with a hungry man, he will get down on his fours and howl like a rabid dog when he is hungry enough.

I have always believed that zombie movies are a sublime way of expressing our ancient ancestral and subconscious understanding of famine. I wrote a detailed article about this idea back in 1998 and posted it on the old Vault-Co site. Any human being hungry enough is indistinguishable from the walking dead. Part of our legacy understands this and this is why zombie films are so disturbing, they activate feelings and memories in the premammalian cortex. In every zombie film, there is a feeling like a song you can hum a few bars of but can't remember the name of. We know what happens in famines, even if our conscious minds pretend they have forgotten.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Indigo Children of Today = Zombie Hordes of Tomorrow

They're coming!

Wait until these feral little monsters have gone 72 hours without a solid meal! You will realize what a thin veneer civilization was over real human nature.

Modern kids have almost no capacity to grasp hardship or even recognize the need to act sane and think rationally. They will. Wait until that hunger starts to nip them.

It will be like the rage virus in 28 DAYS LATER except the zombies will be more cunning.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Vault OS : Update #11 : QNX ROCKS

In 90 minutes, I have made a desktop with my preferred color scheme that features two applications (file explorer and notepad) and a sidebar of icons which looks strangely similar to the "Shelter" interface in PENUMBRA:BLACK PLAGUE, which I was drawing on for inspiration. This application compiles to an 800K binary that runs directly off of a 4 megabyte "hard disk" on a PCMCIA card (I paid 50 cents for it) which is plugged into the side of the 486 100MHZ laptop I recently painted orange. It runs in 640x480 VESA 256 color mode at 60+ fps, realtime updating of screen region happening underneath the notepad or file explorer. I am only learning now how to add an off-screen context in Photon Application Builder so it is flicker-free.

This application could be just as easily running on a small dedicated AMD processor or using an LCD monochrome device without much hassle implementing it.

QNX is absolutely the perfect platform for Vault OS. Everything about it is perfect. It has all the programming frills of something like VB-DOS for rapid development on x86 devices with all the power of 32 bit protected mode C++. The sheer amount of drivers and source code for x86 machines is intimidating. Anything you could possibly want to do with it, there is likely a bit of source code that will show you how to approach the problem. It's almost like Borland C++ Builder for "PIP-Boy."

Friday, April 11, 2008

What we did before World War III began

We destroyed our own nations, prompted on by internal subversives, until our entire culture became an open grave in which the highest form of good became self-immolation.

These are not the times that segue into bucolic returns to nature amidst arboreal splendor.

These are the times before the coming of the long night that never ends, the residue of cobalt poisoning the soil, the water and the air. These are the terrible times, which if not shortened, would snuff mankind altogether.

Globalism was a name given to the noose we knotted for ourselves, promised paradise when we slipped it around our throats and stepped off the chair. It's not paradise that we will be getting.

The 21st century will see apocalyptic wars of such magnitude they will make WW1 and WW2 look like mere preludes.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vault OS : Update #10 : Open QNX ... ?

Last night I was trying to use some simple C++ code I had running in Fastgraph to take a stab at a GUI designer, so I could design forms in Vault OS with a tool from the beginning instead of handcoding their layouts.

I decided to have a look at Photon MicroGUI (from QNX RT Momentics) to see how they were doing it and maybe determine if I could use their output format. After compiling their examples a few times, I realized by simply linking fewer supported modules it was quite easy to generate very small executables with most QNX "Neutrino" features included, even under 512K that would run in Protected Mode on the 32 bit machine. Then I fiddled around with some of their examples running RT GUI windows together and I immediately noticed that their GUI kicked the living crap out of the one I have built for my game on another project. It generated executables of roughly the same size, however, when examining the .obj files. It also had tons of sample code for drawing sensor widgets and windows of all varieties, some of it very good looking stuff, too. Antialiased fonts and complete vector graphics drawing in windows (maps, diagrams, spatial data) running at about 92 fps on a crappy old Pentium 200mhz machine.

So I had a closer look at my license. If I only work with QNX to develop noncommercial products, I could utilize the entire Momentics development suite to produce Vault OS with all the super cool frills like an embedded HTML browser, already debugged by QNX over the past five years. This does not preclude charging some money for a manual one of these days, after I have released the Vault OS for free. (Which I intended to do no matter what, anyway)

So I played around a bit more with the Photon MicroGUI and looked at some of their example applications. All of this stuff was absolutely dogging my current Vault OS shell in terms of complexity and polish. I don't know if my code would be as advanced as this stuff in two years, much less two months. The only way I even managed to imitate the real-time GUI features in my code was by using a simple graphics hack in the display. QNX, on the other hand, does what I was faking ... for real.

I think it cuts about 95% of the time off my development cycle if I use QNX. In fact, if I get the dev environment set up correctly on my older PC, I could produce my first Vault OS prototype before the end of April if everything went smoothly. I could have it completely installed in the Hive and running on terminals everywhere by this summer, before end of June.

What do you think?
UPDATE : Going through it again some more tonight, QNX Momentics development suite on Windows XP. Create entire OS in a binary and run it from Flash on any 32 bit machine. Wow. It took me about ten minutes to write what I have spent 20-30 hours working on in Vault OS already. I can still use code from things like SQLite or Metabase if I want, only with the full support of the QNX IDE and dev SDK. I wish I had investigated this option more thoroughly before I started. Full support for monochrome or 16 color displays, even console mode in Photon MicroGUI. Pretty amazing development environment, too.
P.S.-UPDATE : Goodness, this thing rocks! Output binaries for Pocket PC, ARM devices ... it's got all the bases covered. Tons of source code to do I2C, serial and parallel port sensors, TCP-IP supported as a high level messaging hub ... I am feeling lightheaded looking at all this stuff. If I started right now, I should be able to write something like QNX on my own at least before 2036 A.D. rolls around. As it stands, I think I will use QNX Neutrino as the kernel for Vault OS. It was really a no-brainer once I found out what was involved with a proper examination of their tools and dev kit.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Vault-Co Powerdown

I've been so busy lately I am going to have to power down Vault-Co for a while. I just cannot spare the time for updates and blogs lately.

With any luck we will be back in a couple months but I can't guarantee it. There's just too much to do recently. See our links for information about all the usual garbage going on in the world if you need to keep informed.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Metrosexuals : They never know what the value of a thing is

(Link to Video Page)

Two way-cool hepcat oxygen stealers conduct a tour of their mother's survival stores, which any worthy son would be grateful for beyond measure. The food is not stored properly but it is likely a great deal of it will still be good for many more years. I'm sure they'll auction it off on Ebay shortly for a song.

These two guys, both the tour guide and the guy with the video-cam, both seem like ample alibis for the invention of the neutron bomb.

Notice their dead mother is simply an easy target for ridicule and mockery. There's no trace of love in their voices or respect for her earnest effort to provide for them all her life. Nothing but the perpetual static of the eternal sneer.

Metrosexual Gen Xers = Monstrosities.

Horticulture From Hell

If Monsanto went out of business, this would be a good thing for the entire planet. Believe it.

A Giant, The Quintessential American, Passes At 84

Truly a great American hero. Somebody I have strongly identified with my entire life.

There is nobody who can replace him.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Feminism is Hate

Step 1 : Seize Their Institutions, Starting With the Educational System (Check)
Step 2 : Destroy The Family and Neuter The Males (Check)
Step 3 : Exterminate them all, down to the last man, woman and child (Soon enough)

Stang on Womanoids

Feedback From Stang's article

Think things like this happen accidentally? Ah, but friend, even that thought is not your own, it is something that is planted in your head by decades of media. In fact, for most of you, it is unlikely there is a single idea inside your skull that you can truly take credit for. You are changed into a mere echo chamber for some other man who has imposed his will not just on your mind but on your very soul.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Barack Obama : Revenge of the Dysgenics

People turn to the group because they are failures as individuals. It's a fundamental principle of human nature.

No matter how many times their whacky socialist schemes fail, they try them again.

Speaking in general, man is not a learning animal. He isn't. The way nature corrects error is by killing people. Whether they die alone or en masse as a result of their flawed perception and intelligence doesn't matter to her. When they drift too far from the real world, nature just shifts them all off the planet into the worm cafeteria.

Nations are never destroyed from the outside until they first have destroyed themselves from the inside. Will Durant.

April 6th, 2008, 4 am : World War III Begins?

I know we have heard this information leaked many times before.

There are many, many other signals being transmitted right now that something is about to happen. I could list about twenty more except it's late and I'm too tired to link them all in.

I've been reading a lot of stuff to this effect.

You know if they wanted to do it that it had to happen before the election.

So maybe this really is it coming up.

It isn't happening in a vacuum. There are many players involved here at once.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

-William Butler Yeats

Vault-Co Prediction #9919191999 : Confirmed


Proliferation is on like Donkey Kong now.

Is the U.S. going to invade everybody in the world and take away their nuclear weapons?

I think not. I do think they are dumb enough to try it, however.

Out of all our predictions about nuclear war, the most important one to keep in mind is our prediction that World War III is going to be about a million times worse than anything you had previously imagined. No two week stay in the cellar and hose down the car. Trust me.

Dinosaur Bones and Rotting Ferns On Titan's Moon!


You can bring it up, but honestly, how many people are left on the planet who can draw the conclusion out of it?

Brawndo! It's got what plants crave! It's got electrolytes.

There's no such thing as Peak Oil. All we have is Peak Demand and I am starting to wonder if even that is simply engineered.

Krisschans At Work

(Link to YouTube Video)

Man, this is tempting God. In this segment, they've mixed up vile pagan spiritualism with some of the ideas of Gnostics. Scripture says there are no such things as ghosts, nor any traffic between our world and heaven. It also says that demons are not allowed to interfere in this way with the devout, only through the minds of the unrepentant.

I dare you not to laugh when they cut to the reaction shot by the Chihuahua. I dare you. You can't do it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Was Globawarmthenkery Created?

(Link to Youtube Video)

It took a long time. Many years of preparation. In grade school, then high school, finally finishing the work on the mind in college and university. The human mind had first to be completely emptied out of anything resembling sanity before the new creeds could be inserted.

It started with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and over the years became a ceaseless barrage around the clock on all media formats, over and over again chanted like a mantra. It became a sea of schizophrenia in which all young intellects were drowned. No reading, no writing, no arithmetic. Just that sibilant hiss in your ear all hours, 7 days a week, morning and night.

All memory of the past was gradually eradicated and people became the perfect receptacle for a new future that would be written on the blank slate that was their brain.

Can an Amerikwan even achieve salvation? Do they have souls to save? Are they predestined for hell when they are born? Is the capacity for repentance even existant in them any more? In order to be saved, it is necessary first for one to be human. Can you have two masters, television and God? What if when in doubt, you always refer to television first? Is it possible for such a person to receive eternal life? Think about it seriously.

Maybe the growth of casual atheism is really related to the growth of a new race of men who are the enemies of God by their very nature. How can God grant them salvation through Christ when they have no souls remaining to transmit beyond the wall of death? How can they persist after the end of their lives without it?

The Perfect Storm For Famine

Like Vault-Co said ten years ago. It isn't this or that. It isn't any one particular thing in all it's televitzed atomic isolation.

It's all these things together, at the same time, that makes it the Apocalypse Trifecta.

By the way, although more and more journalists are putting up articles almost identical to the ones we posted in 1998, they are still about ten years (or more) behind us in understanding the consequences of all these things happening in the same era.

They left out the bee die-off. Which might just be related to the butterfly die-off. Who knows, that could be related to the bat die-off. These might be related to Monsanto Star Corn, which only revealed itself to be toxic in the gut ten years after it escaped (with it's vigorously migrating pollen) from the research settings it was supposed to be quarantined inside of. Of course, demand by China and India as they move to Western lifestyles increases the total required quantity to keep mankind from eating babies to about a hundred times what it was thirty years ago. Which is largely related to the collapse of the manufacturing industry in the West which was farmed off to the third world, thus increasing the spending capital of all it's citizens, which as it turns out due to their colossal populations measured in the billions completely swamps the productive capacity of the agricultural system that remains behind. Then you add a brilliant piece of government intervention at just the right juncture to mandate crops destined for bioethanol based on bad science, which sounds like a 30% reduction but because of the way the distribution network functions is more like an 80% reduction in the crops left to direct to the food supply. Then the lax practices for backlogging grain supplies, slipping since the 1970's because of the ideological turn away from civil defense policies, leaves the Western world with almost no inventory of surplus to fall back on, precisely at the worst time for their larders to empty out. Now imagine at the same time, the currency used by the Western nations is plunging in value along with their economy so not only is food more expensive but they are increasingly too poor to afford it, particularly to compete for supplies with the cashed-up inhabitants of the rest of the world. Then you've got the irony of the fact that even if they had the money, U.S. geopolitical policies and military invasions have made the remainder of the planet reluctant to sell them any food even if they did have the money to pay for it. See how that works?

Now mind you, this is just a topical consideration of some of the minor forces working on creating the worst famine the world has ever known. I don't want to tell you about the other stuff because it's too scary.

Amerikwa Thinks Russians Are Stupid

You'd have to be pretty stupid, to be stupid enough to keep mentioning Iran as a justification for an ABM system on the Russian border. Really stupid. If that is the best spin you could think of, that would be symptomatic of just plain dopiness in the White House, it's diplomatic staff and defense cabinet. Really stupid. I don't think there would be anybody with an IQ over 110 in the entire White House, honestly. That's just dumb.

I don't think Russians are stupid. I think they are nearly geniuses compared to the Amerikwan government and pretty bright by any standard you would want to apply to them. If I was a Russian I would consider it very disrespectful and provocative if somebody had such little regard for me that they just pointed to some third world towelhead country of goatherders as an excuse while they were constructing an ABM network right at the edge of my territorial borders.

If I was Russian, I would think "I am definitely going to have to wax these a**holes in the near future. My own survival depends on it. They're idiots and they can't take 'no' for an answer."

The funny thing is that the Russians backed down in Cuba because they weren't stupid. They knew it wasn't worth fighting WW3 over and their withdrawal made a lot of sense.

I don't expect that Amerikwans will show equivalent judgement. Not at all. They just keep pushing. Somebody is going to turn a key and drop a thumb on these retards very soon if they keep it up. Governments like that don't endure for long. It's only a matter of time before they cross the wrong guy - and I am starting to wonder if Putin is that guy. It takes a smart person to know what sort of person Vladimir Putin is. I don't know if Amerikwans have that kind of sense left.

Once when I was younger, I saw some hippie bum taunt a bear in a forest reserve with a stick to see what would happen. The bear unzipped him from crotch to chin with one stroke. Darwin must've rolled over in his grave because the pathetic klown survived the attack. I don't think Amerikwa will survive.

The Mythology of the "Average Human"

(Link to Breitbart video)

There's this hilarious disconnect in the sheeple brain, where they have been progressively brainwashed over a forty year period into believing that once they have genocided themselves, an identical civilization will be left behind except with a different demographic makeup. They will yank the white tablecloth out from under the dinnerware and the society will remain standing, only melanin-enriched but otherwise the same.

It's like white people all over the planet were each taking turns shooting themselves in the head with the same gun, convinced when they have all killed themselves they will leave the perfect society behind.

I've got bad news for you. What you think of as civilization is joined at the hip with the Indo-European gene pool. It's not even like oil and water because it's all an unbroken continuum.

"Culture" is gene expression. If enough Mexicans inhabit any area on the planet, that area will look exactly like Mexico in short order. There's no piece of land on Earth that has a special gas exuded by the local soil that makes flush toilets, clean running water, air conditioning and the rule of law. There's no geographic location that has these properties inherently. Irregardless of whether they are bright enough to see it and understand why, whites tend to terraform their surroundings to reflect what is inside them. Everything they take for granted as the human standard, is in fact a projection of their own qualities out onto a world that by and large is completely indifferent to them.

America has already slipped past the demographic failsafe point. There ain't no going back. Just like the nation formerly known as Rhodesia, you will hear all sorts of yammering and analysis and whining but nothing can stop Rhodesia from becoming Zimbabwe once all the Rhodesians leave. It's a done deal. If it wasn't, why does the media carefully omit pictures of the offenders in all the stories linked to above? I bet if they were white kids they'd be plastered all over that page. (I already found out through other channels what their demographic was) They bury a hundred whites a day in the 'kwa and flush their photos down the memory hole.

There's no legislation. There's no emergency action committee. There's no orchestrated government reform program. There's no mission statement. There's no declaration of goals or judicial decision. Once you change the genetic composition of a country, that country will come to reflect it's demographics, not the other way around.

I went to high school in Chicago. Trust me, thirty years ago it didn't look like the background of that news report. That was back when Chicago schools were the best in the country and had some of the highest scholastic scores in the nation. Back then, next to nobody dropped out, ever.

You can't keep the street lights working with only half a nation of high school graduates. You can't find the manpower to keep the ATM machines running, to keep the power plant maintained at the dam, to keep the nuclear reactor running. You can't have good medical care with no good doctors. You can't have bridges that don't collapse with no engineers.

America is just like Rhodesia during desegregation. All those Rhodesians who talked about the coming era of rainbow folk dancing and singing hand-in-hand with their African friends playing little ukeleles, where are they now? The wind howls. Tumbleweeds blow past. Two rabid wild dogs fight over a human ribcage in the streets where the electricity went off a decade ago and has never come back on. Where are all those Rhodesians looking forward to an era of peace and harmony now? Where are they? Answer me. Raped and left for dead. They're all wormfood now. Their farms burned to the ground, their children strangled, their wives gangraped and forced to run naked screaming with burning tire necklaces.

Fools. Dust in the wind. Shot in the back of the head and left for the buzzards in some ditch on the veldt long ago.

It doesn't matter if I'm the only human being out of six billion on the planet who knows this. Irregardless of the forcible consensus, this is the way it will come to pass. I will be demonstrated right and they will turn out to have been catastrophically wrong. Wishing otherwise never makes anything so.

In another ten years, Amerikwa will be utterly unrecognizable. I predict that the first thing that will hit you no matter where you get off a plane in that country will be the smell. Watch and see.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Al Gore, Sociopath & Seditionist

Gore is starting to freak the same way that religious psychotics do when their delusions begin to unravel. As the truth has emerged this year, Gore has grown increasingly shrill and manic, even accusing his opponents of witchcraft and communing with demons.

He already told his wife he had figured out a way to pay for the renovations and landscaping at his house. If this globawarmthenk scam falls through he's going to be sleeping in the garage and apparently the strain has caused his mind to begin unraveling.

He's trying to recruit an army of uni students to march on the Capitol now and execute a coup in the name of environmentalism.

Only six of those mentioned the words "climate change" or "global warming". That is not much greater than the level of media interest in the candidates' positions on UFOs. They were asked three questions on UFOs in the same study.

But as Gore told CBS on Sunday night: "I'm not finished

(Oh, but you are, commie-boy, you're all washed up like your father the convicted communist spy. You tried to take revenge on the free world for your father's sake but everybody realizes now you are an even bigger ass-klown than he was.)

PCM 5892/5894 Manuals & Drivers

Should you decide to acquire one of these excellent x86 SBCs flooding the market in Australia at around $10.00 a board, you can get the manual and drivers at the link above. I've already installed these drivers and gotten the machines running - too fine for words, needless to say. Everything you could possibly desire in a Vault-OS terminal. All you will need is a display, keyboard and mouse and some kind of housing, in addition to a 12 volt power supply. I've already successfully installed 256 MB of RAM on these boards instead of the 32 MB they come with.

The boards generate very little heat and if they do, they have a cooling fan on top. You may need to have provision for some airflow for this reason. Lately I use a muslin screen over intakes to keep dust out of the casing. I have successfully installed Ethernet on two of them and had them talking to each other in ten minutes with file share in DOS.

From the manual ...

The PCM-5894/5892 is a highly integrated, all-in-one single board
computer. All onboard peripherals (including PCI flat panel/VGA
interface, PCI Ethernet, and PCI IDE) adopt PCI technology and
operate through an internal PCI bus. Integrating a Pentium board
with a PCI architecture has unleashed a revolutionary level of
performance. The PCM-5894/5892 is one of the smallest and
most powerful all-in-one Pentium boards available. (1998)

HDPE : The Only Safe Plastic For Drinking Water

It took me about six years of research to discover that there is only one safe tank made of plastic you can stick drinking water in and it is high density polyethylene. This is the same stuff your milk carton is made of.

The only gotcha is that it should be properly "offgassed" when brand new by thoroughly washing it out with a mild disinfectant and allowed to dry out internally in the sun for no more than 48 hours. This cooks off the fresh plastic smell and outgases it has when it is first minted at the factory.

The only water tank superior to this one will have to be made out of stainless steel, which is really expensive. I purchased a secondhand condominium sized boiler before precious metals shot up. Otherwise HDPE is one of the most neutral containers you can store water in long term. If you leave it in long enough it may acquire a mild taste but there is no clinical evidence it will harm you in any way.

Contrast HDPE with almost all other plastics, you will discover that the evidence indicates nobody should be legally permitted to store water in a tank made of say, PVC or even polyvinyl. Less than a year stored in these kinds of containers will leave very nasty by-products. Among other problems, most other kinds of plastics never successfully "offgas." They will have stuff leaching from the interior into the water for twenty years.

I found this fact out (it's safe for water) about HDPE last year when I was reading extensively on the subject and I bought two of these containers on EBay this week. I particularly like how easy they are to modify for the addition of sensors and internal pumps. I've already added a filtration pump (all stainless steel) to one of them through a hole I drilled in the top.

Considering the price difference, I highly recommend these cube containers, as well. Just make absolutely sure of what this container had inside it before it went on sale. If it has had any industrial products (oils, fuels, solvents, etc.) , it is unlikely it will ever be clean enough to use for drinking water. The best ones to buy had food-safe contents or food products in them originally. Even then, you will have to rinse them out thoroughly before you use them. I once saw one of these that contained pickles in vinegar inside and although technically it may have been safe for water I saw no way of ever getting that smell out of the interior.

Of course, stacking this up inside a shelter is not advisable. You would not want 1100 litres of water falling over on you after some kind of ground shock. They do make effective shielding against neutron radiation, if you can figure out a safe way to put them in front of your entrance. I was thinking in some situations it might be possible to roll this in front of the door followed by some smaller containers of water possibly netted on top to keep them in place.