Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Peak Oil" Is Peak Baloney. It's Peak Demand.

Record profits. Profits. That means they are paying about the same prices they always did for oil at the source, they're just socking it to you at the pump.

"Peak oil" is the biggest scam in history second only to global warming. It's really about Peak Demand and the failure of Western societies to keep their supply lines open to oil producers. Nowadays South America, the Middle East, Russia and many other nations have lots and lots of oil ... they just aren't selling it to us. They're selling it to China and soon India. By the time they are done consolidating their customers in both those nations, most people in the West will probably be riding bicycles.

So Western governments are not just screwing you coming. They are screwing you going. They are blaming their unbelievable diplomatic and economic screwups on a shortage of dinosaur bones and rotting ferns. Then they are taxing you extra for the misfortune that they created.

Funny how gas was hitting all-time lows just before the fake flag on 9-11. There's another reason worth megatrillions to fool the American people into thinking they were attacked with anthrax and box cutters. Everybody gets richer as a result, including Shell, except for you.

Enrichment Begins At Home

Just one drop of horror in the big bucket of nightmares that overflows in the multikult every single day of the year.

I was watching one of those reality video shows last night and I marveled over the spectacle of U.S. cops fighting a losing battle with fatal assumptions trying to police all the outrageous behaviors of the enrichment classes. There aren't enough cops in the world to keep up with it all.

Our biggest problem is our unconscious ability to make it look so easy to create a fantastic prosperous modern technologically advanced civilization ... followed by our unconscious projection of the qualities required to live in same upon those who simply do not have these qualities.

"Sure, it's easy," we insist, "You just need to ... you know ... let out your inner law abiding, rational naturally syntropic empathic personality! You must not be trying hard enough!" A lot of these people just stare at us incredulously, trying to figure out what it is that we think they should be doing by nature ... then they shrug, go out and rob a liquor store. You're asking for something that they can't give. What we have can't even be gifted to them. It's always only a matter of time before right here starts to look exactly like over there where they originate. There's nothing wrong with where they were. The only problem where they were is that they are a majority over there. Otherwise that place would be like here.

Cold = Retraction & Death Of Empires

Excellent article by Tim Case, spot on summary of what causes civilizations to bloom and then retract.

The warfare-welfare state can only surge on the surplus of a warm climate and the agricultural yields that it produces. Have you ever seen how too much money and wealth usually makes people go crazy and indulge in self-destructive behaviors? Those habits are curtailed when the money and prosperity runs out. Men sober up under hardship and stress. The mythological framework that supports the notion of a god-like state with infinite powers of production and charity evaporate pretty quickly when the average temperature drops by a few degrees.

Of course, all failing empires with collapsing fiat currency turn to war in their final hours.

Analogies are usually faulty and a poor way to reach conclusions, but they are often good for conveying comprehension of an idea. There is no better analogy than to compare the 12,000 year interglacial period with the four seasons in a year. During the spring and the coming summer, the grasshoppers engage in a never-ending furious frenzy of eating, mating, hopping and socializing. The fall comes and this ribald orgy begins to peak and taper off. The grasshoppers grow a bit lethargic but they continue to try to whip up the revelry despite the fact the food is less plentiful and the bloom has gone off the fields. Finally the winter arrives and the grasshoppers must feel their own brief mortality. The party is over. The only creature whose conduct makes any long term sense in this context of the big picture, is of course the ant. Ants don't work to thrive this week or this month or for a season. Ants work to thrive forever. Industrious, patient, well organized, frugal and efficient, the ant colony is always prepared for just about anything. In the final days of fall, the ant workers march past countless dried husks of dead grasshoppers, indifferent to their success or failure. Ants don't die, they multiply. Most of the other insects have their seasons but if the ant could carve a symbol over the entrance to their burrows it would no doubt be the lemniscate, the alpha-omega, the mobius ribbon of eternity.

You might not believe it but there is a mammalian equivalent of the ant, a subdivision of behavioral precepts that has been observed in every single warm blooded social creature that scientists and anthropologists know about. In the laboratory they are called Omega Rats. In the field, naturalists call them Remnants. There is a certain reserved class of mammals who survive because they are genetically programmed to survive in the same way the ant is designed to survive. Empires rise and fall, human history ebbs and surges like the tides and this same genetic kernel remains no matter what. We call them vault dwellers here at Vault-Co. The next time somebody tells you there is something strange about survivalists, you should tell them they need to learn more about the natural world. There is nothing strange about survivalists anymore than there is something strange about ants. The real transients are the grasshoppers. They're just passing through while the Sun stays warm. Since this planet's normal state is extremely cold, we can safely assume the entire modern world is something of a mad anomaly destined to give way to saner structure soon. The empire of the grasshoppers has just seen the first few snowflakes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vault Operating System V1.0 ... DSL Linux?

I have some results on my Vault workstation tablets to announce.

The first is that I got FreeDOS running on my ultracheap tablet PCs with Ethernet for a total of $36.00 AUD each workstation. I spent $29.95 on each unit, plus the Compact Flash PCMCIA adaptor for $6.00 each ... and I already had two Ethernet cards to plug in and some spare flash memory cards.

I was able to run almost any VBDOS 1.0 Professional Applications on the machine with ease including ISAM TSR backed multitransactional database that comes on the samples disk with VBDOS Professional. That was a good start but it gets better.

As soon as I realized what was going on with the Compact Flash Adapter (128 mb card), I tried to install and run Damn Small Linux from a subdirectory on the Flash card with the default 8 megs of RAM ... by the way, it is almost impossible to run Windows 95-98 with this little memory, it crawls along like a snail on a 100mhz 486DX machine like these tablets.

Results were incredible. I had 32 bit protected mode environment running at arcade game speed, 95% of all Linux applications and fantastic things like SVGA high color graphics GUI with MP3 player, all the open source tools for DSL and tons of high tech network, database sharing and internet subsystems that you could not even dream of running in Windows with anything less than XP SP1, 2 gigs RAM, 40 Gigs hard drive space.

I only know Linux at a user level, I've never done much native code Linux programming at all. On the other hand, some of the IDEs and tools available on Linux are spectacular ... including GUI design tools and other graphic aids.

Another bonus is all the freeware libraries for Linux to do things like render vector based drawings (for terrains, blueprints, shelter maps, etc.) and so much more that costs $$$ in the Windows environment.

I think I will build my Vault OS in DSL Linux. It makes my VBDOS programs look pretty tame by comparison. The appearance and power alone right out of the bootup is a thousand times what you get in the DOS environment and ten times what I'd get even if I was capable of installing Windows XP on these tablets, which will never happen. So it's pretty cut'n'dry.

What I really need to investigate is the possibility of programming in C# .NET using the open source platform called Mono. That would be absolutely ideal. Imagine writing .NET applications with all that power and productivity at your fingertips for a target machine that is a 100mhz 486DX. A GUI created in WinForms? Too good to be true.

Since these ancient tablets support IrDA peripherals, I'm also wondering if these Targus foldout keyboards at BGMicro will work with this thing. That'd be awesome.

Chicago Gets A Taste Of The Deathsnap

A little colder and a little faster, you could lose a million people overnight freezing to death. It's no joke.

Stop and think about it and you'll understand why the cold is just too much reality for people to handle.

Oprah Winfrey and her audience can deal with switching to flourescent bulbs and sorting their recyclables to counteract the effects of decomposing baby nappies. Imaginary solutions for imaginary problems is about their speed. Their lives are largely lived as dreams anyhow. A little bit of a sleep disturbance, even a nightmare, is still preferable to the ultimate horror ... which for them would be waking up.

Trying to get their minds around the idea that they are not the centerpiece of a vast and unfathomable cosmos is way, way too big a concept for people who have spent their lives drifting around in shopping malls to grasp. For the same reasons they did not broadcast advertisements during John Kennedy's funeral, that is something that just cannot be conveyed in the context of television and media-world. It's too big and frightening. Most people have never been 24 hours without a meal. Getting ready for a coming Ice Age is outside their operating limits.

Vault-Co says it is precisely this condition which has resulted in the intelligence we have now, such as it is. As nearly every interglacial ended, the resulting chaos must have reduced human numbers to a fraction and most of those sharp cookies. This is the reason we are not living in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Because the end of the interglacial puts an end to stupid, period.

We are weak and feeble when looked at with the naked eye but once we start using our brains, we are the most powerful, adaptive and robust creature that has ever existed on the Earth. You add that brain to the opposable thumb - what a winning combination that is. We're the only animal on the planet that can make a go of it and thrive practically anywhere, in almost any conditions. We only got that way by eliminating many less adaptive primates very rapidly through sudden changes.

Monday, January 28, 2008

VOTE FRAUD : Caught Redhanded in New Hampshire

(YouTube Link)

New Hampshire Secretary of State caught running a vote-rigging scam on video - votes left in unsecure building found unlocked in the morning with a box of "seals" handily opened to allow the team that entered during the night to reseal the boxes.

Check out the look on that dude's face. That's what you look like when you are a mere asset.

I don't want to call Amerikwa a third world country. Cuz most third world countries have higher standards for ballot security.

What an embarrassing lot of treasonous oafs.

It's shockingly stupid stuff, like a Third World convention on UFO abduction. The fraud is so amateurishly done it is plain on the surface to anyone involved that these votes are designed to be tampered with overnight at the stored location.

Treason is not treason if it succeeds and the traitors achieve power

When the ballot box stops working, the bullet box gets opened. This is why Vault-Co predicts civil war in Amerikwa in the near future.

It's Not Warming That China Is Worried About

Cold weather is so much menacing and brutal than the fantasy world of globowarmthink.

The Chinese are saying they have never before seen a winter like this one. It's apocryphal.

Cold burns. It silences. It buries. It inundates. It smothers. It snuffs out. It is implacable. It is relentless. Most human social structures are powerless before it.

China terrified of fuel shortages for 1.5 billion people in the snow

Resource conflicts : 1.5 billion razor-smart Asians Vs. 250 million Western pornographers

Who do you think is going to fight like they mean it, to win? They've already cemented permanent relationships with nearly every major oil producer in the world. Underestimating the Chinese mind is a fatal mistake that Vault-Co predicts is suicidal for the West. The average inhabitant of the Western world has gone so soft in the head they sound like Liberace on estrogen drugs.

Think oil is worth fighting for now? Vault-Co predicted all of this. Robert Felix is the one that got it spot on, however. We'll be fighting in the streets for food and fuel before the ice age finishes our civilization off.

Snow storms strand a quarter million Chinese at rail stations

The train should be along in a week or so

China issues red alert about record snowstorms ... even worse is forecast soon

How long has Gore's idiot army been lying to us?

They were telling us for ten years that both icecaps were melting. That is a damned lie. It's a triple damned lie. It's such an absurd and boldfaced lie it warrants classifying it as one of the most shamelessly deceitful lies in the history of mankind.

Were you aware that every time Gore's druid cult has scheduled an expedition to Antarctica to phony up some evidence of this "warming," that they have had to call it off because the expedition team could not take the extraordinary cold that is now a permanent feature of Antarctica? Several times, globawarmthinkers nearly died from the cold that is down there.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hugo Chavez Warns South America : Dump ZOGBux

Chavez knows that pretend money requires pretenders. Money backed by gold doesn't require "faith" in some abstract sophistry.

America goes up on auction block for highest bidder

Note that Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY CANDIDATE who is a real human being, not a Thunderbirds wooden puppet carved out of teakle somewhere by AIPAC and sprinkled with shabbas goyim golem slave dust. Did you ever hear of "Barack Obama" before the preliminaries for this election campaign began? Neither did I. Every other person running for President is a manufactured media presentation. They all have the exact same politics. Only one is different.

A nation is only as good as it's leadership ... and in the end, every nation gets the leaders they deserve.

Last chance gas station, America. After Ron Paul you're headed straight out into the floor of Death Valley in a broken down VW Bug with a quarter tank of gas and a fan belt made out of shoelaces. You better make up your mind in a hurry because already that last stop is receding in your rear view mirror.

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Where were our ancestors 20,000 years ago?

Living in caves in bearskins by firelight?

What about 200,000 years ago? Barely walking erect with bones for clubs?

How'd we manage to custom genetically engineer ten thousand species of domesticated plants for food in less than 10,000 years during the interglacial? Why does the genetic evidence show that these plants were split off from their wild cousins more than 250,000 years ago in most cases? How come the evidence is that most domesticated dog breeds split with their wild ancestors around the same time as all of those plants? Why are cheetahs clearly the product of cloning technology, with any cheetah organ implantable into any other cheetah without tissue rejection? Why ... why ... why? There seem to be too many phenomenon at your finger tips to account for in one nice warm 11,500 year interglacial period. Did we really achieve all that in that short a time?

How many times have we done all this before? How many nuclear wars have we had on this planet and then forgotten everything afterwards?

You're probably thinking if there was any evidence for this you'd hear about it.

The reason you don't here about it is because people work really hard to see to it you don't hear about it, ever.

The evidence is littered all over the planet and is literally underfoot almost anywhere you look.

It's really hard not to see it. It's everywhere. Vault-Co says half the large craters on Earth attributed to "asteroids" are in fact more likely to be the scars of ancient nuclear war. Notice how the melted "green glass" is always concentrated around ancient cities, meaning the asteroids must have done aerial surveillance before they decided on what part of the Earth below to "randomly" strike when they fell from the sky.

Evidence of ancient civilizations as advanced or more advanced than ours are a threat to the authority of the State. It makes them seem much less consequential or all powerful if they are not the pinnacle of history as they like their subjects to believe.

Three things you should learn from all of this :

1. Nuclear war ain't all that and a bag of chips. It's actually a recurrent hazard on this planet.

2. Nuclear war is survivable. We're proof of it.

3. You're descended from some pretty tough customers. Hopefully you still show it. If they could survive, you can survive too - if you use the only real weapon you will ever have.

Imprecatory Prayer

Who'll miss'em? Honestly?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

You couldn't get it more wrong than global warming

Global warming is what happens when you take all the brains away and fill in the empty hollow with cappuccino froth. If you pump a few marshmallows in there you get a carbon credit trading scheme. Add some chocolate sprinkles and soon you'll be convinced that it's all a result of decomposing baby nappies and incandescent light bulbs. It's not until you put a foam spinner in there and run it at high speed that you will feel certainty that Al Gore deserved a Nobel Prize for all of this.

Al Gore's Son Goes Green In A Fuel Efficient Car

Smells Like Diversity Team Spirit

Enrichment squad goes all-natural in bonobo central. Unhappy with outcomes in democratic election, decide the best way to protest is to nurture the inner hominid. Geological analysis reveals a serious deficit of good-making right-thinking happy rule of law gas emissions are lacking in surrounding soil like those found in European nations. Vast sea containers of privileged and lucky dirt from Anglo-Saxon countries will be airlifted in massive aid program via Bell-Huey choppers and delivered posthaste to serenity-soil-deprived regions.

History Channel Turns Into Raving 9-11 Truther!

(Youtube link)

Whoa! Pretty heavy stuff!

It's one thing for this to be old news all over the internet for almost a decade, another thing entirely when Mom and Pops get the radical truth on their cable channel. I thought the entire anthrax incident was blanked from the public record, the way Soviets used to wipe out historical events with official State revisions.

The History channel admits the anthrax attack was an inside job.

Since the anthrax attacks were coordinated with the airplane collisions to strike fear into citizens everywhere, is it reasonable to ask ... ?

It's like WTC 7. It's impossible to look at that and claim it's a collapse from fire. Once you concede that WTC 7 is obviously a controlled demolition ... well ... where does that lead you?

I know the sheeple are not exactly rocket scientists but it baffles to think that even these simple deductions continue to elude them. Surely they can follow a mere two relational steps of logical consequences without losing their train of thought? I don't understand it sometimes.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flouride : A Communist Mind Control Drug

If you want to know what flouride does to the human brain, walk into any retail store in the Western world and see if you can get correct change for a $10.05 purchase if you give the cashier a twenty dollar bill and a nickel. That's what it did to that generation of children.

Joseph McCarthy and The John Birch society and all the other radical communist fighting fronts of the 1950's were right. Flouride turns people into morons. Not just morons, but passive and submissive morons. They were right about Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. They were right about communist infiltration of the educational system, feminism and the "civil rights" movement. Time has demonstrated they were right about almost everything, the most radical suggestions they made being today the best documented assertions of them all.

Because of decades of propaganda, it is difficult to even raise this subject without sounding ridiculous. Privately, I really feel that this in combination with other effeminizers and endocrinal disruptors is responsible for turning the majority of the population of the West into these dopey, sluggish, glazed-eyed vegetables that we see today. There's no way that genetic degeneration alone could explain this phenomenon in just four generations. How did the keen minds of the children of the 1950's mutate into these brain-dead incoherent bodysnatchers of the year 2008? Genetic changes don't occur that rapidly or with those kinds of dramatic rollercoaster descents - only physical and biological corruptions during developmental years can explain something like that.

I was recently slumming over at the Survive2012 website forum (I got canned for making too much sense) and I am not being sarcastic or exaggerating when I say I was astounded at the intellectual caliber that was on display over there. Astounded. It was like being surrounded by grade schoolers raised by wolves. It was much worse than mere functional illiteracy or the general lack of rigor common to all Western people. This was almost like the Zen of dumb.

Psychotic Theft On A Global Scale

MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen warned about these types of carbon regulations earlier this year. “Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life,” Lindzen said in March 2007. (LINK)

In addition, many critics have often charged that proposed tax and regulatory “solutions” were more important to the promoters of man-made climate fears than the accuracy of their science.

Former Colorado Senator Tim Wirth reportedly said in 1990, “We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing — in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.” (LINK)

Stalin felt the same way about his grand programs, Senator Wirth. All psychotic and sociopathic personalities feel the ends justify the means. Even if the reasons are fabricated and based on fantastic fraud.

The Extinction of Bees Heralds The Megafamine

I was really relieved the other day to see those sweet little bees dabbing at the yellow flowers that adorn the crawling vines I seeded all over the shelter mound years ago. Such industrious creatures! Their work is unceasing and they give more back to the world than they ever took away. If we lose them, we will truly come to appreciate the unbelievable complexity of the world in that it depends on these tiny organisms like bees and earthworms to keep the world from turning into a barren wasteland.

I have done a little research into the details of keeping a small pod of stingless bees underground to pollinate a subterranean garden. Until I get the permaculture lab built I won't know if this is really possible.

Keep Watching For The Zombie Horde

They'll be here soon enough. Thanks to effective new advanced technology, they'll probably be fast zombies, of course. The really scary kind.

More helter-skelter mucking around with forces the likes of which these scientists cannot possibly understand or control.

Remember, our generation still believes that eating fat makes you fat and that decomposing baby nappies can cause climate change. We're in the friggin' stone age in terms of our scientific understanding.

This happens a lot in software development. A newbie notices that by making tiny changes in a program they in all likelihood will never understand, they can produce dramatic changes in the interface or behaviors of the program when it runs. It's like a busy box to them that compels them to tinker further with it until they crash it or cause it to run really aberrantly. Eventually the program is corrupted so badly it begins to display critical faults and showstopping errors.

That man stole the chicken

A scapegoat found for the market crash on Tuesday.

The Western governments know perfectly well most of their "citizens" have minds like children. They should know, they run the educational system. They don't balk at issuing these kinds of torturous conclusions because they know the subjects of the Empire will believe damn near anything if it has a bit of cool music playing in the background combined with some swishy graphics when they read it off the teleprompter.

It's like that scene in Schindler's List where they are looking for the guy who stole a chicken. They shoot a random prisoner. Somebody steps forward. They point and confess that guy they just shot is the man who stole the chicken.

Collapses like the one that occurred on Tuesday don't occur because of puny losses of a few billion dollars by an individual bank.

Frozen World

Here are some interesting headlines ...

A thousand homes collapsed by snow in China

Cold kills hundred of people in Afghanistan

Siberian weather brought right to your doorstep

Deep freeze puts northern U.S. on ice

South American "summer" capped by snow and icy winds

Canada is now part of the Arctic

Saudi Arabia buried in snow and subzero temperatures

Please note that the only reliable sources for news nowadays are generally Russian. Says a lot about what has happened to America in the past twenty years - news like this simply isn't printed any more.

Action In The North Atlantic

Vault-Co heard the train whistle approaching ten years ago.

The West has now been run down under the wheels of that train. They now realize there may be a problem. Russia is preparing to fight the war of the future. America is still getting ready to fight World War Two. While the United States has been sleeping, Russia has been mass producing ships and subs invisible to radar, high yield nuclear cruise missiles and a dozen other weapons that sound like they came from a John Campbell science fiction story.

The United States just hasn't lifted it's game. It doesn't even seem to know the game has started. It is to be expected when they figure this out, it will be right after they have lost.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How China Will Take Back Taiwan

Big flashpoint for WW3.

When reading this, keep a few things in mind:

1. The United States has weapons it is dying to try out but as of yet has had no excuse.

2. It is highly unlikely that "slinking off" is a reasonable expectation of America, especially a financially insolvent nation. Escalation into full blown nuclear war is the most logical conclusion.

3. China is underestimating the level of madness in the U.S. at this time. Her leaders are not really sane or coherent people and the next President will likely be one of the most incompetent communist traitors ever.

4. A nuclear war is a great way to reset the debt clock and start to bilk the country all over again from scratch. A rebuilding effort will doubtless stimulate the American economy and also give them a chance to reconstruct all that pitiful infrastructure. Nuclear war is like a "get out of jail free" card for the American elite.

5. Worldwide war is always a result of a small regional conflict that grows until it is simply out of control. There are far more players involved than merely China and the U.S. military.

Monday, January 21, 2008

NATO : Right Back 'Atcha, Comrade

Hmmm ... two first-strike policies on both the American and Russian sides. Isn't that like just saying ... ITZ COMING?

Notice the schizophrenic avoidance of mention of either Russia or China in a sentence. Apparently they believe the same media strategy used with Ron Paul will also work on two superpowers with more than 50,000 nuclear weapons between the two of them ... just pretend they don't exist.

Sure. That'll work.

The Stock Market Is Not The Only Thing Plunging

Time to separate the diversifiers from the Ice Age clan.

"It's very hard to find any part of the country that's warm," said CNN meteorologist Bonnie Schneider.

Welcome to the world of my people for the past 80,000 years. Please don't throw us in the briar patch Brer Fox.

If we're all so equal then I'm sure it will all just work out fine. Let's get enrichmentating.

"Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you."
-Jas 5:1

Return To The Dark Ages : The BedBug Pandemic

I think the real implications are lost on most sheeple. There are a lot of doctors who have suspected that bedbugs are the primary vector for smallpox for over 100 years.

The thing is, this is another problem our ancestors solved that we don't even seem to be able to identify and respond to. DDT was amazing stuff. Kids took baths in it. Those kids today are in their sixties and dancing a jig.

DDT knocked out mosquitoes, bedbugs and a ton of other nasty insects with aplomb. The greenie anti-rational types got fixated on it the same way they did CFCs and it cost mankind dearly because they kept pushing to have it banned. Neither DDT nor CFCs were doing anyone anywhere as much harm as they were doing good.

Do you know where our society would be without the Bolsevhist contingent of improvers and enrichers?

We'd live in a sterile, sanitary Jetsons society of free nuclear energy, cars powered by hydrogen, no nasty bugs in our quarters and where your clothes always smelled remarkably fresh and clean thanks to boiling temperatures in your laundry.

Bolshevists have dragged us all down into their Dark Age ghetto world. Every time we try to claw our way out, their kosher claws pull us back in. Nobody gets out of here alive, you see. It's not enough that I succeed ... rather, the whole world must fail. It's the Bolshevist way.

This is another reason I like my shelters built of concrete and metal. I don't want any hippie-herbal nature lodge built of wooden timbers and tofu blocks. Too much organic stuff in there for mold, vermin, fungus and insects to nest in. I like clean surfaces I can either wipe down with a disinfectant or blast with ozone. Even better, not too many places for vector carriers to hide or get a foothold.

Gun Control : Working For Multicultural Britain Everywhere

It's hard to believe anybody could be as dumb as that. Seriously. The British still think that centralized power can keep them safe when it can't even keep the streetlights on.

Import the worst thugs the third world has to offer. Simultaneously surrender your arms.

Is it me? Are Britons still confused?

The Last Resort Of Failed Economics Is Warfare

The holidays are over. Time to cash in the chips. Nobody wants to play this game anymore.

The West stares into the abyss.

Fiat currency doesn't work. It never did. It never will.

The only way anybody has ever found to stimulate a fiat currency once it has failed is to start a war. It's the only solution to an impossible situation.

Pack it. ITZ COMING.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Global Warmthing Kult means never having to say you're sorry

Biggest Antarctic eruption in 10,000 years.

Nothing penetrates the depleted uranium hull of these people's brains. Nothing.

Listen to this.

"We believe this was the biggest eruption in Antarctica during the last 10,000 years," BAS' Hugh Corr says.

"It blew a substantial hole in the icesheet and generated a plume of ash and gas that rose around 12 kms (eight miles) into the air."

The eruption occurred close to the massive Pine Island Glacier, an area where movement of glacial ice towards the sea has been accelerating alarmingly in recent decades.

"It may be possible that heat from the volcano has caused some of that acceleration," says BAS professor David Vaughan, who stresses though that global warming is by far the greater likelier cause. (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

Volcanic heat "cannot explain the more widespread thinning of West Antarctic glaciers that together are contributing nearly 0.2mm (0.008 of an inch) per year to sea-level rise," he adds.

"This wider change most probably has its origin in warming ocean waters."

Self-parody. This person is too slow and feebleminded to be doing this kind of work. I should be doing his job. Anybody with deductive powers that weak doesn't have the brains to be drawing any conclusions of any kind, certainly not disseminating them either.

Volcanic heat can explain anything it feels like explaining. Volcanic heat could cook this planet like a microwave oven from the inside anytime it wanted to. Contrast with decomposing baby nappies.

What if warming ocean waters are themselves caused by volcanism? That means that this guy's entire life going back to the day he was born is a joke.

The Rare Victor 9000 (Sirius) 12V VDT monitor!

So I was speaking to a guy at work about three months ago, telling him how chintzy the LCDs are you buy nowadays, how they usually start to fade after just a few years and a lot of them seem to have failure built in so you have to buy another one by design. Nothing nowadays, it seems, is built to last.

I explained to him I have a dedicated application I want to leave running for years at a time, on a military grade hardened embedded board, with FLASH Ram. I told him I needed a monitor "like something you might see in that game FALLOUT" with simple one color Hercules Mono graphics, but good readable font support. The sort of monitor you could expect to flip on and find it is still working in ten years.

Then I added, I needed it to be low voltage ... 12 volts or so, nice and cool running, very little case heat. In other words, impossible specifications. Everybody knows VDTs are energy hogs that require about 500 kw a day to run off the mains ... except ... turns out this guy knew a lot about this stuff from some work he used to do in PLC programming. He told me he thought he knew the perfect monitor for me ... a Sirius Victor 9000 12 volt VDT powered off the serial port.(?!?) "Good luck," he told me, "If you find one it will probably be in a museum. I remember they left those monitors on at one place I worked for a year or more, the things barely heated up. They were like infinity screens. We thought all the monitors that came afterwards were lots fancier but they rarely had a lifespan measured beyond 4 years if that."

I went to the tip today. Was throwing out some junk wood left over from various completed concrete projects. Guess what the guy who pulls right in next to me has in the back of his trailer? I recognized it immediately from seeing pictures on the web. The dual floppy drives on the front, keyboard and that tiny little cube monitor. A complete Sirius about to go into the trash compactor. I was thinking of stopping for an iced tea before I went to the tip! Five minutes later, I would have missed it!

Got it at home, booted it up. Perfect working order. Monitor is beautiful, runs cool as a whisper. Powered totally off the serial port. Don't let anybody give you that crap about progress. Old stuff is tougher and built to last.

I don't mind using LCDs for all kinds of support computers around the shelter but I think I have found my primary 24/7 display for the Vault-Co Thinkboy. Beautiful crisp graphics at 800x400 resolution. The anti-glare front pane of the monitor feels like it would repel a rocket-fired projectile without leaving a scratch.

Sparkgap Update

Some photos of Sparkgap updated to reflect progress. A lot of concrete poured.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

United States melted down for glue and soap fat content

The middle class is vanishing.

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along.

Globalism promised everything, delivered nothing and much worse than nothing. It was a scam all along from the first day they started to pimp it.

Russia Says First-To-Fire Is The Safe Strategy

Russians now warning off U.S. openly about their naked aggression on three sides of their physical territory. It's out on the table now - Russia will not hesitate to strike first if it comes to that.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Rod Of Iron : The Beast's Currency

Will end in rivers of blood as do all utopian ideologies.

There was not much wrong with the world we had. What was wrong was not easily fixed and certainly not by these means anyhow.

The final credit card will be implanted in children at birth.

Youtube link to show how they plan to merge three continents into one big slave plantation

Treason most foul ... but none dare call it treason ... when treason succeeds.

(Youtube) They look like us. They imitate us and our mannerisms. They're not us. In a perverse role reversal, the neoclones claim they are the real humans and the real humans are fake.

(Youtube) Buchanan says as much as is permitted in the mainstream

The neocons are really leading the charge worldwide to destroy one particular group of people, the smallest minority on Earth. Why? What is it about this tiny race of men that irks them so? Is it because they look and act like the real children of God? Who are the sons of Adam? (Youtube) They're not "cool" or "hip" like all the other races. Just made in the image of the Creator, is all. Judge them by their fruits. If the other races are so grand, why is it they always want to move away from their own nations and live beside the nerds of the human race? Does that make any sense, what with them being so "uncool" and what have you? Statistics show most of 'em are not even completing colleges at all, deferring to women and other privileged ethnic groups. How do they keep doing all this on their own, constantly innovating and inventing beyond the capacity that you would think ordinary human beings would be limited to?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The SuperStaph Pandemic Approaches

There are too many vectors. Too many people acting as vectors.

This bug has got our number. It knows we're the biggest opportunity on the planet.

It's old like Methuselah. It knows consumer units are the warmest place to hide.

It's everywhere and nowhere. Some people believe it may travel in the clouds.

Anything too successful carries within it the seeds of it's own destruction. Man is no different.

Think it only strikes the sick and the immuno-compromised? Think again.

You were worried about bird flu? This stuff will shut down the entire economy overnight.

MRSA kills more people than AIDS now

Enemy at the gates ... The End of Antibiotics?

Globalism = Cyanide Capsule For The West

Globalism is a synonym for worldwide communism.

They said we would sell them the rope they'd use to hang us. It looks like they sold us the rope we used to hang ourselves.

Is Globalism just another word for communism? You decide.

Globalism means :
  • Socialist trade controls
  • Restricted choices
  • Lack of Competition
  • Government Protected Monopolies
  • Price Fixing
  • Absurd Market Arrangements
  • Cartels
  • Shortages
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment
  • Propaganda and censorship
  • Antipathy towards individuals and independence
  • Domination and regulation of all facets of human life
  • Tyranny and control
In a free economy, could governments worldwide just wake up one morning and decide to eliminate the vitamin supplement industry? Could it decide that people should import their milk from the other side of the world instead of the dairy farm next door? Would it be able to extinguish entire lines of business overnight with a single stroke of the pen? Could they impose on us toxic values and a degrading culture completely alien to us? Globalism means being a slave. You might be a slave with access to all the porn you want and all the beer you can drink, but you're still a slave. Globalism means losing all your ancient freedoms forever, without a referendum or even being consulted. Globalism means living in terror and watching your children degraded, raped and killed before your eyes. It means violence against women with you sitting with your hands in your lap, afraid to move, to speak, to think, to act.

No. These things can only be accomplished under Communism. Even then, they can only be accomplished working under the noses of really, really stupid people. First the American educational system was destroyed. Everything else was a cinch after that.

Fake Opposition Throws in the Towel

Oh, Rube, when will you ever wake up and realize it's a con?

The democrats swept to power in a huge majority last year promising to end the war in Iraq. Led by dual citizenship foreigners, they have done no such thing. There are more troops committed in Iraq now than when they first took office. The war is now planned to extend into Iran.

Don't you think anytime the democrats wanted to, they could have impeached the President if necessary and ordered the troops out in a single fortnight? Of course they could have.

It's like when they pretend to rescue Dustin Hoffman in MARATHON MAN. They drive him around the block and just pull back into the garage to return him to his cell.

There is no opposition party. There never was. Almost all the opposition consists of government fronts that are paid for and orchestrated by the government itself, just as Orwell described in 1984. Don't tell me you didn't know that Hal Turner, Daily Kos and half the alternative press are run straight out of Langley, Virginia? Noam Chomsky is paid a lot of money to pretend to be in opposition and he goes to the head of the queue in the media whenever the official opposition viewpoint is required. There is no opposition. Not even in me. I went past both advocacy and opposition a long, long time ago. I'm in a whole different galaxy a couple of light years away.

NWO : On Time, On Schedule and Under Budget

NAFTA first with the Amero, then the union of NAFTA into the European Union.

Read it. Planned first in 1939 by a hardcore communist. Carried out as a series of steps right up to the present with very few unexpected setbacks or variations necessary.

No consultation with peasants is desirable or will be sought. It's a fait accompli, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John Titor Was Right : Hillary Will Win In 2008

Ron Paul? Thank God they have arrived at a universal consensus to completely block his name, likeness, reference or arguments from all mass media globally without exception. In doing so they have basically saved the man's life. I love Ron Paul, I think he is a truly righteous child of God and there is no way that toxic sewer is worth sacrificing someone like him just to make a point. Ron Paul is not permitted as a legitimate candidate. Foreigners count the votes in Amerikwa and Ron Paul's ballots get dumped in the nearest river.

What are the odds that John Titor would know in 2001 that Hillary would be the first female President in 2008? Given that polls had previously shown that at least 50% of the population would never, ever vote for her under any circumstances ... how could he have known that? If he was simply a hoaxer good at predicting the future, why would he chide the first person who used the word "he" to ask a question about the Presidency in 2008? Wouldn't that be pretty dumb to stake yourself on the assumption that the first female in American history would ascend the throne eight years later?

Originally, this was one the reasons I dismissed John Titor for several years, because I knew for a fact that no matter what happened, there was no way Hillary Clinton would ever be President. That was a left wing fantasy that the numbers said was impossible. Obviously, Titor was a clever fake. At least that is what I believed for a long time.

I am on the verge of believing John Titor was who he said he was. Based on one word in one sentence in one of his posts. Two letters hinging for me on whether or not he was authentic. If those two letters are looked at alongside everything else he wrote, a really big picture starts to emerge. Nobody could get so many things right in the first quarter of 2001. At that time America was on top of the world, the economy was sailing, blue skies forever and ever without end. Except for the occasional crank like me, there was nobody who believed the future was going to be something completely different.

I'd say you could not have gotten 100-to-1 odds from a bookie in 2001 that Hillary Clinton would win in 2008. It was nearly as crazy as everything else he wrote.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Third Horseman : Food Riots of the 21st Century

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A loaf of bread for a day's wages, and three measures of barley for a day's wages; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Revelations 6:5-6

Russia Wants A Piece of The Fight When It Comes

The Russians are making so many right moves over the past ten years it is evidence of incredible leadership by Putin. A lesser man would've left Russia as an international doormat for the West to wipe it's feet on by now, which is what they had planned for it originally.

Right around the time America made an enemy out of Venezuela, Russia made them a good friend.

Russia and China have tied up the oil fields of the world. It's a virtual shut-out.

In the next ten years, America can fight for oil or switch to alternative sources of energy. Vault-Co says those that think America, porn capital of the planet, is going to conduct a peaceful energy revolution that changes their nation's dependency on foreign oil are living a dream. America can't even fix the potholes in it's streets or keep the bridges from falling down. The U.S. is going to fight because it is the only option it has left. It will fight desperately the way a drowning man will claw for the surface. There won't be any strategic sense to it. It will be all-out and completely unrestrained.

When Will The Chinese Military Go For Taiwan?

Ten years ago when this subject was not even on anyone's radar, we posted three articles a day about it on Vault-Co, showing the Chinese were directing all of their military modernization efforts to this end. We told you it was coming. It is.

In a strange ironic twist, it appears America is now so afraid of China it may be the leading proponent of the "One-China" policy on their behalf. That is in part due to the fact that the U.S. is losing economic power all over the Asia-Pacific.

The question is, will they make their play for it in 2008? During the Olympics? Or shortly thereafter?

Pack it. ITZ COMING.

Debauching = "Liquidity"

Isn't it funny that despite a bewildering sprawl of mathematics, a special vocabulary, an entire class of courtiers paid to support the premise and a century of legislation that is unconstitutional, economics remains so simple a subject that it can be explained to the man in the street in a few sentences? The question is, will anybody be permitted to explain to the man in the street that it is really as simple as it sounds? Maybe after they take away his guns first. After all, it is likely he is somehow connected with the "terrorists." You couldn't make this stuff up.

Give the government the power to print off money whenever they need it, then every time they print some more money, it devalues all the money that is in circulation. Trying to solve the resulting problems by printing off more fiat currency leads to economic collapse as the value of money approaches it's true worth, which is nothing.

Just like governments have done throughout the ages prior to a massive fiscal collapse that destroys the nation, they are printing more money to try to fix the problems created by having printed too much already. It isn't rocketry science. Will they drag down the world when they go?

The reason the 16th amendment was never ratified is that they could not get the States to sign it. Therefore it was never legitimate.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stock Up On Furs & Snowshoes

There's a new Ice Age approaching!

Remember nearly a decade ago when it was just Vault-Co, Robert Felix and a handful of nuts standing on the ice floes? Well, we've got a crowd now and they are some of the best climatologists on Earth! Looks like half the planet wishes they'd jumped on before we floated away.

The majority are almost always wrong. Even on those rare occasions they are right it is always for the wrong reasons. All we were doing was sticking with the winners - our ancestors. They got it right, our modern generation got it all wrong.

Bush Promises Nuclear Attack On Iran

This is why I have been telling you ... this is going to be an interesting year.

Yes, you'd be correct if you think we jumped the gun in 2007 and much of it didn't take place. Except much we predicted in 2007 has now taken place and it appears our guesstimate was off by a couple months, as usual.

Vault-Co predicts all Amerikwa's nightmares will come true in 2008.

This run against the dollar requires radical reaction by the U.S. Government

"Recession Fears" are growing throughout the U.S. government

Of course, what they are calling "recession" really means "apocalyptic collapse of the American economy almost overnight." This genteel word "recession" is used by people who are trying to poke through the curtain of Oprah Winfrey reality and talk about what is on the other side. To this end they use mild synonyms to identify symbolically what they actually speaking of. They could not handle anything more severe. "Election fraud" becomes "voting booth difficulties" and "impending civil war" becomes "serious frustration with Capitol Hill."

Itz coming. So pack it. Before it is too expensive to afford.

Rice is stilling running at about a dollar a kilo here in Australia. Still a bargain at that price. The time to buy is in the next couple of months before the panic turns into a riot over food.

Another respected mainstream trends researcher has flipped out and is running for the hills

Notice how as soon as they start telling the truth, they're "nuts."

Friday, January 11, 2008

J.R. Nyquist : Amerikwa Ready To Fry

This country has been living in a dreamworld for so long that the shock to the system of waking up from Oprah Winfrey reality would kill them. They just have to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep - to late to do anything now.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shake Dat Moneymaker, Beeyotch

Citibank and Merrill Lynch sold to foreign owners and re-emerge on street in fishnet nylons and purple lipstick trying to score some johns, fast. You got 'til nightfall, beeyotch, when I comes bakk dis wey yo sho' betta haf dat damm monee. I ain't playin' ho, you needs to pony up or I will owns dat ass!

Where Amerikwa is going, there ain't no coming back from. It's forever.

Welcome To Peak Demand

Just added a billion people who need gas. I'm sure that will have a negligible impact on the price.

China will be India's sugar daddy/master vampire for petrol supply and India will drift into the orbit of the Chinese economically, militarily and culturally.

In WW3, India will be in the big three against the United States : Russia, China and India. Is that enough overkill for you yet?

Does this really qualify as satire?

I don't think it does. I think it's the ultimate tongue-in-cheek article from The Onion.

HR-1955 Passed (YouTube link) Last Patriot Be Sure To Turn Out The Lights

I don't need to go around congratulating myself for seeing it 16 years in advance and taking appropriate evasive action ... but there you have it.

Word in the underground is that Citibank is about to fail. That's the equivalent of the Bank Of England failing for Britain. There is some indication that there may be an attempt to freeze withdrawals or account closures by the Federal government. It's just a rumor I heard.

Widespread evidence of election fraud in New Hampshire - Ron Paul "Voteless?"

George Bush Sr. Won In New Hampshire long ago with the help of Diebold

Vote fraud already confirmed in many places by naked confession

Ron Paul fails to get even 1% in the state with the motto "Live Free Or Die?" Are you kidding me? How much worse will this get? Will they just close down all voting booths and let Diebold machines run the whole election as a simulation?

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything."
- Joseph Stalin

Desperate Amerikwans Try To Stage Another Gulf Of Tonkin False Flag Attack

Iran Has No Idea What In The Hell Warmongers Are Blabbering About

They wait thirty years then admit it was all a lie when the guilty have escaped

Do you see any markings at all on this boat to identify it in any way? This is the Gulf! It's for boats of all kinds! Where is the Iranian flag on this boat?!?!?!? It looks like a subminiature toy boat that most fishermen would consider inadequate for leisure!!! I think it was some drunk Saudis out for a whirl.

Oh, lusee, you gotta whole lotta 'splainin to do!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How To Build A Super Top Secret Bunker In Four Easy Steps - With Photos

It's amazing what people can do when they apply themselves. It really is. A single man in our day and age is regarded as helpless without force of numbers, when in fact nearly any damn thing that mankind ever achieved worth talking about was usually accomplished by one man working alone.

This guy sounds like he's not even in the physical shape needed to do this kind of work but just look at how far he got. Very, very impressive. Another couple of months he'd have something under there comparable to a Cold War L-4 installation. He could have gone to a 1200 square foot multi-level shelter with his available space and existing layout. That place would be awesome with a little more work.

Fiat Currency Meltdown in 2008

The paper dream is over, folks. Everybody but the people who introduced it against the better judgment of nations knows it, too. Paper currency is the thousandth rerun of the same old sad story of crooks'n'treasuries, repeated over and over again in history. It's run it's course and now it it is done, just like it always finishes, in a storm of worthless paper and the horror of runaway deflation.

All Amerikwa is being sold off at bargain basement prices to foreign carpetbaggers.

The whole country is being sold for firewood or landfill, no reasonable offer refused. Everything must go at rock bottom prices. Sheeple can be purchased with discounts for bulk quantities as sex slaves or cheap labor, on call 24 hours to serve your needs.

... bang. Just like that, Amerikwa goes up in a puff of smoke. If you blinked you'd have missed it. All that is left is a fragmented series of loosely aligned regions which continue to pretend they are under a single national flag. Otherwise, the United States is gone forever.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who was John Titor?

The Hadron Collider is going into service just like John Titor said it would. Looked for a while like it might be shut down, funding is being cut for colliders all over the West for a variety of reasons.

Watch Hillary Clinton in this election. It looks to be impossible for her to win. Impossible. If she turns it all around in a miracle and wins the nomination, then the Presidency, what will your appraisal of the strange case of "John Titor" be? I know what mine will be.

*** !!! HIGH PRIORITY VAULT-CO !!! ***
*** !!! FLASH TRAFFIC !!! ***

Almost on the verge of dropping out of the race altogether last week because of her ailing campaign funds and poor showing in the polls, Hillary Clinton staged a miracle comeback a few hours after this post was blogged in the New Hampshire Caucuses.


What is America's Future?

Are they going back to the moon to harvest Helium-3?

Will they ply the stars using gravity wells to accelerate their spaceships?

Vast super metropolises full of hovercraft whizzing around on levitation pods?

Clean pure air from fusion power?

A cure for cancer? Immortality? Personal flight rocket belts?

If you want to know where Amerikwa is headed, watch this short video about a leprechaun.

Link to YouTube Video

The wind will howl. Crows will fight over leathery strips of skin peeled from bleached skulls. The sun will glow red and then vanish behind the silhouettes of ruined girders and stone rubble, bringing on the long shadows and a night that never ends.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Pathocracy Ushers In Darkness

I think this article is not 100%. It's good enough to merit linking to.

Our struggle is not just against the psychopath. It's a little more complicated than that, although this idea helps to illuminate a lot of subjects that would otherwise be obscured.

The author doesn't mention what kind of courage people will display when they believe they are defending their own territory. If you take a soldier across the sea into a foreign land and point out some local and say you want that soldier to kill him, you're going to get a lot of resistance for a lot of hardwired genetic reasons, all of them that make excellent sense. There is in effect no real quarrel to be found there unless you can brainwash the soldier into thinking he is fighting for a reason that when examined will not hold water. Psychopaths need to move human beings around like chess pieces because they think life is a game scored with other people's blood.

On the other hand, when defending their own interests on their own soil, not fighting some war drummed up far away by psychos, people will fight with great courage and tenacity even against overwhelming odds. Even the most undistinguished man will come forward and battle like a tiger to protect his own nation and loved ones. That's why Roosevelt knew it would take a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to get America into the war and that is why he engineered it. Just have a look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face sometime. Ever see so much sick, loathsome and hideous character in one face? Yet the mass media was able to glamorize this horrible and revolting communist cripple to convince the public he was charming. He always seemed to be gritting his teeth in a rictus of ugly viciousness when photographed. Mugs like that take a lot of propaganda in order to thwart first impressions.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Orthodox Human Chronology Is Wrong!

Again, the reason this is relevant on Vault-Co is that we believe this nuclear war business is just a recurring cycle that happens over and over again to the dumb-ass apes that live on this planet. Each time, they forget the past and repeat the whole business over again.

We are not certain that life actually produced bipedal humanoids on this planet a million years ago in reality. We're not sure of what happened. We know with great certainty that the crap taught us in schools is indefensible gibberish. In the spirit of the enlightenment, we reject this orthodoxy as lies in the spirit of truth, a value given us by our Lord Jesus Christ. Let God be true and every man a liar.

Vault-Co Said It First in 2001 : Get Ready For Ice Age II, Itz Coming

The most prestigious and respected authority on climate in the United States has predicted we are entering a new Ice Age because of easily detected and obvious changes in the output and surface of the Sun.

UPDATE: So simple, even the mediavitzim are starting to get it

There are people freezing to death in Mexico

California Mountains under 5 feet of snow with more on the way

It appears this entire winter is just one big nonstop storm

Eastern Europe paralyzed by deadly winter onslaught

Britain doesn't know what cold is ... yet!

India is in front of a bonfire to stave off death by freezing

The earth has not stopped shaking since the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004

All preliminaries.

There is still something they don't understand, after all this time, that we do here on Vault-Co.

Before we get to that Ice Age, we have to go through the transitional period.

That's beginning right now. It will culminate with the solar maximum of the coming cycle in 2012. Everything so far is just prologue to what is coming.

Imagine what is going to happen during the next four years and then the four years following.

It's going to get interesting here on Planet Earth. Look around you right now.

Everything is set to a hair trigger to blow. I mean, everything.

Resource conflicts and shortages. Massive demographic changes in formerly stable societies. Enormous irresolvable tensions between the West and China, NATO and Russia. Incredibly poor leadership guaranteed. Proliferation and destabilization of nearly all former balances in military weaponry. Space based nuclear conflict. Pending pandemics for a dozen kinds of pathologies. The food production system and agricultural supply chain seems customized to collapse at the earliest crisis point of which there are dozens appearing.

The planet is a gigantic pile of wet, waxy dripping old dynamite about a thousand stories tall. Our "leaders" are taking turns throwing glowing cigarette butts into that pile.

What do you expect to happen?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Famine Zero

Wow! It's like a post lifted off Vault-Co from 1999!

In a declining civilization, everything seems to be a matter of decreasing gains. The more energy that is put into a complex system like agriculture the smaller the productivity gains that appear to come out of it. This parallels the collapse of many previous societies. In the beginning, everything looks so easy, food is marvelously abundant, producing it sometimes seems almost effortless. Near the end, every grain of wheat has to be fought over until more calories are being expended to grow it than can be replaced by eating it.

I honestly don't know exactly why that is. It is likely a combination of a huge number of factors, like soil quality and solar output and yield per hectare versus energy required to harvest it.

Marc Widdowson, a writer about the new Dark Age, said it elegantly : Times get harder. Everything seems tougher. What was once easy starts to appear impossible. It's a sign your society is in decline.

This is the reason so many people are now claiming we never went to the moon. With all our technology, how in the hell could our ancestors have sent a capsule up there and brought it back with nothing but vacuum tubes and punch cards? Yet, they did just that. Made it look like child's play, too.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year : Global Warming Is Bullsh*t

People are stupid. At some point, it isn't even worth discussing any more. I've gone off posting about global warming because I figure at this stage it's just not relevant to anything. Most of mankind is hopelessly damned and born dumb as donuts. I didn't make it that way and if it were up to me I'd make it different. That's just the way it is and it doesn't make me a bad person because I simply notice it.

It's like getting angry at some African guy who frequently points out that almost all government revenues end up getting stolen rather than paying for anything. He's not the bad guy just because he's one of the few Africans smart enough to notice that. He's the good guy, in fact. He's just outnumbered.

Stupid people label bitter sweet and sweet bitter. They lie about everything, constantly, then call it evidence of their edjumification. Nobody is a bad person for noticing this about most of mankind. That in itself is just another lie.

Britain - Sodom & Gomorrah II

Who is going to miss Britain? Who is going to pity the British?

The real question is, who would have fought in World War II against the Germans if I could send emails back to a teletype machine in 1939 A.D. with a couple of these articles attached?

I predict the entire British army would have thrown down their arms and welcomed the Germans as great liberators and the straightest line to a brighter future.

Sorry, my friend, but it's true. It doesn't matter if it is pleasant or not. The fact is, it's true.

Amerikwan Anarchy : Manufacturing Criminals From The Law Abiding

Let's face it, actual law enforcement is hard and criminals are dangerous to question or stop. Why bother with these kinds of hazards when you can just manufacture criminals out of gullible, easily managed law abiding folk?

Today in Australia we had another cop get the crap beaten out of him by unarmed impulsive bystanders. This brought a chorus of calls from the press to make assault on a cop a particularly severe crime, as compared to assault on a mere peasant. It also illustrates the comical laugh-a-minute nature of Australian government that they claim peasants have no call for arms in the name of self defense in a nation where not even cops are safe from random assault. If an armed police man gets his ass beaten in a public street by teenagers, what on earth do you expect an ordinary serf to do when he is charged by same on a daily basis? It's logic, Australian style.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ummm ... doesn't the Constitution say that only Congress can declare war? Against a named opponent, supposedly one located in our space-time reality? Somebody other than a mystical, seemingly omnipresent group called "Al Qaeda" (arabic for "The Toilet")??

... well, perhaps in normal situations, but not in .... WARTERRORHORRORPANICFEARMINDNUMBKILL!

Now stop asking so many questions and get busy melting down that reclaimed scrap metal into guns for your drafted kids! Get used to war rationing of chocolate bars! The enemy is here, there, everywhere! They say butter side up, we say butter side down! Death to the somewhat vague and undefined enemy!! He deserves it!

This is choice :

"It's not just the Middle East. It's not just the developing world. It's not just nondemocratic countries; it's a global problem," he said. "Threats can emanate from Denmark, the United Kingdom, you name it."

Wherever goy forget their place, as a matter of fact!

.. but this is legendary :

Today, as the top Pentagon adviser on counterterrorism strategy, Vickers exudes the same assurance about defeating terrorist groups as he did as a 31-year-old CIA paramilitary officer assigned to Afghanistan, where he convinced superiors that, with the right strategy and weapons, the ragtag Afghan insurgents could win.

"I am just as confident or more confident we can prevail in the war on terror," said Vickers, 54.

Pardon, let me see if I'm getting this correctly. The same guy who used American tax revenues to build Al Qaeda into a terrorist organization is now assigned to destroy it? I'm sorry, it appears I'm trapped in the Stanley Kubrick Dr. Strangelove universe. Please point me to the nearest call box where I can warp back to my home dimension.

The Era of Cheap Food Is Over

Globalism, the economic gift that keeps on giving.

First, economists said it is cheaper to get my citrus fruit from Paraguay than 300 meters down the street from where I live in Queensland. If anybody begged to differ, they'd use the magic supernatural phrase "free markets" which caused an ordinary person to clam up in awe at their impressive edjumification. This works on people who have never actually read anything about free markets and don't know what that phrase means or what the Austrian school was actually about. I've often inquired a bit more deeply with those touting globalism and discovered that not a single one of these useful idiots even knows who Hayek was.

Then, as it turned out, it's a hell of a lot more expensive. But, this too is good and "inevitable" and "economic." That's a scienmajific fact. In addition, apparently we will experience worldwide super famine and billions will die of hunger from this insane ponzi scheme. That too is good and only a non-edjumificated person would argue otherwise. It's all good.

Avian Flu Pandemic Ready For Release?

I went to community college in Denton, Texas for a short while after I got out of the Army back in 1985. Our dormitories were in the decommissioned barracks. I have a contact there who told me independently of this news that something really big is up there.

FEMA has set the place up as some kind of command center and lots of traffic at night in sea containers on the back of military transport. Apparently the rail line system is being rebuilt.

One funny thing I noticed there was in an abandoned building at the rear of the facility, a huge chainlink fence area around a big concourse beside the disintegrating rail tracks. I used to run an obstacle course at night that went all the way around this large concrete plaza. I usually finished up by climbing the Denton Water Tower freehand, several stories off the ground.

It creeped me out because it almost looked like a location where you'd process prisoners for a death camp. I had that instinctive impression more than once. Of course, it was decommissioned at the time and fallen into disrepair. I heard it is all fixed up and ready for reception now. Let those boxcars roll.

Amerikwan Demockrassee Is An Illegitimate Sham

It wouldn't matter if more than 6% of the population was allowed to vote anyway, because Diebold Machines would just update the results with a single SQL query.

Elections as held now in the United States are less credible than a third world Latin American dictatorship where all the ballot boxes are brought to the Presidential Palace for counting.

Amerikwa needs foreign observers to certify elections because the current Amerikwan population, with an average IQ of 97, just don't have the brains left to make sure the elections are representative in any way, shape or form.

Those who count the votes hold all the power.

Anybody notice the incredible, mind-blowingly psychotic media blackout on Ron Paul? His name has been taboo to mention in any media for the past 14 days like somebody somewhere threw a switch that changed the space-time continuum so he was never even born. Spooky stuff. The former U.S.S.R. had a more honest society under the Soviet Commissars. Good enough for Amerikwans, apparently though.

Good, simple expedient small game traps

Had to link this page because it's simple, elegant and concise. Print this page off and store it as a guide when the time comes to trap small birds and other safe game aboveground on a regular basis. You might want to experiment with building a few of these just to learn the details.

Note that scraps and leftovers including sprouts and spoiled grain serves as excellent bait for these traps, allowing you to convert a disastrous situation (discovering a barrel has leaked and fermented the contents) into a potential fresh food source for the vault.

Some facts about capturing small birds and hares after a nuclear war :

1. You should go over the catch with an alpha/beta particle detector wand when you retrieve it. If you get a ton of clicks the second you get near it, this bird has gotten into something contaminated by fallout and is too polluted with radeonucleotides to consume. Try disposing of it and reset the trap. Better luck next time, many birds will not be contaminated if they have survived off the ground eating berries or safer grub. Many hares may be reproducing quite rapidly in the post-nuclear environment and the younger ones are likely to be the cleanest or even uncontaminated. Most hares that feed on roots and vegetables will be quite safe to eat.

2. Never eat any of the internal organs as this is where the dangerous stuff tends to accumulate, in the body fats and internal tissues. Clean the game and discard everything but the meat. If you can scan this and it is clean you've still got the best protein. Beware of relying on just this resource as your only protein. The exact remedy that many mountain men relied on ... eating the internal organs to get a more complete diet, cannot be practiced following a nuclear war. So it is good to plan on supplementing this meat with other food products. Many people have starved to death in early colonial times in America eating rabbits, because the most essential parts of the human diet were missing from this menu.

3. Post-Nuclear literature has predicted several different kinds of plagues following a nuclear war and at least two of these are suitable for eating. Researchers expect a plague of insects, both on the ground and in the air, followed by a plague of birds, followed by a plague of hares, a plague of rats. At certain times in Medieval England, the wilderness was sometimes overrun by rabbits so thickly populated that one could wade through them and snatch them up by the ears with almost no effort. Eating rats and insects is left to vault-dweller discretion. It might be possible to capture unlimited numbers of birds and hares each day by simply resetting traps aboveground near the shelter entrance. The strategy described should take into account the resources and labor involved each day in cleaning and cooking this catch.

Is Cheap Desalinization Right Around The Corner?

Wow, like a lot of the new technology, this seems custom designed to benefit the small-scale vaults of survivalists and their inhabitants.

It would be terrific if a mechanism were found to desalinate water without nuclear heat - it's a great bargain to generate electricity and pure water at the same time but the greenie neanderthals keep suppressing desalinization plants in Australia for this very reason.

If it can extract salt from water molecules it could sure as hell also do duty as a general water purification system. It sounds like it would be substantially cheaper than a matching carbon filter from Berkeley Systems or various competitors.

2008 : Communism Wins

The reason that Amerikwa was beaten is that it became an even bigger communist country than Red China. In a war of communist economies, the nation with the cheapest labor supply will win.

Take a look at the prosperity in this sad regime in Asia and imagine what the United States would be like in the year 2007 had it not been eaten out by termites over the past century. Think of it with real currency backed by gold, no federal reserve and a government only 5% the size it is now. People never anticipate the power of a true free market economy, it is always greater than the sum of it's parts. It boggles the mind to think of the heights this nation might have reached instead of the depraved and degraded state it has descended to now. At present, their only remaining cash export is interracial sodomy porn. Everything else is dust in the wind.