Monday, December 31, 2007

More Money-Spinning Gibberish From Supreme Populist Charlatan Hawking

Poor guy must have some more medical bills building up.

I think this sad gimp is completely out of the loop on physics. He sounds like he has not been outdoors since 1989 when Carl Sagan was still alive.

1. There was no Big Bang.
2. Einstein was a fraud, womanizer, a proven plagiarist, a lousy mathematician and media perpetuated myth.
3. The speed of light is not a limitation on anything.
4. The universe is controlled primarily by electrical charges, not gravity or "nuclear forces."
5. Nine-tenths of quantum physics is fabricated and useless rubbish.
6. Hawking's reputation will last as long after his death as that of Sagan, Gould, Boaz, Lysenko, Morris or any of the other popular culture performing cranks of this century. About ten minutes.

Vault-Co Prediction : Hawking will never discover or write about anything worth remembering in his entire life.

I feel sorry for him because he is in a wheelchair. Let's not get carried away and extend him credibility for the sake of his infirmity. The guy is just another quack like anybody else touted in the mainstream media. Hint : Anybody they promote will be a fraud.

Check out this crip's ego. The dementia associated with his condition must have kicked in a long time ago. I'll let his words speak for themselves:

"We have discovered that the universe is not eternal and unchanging but started with a big bang 13.7 billion years ago," Professor Hawking said.

"We are now working on the unification of Einstein's general theory of relativity, which governs the large-scale structure of the universe, with quantum theory, the theory of the very small.

"This unification should determine what happened in the big bang and how the universe began.

"The centre will work to develop theories of the universe which are both mathematically consistent and observationally testable.

"It will build on a tradition dating back to Isaac Newton over three centuries ago.

"With luck, it will help answer some of the ultimate questions about the universe and our existence."

Oy! A living, itz! The schmucks eat it up! The grant check is in the mail. You may need a co-signer to get it cashed at the liquor store across the street. We'll be holding our breath.

If you look carefully at the glowing endorsement he gets on that heavily edited propaganda outlet Wikipedia, you'll see his background (like Einstein) is a bit "odd." In fact, his "magic powers" seem to fail when he is in an objective setting. Kind of like that famous Clever Hans, the "counting horse" from Germany in the 17th century. It's only during his "oral examinations" that his listeners are seduced by his Svengali-like powers. Given a simple written examination, he failed miserably. Kind of like Einy, who liked to talk about music when mathematicians visited and mathematics when musicians visited. It's all in the delivery, you see.

Hawking doesn't seem to ever have actually accomplished anything at all, ever. He's a Luftmensche. He profits and prospers off of his "reputation" and public performance art. On those few points where his "theories" were clearly defined enough to put to the physical test, once again he was revealed as a sophist and a complete poseur. He's a physics crank, no better or worse than those guys who tour Holiday Inn Convention centers showing off their "perpetual motion" machines. Hawking just went global and pulled in a much bigger haul with his scam.


If you're wondering what all this had to do with Vault-Co, it's just another sign of the overall decline of our civilization that guys like this idiot are celebrated as "geniuses" when James Watson loses his position because he is actually a real genius. I honestly believe most real geniuses are hiding in the fringes nowadays. We've got Somalians getting million dollar educations to teach them how to operate a doorknob with white kids who get perfect scores on their SATs living out of a station wagon. Our society is a train wreck.

John Titor : 2008 Is Amerikwa's Last Year

Ron Paul won't be allowed to take office. It wouldn't matter if everybody voted for him including his opponents.

It will never be permitted. John Titor said 2008 would be the year that all the sheeple realized they nation they thought they were living in doesn't even exist.

The UK : Smells like Ass, Looks Worse

The United Kingdom is destroyed. There ain't no coming back.

This open sewer is the paradise promised by multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is just a fancy word for "divide and conquer." Break up the cultural homogeneity, make people prisoners in their own homes and heads, then unleash the termites on the rotten wood which lies unprotected and loot everything that can be carried away.

Even Bonobos Refuse To Accept ZOGBux

In the final days of Rome, a slug washer used in civil plumbing works was often used in preference to Roman coin as a means of exchange, because there were fewer in circulation and the precious metal content was higher.

By the end of the coming year, Amerikwa will be nigh unrecognizable.

Third World Levels of Corruption & Vote Fraud

Amerikwa is a failure. At everything. Nobody looks to it for examples in anything anymore.

They gots dee edjumificashun.

The Surge : Body Count Bonanza

Amerikwa is a failure. At everything. You name something, I'll tell you why Amerikwa is a failure at it. These edjumificated people have lost the ability to accomplish anything other than expel gas between their lips to make noises.

NAFTA Plans Completed : No Peasant Input Sought

In plain view, just as H.G. Wells described.

Unfortunately, the many beautiful people that would have to be "sacrificed" according to the socialist madmen turn out to be nearly everyone who is not monstrous. Monsters can only destroy. They can never create anything.

Internal treason of the foulest possible order.

Prehistoric Nuclear War : Facts & Hard Scientific Proof

It shows you how crappy science is in the modern era that even irrefutable evidence of prior nuclear wars is discarded as inconclusive ... and yet nations proceed apace to "fight global warming" on arguments so thin they would not have satisfied a caveman during the neolithic.

The hard science is very, very, very strong for nuclear war around 12,000 B.C. as the last Ice Age had ended. Very strong. Much stronger than many basic paradigms about the world we take for granted which are based on fragile theories and sparse evidence.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 : Invasion Pakistan?

Is this what the neocons have planned to spice up the election year? Might take the sheeple's attention off their pickle barrel apparel and two mile long soup lines.

The Neos know they need something extreme to keep Ron Paul out of the news and bolster their claims they are doing God's work. Invading Pakistan and killing a few million more civilians in the name of confiscating their nukes sounds as good as any of the other harebrained schemes they come up with.

Amerikwan Economy Whirling Around The Bowl

Stock market looks like a mad woman's sh*t. That's the good news.

One American dollar can't buy two fifty cent Mexican whores.

This is still the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer outlook. Tell me when you're ready to hear the bad news.

Liars, Damned Liars & The BBC

Why on Earth did the BBC take it upon itself to carefully censor the interview with Bhutto to leave out her casual remark that Bid Laden had been dead for many, many years? Particularly during the years we were shown videotapes that were supposed to be recorded recently of him threatening British and American targets?

Bhutto was killed for fingering the U.S. government at the bottom of it all.

THERE IS NO AL QAEDA. "Al Qaeda" means "The Toilet" in arabic slang. It's a joke. On you.

No Evidence Of Any Warming Since 1930

Our planet has been cooling off for 70 years, just like climatologists predicted back then ... a New Ice Age.

There's going to be the mother of all solar maximums in 2012 and then the Sun is going to go out like a pilot light and remain cool for the next 11,500 years. Chattering chimps can do nothing about it, merely try to survive as always.

Retreat To The Interior Of Amerikwa

The borders are enemy occupied territory. California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida are within a single hair of officially becoming lost American regions. It's almost a classic ambush strategy with eastern states like Virginia, North and South Carolina and Florida rapidly becoming Latin American states as well. When the government in D.C. goes in there like they did with Elian Gonzalez, it is strictly as a covert operation via helicopters, get in and get out with night vision goggles like you were rescuing the President in John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

Increasingly, it is ridiculous to pretend that the United States is an integrated whole as a nation. It isn't. It is being broken up into feudal provinces along ethnic and racial lines. There are more and more places on the map that have to be ignored, avoided and circumvented in order to maintain the illusion that there is still a country called "America."

Very shortly, the entire European population will probably be squeezed into a six block deathcamp surrounded by concrete walls and still prattling about how great diversity is. Sleep, says the multikult, pressing the pillow across the face ever more tightly. Sleep.

Amerikwa 2008 : Economic Death Vortex

It's so much worse than the media lets on. They're talking hundreds of billions. Behind closed doors they are talking about leveraged debt in cross-linked collateral schemes amounting to hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Amerikwans still believe it's all a minor psychological setback, remedied by printing off more fiat currency, of course.

It's not a "bubble popping." It's the vacuum created by a thermobaric fuel bomb before the ignition. Watch and see what happens next.

Return To The Dark Ages : Bedbug Infestation

One comment says what the media won't dare : illegal aliens from exotic locales without quarantines, lack of high temperatures in laundry, banning the use of DDT.

There are many mainstream epidemiologists who believe that bedbugs were the primary vector of smallpox and someday soon may be again.

It's also interesting to note that all it would take is a time machine to get some no-nonsense people from 1955 back to get rid of these bugs. Did you know at one time, washing machines sold for domestic use in the United States ran a steam cycle at 160+ degrees? It's not just your imagination ... the people of Pleasantville had cleaner, whiter clothes than you do. They had less fungus and mold in their skin, surroundings and linens than you modern people could even imagine. Everything in the 1950's was cleaner and more hygienic. It's not just nostalgia.

I'd like to see these bedbugs survive a trip through the old Chinese laundry that used to be across the street from the Automat near Union Station in New York. A guy who worked there told me they ran those steam boilers so high in there that occasionally people were burned by the steam rising from the exhaust conduits out in the street.

I used to eat at the Automat every night after selling books out in front of the subway entrance. It was great. The food was good and cheap, too. You could get an excellent ham and cheese mustard sandwich with an apple and all the coffee you could drink for $5.00 in there in 1989. I think I was the healthiest I've ever been in my life living in New York city. I had an immune system like a wall of nanocarbon.

Bedbugs are a symptom of our civilization's slide back into the filthy, diseased and grimy conditions of the medieval era. I just hope they still let us burn candles for light after they outlaw incandescent bulbs ... to protect the planet from "global warming." Ask Scotty what the delay is in engineering. I need somebody to beam me out of this freakin' madhouse.

Five Minutes To Midnight

We are growing closer now to this kind of impulsive, panicky launch than we were at any time during the heighth of the Cold War. It wouldn't take much at all to set the sky on fire.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Russia and the U.S. on collision course for WW3

I never saw this coming, by the way. I knew America was testing Russia's patience by trying to squeeze her borders and surround her, but I could have never guessed they'd be stupid enough to actually start building an ABM installation on her perimeter. It's a worse act of provocation than the Russians putting launchers in Cuba.

Pakistan On The Brink Of "Nightmare Scenario"

Bhutto's murder is triggering widespread civil unrest and contributing to the abdication of the moderates, exactly as predicted 72 hours ago on Vault-Co.

Orwellian : It's Not Science Fiction Anymore

Always for use "only on certain people" in the beginning. Of course.

Later on, they'll flash thought criminals on these with a list of their mental breaches of the State Code of Political Reasoning.

Original Sponsor Of The Global Warming Theory Says Gore is a Crook and His Followers Are Fools

Notice the article first had to be preloaded with disapproval by pointing out all the credentials and testimonials that Gore has received from other communist bastards. Solipsist authentication : you vouch for somebody else, they vouch for you, the two of you vouch for another person. Sophistry going in crazy self-referential circles.

Claude Allegre pulled his referral for Gore and instantly became a non-person. He went from supreme scientific authority on climate to despised quack overnight the second he no longer supported the mythology.

The Mass Media : Worse Than Life Under The Soviet Commissars

This woman goes through every single candidate in the Iowa race except Ron Paul, deliberately ignoring someone who is polling in third place at the very least.

I almost did not want to link to this site because I wouldn't want to give this argument against suffrage the hit count.

I think this is getting scary for Ron Paul ... their attempt to ignore him is starting to seem positively psychotic. These are some very scared shabbas goy.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Biggest Enemy of Christianity : The Krisschans

This article says exactly what I've been thinking lately.

Seeing the chief-in-command of boy buggery bandits reduce the role of mankind to mere sanitation police seeking to preserve zebra-skinned salamanders from eczema and other horrors is tantamount to ridiculing the whole of creation. If the human race was fashioned for no other future than chasing nits on a dog's ass to spray them with moisturizing lotion, is it fair to say our logical end is extinction and justly so? These conehead bastards are just cheerleaders for the greenie nihilist death cult like everybody else. Their paradigm is one of death, dissolution and disintegration. They are effectively declaring a universal surrender to entropy on behalf of mankind, which is the complete opposite of the Christian ethic and an abomination of the adamic moral fabric.

Nobody hates God more than the environmentalist and this includes these Catholics and their false church of Lucifer. They seek nothing less than to unwind us from within and spin us into a genocidal orgy of self-destruction.

J.R. Nyquist : The Storm Approaches, The West Is Asleep

Nyquist on why the Nation-State is no more "obsolete" than oxygen or gravity.

Men will always cluster around their genotype in nations based on territory and identity. They sometimes pretend otherwise, however ... usually before the outbreak of terrible conflict.

UN Marketing Itself In Marvel Comic Books To Children

The funny thing about this story is that it sounds like something made up by some kind of far-out, whacky conspiracy theorist ... like me.

After all, we are talking about what was busted as the planet's largest child sex-slave scheme operating out of Eastern Europe for quite some time, using Amerikwan tax money to export orphans for dedicated duty as sex toys to their depraved clients worldwide.

It's like the Catholics putting out a comic book for young boys that attempts to portray priests as loving father figures worthy of their trust.

It's disgusting.

2008: ZOGBux Implosion

These are the moderates talking.

You can hear worse in the back rooms where they don't make press releases.

Is This Why Bhutto Fell Out Of Favor?

Youtube video - 6 min 12 sec in, Bhutto Says Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Can the U.S. support a new leader in Pakistan who announces that Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years?

This is why Bhutto got the cold shoulder and arrangements were made to liquidate her.

Amerikwa would never allow a head of state to make this announcement. It would reveal that the past six years of their administration have been a complete charade.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bhutto Killed In Pakistan in Political Assassination

Who would want to prop up Musharraf when Bhutto was a moderate alternative to his dictatorship? Musharraf, the CIA and Mossad, of course.

Any chance of a moderate government for Pakistan is lost now.

Pakistan goes over to the dark side, that's the big tamale right there. Now the radical fundamentalists will surge based on the notion that it is the only way to unseat Musharraf.

Australia is a good example of this sort of political mechanism in action. We didn't vote for Kevin Rudd, we voted to unseat our resident dictator and U.S. handpuppet John Howard. Everybody here knows Kevin Rudd is an incompetent Marxist loser. It would not have mattered who stood against Howard, Australians would have voted for him.

Radicals attain control generally because of massive shifts against the current party in power when they have come to seem invulnerable. Another example was Germany in 1929 - it seemed like Bolshevism was an unstoppable force internally that was going to deliver the German people into the hands of Russia. Germans supported Hitler not because they thought he was a good choice but rather that he seemed the only force capable of counterbalancing the nuts on the other side of the fence.

John Howard was making people afraid. It appeared he was no longer even accountable to us at all. So people voted for anybody but him. That's what they got ... anybody.

Pakistan is going to see-saw into something far worse than most imagine. It's going to be bad.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

28 Days Before In Poland

Avian flu is creeping silently now into European nations without much fanfare.

More reports like this if you google.

The Real African

This is a real article published in the wake of Zuma's win recently by a black editorialist at the paper.

In some ways, this could be looked upon as a form of genetic selection. Those actually stupid enough to trust these wonderful critters and treat them as equals are selected for death and oblivion in the gene pool. Anybody dumb enough to believe in the faux world of egalitarianism is demonstrating markedly inferior perception and native intelligence, period. Inferior. It's exactly like mice born with an affection for cats or sardines who swim towards instead of away from tuna. You can't expect that anything can be done for an animal that defective.

Another sign of their inferiority is their belief that it doesn't matter if something is true or false if they seem to have a consensus on a subject. They'll all die together just the same. Placing a higher value on the group's fiat declaration than their own six senses could be regarded as cheap/shoddy wiring inside their heads. Bad software/hardware connections upstairs. We all know that a desire to conform is innate for many people but at some stage it becomes a ridiculous quality. In many white people, you can see as plain as the nose on your face - they're just not firing on all cylinders correctly. You don't need to get a group opinion on it. You just listen to them and study their words and you can tell that they need a cerebral rim alignment.

As weaker male elements are killed off by these "equal people" and their women forced into bondage as whores to bear children for diversifiers, the gene pool will shift towards those who can walk and chew gum at the same time. It's inevitable that the very act of introducing these conditions speeds up evolutionary change on other levels.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Arctic Sea Ice Freezing At Record Rate

Even this commie green propaganda rag printed the story!

The Maunder minimum approaches.

I wish I could actually see the look on these moron's faces when the superchilled hoarfrost air roars down out of the eye of the continental sized cyclone and freezes them solid in their tracks to use as seed nuggets for glaciation in the approaching Ice Age. I can just imagine their dopey mugs frozen in wide-eyed shock. That would be rich. That moment when it hits them they had no idea of where they were or what the hell was going on around them. Priceless. Even funnier if they were holding their little Bolshevist eco-tips pamphlets in their rigid mitts at that very moment. "Putting a brick in your toilet can help in the fight against climate change." Yes. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

Japan Working on Their ABM System

As we have said previously on Vault-Co, ballistic missile defense fits the argument that fools used to hurl at civil defense programs ... nobody builds an ABM system without planning to use it.

The very act of installing it is daring your opponent to see if it actually works. ABM systems are preparation for a third world war. Despite what sheeple units believe, all they do is force your opponent to go big - science fiction big - in his attack strategy. Sure, your ABM might be rated to stop 3 incoming missiles directed at a given target ... so your enemy sends 300.

Nothing is the surest straight line to a new arms race than a marginally effective anti-ballistic missile defense shield. Let's hope these idiots believe their own product propaganda ... I suspect under live testing these systems will be revealed as a colossal tragedy when WW3 starts.

Him Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken

Check out the way this entire article dodges the very existence of the good doctor, despite admitting none of their puppet protege candidates have anything remotely like popular support.

Amerikwan Politiks:

First they ignore you.

Then they smear you.

Then they kill you in a light plane crash or fake heart attack.

Amerikwa : A Third World Country In All Regards

Profligate underclass with a genocidal rate of fertility infested with worms and parasites. Some of these critters, especially the virulent tapeworm, is a seriously contagious affliction and would warrant quarantine for any animal but man.

Want to hear something incredible?

One overriding observation I made in Los Angeles is that Hispanics don't wash their hands after using the restroom. It's mind-boggling but remember with an average IQ of 92 you're going to skip a lot of fine details in your personal hygiene like that.

That's not what is incredible. What is incredible is that I have noticed recently in Australia that at least half of males no longer practice even these essential traits in their own conduct, like washing your hands before returning to work. This is in supposedly technical professions, mind you.

There is one certainty we can speak of in relation to multiculturalism and diversity - it causes standards in all aspects of human existence to decline very, very rapidly. It means that shame and discipline are discarded in favor of self-expression. It means lonely isolated people who lose touch with the critical discriminating faculties their race has cultivated over the course of many centuries are turned into vulgar and base consumer units who no longer aspire to any standards at all.

"We need to begin erasing these horrific health disparities," Hotez wrote.

... and yet after centuries of failure in Mexico and many decades in Amerikwa to teach the basic elements of personal hygiene to this ethnic group, you're going to succeed, buddy? I don't think so. Been there, done that. Is this the part where we going through another whole round of micromanagement of their lives like the 1960's-1990's at the cost of trillions of dollars only to discover their children will have worse vices than their parents? They still won't wash their hands coming out the restroom, betcha. Where the heck will the money come from this time given the coming economic collapse of the United States? Oh, that's right, you can just print some more off. Like they do in South America all the time during hyperinflation episodes. Good luck with all that.

Russia Prepares For The Smackdown

There's a new Russian innovation in nuclear weapons delivery nearly every week. Is the United States keeping up? Is the United States even in the race any longer? Not with a dollar on parity with bird cage liner it won't be.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas 2008 : The Quiet Spiral Into Darkness Begins

This holiday, whilst the sheeple cut the turkey and give thanks to their false secular consumer globalist "god," the world financial system is quietly, effortlessly spinning completely out of control. This will be the last time the Amerikwans celebrate this pagan festival with any joy.

This time next year, it will be babies - the other white meat.

Read Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD if you want to know what Amerikwa will be like in a very short time.

Diebold, the vote-rigging scam corporation, is going downhill on greased rails

Chrysler bankrupt, like most Amerikwan companies

Amerikwan retail is on the brink of being vaporized in 2008

The tent cities open for business in Amerikwa

This is nothing so far. Vault-Co predicts the Amerikwan tent camps will have populations numbered in the millions and their primary source of heating fuel in the cold winters approaching will be ZOGBux.

The bubble has burst and there is nothing to replace it

Bush introduces medical triage for children to thin the herd

Imminent domain seen for what it is - chainmail bash'n'grab property raiding

The original purpose of a government is to protect life and property. When it becomes instead the chief oppressor of the people who live under it, it is time for a revolution.

Zimbabwe 2006 = Amerikwa 2008

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Amerikwa Is Losing The War On Everything, Everywhere That It Counts

The U.S. Economy ... what happens to first world people transplanted into a third world nation?

There will be civil war. There are no alternatives. The transition cannot be made peacefully to a North American Union Totalitarianism. That's just another neoconservative fantasy.

Survivalists said 30 years ago that a fake terrorist attack would be used to create the police state

They were right. Everybody else was wrong.

The U.S. is losing everything that matters in a world that is leaving it behind

China is getting ready to cornhole the Amerikwan currency ragged in 2008

The North American Union will fail. The Amero will fail. Everything that is Amerikwan will fail.

The gates of hell are going to open in Amerikwa in 2008.

Vault-Co Predictions For 2008:

1. Ron Paul Will Cease To Be A Candidate For The Presidency
2. The U.S. Will Undergo Zimbabwe-Style Deflation
3. Massive internal unrest
4. Complete collapse of the domestic economy

Peak Oil Bunkum, Peak Demand Begins

Ever notice how 90% of the population are always looking in exactly the wrong direction for potential threats in the environment?

They worry about transfats as they play in the median strip of a tank superhighway. They never, ever get it right. Their instincts are lousy. They screech about a warming planet just as the next Ice Age is hitting.

I think if I was that crummy at identifying the hazards in the future I'd just do like they do and give up thinking about it altogether.

The Hoax of the Century

The mainstream media will never, ever concede that they have made enormous fools out of themselves. The truth is that they were always fools, this issue just made it obvious.

Get ready for epic cold and storms beyond the ken of the human imagination, Vault Dwellers.

Worlds Before Our Own

You know when we have to get the straight information from Brad Steiger on just where modern anthropology is after the past twenty years of unprecedented revelations, we've entered really strange times.

Read this article. None of this is made up. It's the truth.

As of about 1995, the orthodoxy just shattered into a million fragments that can never be put back together. The security of a consistent world view vanished.

We don't know what we are. We don't know where we came from. We don't know how or why we are here.

As a Christian, I believe every single word of scripture is the truth. I also believe it's only about 1% of the truth. The rest is as if seen through a dark glass.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2008 : Amerikwan Economy Will Flatline

Don't let anybody fool you with mathenomics and tricks with figures.

The real math is astronomics. We're talking defaults on sums involved that are leveraged against bad loans that number in hundreds of trillions of dollars. Not billions in defaults. Hundreds of trillions.

I have a close relative who handles bad debt packages for banks as a profession. The word behind closed doors in Amerikwa is that the economic collapse of the United States that is approaching is in no wise comparable with that of the Great Depression in 1930. The understanding amongst colleagues is that this is much, much worse.

I honestly hope Australia will weather this mess with the grace of God. One of the biggest achievements under Costello was keeping the budget balanced and practicing very tight fiscal management. All of our economic fundamentals have been kept close to the bone without pork for nearly ten years and there are many people who believe that our economy is extremely sound because of it. Of course ... we do have a labor government now, so there's always the potential to stuff it up.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SuperFamine Beginning? World Food Stocks Decline

To hell with gold and silver.

I need to know where I can get baked beans and discount bulk rice.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When Post-Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

To give you an idea of how out of touch with reality these academics are, I can tell you from firsthand experience working on demolition crews in New York city that I have lifted dead rats with rubber gloves that were three times the size of that gerbil the scientist is holding in that photo. Sewer rats in New York achieve sizes that boggle the mind. You could live there twenty years and never see them unless you've worked underground (as I have) or else you have been somewhere like the Bowling Green subway line after 3 am in the morning when the access gates have been locked and the lights turned out. The rats that come out on the platform that time of the morning when they think all the humans are gone would cause you to pee in your pants. My first impression when I woke up one morning in Bowling Green was that the platform was crawling with hundreds of hairy loaves of bread.

The biggest rat I have ever seen was taken from a derelict building by my supervisor in Brooklyn during a demolition job I worked out there after the exterminators had gassed the basement. The supervisor had to tie a rope around it's head to pull it up the stairs. It looked like a small Dachshund with stubby legs, gray fur and pink paws. This rat could have swallowed that one in the photo like a jelly bean.

Now imagine ten years after a nuclear war, the rats that might become common after emerging safely from their deep rock shelters with ten million or so human corpses to feed on and few natural predators. I expect you'll need a big gun to keep those kind of rodents tightened up.


While you were sleeping ...

Many of you who have been reading the Vault-Co blog over the course of many years probably learned very early on that I always seemed to be living in my own little version of the world. You probably dismissed a lot of stuff up here as paranoid exaggeration of what to expect in the next world war. You couldn't place what I was talking about half the time, it seemed to you like I was reading from the pages of a comic book. I always appear to be preparing for stuff like a "cobalt death shroud" of radiation that might last a decade or more, "red mercury cluster bombs" and "neutron wedges," of which you have never heard anything about in the media, through standard publications, magazines or any traditional sources of information. You probably expected I was some garden variety petty ranteur who had done what a lot of garden variety schizophrenics do ... extend some small piece of information into an elaborate fantasy in which I lost track of what I had read as opposed to what I fabricated. You thought to yourself ....

"This fellow Tex Arcane is always talking about stuff like 'killer robots.' He has mixed up different ideas from movies and television in his mind, from the James Cameron film THE TERMINATOR to perhaps some lesser flick like HARDWARE."

Then one day, it became apparent that terminator technology was the single hottest military application in the world for funding ... it didn't get that way overnight. Vault-Co told you about this stuff years before it was obvious.

You remember the "Doomsday Weapons" discussed as early as 1999 on the original Vault-Co site. "Hmm, you thought, this guy Arcane must have got this from the end of DR. STRANGELOVE and slowly absorbed the notion into his strange epistemological framework until he believed these kinds of weapons actually existed. Everybody knows they were just a theoretical science fiction proposition about a dead-brakeman's weapon system that would blanket the world with radiation in the event Russia thought it had lost. Nobody in their right mind would ever build such a thing." Imagine the shock when all the sheeple learned it not only existed but that it had been on active response throughout the entire "collapse" of the Soviet Union. Hey, this is like that nut on Vault-Co was talking about. Doomsday devices. Sounds like the stuff in comic books.

What sort of weapons will the Third World War be fought with? Are any previous scenarios you have read about in some sheeple media article from Time Magazine in 1971 applicable to the current era? What about those old civil defense manuals that FEMA reprints to this day, claiming a 14 day stay for fallout and some minor inconveniences having to do with decontamination afterwards? A strong detergent is recommended in combination with a stiff whisk broom.

The Bush administration reduces the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal that are part of the public record. Why? Well, why not? If you've got a couple hundred ten megaton cobalt bombs with pinpoint accuracy in orbit, why on Earth do you need to keep a bunch of rusty Titans and Minutemen in cold storage that require costly maintenance for obsolete technology? You likely baffled at all these odd whisperings from Russia and China about the need to "achieve parity with U.S. space weapons capabilities." Chances are if you watch the media for news you never realized there is a space weapon capability. China's recent satellite test alarmed everybody in the know but went right over the heads of most of the sheeple. It appears a war is going on behind the scenes that you mere revenue generators are not permitted to understand.

Remember, on Vault-Co we never tell you everything we know. We tell you about 25% of what you need to know. There's no point in telling you everything because you wouldn't believe it.

You need to know that you will be spending more than 14 days in your shelter. Use your imagination and prepare to survive a real nuclear war like the one that is coming - not the one that was hypothetical propaganda fifty years ago when it was first described in civil defense manuals.

Peak Oil = Junk Science

We've never believed in Peak Oil. Never. Just like Global Warming, at Vault-Co we have never accepted this assertion, not even once.

We have always told you what the real problem is : PEAK DEMAND. With the ensuing Resource Conflicts that follow. Maybe in fifty years there will be enough oil to go around to supply the needs of China and the Asia Pacific as well as the West. Before we find out, we're going to have a third world war and it is going to be thermonuclear.

We don't change like a weathervane at Vault-Co. Our message has scarcely been modified an iota in ten years on the web. We figured out all of this stuff a long, long time ago. We had all the information in 1996. We had drawn all the right conclusions by 1997.

It's not that the oil is running out. There's plenty of oil even though efforts to expand the existing oil supply have been virtually abandoned for twenty years. It's that there is only enough to go around for one world empire. The loser is going to end up fighting a nuclear war out of sheer desperation. We know human history and this is the way it always plays out.

Globowarmthink is Oprah Winfrey Style Pretend-Think

Globowarmthing is the perfect religion for those who would otherwise have no outlet for their fake sentiments and bogus generic moral outrage at anything and everything. It is tailor made to guide a generation of extraordinary morons into the waiting paternal arms of a draconian world government.

The communist felon Antonio Gramsci hatched this entire scheme and wrote it down in notebooks over a twenty year period of isolation in prison. The reason he could not share a cell with anybody else was his uncontrollable and incurable farting. The irony is that the father of the "global warmthing" environmental hysteria scam, possibly the largest Ponzi scheme in world history, was himself likely inspired by his own lifelong contribution to greenhouse gases. This man smelled methane and sulfur in his cell when he woke up and gagged on it at night when he was settling down to sleep. It makes sense in a kind of crazy marxist way that when the time came to invent the "environmental crisis" that would be used as an excuse to establish totalitarianism, it would be based on the notion that humans sin by simply existing. In Gramsci's case, this was probably true.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Potential Pandemics A'Poppin'

Ebola Outreach Strain Begins Production in Uganda

Bird Flu Flares Up in Asia and Pakistan

Stop sleeping beside your chickens, you dumbasses.

The global pandemic is so overdue it's ridiculous.

Imagine having to roll double snake-eyes every morning in order to eat breakfast. That's how much we're pushing the odds with six billion mobile sheeple and no pandemic yet. It's straining the bounds of nature's limits.

Sooner or later, probably sooner, we're going to get the Ebola 28-Days-Later style blood spitting fever right in the middle of a first world urban area before it can be quarantined. The whole idea of allowing people who still sleep beside farm animals at night and persist amongst the worst sanitary conditions you could conceive of to jump on airplanes and walk right into the first world unimpeded without a medical examination or quarantine may be seen in retrospect to be absolutely insane.

You should see what you have to go through to get a dog or cat into Australia. The dog has to go into quarantine for nine months but the human walks right down the loading ramp and coughs a big wad of phlegm on the nearest shopkeeper? That is utterly bonkers. It's raving mad!
(P.S. Resident Evil 5 is going to be the biggest selling computer game of all time. Although nobody will ever admit why.)

European Union Finalized Without Representation

The British people rejected it soundly in the referendum - so what? If voting made any difference it would just be made illegal or else ignored. "Referendums" were invented in the 1980's and introduced to the rubes without any explanation of how they were binding under existing law in America, Australia and Europe.

Brown too ashamed of his treason to sign in public with the other supervillains

The European Union will have a supreme ruler elected by the feudal lords of each serfdom without consulting the serfs. This imposed tyranny represents a silent, bloodless destruction of at least 1000+ years of advances in western civilization and a return to the crudest imaginable despotism.

All rights under English Common Law are null and void. They don't exist any longer. The British people will have the freedom to die screaming. Anything else is merely a privilege or ceremonial observance that can be revoked at a moment's whim by their oligarchs.

Why auction off the Magna Charta? I say we burn it. It's all gone now.

North American Union is scheduled next. Watch and see if the Amerikwans can do anything about it. After a year or two of the Depression they're about to go through, they'll be begging for their manacles and leg irons if they come with a loaf of fresh bread.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Are They Planning To Assassinate Ron Paul?

Vault-Co predicted when the uproar got loud enough and they could no longer safely ignore him, they would arrange for a mysterious liquidation of the good doctor. This is why I am not supporting Ron Paul - because I think he is too good a man to hold the office of President of Amerikwa. I don't want him to die. I don't believe in voting and I think it's been a rigged game for the past twenty years. There is no point in a fine man like Ron Paul losing his life for this septic tank nation and I wish he would withdraw from the race like Ross Perot when the elite got to him by threatening his daughter.

Every day when I check Drudge, I expect to see a flashing siren and the banner "RON PAUL DIES SUDDENLY ON CAMPAIGN TRAIL." He's old. It's plausible. That's all they need to get away with it. Do you have any idea how sophisticated poisons are nowadays? A couple drops in his coffee by a smiling Sayanim and he's dead, heart attack, no residual traces of anything.

You don't think they'd do it? They killed 3000+ people at the World Trade Center just to bring America into the war in the Middle East. Do you really expect they will care much about some kindly, good natured senior citizen? Ron Paul is too much like Jimmy Stewart in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. The entire system has been closed to real candidates for at least two decades or more. They will never permit Ron Paul to get near the White House. You heard it here before, you're hearing it again now. These people will kill Ron Paul in an instant if they think he has a snowball's chance in hell of interfering with their political aims.

Why The Vault Operating System Should Be Based On an Ethernet Ring LAN

My ideas on this subject have changed rapidly over the past couple of months. Here are my reasons, starting with the most important:
  1. Ethernet whether embedded or driven off a card is now down to around $10-$20 per node. It's the cheapest tech available and it has been thoroughly proven.
  2. The wiring and connection of Ethernet is standardized, simple and cheap.
  3. TCP/IP is too complex, too interdependent and too demanding of system resources for 8086 technology or embedded devices.
  4. There is no master and no slave in Ethernet. No node in Ethernet can crash the rest. If Ethernet goes down for some reason, nodes can still operate independently anyway.
  5. All Ethernet cards come with a unique address.
  6. Ethernet comms is easy to program in VB-DOS (or C++) for any purpose and easy to monitor with simple packet sniffing code.
  7. All nodes can ignore information they don't need to look at or broadcast a system wide message. All nodes can filter messages just for what they want to respond to.
  8. Optical isolation for Ethernet connections is rapidly dropping in price. (EMP protection)
  9. Accessories for Ethernet are dirt cheap and wireless Ethernet can be made transparent.
  10. Ethernet is easy to monitor, debug and trace as a protocol for a single engineer.
  11. Industrial processes using Ethernet have proven it can run for months or years unattended virtually without error.
  12. Most of the drivers, tools and utilities for Ethernet are free.
  13. Like VB-DOS, Ethernet is largely a dead language/protocol. This means that it won't be constantly undergoing revisions, updates, patching and upgrades.
Every node connected to the Internet can implement some feature of the standard messaging protocol used on the system internally. The aboveground weather station can simply send a packet once every few seconds that represents the consolidated values of all of it's instruments. A water level monitor can transmit the temperature and percentage water remaining in it's tank. A radiation monitor can send a mapped picture of radiation aboveground as a series of point measurements on a diagram as a packet.

Nearly every 8086 compatible terminal inside the shelter can run the same version of the software in VB-DOS, except tailored locally to behave according to it's responsibilities. The terminal in the storage area can only respond to messages related to requests concerning inventory and resources. The terminals in the entryways can send a request to open the nearest door after receiving a password or code. The controller terminal in the house can monitor and control nearly every other terminal pending security authorization to check on what is happening inside the shelter ... when the last time the air conditioner was turned on, what the current temperature and humidity is inside, examine the event log, turn on the ozone generators, watch for carbon monoxide leaks or battery charging.

Any terminal can chat/whiteboard/email to another terminal. The Permaculture lab can report shortages of growth medium or project crop yields and if another workstation is configured for it then it can save/log/process this information. If necessary a safe, secure proxy can forward email or other types of comms to the outside world.

Feedback appreciated. There may be something I don't know or have missed on this topic.

Oh My *Itz Coming* Yassum

Tensions keep escalating. Things are said routinely now by both sides that have not been said openly since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Each week brings another provocation from the United States, which obviously has chosen door #2 ... instead of a slow degrading economic collapse, they want to go out with a bang. They hope that enough history will be wiped out that their part in destroying the United States will get lost in translation when future historians try to piece it together.

The sheeple cannot stop to look at the incoming missile contrails - too busy googling Paris Hilton and Snoop Doggy Dogg.

It doesn't sound like the Marquis De Queensberry will be administrating, either. It sounds like anything goes and the winner plans to write the history books to portray himself as the very model of fair play and appropriate responses. Deer and birds will nest in the ruins of the minimall and the library will host a den of possums. Nobody will announce the winner because it won't matter anymore. The crawling green will turn the urban prairie into a beautiful and mildly radioactive natural paradise.

Vault building is real politik. Everything else is bean baggery.

The Truth About Vaccines From The Man Who Would Know Before Anybody Else On the Planet

The unbelievable rate of cancer?

AIDs, Heart Disease, early onset Alzenheimers, all the diseases of the twentieth century?

Where did these diseases really come from?

Are they all natural? Or are they something else?

Modern medicine is bad for children and other living things.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The West Is Led By Madmen & Fools

At one point, it almost looked like Microsoft might have turned back the clock to a time when Amerikwans would be taken seriously as people. The overall excellence practiced by Gates and his staff was reminiscent of the factories run by Henry Ford or the upswing in productivity that followed World War II. For about ten years there, the entire dream was riding on Microsoft which was the only company to emerge from the culture wars (1960-present) that was not driven insane by conflicting sets of incompatible value systems. Their only viable competitor for a while was Apple under Jobs, who was an LSD-popping kulturkampf marxist who hated America like nearly all of his generation. There was never going to be any salvation from that end and it was never really a surprise that Macintosh could not gain market share with so little emphasis on affordability for their machines.

Gates got old. People do. He retired and turned the company over to other men. In the time it took to blink, Microsoft has gone the way of IBM. It's a train wreck that may take many years to come to a complete halt - assuming Amerikwa lasts more than a few more years intact anyway. With the disastrous release of this junk software called "Vista," the entire company has officially gone off the rails under the leadership of this cokehead Ballmer, possibly the most inept CEO in the United States.

I think the real future is in Linux and BSD. At least it looks that way. Should this be taken into account when deciding on the environment for the Vault Operating System?

(Link below is to Youtube, requires broadband)

Ballmer was a public embarrassment even before the Vista debacle

The whole western world is an empire of ass-klowns like you might have expected to see during the reign of the Emperor Caligula.

Good men are tending their private gardens. They are not found in public life any more. It's not their time. It's the decline phase and they are not appropriate in the West. Bright people ... anybody who talks in complete sentences or can remember to close their fly leaving the restroom ... just doesn't fit into this nightmare. It's the coming of the long shadows.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Albert Gore : None Dare Call It Treason

This doesn't have anything to do with the environment. It never did. Albert Gore is a Manchurian candidate for the comintern and always has been.

Treason worthy of hanging :

"... urged delegates at the UN conference on climate change to ignore Washington if necessary to pursue the 'moral imperative' of a new global regime."

A proud, unrepentant traitor to his nation just like his criminal father, a convicted spy for the Soviet Union :

“find the grace to navigate around this enormous obstacle, the elephant in the room that I have been undiplomatic enough to name.”

It's about forming a new supranational global government run by crooks where you will have no representation and no accountability, just a brutal tyranny beyond the dreams of the world's worst despots :

“The truth is that is the maximum now considered possible even here in this conference is still far short of the minimum that will really solve this process. So we have to expand the limits of what’s possible. We must have the moral imagination of humankind to see ourselves as the symbol of global civilisation.

Meanwhile, back in the real world :

Amerikwa enters Ice Age II

If you don't like the weather, just wait 12000 years and it will change

Back off man, we're scienmajistic types


The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down...but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.

CFR member Richard Gardner, Source: Foreign Affairs (CFR's journal), April l974

In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all.

Strobe Talbot, Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, Time Magazine, July 20th, l992

Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.

Henry Kissinger, Source: Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.

George H. W. Bush addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1, 1992

Many well-intentioned people are now convinced that we are living in a period of history which makes it both possible and necessary to abandon our national sovereignty, to merge our nation militarily, economically, and politically with other nations, and to form, at last, a world government which supposedly would put an end to war... Sovereignty for a nation is hard to come by and even more difficult to retain. It cannot be shared, for then sovereignty becomes something else, and, for want of a better word, when sovereignty is lessened the end-product is internationalism. Sovereignty is neither more nor less than self-government. American self-government is blueprinted in the Constitution.

Ezra Taft Benson, Source: The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, pp. 695-6

It is only logical that the Insiders will try to apply the coup de grace against America through a Republican President simply because most people cannot believe that a Republican could be "soft on Communism" or would jeopardize our liberty or sovereignty. The watchdogs tend to go to sleep with a Republican in office.

Gary Allen, Source: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, p. 149

We will have systematic population reduction, forced sterilization or anything else which the planners deem necessary to establish absolute control in their humanitarian utopia. But to enforce these plans, you must have an all-powerful world government. You can't do this if individual nations have sovereignty. And before you can facilitate the Great Merger, you must first centralize control within each nation, destroy the local police and remove the guns from the hands of the citizenry. You must replace our once free Constitutional Republic with an all-powerful central government -- and that is exactly what is happening today with the Nixon Administration. Every action of any consequence, despite the smokescreen, has centralized more power in what is rapidly becoming an all-powerful central government.

Gary Allen, Source: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, p. 141

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vault OS : 100mhz 486DX VB-DOS On Tablet?

I would like to put this idea up to get some feedback from people interested in Civil Defense Commander, a module of my long delayed Vault Operation System.

I have located a supply of pen tablet computers at rock bottom prices. They're tough, reliable and fully support LAN networking out of the box. They consume tiny amounts of power and have built-in sleep and suspend modes.

Although it is now almost 8 years old, the original version of CD Commander I wrote in 1999 was a Visual Basic for DOS application using a networked ISAM database. It was very impressive and looked terrific. I never got around to working much on the data monitoring and network aspects but it was a lot easier than you'd think. It also had the same advantage as Latin for scientific classification - it is a dead language, stable and would not require endless updates and maintenance. It's very low demand on memory makes it ideal for a lot of embedded systems which hosted it in x86 compatible environments for industrial control and communication between workstations. The difference in reliability between a system like this and another running under Windows 95 or later is the sheer complexity, slowdown, memory requirements and a million things that can fail without explanation in the windows operating system at any given moment. Stuff in VB-DOS for industrial control is legendary for it's rock solid dependability. Serial communication and port access is fairly simple with VB-DOS and graphics are supported for a couple of memory efficient formats.

If I use this pen tablet as my universal work station, running the same program from any connection point in the Vault system as a controller, the best environment will be VB-DOS given the specifications for the pen tablet and other reasons listed above.

I can also develop this system fairly easily on a PC, transfer it to the Vault remotely for updating the software and pretty much support it for expansion of all kinds once it is running.

I'd like to hear what people think of this idea instead of the current CD Commander running as a 32 bit application under Windows XP or better. It may seem odd to consider but it could really be the last word in Civil Defense computer systems if it is designed right in VB-DOS.

New Vault Battery Technology From Toshiba Is Shipping!

My current battery bank was purchased in 2003. Five years of crappy and irregular manual deep cycling has basically ruined them. The sole source of power now for the entire Hive is two sealed glass mat 12ah lead acid batteries vented near the alternate hatch. I know, it's a pathetic situation. I'd be screwed if I had to shelter for more than two days in the present situation.

I have been trying to locate Edison style batteries for months, even searching tips and battery reclamation points looking for discarded older forklift batteries. No luck.

There is hope on the horizon. The coming year is going to see this lithium-ion stuff available in retail at competitive prices. So maybe it's a good thing I waited before sinking another grand into batteries. A deep cycle battery with a charging time of five minutes and an expected lifespan of ten years or more was worth waiting for.

I plan to buy all new lithium ions like these early in 2008 for the Sparkgap quonset and I will be managing their charging via wind and solar around the clock with an embedded custom controller. I have almost all of the computer technology needed sitting around in pieces and fragments at the moment, just waiting for me to bring it all together in one place. I also plan to rewire the entire shelter system with relay controlled 2.1 mm jacks for 12 volt cabling to replace my old auto jack system. One thing important to know about auto jacks for 12 volt is that they stink. The poor fit and contacts inside the typical 12 volt automobile electrical wiring degrades very rapidly in continuous use with loads. The plugs frequently fail from a minor bump or the wrong angle when they are plugged in. In retrospect, like a lot of things in the shelter I just don't know what in the hell I was thinking about when I dropped all this money on 12 volt jack sockets and automobile wiring. It's a terrible system for the electronics and power.

My light, power and computing system early in 2008 is going to be perfect. This is the way I do almost everything in life. I do a first version which is just plain stupid. Then I respond to the feedback I get from realizing it is stupid to get it right on the next iteration. It's fortunate that I had seen shelters similar to the one I have now before (including Firehold Alpha) and had enough information to get the basic design, architecture and layout correct. The internals are still in development. I hope that when I am ready to document what I have done that many of you will be able to benefit enormously from all my initial mistakes. I've made lots. Luckily I got the shelter structure itself correct.

World's Best Climatologists Say That Global Warming Is Utter, Absolute Drivel

Peer reviewed paper in the December 2007 issue of the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society.

The fundamental question is whether the observed warming is natural or anthropogenic (human-caused). Lead author David Douglass said: “The observed pattern of warming, comparing surface and atmospheric temperature trends, does not show the characteristic fingerprint associated with greenhouse warming. The inescapable conclusion is that the human contribution is not significant and that observed increases in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases make only a negligible contribution to climate warming.”

Co-author John Christy said: “Satellite data and independent balloon data agree that atmospheric warming trends do not exceed those of the surface. Greenhouse models, on the other hand, demand that atmospheric trend values be 2-3 times greater. We have good reason, therefore, to believe that current climate models greatly overestimate the effects of greenhouse gases. Satellite observations suggest that GH models ignore negative feedbacks, produced by clouds and by water vapor, that diminish the warming effects of carbon dioxide.”

Co-author S. Fred Singer said: “The current warming trend is simply part of a natural cycle of climate warming and cooling that has been seen in ice cores, deep-sea sediments, stalagmites, etc., and published in hundreds of papers in peer-reviewed journals. The mechanism for producing such cyclical climate changes is still under discussion; but they are most likely caused by variations in the solar wind and associated magnetic fields that affect the flux of cosmic rays incident on the earth’s atmosphere. In turn, such cosmic rays are believed to influence cloudiness and thereby control the amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface and thus the climate.” Our research demonstrates that the ongoing rise of atmospheric CO2 has only a minor influence on climate change. We must conclude, therefore, that attempts to control CO2 emissions are ineffective and pointless. – but very costly.

I envy those with the patience to articulate what I lost interest in convincing others of a long time ago.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

VAWT : Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

After some costly experiments, I have concluded that a horizontal wind generator is all wrong for a civil defense application.

Here are just a few of the merits of a VAWT turbine:

Easy construction using just about anything. VAWTs can be build from plastic buckets, PVC, metal pipe, anything that is a cylinder that can be cut. The design is elegant, simple enough for any layman to understand in seconds and therefore easy to repair and replace when it becomes necessary. If the post apocalyptic world has any cylinders left in it, you should be able to build as many VAWTs as you need.

Tough enough to easily withstand conditions that would wreck a regular wind tower, even 300 mph winds. It is hardy enough to last through extreme conditions of all kinds with a longer life and lower maintenance requirements.

It is self damping in speed to avoid many of the problems associated with rotors in wind towers, meaning it is safer to operate and puts less stress on the structure which can be located closer to the ground. It has fewer moving parts to wear out, in any event. The only cost is a slightly reduced efficiency but the gain is very large.

Requires no vane to point it into the wind, which also means no slip rings! Trying to locate slip rings was one of the things that drove me to investigate VAWTs as an alternative. Slip rings are ridiculously expensive and therefore prohibitive in a system for which robustness is the primary requirement. The VAWT spins in any wind strong enough to turn it, irregardless of direction.

It can be protected from the elements, housed in a safety cage and sealed against ice, rain, moisture and grit that represents a serious degeneration over time for any instrument that relies on moving parts. It can be anchored more firmly and even camouflaged where a regular wind generator cannot be.

Check out the link to the plans and also have a search for "Savonius" wind generation. I think the alternate vertical designs may be more efficient but they are as fragile and vulnerable as the horizontal wind towers for a variety of reasons. The Savonius design looks like the way to go, although it may be optimal to have several vanes on the drum as opposed to two. I will have to do a bit more research.

The Dumbest Mystery Religion of Them All : Secular Humanism

For sheer lack of self-awareness, blind dogma and rabid doctrinal zeal, nobody can touch the secular humanist by a country mile. Their persistent utopian enthusiasm exceeds that of marxism, the Aztecs and druidism ... all faiths which shed rivers of blood on an altar of death. One of the drollest qualities they feature is a glib superficial promotion of nearly all the Christian virtues without ever crediting the source. I say the secular humanist is a fool and a plagiarist as well.

How do I know? I was a secular humanist for sixteen years. A good one, too. I could eat mediocrities like Christopher Hitchens for lunch with the power of my arguments and conviction. Hitchens and Dawkins moved into that dry gulch and declared themselves sheriff only because it had become a ghost town for want of guys like me.

I think of these as the years before my brain actually switched on and began functioning. Seriously. I thought that because I was obviously doing better than the average person that I knew something. The reality is that I knew nothing. Wisdom begins with the fear of God.

Only The World's Very Best : Globowarmthink is goofy, obscene BULLSH*T

All four of the climate scientists who originally spawned the global warming death kult with their theoretical propositions are now amongst the most strident critics of the idea. Not a single one of the climatologists spoken of in name by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth has not emerged to vigorously distance themselves from it.

The only people left who promote globowarmthink seriously are the mass media marxists, the unemployable career losers at the United Nations and their worldwide stable of useful idiots. It's all Antonio Gramsci's plan put into action to achieve world government. The sheeple don't know anything about anything and will generally follow anybody diligently who strokes their marginal and feeble brains. Ask the Bolshevists if indignant self-righteousness works as a control mechanism for the easily flattered. Forty million dead white Christian Ukrainians can't be wrong.

Monday, December 10, 2007

2012 : She's Gonna Blow

Repost of previous Yellowstone article.

Note that it is precisely this development - movement of an unwieldy blob of rock into the root of the caldera - that causes the catastrophic detonation of the super volcano. We're seeing geological history in the making. This is one of the most important processes driving evolution on this planet ... not asteroids or comets from outer space, but volcanic eruptions that trigger mega-extinctions down here.

Overdue by at least 40,000 years. The Solar Max that hits this planet in 2012 (see post below) should fire this cannon. A much smaller magnitude flare caused the plate movement and subsequent Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. Will La Palma collapse in 2012? It's a very real possibility. We could get ten Yellowstones worldwide blowing, some of them near Australia in the Ring of Fire. Get those air filters ready for your intakes.

The whole human race has it ass-backwards and is looking in the wrong direction

I thank god every day I drank that sodium lye at 18 months old. What a blessing. Like the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, it was the most incredible thing that could ever happen to a human being. I wake up every morning and wonder if I'd be as dense as the rest of mankind if my aunt had not left that Drano in the Coca-Cola bottle. What good would my IQ be if it weren't paired with my super-Asperger's perception? Useless, likely. I'd probably be googling Paris Hilton right now in lieu of an actual brain. The lye did something to me. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Something Really, Really Bad Is Getting Ready To Happen Inside The Sun

Check out the spin in that title. The journo tries to spin this back somehow to globowarmthink.

Humans are stupid. Sometimes when I try to imagine myself in their shoes and see the world through their eyes, I figure I'm looking out of the head of something that isn't even human compared to me. "Disempower." Isn't that incorrect usage altogether? What is the sun, a civil rights movement? Who is editing this stuff before it goes to the printer?

NASA isn't kidding. They are stopping just short of apocalyptic conclusions here.

The Sun hasn't gone "quiet." It seems to have gone insubstantial. If they trust their own instruments, it is unprecedented.

Something is going to happen in 2012. It's going to rock your world.

Everything else is just incidental compared to this, including nuclear war.

Something is getting ready to happen. That's a fact. You don't have to be an astrophysicist to connect the dots here.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Primate Reasoning : It must be true if enough of the other primates say it is true

Globo-warmthink makes no sense. It's insane. There is no rational consistency to any of it. Good luck trying to get any of the druids in that nature cult of Rousseau to listen to sound arguments. I've tried - it's like arguing with an Eliza-bot. Computer simulations prove that computer simulations prove that simulations prove we are right. Forget about melted ice caps on Mars. Watch this computer simulation instead.

What Globo-Warming is really about is demonstrating the genetic obsolescence of nearly half of mankind. They've got old software. It works off of consensus. They ain't going to the moon to harvest helium 3 with those neolithic brains, trust me.

(Another hilarious rant from The Guy from Boston. Requires Broadband, much profanity)
Global Warmthink beats working for a living if you get on the gravy train

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To World War III

Reason is gone, yet the plan to place ABM sites right outside Russia's borders will continue. How odd. It's as if nothing is what we are told it is by the televitz device.

These guys must think the Russians are stupid.

Wrong answer. The Russians are not the stupid ones. A nation pushing a world war with no civil defense program for it's own civilians is the stupid one.

(Hilarious link requires broadband, warning 7 mb .wmv with a lot of cursing)
Times like these with no civil defense program? You have to be kidding.

There isn't going to be any evacuation, either ... if all the bridges fall down.

It's getting hard to even report this stuff. It's all pretty much Monty Pythonesque style biting satire. Service jobs will power our economy for more services. Yeah. That'll happen. Good luck with all that.

America is a doomed nation. It will be destroyed in the space of a single day sometime soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doomsday Seed Vault Now Operational

I told you.

Pack your rice.

Itz coming.

Put those non-hybrid seeds someplace safe.

Extrapolate from the implications, think about this news a little bit. You'll know why the most important project on my plate after I finish Sparkgap is my hermetically sealed underground permaculture lab.

Originally I was planning another underground quonset connected to a bird roost below grade, but I've been thinking lately about two or three structures like this, ferrocreted with cement and buried under at least a meter or so of earth. The frame looks like it would be extremely easy to construct and very strong compared with other projects built mostly from scrap. I was thinking of building three domes using this method, the one in the middle the largest, divided into hydroponics (biggest dome), aquaponics (silver perch and freshwater lobsters/shrimp) and the remaining dome connected via a ramp up to a feedyard for chickens, rabbits and possibly a goat. I was running the plan by my significant other last night and she nixed the chickens/rabbits/goat because she was worried the smell and maintenance would be too much during peacetime. We sort of negotiated a compromise where I might put all the machinery in place for it but not actually acquire the livestock and fowl until a few weeks of international tension seemed to be building to a crescendo.

One of the reasons I started to grow keen on these domes is that they can be done in a series of incremental steps and be operational before they are fully completed. For example, as illustrated in the link, your dome can theoretically go into service as soon as you can pull a tarp over it. Pouring a concrete foundation, covering it with rebar and mesh, ferrocreting the shell piecemeal by hand ... all these things can be done kind of haphazardly in small units of work sort of the way I have been completing Sparkgap a couple of days here and there every month.

For example, by the time I get around to whistling for the bobcat to return to my property and backfill the domes with crushed rock, they could be fully set up inside and working - or at least fully stocked and outfitted with the correct hardware.

The aquaculture dome could also be set up with something truly economical like a steel swimming pool with liner, they are under a $100.00 here in Australia for a two meter wide, 1 meter deep pool that could hold an awful lot of fish. Fingerlings, lobsters and shrimp could be in tanks surrounding the central pool in glazed bathtubs. The circular shape of the dome interior would be much better suited to an aquaculture pool than an oblong quonset like Sparkgap.

I will probably begin by building one dome and seeing what is involved. If it works out then I can go ahead and build the entire Permaculture Lab as three connected domes. I'm not sure what the budget will be on the job but I'll bet it would be less than Sparkgap if I can scrap up a big mess of hollow steel bars for the frame and a lot of rebar mesh. Likely less labor intensive as well.

Turns Out That The Only Honest Man in The Room Was In Iran

Iran was telling the truth.

Everybody else was lying.

'Nuff said.

Vault-Co Prediction Confirmed : North Korea Will NOT Disarm


If they were smart enough to develop the nukes, they're not stupid enough to surrender them.

The United States has proven with it's actions that it believes might makes right and that it is incapable of respecting anybody who cannot hurt them back. Ask the civilians of Iraq if it's a good idea to be on the weak side of Amerikwa. It's not. It's a death sentence.

North Korea will never disarm, unless you count using their nukes on San Francisco in WW3 to be a kind of disarmament.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Advanced Nuclear & Bio Weapons ... 1949?!?

I'm going to stop telling people they are living fifty years in the past with their delusional notions of a 14 day stay following nuclear war.

Fifty years ago, that notion was just as fantastic as it is today.

Believing that nuclear wars will not be deliberately dirty is kind of like imagining the League of Nations was going to be able to enforce their ban on warfare.

Nuclear weapons don't really start to deliver a punch until they're salted with dirty ingredients like cobalt. You might as well use conventional munitions if all you were interested in was a big explosion. Who will be able to resist tossing in the dirty stuff when World War III begins? Nobody. MAD is dead. It doesn't apply anymore.

Did Thomas Jefferson Have Precognition?

"The spirit of the times may alter, will alter. Our rulers will become corrupt, our people careless. A single zealot may commence persecutor, and better men be his victims. It can never be too often repeated that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest and ourselves united. From the conclusion of [their] war [for independence, a nation begins] going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of [that] war will remain on [them] long, will be made heavier and heavier, till [their] rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion."
--Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XVII, 1782.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

U.S. Dollar = Another Sad Tale of Fiat Currency

Parity with birdcage liner will be achieved next year.

Everything is fine. Nothing to see here people. It's all policy. Keep moving. Watch more televitz. Consume. Sleep. Marry and Reproduce.

Paul Craig Roberts on what happens now.

Who was John Titor?

I am tempted to say one of the greatest hoaxers in the history of mankind. Ordinary people aren't very good readers. I am. The guy never skipped a beat. There was no poker tell. The writing is delivered with such conviction that the person responsible for these postings should probably win an Academy Award for staying in character that long. Too convincing. Most of the population is functionally illiterate. The only two guys in the world I know who write that well are John Titor and me. Since I'm not John Titor, I have to tell you the person pretending to be John Titor was incredibly clever at faking the part of a homeschooled, battle hardened multiskilled real American who was the opposite of everything that modern people are today. The Gen-X morlocks don't realize what lousy writers and thinkers they are. They don't notice these things. They'd never see the huge gulf between their self-expression and whoever this John Titor was. John Titor was light years ahead of his audience in perception and perspective. They were like crude decline era monkeys beating with bones on the black Kubrick monolith that was Titor's writing. Compare the questions they asked with Titor's responses. No contest. The former are barely even human beings but the latter was a well-rounded whole person who was obviously the product of much tragic experience. Those fat mall kids couldn't even come up with one decent talking point for the man from the future.

If Hillary wins next year. That's what I'm waiting to see. That will clinch it for me.

Annual Diversity Carnival Begins In France

The gift that keeps on giving. Forever.

High speed motorcycle powered enrichers have encounter with mass. It's all the fault of whitey.

Carnival in pictures.

Western man is stupid.

Let'em burn. The Phoenix principle says dead wood has to go into the furnace in order to clear the forest for new growth. Anybody dumb enough to keep whistling the multikult catechism at this point belongs on top of the fire. They don't need to be educated. They are incapable of learning. So lock up the fire extinguisher, sit back and watch 2000 years of Western civilization go up in ashes. I reckon there'd be no need for Vault-Co if the whole world wasn't so damn stupid.

Take a good look at their paradigm for the world. Is it predictive? Or is ours? Who guessed at all of this in advance? Could we do that if our model of reality was farther from the truth? Or would it have already proven itself to be the accurate one and the gibberish on the televitz all so much delusion and schizophrenic madness?

The French are supposed to be swaying hand in hand like the old Coca-Cola commercial by now. Is that happening? No? Did somebody lie to you? Was it Vault-Co that lied?

Think about it. Make up your own mind. This one is your call.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Worldwide Sheeple Control : "They Live" Flying Taser Zapbot

We couldn't make this stuff up at Vault-Co.

You knew it was only a matter of time. Tasers are generally safe except for the 300+ people who have died where force was otherwise inappropriate for that situation. It's likely somebody in America will be executed via summary justice with this portable electrocution chair by street cops before you finish reading this blog post.

Hey, while you're at it, why not put a real gun up there as well? Chain fed, belt loaded, with regular stops at automated reloading stations. That way the cops could just sit at the station and use a joystick to blow away people with overdue library books and jaywalkers. What about a dragonfly drone with a lethal injection payload for troublemakin' toddlers? Elderly scofflaws could be dispatched off this vale of tears by a whirlybird spraying cyanide gas while they are serenaded by an MP3 player with the best of Perry Como. It's all about the love, people.

Classic ZOG Agitprop From Ministry Of Truth

You have to read this piece from Andrew Cohen. You gotta give it to the guy. This is over-the-top moxie masquerading as journalism. It's almost a caricature from Der Sturmer. Remember this is exactly what Weimar Germany was like in the late 1920's. Exactly.

This could literally have come from the pen of Orwell or another science fiction writer in a novel about a totalitarian society.

The Bill of Rights, according to the people who wrote it, was not a list of rights permitted to people to retain. It was a list of rights the government would never be able to abridge, subtract, or amend - with the assumption that anybody who tried to do so would be a tyrant.

The right to bear arms is over 1200 years old going back to the Scottish Declaration of Rights. The only critters that don't belong in this picture are guys like Andrew Cohen and others who are simply not compatible with free republics. Rather than modify the government, they need to move on to other pastures. They have worn out their welcome. Mark my words, just as in 1920's Weimar Germany this is going to lead to very, very bad things.

If the Supreme Court declares the Second Amendment is other than what it says it is and all of the Founding Fathers repeatedly said in print it is and exactly what it sounds like ... you will be looking at civil war in America 100% in 2008. I guarantee it.

I've heard that the NWO is worried it is running behind schedule for the planned integration of the North American Union, originally scheduled in 2010 - and they are hurriedly rushing the final stages into place in many different countries for this reason.

John Titor was right. 2008 is the year that everybody finds out they weren't living in the world they thought they were living in. According to Titor, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States, with the help of Diebold Voting Machines. America will be fighting an increasingly ugly civil war in addition to several external wars and will be ripped apart by the ZOG machine during this time. Russia will bring an end to it all in 2015 with global thermonuclear war. I hope John was telling the truth and we really do have 7 years left to prepare. I'm not counting on it, personally. As John pointed out, there are an infinite number of universes and possibilities. I wouldn't be shocked if it starts in the next fifteen minutes.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kurt Saxon's Classic 25 Cents A Day Meals

If you've never read this article, you don't know what you're missing.

Try this as an experiment one evening and see how cheaply you can eat at work. I did it once for about 8 weeks and I figure I saved $2000.00 I would have spent on lunch.

Imagine the same principles applied inside a shelter for food preparation and cooking as the last word in energy efficiency. I tried it during one of my R&D nights in Firehold Alpha and the most important thing I realized after discovering what an amazingly easy principle it was is that you need to have a really, really good way to exhaust the steam when you open your fireless cooker "crockpot." Otherwise it's the most incredible thing since sliced bread.

U.S. Plans To Use Porno Profits To Fund New Weapons Systems Against China

... point being, there will be no grand schemes of innovation and daring to counter Russia and China once the Amerikwan dollar reaches parity with coffee can labels as an exchange medium. This is all pie-in-the-sky speculation from a bankrupted nation headed for obscurity in a blaze of glory.

America Has Come To It's End

Nyquist tells everybody else what we've been telling you at Vault-Co for a long time.

Where Amerikwa is going, there ain't no coming back. "The Panic of 2008."

If you've been reading Vault-Co for a while you've probably figured out why so many people with Aspergers autism display Cassandra Complex.

It's because we can see the future but nobody can comprehend what we are talking about until it arrives. It sounds like gibberish until it gets here and people go ... "Oh right, that's what you were talking about. I see now." Too little, too late.

Amerikwans know that widespread civil unrest is coming.

The tragedy of Aspergers is that because of the nature of the human mind, nobody is harder to understand than the honest man who speaks in plain language. That alone might be too weird to accept but it's true. Nobody is more obscure than the guy who is almost incapable of guile. There are hundreds of thousands of years of guile embedded biologically in the way that the human brain functions. People expect guile when others are talking and demand that others practice the courtesy of accepting their guile when they speak. If somebody talks without guile, he will find almost no audience amongst mankind. It's like he was trying to communicate at a higher pitched frequency than the normal human ear can hear.

If oil is expensive now, how will the United States compete with it's trash currency?

I was working on a software project recently with another developer who clearly had Asperger's. He was younger than me and had not yet achieved the acceptance needed to avoid limitless frustration. All I could do was laugh when he tried to explain it to the neurotypicals ... The design and architecture is junk. It makes no coherent sense. There is no way the project can succeed because there is no solution to the problem, only a consensus that we should not adapt our approach. He might as well have been trying to teach chimpanzees to program in COBOL. Finally the Project Leader told him with a puzzled air, "What you're trying to say is that you want more money, then, right?"

You cannot solve a problem if you cannot correctly identify what the problem is. Civilizations fail not because they choose the wrong solutions, rather they lose the ability to even recognize what their problems are.

Astronomers Locate Azathoth, The Cosmic Nuclear Chaos

So that's what those drumbeats getting closer are I keep hearing all the time.

Lovecraft was the first to postulate the existence of this anti-matter critter the size of a galaxy.

It's not the big Az that worries me, it's immigration policies that favor easy border movements of his servant Nyarlathotep, the "black wanderer."

Well, pack your rice. There's always a future as one of the stunted underworld mutants that survives eating white grubs belowground. I actually enjoy a good white grub if it is well cooked.

The Wild, Weird Whacky World of Globo-Warmthink

The facts say that globo-warmthers are crazier and more delusional than the worst religious fanatics of the Medieval Church.

Satellites demonstrate that temperatures have been evenly dropping over the entire planet for thirty years. This is all before the sun has one massive flux maximum remaining in 2012 and then cools to unprecedented levels, virtually "snuffing out" as one NASA researcher has predicted.

Some scientists have theorized that the Sun "flutters" like a candle as it approaches a cyclic flip-flop, with great gusts in the form of solar flares, before it then ebbs for a long time, perhaps 11,500 years or even longer until the Ice Age once again gives way to the warmth of the interglacial. This cyclic behaviour probably reflects something to do with the interplay of gravity and mass, magnetic fields and the original layered composition of the sun's fuel as it burns. The ultimate governor is likely our passage through the galactic plane and the angle at which force is exerted by the mass and magnetic fields it carries.

We don't know what is going to happen in 2012 or what will be happening in tandem with whatever takes place in 2012. We expect that whatever miseries mankind is enduring at that time are going to be amplified a thousandfold by what takes place in the natural world in the year 2012 when it gets here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is This The Ultimate Vault Shortwave Gear?

The BITX20 SSW Transceiver - Is This the New Civil Defense Radio?

It's a brilliant design that substitutes high quality, calibrated toroids with simple and cheap replacements using solid state electronics for the frequency adjustment. It's the last word in open source SSW, with a huge user's group that has been tweaking it and adding accessories for some time. Originally designed for India to help the masses get shortwave connected to the rest of the world. The performance compared to sets starting at $4000.00+ USD is supposed to be phenomenal.
There is a lot of leeway for "hacking" the design any way you want, putting it into almost any kind of case and hooking up a lot of different peripherals which you can build with the help of other BitX20 users on the Yahoo newsgroup and elsewhere. You can also bridge the digital divide pretty easily with digital frequency displays and other links to a PC to monitor input and output.
I just found the only gift I need for Christmas this year other than grace.