Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Billion Dollar Junk Science For Freeloaders

Missile defense is gay. It's for men who lack proper bass in their voice.

Civil Defense is for lantern-jawed strapping pulp fiction style he-men. It's sci-fi solid for two-fisted survivor types who intend seriously to outlast World War III.

Cowering under a gay missile shield will get your poor ass properly fricasseed by a couple thousand rads.

Civil Defense is for serious people. Missile defense is the preferred strategy for metrosexuals and guys who bend gender boundaries.

Missile defense is for those Tom Clancy readers who feel they understand what's going on in the world because they've read Tom Clancy novels. Actually, they're gay and they understand nothing at all. The real world is not a Tom Clancy novel. It's also not something to be held at an effete distance while you analyze it. At least not for much longer.

Civil Defense is a kind of scriptural humility in the face of what is a very crazy world filled with morons. It's the ultimate acceptance of your own mortality and recognition of the fragile nature of human existence. It's for men who can control a little bit around them instead of the kind of men who pretend "we're" all in "control" of everything.

Metrosexuals cling to the group believing it will save them and ridicule God. You want to ask if these Christopher Hitchens types have ever taken a good look at the group they worship in place of a God. Have they ever noticed it consists largely of morons and halfwits like themselves? Honestly think these metrosexual goofballs will ever get that missile defense working properly? They don't seem to be capable of doing anything right. I expect that whole Tom Clancy crowd of wannabes have a really rude surprise waiting for them in the near future.

P.S. Also, the Krapture, martial arts and spectator sports are all primarily gay. The only missile defense experiments I would be willing to fund would involve Tom Clancy, Steven Seagal and O.J. Simpson strapped to a rocket and fired into the Sun.

Sunspots Say The Forecast Is For Cooling

You know the generic, vague and elusive fashion that all globo-warmthers speak in?

Well, it's just an extension of the way people in general speak nowadays. It's postmodernism marching through another institution. In order to prepare people for this kind of "science," it was first necessary to redefine the practice and methodology of science itself. Globo-warmspeak is "science" for people who will never have the brains to understand real science. The essential distinguishing quality of this kind of "science" is it's underlying vanity.

It took two generations to properly lay the groundwork for this gibberish in order to rely on it's warm reception by the know-nothings who know everything. Oprah Winfrey has played a big part in this constant flattery of the common mind, which is and always will be junk for understanding anything beyond the local level. Mother nature makes a lot of crap for brains and it took much social engineering to convince the half-wit unwashed and unclean majority that they was now scienmajific and whatnot. Once dey bee edjumificated dey believes anything at all dey bee told by udder edjumificated types and what have you.

Friendly Local Freemasons Offer Tooth-tracking System For Kids

Yes, there's no better way to say "I love you" than to imprint a microchip tracking device in the teeth of your loved ones and get their dental bite for identifying their corpse after it is returned to you from the correctional camps.
"The Freemasons of Rhode Island offer free tooth printing as part of their Child Identification Program, or CHIP. The Masons offer the child identification service, which includes fingerprinting and making a two-minute video interview of the child, at many local fairs and functions throughout the year."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

New Babylon won't be giving up this easily.

It's a fight to the death and it will glow at night when it is over.

Iran Attack Said To Be Imminent

This is more on the order of a leak considering the source. A lot of buzz in the Cabal and some of it trickles down to the second-stringers in the media.

You know, like in a Latin American country

Will we have to wait much longer for the local landlocked mystery gas to assimilate them? I keep waiting for them to change into Ma and Pa Kettle only it doesn't seem forthcoming. Rather, they appear to alter the character of any place they take up residence, until it looks exactly like the place they just left.


Lucifer's Child Flickers His Forked Tongue

Rudy Giuliani is truly the sickest, weirdest and nuttiest sodomite currently running for President. America looks more and more like Rome with it's astounding lineup of nuts, whackos, psychopaths and degenerates marching through the institutions.

Notice how the sociopathic personality can change into any shape or form depending on the person they are speaking to. They have no center. They have no principles. Their principles are to say and do whatever is needed to achieve power.

In Asperger's autism, the part of the brain that is the driving force in sociopaths withers away. It barely even develops at all. The sociopath is best described as a person who experiences hypertrophy in this structure ... it is in the mammalian layer of the brain we find the deficit. A sociopath is a lizard inside a human skin pretending to be warmblooded. In Asperger's autism, the subject will try to mimic the duplicity, ambiguity and general indirection that characterizes human interactions - although it's always imitation. In the sociopath, they are masters of deception who mimic human feelings and compassion - - although it's always imitation. People with Asperger's are honest to the point of it being almost ridiculous, whereas with the Rudy Giulianis of the world, they are biologically opportunist to the point of it being ridiculous. One is too straightforward for his own good ... the other can never tell the truth, even when they want to tell the truth.

They're the complete opposites at different ends of the human spectrum and I suspect that sociopaths will always feel the Asperger's personality to be their natural biological enemy in that they are kind of the "ultimate sniffer dog" for finding them out. They might fool most of the people all of the time but there will always be one kind of person they'll never fool. I think they know this instinctively in their horrid, inhuman way.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Belgium?

The European Union is a brutal marxist regime that administers a spiked jackboot to the throats of all the inhabitants of Europe. It is a tyranny of such a magnitude that Hitler and Stalin could have only dreamed of such exclusive unassailable control. It has no elected officials or democratic representatives. It is the opposite of a republic democracy in every way. It makes the Nazis look like girl scouts in comparison. It is the worst totalitarianism in Europe since the reign of Oliver Cromwell.

Gary Hart Warns Iranians That A False Flag Is In the Works

Itz coming.

Even Gary admits it now.

Gary is one of those children of the Devil who hopes if the tide should ever turn he'll get leniency because he pretended to be all disturbed and shaken up by the excesses when it was underway. This kind of man plays both sides of the fence, he wants to be the sensitive caring voice of conscience unless the iron hand of totalitarianism is lowered successfully, at which time he'll concede he never really meant any of that crap.

Diversity Enrichmentators Go Awry On Bongo Outreach Expedition

Yawn. Happens a hundred times a day in America and never makes anything more than the local paper. Sometimes it won't even be reported there. Quietly, softly ... and now they are at the door. It's like smothering somebody slowly with soft music, massage oils and velvet gloves. It must be done ever so covertly ... and then the time comes when it is all too late to do anything but die.

Globo-Warmthink Kult : Funded By George Soros, Of Course

Is there anything evil that ever happens anywhere in the world that George isn't nearby? If so, I am not aware. He's always "in the area."

Job 1:7 KJV

And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

George really gets around. He's what they used to call "a person of no fixed address" in the old days, implying the passage from Job back when most people would recognize the metaphor.

Hate-Speech Doubleplus Ungoodthink Bill Is Passed By Senate

How long before "warmthink denial" is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment or death? I wager not long at all.

Go ahead and sell the Magna Carta, that phase of history is over anyway. Stupid people don't stay free for long.

ZOGBux = Weimar Republic Parity

... but this will give you a really good laugh. It's the kind of comic relief you've come to expect from the Amerikwan mind.

With so many warnings signs of a weakening economy, the dollar will be hard-pressed to eke out a rebound, said Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at the Bank of New York.

"We're going to have to live with a sagging dollar in the foreseeable future, until the U.S. economy gets back on its feet," he said.

Yeah. That's going to happen. Or not.

Unless there is a massive wave of innovation in the porno industry where everybody's wife is going to star in her own diversity gangbang, I just don't see what sort of economy that the United States has left. They have no industries remaining to speak of, unless Al Gore is able to get his carbon credit sales operation going. Or some other primary product that doesn't actually exist that you can pretend does and get paid for it.

2008 Amerikwa : Babies, The Other White Meat.

Russians Promise WW3 Over Space Weapons

It's so simple even an Amerikwan should be able to figure it out.

Itz coming.

Alabama knows itz coming. The rest of Amerikwa tries to think, with mixed results.

Femme Fatale Sodomite Announces Marxist Jackboot Is Coming Down

Globo-warmthing. The next best thing to flat-out communist rule.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What The Start Of World War III Could Look Like

The key words here are "strong and alert."
They could have never guessed fifty years ago that by 2007 Amerikwa would be the pornography capital of the planet and the world's biggest debtor nation.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Titor was right. Every single prediction he made about both physics and time travel have been nearly 100% accurate, including the "Z" machine at CERN laboratories he spoke of that makes time travel possible.

There's more to this story. Oxford mathematicians have worked out proofs showing that the existence of parallel universes solves nearly all of the most important anomalies described in quantum physics. In other words, they are the simplest explanation for the things that previously could not be explained in traditional physics.

Titor was right. Time travel doesn't mean you can go back in time to kill your grandfather. All you can do is go back in time and kill somebody else's grandfather, because it's impossible to stick to the same timeline you left. The very act of traveling in time creates a parallel reality in itself. There is a purist elegance about the idea that seems to instinctively satisfy ... before the math was done to prove it.

Australian Attempts Rational Thought, With Partial Success!

Don't say we don't report the good news when we find it!

This Australian tried to form a coherent idea, followed it through to it's logical conclusion and came up with a rational deduction - which is the reason our monkey brains are that big to begin with!

Ice Age II = Refugee Madness. It's a fact. The Australian government should be arming this country to the teeth, every able bodied man, woman and child taught how to load, aim and fire guns of all calibers. They should be dropping Uzi's into cribs for kids to play with in order to raise a population with a martial ethic and defensive outlook from the very youngest years.

They're going to need'em. It's a natural self-evident corollary of human history - any nation that cannot hold it's territory by force of arms will have it taken away from them. For that you need boots on the ground, babies and plenty of 'em, raised to fight and kill when they need to do so for their own land. Anything else your country has a date at the boneyard, fact. Read about societies with pacifist ethics - they never have more than a page dedicated to them because their histories are short indeed.

ZOGBux = Bird Cage Liner, Masking Paper For Pinatas

The next great Depression has already begun

Amerikwa has to start WW3 or sink into economic oblivion. It won't choose the latter.

Pack it. Becuz itz coming.

You ain't seen nothing yet. This is the short subject before the main feature begins. The movie is called "The Grapes of Wrath II : Babies, the other White Meat."

The same place where Amerikwan survivalists always stop : fiat currency meltdown ... is precisely where Vault-Co begins. Empires don't go quietly into the long night. They try to fight their way out of the death trap they built. Nowadays, economic collapse means global thermonuclear war is right around the corner.

It's Swell Living In A Free Country

Did you ever think the end of the first Cold War would result in a world where the "free" nations became more repressive than communist regimes and the former communist regimes would become some of the most liberated nations on Earth? It's uncanny.

Right now in Russia you can say just about whatever you want, buy any kind of gun you feel you need for your personal safety and practice any religion you want without interference or suppression by the State. Personal freedom in Russia is ten times what we have remaining now in America, Britain and Australia. Is that weird or what?

The sky is cerulean blue in Russia, the air is crystal clear and the future is bright indeed, for a country that now practices almost all the virtues once ascribed to America. Meanwhile, America has morphed into a repressive totalitarian hellhole with worse corruption in politics than Zimbabwe. That's superb irony, to say the least.

They execute people for their political beliefs every day in the United States

You'll be lucky if all they do is smear you for opposing them. Real lucky.

Here is an enemy of the State that will die soon. Very soon.

Free speech is dead in Amerikwa.

Communist countries can't innovate and always fall behind with inferior technology

Just like the Soviet Union, the opposition party is all a sham in Amerikwa.

There is only one party and it doesn't serve the Amerikwan sheeple.

The middle class is the wellspring of revolution and is always destroyed by totalitarian regimes.

The difference between Pravda and Fox News is that the Soviets knew Pravda was an official State propaganda outlet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They are liars. They know it, too

Why do they so studiously avoid mentioning that we were scheduled for natural climate change according to forty different models? Oh yes, they'll say. That too. Let's not mention it again. Back to talking about farting cows and coal fired plants, with our computer simulations based on data we already admitted was wrong. Look, let's not get hung up on the details. This is a crisis. So write me a check, pronto.

Fact : A Desire To Obey A Strong Male Tyrant Is Evidence Of Repressed Homosexuality

I've always believed this is why the Nazis had so many gay men closeted in their regime.

Worshipping a man, who has to take his pants down to crap, is just plain ridiculous. The desire to submit to the complete authority of another is identical to sexual bondage/domination psychology. Secular humanists seem to be drawn to it the moment they renounce God. I can't imagine a creature more flawed than mankind. Every born leader worth his own commission knows this instinctively but the modern nation state always seems to bolster the other kind. Without humility and a realistic comprehension of his own flaws, no leader is ever effective. Just being a psychopath doesn't qualify you as a leader.

You can believe in principles or divine edict - both of them are healthy forms of self discipline. Men who want to march around and follow the leader are just plain gay.

Yawn - Agitprop Machine Would Make Goebbels Blush

I continue to assert, in all seriousness, that our society is more repressive than life under the Soviet Commissars. I am not kidding when I say it.

Females Are Civilization-Wrecking Demolition Machines

What happens to a society when everybody is pulling on one side of the rope towards chaos and nobody is pulling towards order anymore? Men have abdicated, the electricity is hanging in there by a thread. There's nobody left to fix it the next time it goes down. The ladies think there is still something there for them to attack and act in opposition to. There isn't. It's all gone, girls. Nothing left. You're stirring the smoking ruins of a house incinerated by fire. Nothing left to be angry about. You got it all, it's dead. Isn't that what you wanted all along?

Ours is a civilization run according to female sensibilities. It looks and smells like it, too. Unfortunately it appears to be a universe that is run according to male sensibilities. It will soon look and smell that way, also. It's like trying to teach fish to peddle bicycles. We predict at Vault-Co that your glorious multihued anti-male utopian paradise will not materialize, ladies. You have burned all your bridges behind you along with all the virtues of males. It's like those magic tricks where they pull the table out from under the pretty lady and she floats in midair. The notion of equality itself was established and protected by the very people you claim are the universal villains of this play. I can't wait to see this miracle in action where you just roll on without'em.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Resource Wars : Britain Annexing Sea Floor Around Falklands

It's weird because it sounds like the prologue in FALLOUT, the roleplaying game. That scrambling that supposedly comes before they push the button "in 2070" or thereabouts.

I always thought it was funny when playing FALLOUT that the creators seriously thought that resource conflicts and nuclear war were 75 years away. There was something about that assumption so childishly naive it made me think it was deliberate or else symptomatic of a poor understanding of the subject matter.

You have to wonder what the designers of the original FALLOUT will think when they see missile contrails overhead. Guess it won't be "science fiction" any more for them.

French Socialism : Bankrupt Like All Marxist Regimes

Whatta shock. Whooda thunkit.

Bill Maher Astonished That Others Don't Want To Fight His Conflicts For Him

Good luck with all that, Bill. Now get out.

Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself. Start sh*t, you have to finish it. Don't start it and expect somebody else to finish it for you. Better use those brains for figuring out a way to make peace, because your chickens are coming to roost.

Check out the way Bill repeats the statement back, incredulous that any mere gentile should dare to speak freely and honestly in the way that europeans have been famous for doing for millennia. It's our way. We speak the truth. Of course, we're children of God. We're supposed to tell the truth.

You can see that delusional glass house that Maher lives in start to crack around him while he is sputtering at the man's comments.

Good luck with all that, Israel. Hope for the best for you, but it's time you started to fight your own battles and stop acting like caricatures of Jews from Der Sturmer. Look to the martyr Rabin if you want to know what a man looks like and quit slinking. Put your shoulders back and conduct yourself honorably in all things. Lying is effeminate. Men don't like it and they instinctively know it's a sign of weakness ultimately.

Dilbert Brings It!

Scott Adams on the futility of the conflict in the Middle East and the mindless vilification of one Arab after another for moving-while-Muslim. It gets old. Only a dope would buy it after a while. How many times do these people think they can run the same scam and still get a good response from the rubes?

Russia Warns of Global Smackdown If Iran Is Attacked

I thought it was going to start last week, honestly.

I am going to be watching every day for this thing to kick off between now and the 2008 election.

Marxists Are Liars

Marxists are sociopaths and sociopaths are Marxists. They're people who will say anything they think will get them power over others and pretend to be anything that will contribute to that goal. They are never sincere about anything.

It doesn't matter to them if there was ever any mainstream scientific support for globo-warmthink. There never was. They could care less. It's not about the climate, it's about power over their fellow man.

Nice but a bit of a fixer-upper

Another decommissioned Titan base goes on sale in upstate New York.

I heard these things have so many environmental poisons they'd likely kill you not long after you survived the fallout. For the same amount of money you could build a pretty spectacular vault with twice as much usable room and all the comforts of the 21st century.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Utah Shelter Systems

If you are planning on building a classic style blast shelter as recommended by Cresson Kearney and Oak Ridge Labs in Tennessee (as we have done at Vault-Co) then you must read everything on this page in detail. You could spend hours studying abstracts from Oak Ridge to glean what you can get in five minutes reading this website.

Personally I felt their old website had better information, but this one still gives extensive directions in construction of these kinds of corrugated galvanized blast shelters that you won't find consolidated anywhere else. Don't neglect a detail they have mentioned - these people build several of these shelters a year and have learned from their mistakes many times over.

For construction of other kinds of shelters you can seek other sources of expertise but for this particular kind of shelter (tested under real nuclear weapons) there is no substitute.

This shelter is rated to survive a one megaton blast directly overhead or on the lip of a five megaton ground detonation. It is also specifically engineered to provide high survivability against atomic energy weapons aimed at maximizing human casualties like the neutron bomb. Buried at suitable depth with crushed rock it will provide shielding against radiation far in excess of almost all conventional shelter designs.

Flip-floppers = Mentally Unstable People = Globo-Warmthink Kult

Hansen was pushing the Ice Age by aerial dust just a few decades ago.

The biggest challenge faced by modern people is that they are all incredibly stupid and completely incompetent to handle any of the challenges facing them. Our civilization is going to go through a spectacular wipeout and collapse and there's nothing anybody can do about it. There are not enough smart people left to keep the lights on much longer.

It's all theatrical floor show. There are no real engineers left. No real patriots. No really bright people left in positions of authority. All the good men left are tending their own private gardens and building vaults. It's just sociopaths and psychopaths fighting over the dying limelight ... who gets to play the role of the bossman and give the orders to the damned and dying? This is really important to them to fight over the scraps and remnants of power that are left.

The West is doomed beyond the capacity of the people who live in it to comprehend, just like the last confused citizens of the Roman "Empire," which really wasn't anything but a bunch of opium addicts and orgy freaks when it was finally overrun and burned for the first time. We've lost the thread with the past and we got nothing left but uneducated eight year olds remaining who have no idea of what they are doing so they fake it. It's not a very good fake, either.

Some days I say most of the newspapers would cause our ancestors to blush with embarrassment and shock. Could these creatures have possibly come from their loins? They would want to deny parentage to this generation.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Free Republic Is A ZOG Front And Always Has Been

"Free" Republic has been one of the biggest jokes on the internet for over a decade. It's basically where people in trailer parks gather to congratulate themselves on the fact they do and think exactly what they are told to do and think by the televitzer.

When Post-Apocalyptic Critters Attack

Link to Youtube video of documented toolmaking behaviour in crows

Avian scavengers practicing now to loot the wasteland!

I had read about this but now I've seen it.

Watch your back in those ravaged city ruins with crows perched everywhere. They might be worse than wild dogs.

Bacteria that in darkness and radiation, perfect for nuclear winters

Fungus that eats fallout for food

Thursday, September 20, 2007

China Has Occupation Forces Setting Up In Advance Of Invasion

These people control the Panama Canal.

They have surveillance of the entire nation.

Amerikwa is cordoned off like beef cattle in a slaughteryard. The only avenue left to any of them is to walk up the ramps being slung into place.

John Titor's "Nonlethal" weapons

Titor was right.

How did he know? Was he an insider staging a hoax? Is the truth even more incredible?

Is Amerikwa Literally Selling Off The Silverware and Drapes In Secret?

Some suspect they are. Like all dying empires, you finally get to the looting phase where everybody grabs whatever is left to pawn for whatever they can get.

Britain A Totalitarian Hellhole But Crime Worse Than Ever

I saw Children of Men the other night. Not too bad a PA film. I could not tell the difference between Britain today and the Britain in the movie, however. They look the same to me.

Females + Suffrage = Decline Phase

That's right.

It's a Sanskrit saying at least 5000 years old, probably more than 10,000 years old.

If you live anywhere at any time in any place, here is the single best heads-up you can possibly watch for to know your civilization is about to get massively cornholed in a catastrophic collapse.

Women are given the vote. Truth. It's a sign the end is right around the corner. Like now.

Saudis Preparing To Revile ZOGBux As Worthless Paper

The Islamic Dinar is a historical inevitability. Nothing is going to stop it short of a third world war. It looks like that is exactly what some people are prepared to initiate in order to keep this paper funnymunny afloat.

The Saudis cannot perform miracles. They cannot afford to sell a real tangible asset for paper with no redeemable value. They have to store the value of their capital in something that has an existence in the three dimensional world outside the schizophrenic fantasy camp of Amerikwa's "We printed it and we're the big guys, so take it in trade," despite the fact it's trajectory has followed that of every fiat currency since the beginning of recorded history.

It does not even inspire the ill-conceived confidence that once kept it aloft despite it's being a junk currency from a nation whose only remaining export is pornography and crappy movies like "Brokeback Mountain." The problem is not the label on the dogfood can. The problem is, the dog doesn't like that food anymore. Nobody does.

Ice Age II : Itz Coming Soon

I like my severe winter storms that just come out of nowhere in September. They're buckets of fun if you stay dry.

Someday I'm going to emerge from shelter during the spring thaw and just walk around foraging for canned goods and laughing myself to tears at these people flash-frozen inside monolithic blue walls of ice. You can imagine their shocked expressions. Waiting for the awesome heat wave that never came. Right up to the moment the barometer started spinning and ice crystals came roaring down from that superchilled cyclone overhead. I love that scene in Day After Tomorrow.

They'll never figure it out. Never. They'll never figure it out. They don't have the brains. I could link to fifty millions stories like this one up here and the majority of them would never figure it out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everybody knows it's coming except Amerikwans

Itz coming, alright.

I think Titor is going to turn out to be spot on.

Don't count on prep time through 2015, though. I have a distinctive sense we may have already veered widely on this timeline. Things appear to be accelerating much faster than in Titor's description.

I plan to finally reach the mythical, archetypal stage three of my preparations at the end of this year. I imagined the three stages more than ten years ago in 1997 when I put the first Vault-Co site up on the web.

Stage one was supply silos and first general fallout shelter available for short stay of a month.

Stage two was blast shelter in place for stays up to a year.

Stage three was blast shelter and permaculture in place for stays measured in decades under the cobalt death shroud, if necessary. I am nearly to stage three and plan the end of this year to finally post this watermark.

... and they tell you people with Asperger's Autism can't stick to a plan! I've been working on virtually the same goals since 1997 with unwavering devotion. If a village idiot like me could get this far, imagine how far you could get if you applied yourself. There is still time yet.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nothing Less Than 100% War Against All Will Be Permitted

Derailing the detente with North Korea is a big goal for the neos, because they want to make sure the 'Kwa is destroyed many, many times over. Even leaving out one possible enemy who is nuclear-capable is unacceptable to the 'Kwans. The Third World War must be as apocalyptic as possible for Amerikwa so it can never rise to challenge Swindler Central.

Imagine if instead of fighting against nations, you could mimic them and assume control of their countries from within to destroy them. Imagine the damage that could be done by foreign subversives placed at the highest level within the Amerikwan leadership structure.

Empire of the Sodomites

Lawlessness. Chaos. Immeasurably corrupted at every level.

Time for Mystery Babylon to die.

The Nutty Knackered Planet of the Neocons

World should brace itself (as Vault-Co advised) says Frenchman

Shrub Sets Up WW3 Starting with Iran

Syria is in the Crosshairs Next

It is Somehow Appropriate Mankind Should Follow A Fool Into The Apocalypse

Russia Will Put Beast Out Of It's Misery When The Time Comes, Promises Putin

Perhaps it all sounds too close to the world that Vault-Co promised. If there really are an infinite number of universes, is this the one that Vault-Co built?

Most assuredly, itz coming.

ZOGBux Spiraling Down To Zero Point

The 'Kwa is such a joke. It's a pity like many mentally stunted people they cannot laugh at themselves. It's been a hideous, garish grotesque tragedy since the culture war ended and the bad guys won. Nothing works in the 'Kwa. Everything is a lie in the 'Kwa. The 'Kwa is a failure at every level that a nation-state can wash out. Everybody in the world knows Amerikwa has become a colossal Monty Python skit except the 'Kwavians themselves.

America falling off the economic board altogether

Saturday, September 15, 2007

U.S. Has Plans To Bomb Iran Before 2008 Elections

When even FOXNews is saying it, you know it's a done deal.

Knew It!!! Condoleeza a Carpet Munching, Man-Hating Titty Ho!




The fact is, in a truly free society, people have a right to know if they have common interests with the people they are electing. Human beings who know real biological parenthood and marriage and the entire Christian paradigm for existence deserve to have democratic leaders who are the same sorts of humans that they are!!! That's what "democracy" means!!!!!! Not shapeshifting marxist monsters who only imitate them to gain their trust!!

The reality is that the entire leadership of the United States is : alien, foreign, toxic, estranged, outsiders, traitors and betrayers. They are the opposite of the people they rule over top of, they are human anti-matter.

Fun With Escalation

I can smell the globalist paradise now. I've got my soup bowl out for that rainbow stew that's a coming in that wonderful multicultural utopia where all the peoples of the Earth will sway hand-in-hand singing as one. I'm strumming my little ukelele crying tears of happiness. I'll have plenty of time to practice with my $2000 an hour job cutting brand logos into microscopic surfaces of nanotech wizbots with a little laser. I'll work from home only an hour a day and spend the rest on porno sites and LaffADayDotcom watching funny animal tricks. I'll be paid in Ameros and be able to have sex with whoever I want whenever I want without noisome kiddies.

Ahhhhh, what a wonderful world, one big strip mall covering the planet, cappuccino service undisturbed at any hour. Just shopping and sex, like sodomites with credit cards. Whatta wunnerful, wunnerful world it shall be.

Then, of course, there's the other possibility.

Skynet Kills First Hominid Parasite, Entire Infestation Scheduled Next

If you were visiting Vault-Co you'd have known about this coming development back in 2003.

It's just too easy to kill with robots. Human soldiers are messy and organic in comparison. They have needs and hard-to-manage requirements that can be difficult to qualify.

Machines need regular scheduled maintenance, oil, fuel, electricity, parts. They can sit anywhere big enough to hold them on a shelf until they are needed. They can kill thousands for cents on the dollar or even millions. No whining, no suicides, no desertion. No Veteran Hospitals. They can be cannibalized for parts when they are finished. Humans can't compete.

U.S. Dollar Is I.O.U.s Written On Napkins

The panic to unload this junk fiat currency is beginning.

A run on a bank in Britain signals investor's lack of confidence in ZOGBux Ponzi Scheme

When does a retreat become a rout?

The verge of enserfment

Ultimate Druid Nut James Lovelock Does 180 Degree Reversal

This guy is a perfect example of what kind of unstable, deranged and confused loons that Gore has gathered together in his stable of hysterical fruits to support his otherwise easily dismissed pseudo-scientific quackery.

All-Time Record Set for Antarctic Ice Cover

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun With Fiat Currency : Sudden Death Round

A perfect time for oil to go through the roof.

Whoever set up this scenario round for "Earth Armageddon Emulator" is a freakin' brilliant player. He's about to beat his all time planetary casualty score.

Prevert Palace Of The Damned

Remind me to never see another film with Eckhart in it. Pity, I liked him in "Thank You For Smoking" and a couple other films. If he's willing to do anything for money, he won't be getting any more of mine.

... but back to "Brokeback." Wow that was a lousy movie. That idiot Ang Lee just got another award of some kind. What a no-talent shlock artist. It's like Ed Woods from China.

When I sat down to "Brokeback" on cable, I was expecting it was going to be a brilliant piece of propaganda. I imagined something like The Misfits except better, with a man playing the role that Marilyn Monroe took. What I saw was the worst acting, most boring plot and most unlikable characters of any film in recent memory. I figured I would feel sorry for both these guys by the time the movie was over after all the hype. In fact, the biggest letdown was that Heath Ledger survived to the last frame, 'cuz his sociopathic woman-hating slurring butt-bandit character was the kind of punk you want to drag behind your truck even if he isn't gay.

If you have not seen it yet, don't bother. This is the plot : two slackjawed autistic halfwits meet regularly in the woods to bang each other in the hiney. That's it. There's no story development. Nothing happens. It's like Waiting For Godot with a gay porn theme. What kind of society gives a director an academy award for a movie like this? A very, very sick one. It was junk, irregardless of subject matter. Junk. Ang Lee got an Academy award 'cuz he's from China and his characters launch ass-attacks.

Many of you know I think M. Night Shymalayan is the greatest living director in the world. Why aren't they giving him an Academy Award? His movies kick the arse end off anything that Ang Lee has ever dreamed of making. If I pretend to be a handicapped Japanese lesbian and make my own movie about boody-bunging butthole surfers, can I have an Academy Award, too? It would look nice on my mantelpiece. If Ang Lee can get one, we all deserve one.

P.S. Did you catch "HULK?" Ang Lee's idea of a superhero film is long lingering shots of fungus growing on rocks and a climactic fight with his dad that has them uttering weird french postmodernist philosophy at one another. All form, no substance.

Shrub Suffers From Uncontrollable Hook'em Horns Twitch

These guys would be a bunch of hilarious assklowns if they were not ushering in WW3.

I think in one out of two pictures you will catch Bush flashing that inane Luciferian salute like some kind of crazed fan at a death metal concert. What an idiot.

The only bigger idiots, of course, would be the Krisschanns who know so little about the Bible they think this guy is one of God's children. Wouldn't you get just a tad ... suspicious, at some point?

For those of you with the secular atheist point of view, have you ever seen retarded kids doing pretty much the same thing - metal fans identifying so strongly with the "bitchin' force of evil," that their hand is ready at any moment to flash their deranged shadow puppet Satan mitt? :)

Yes, I know that's supposed to be his Texas longhorns salute, according to his spin team.

Or maybe the guy is almost unbelievably dopey and actually belongs in an institution, not the most powerful executive office on Earth.

I'll bet if you concentrate, you can think back to some point at which you saw an older retarded or semi-mongo type doing exactly the same thing. 'Cuz it's like "wicked."

Globo-Warmthink Kult Is Now Officially Dead

What about the "consensus?"

Weren't a majority of sheeple convinced by Gore's adolescent purty picture show? Doesn't he travel in powerful circles and talk reel scienmajific like? How can the majority be wrong? If we take a vote and say something is true, doesn't that mean it is so?


The consensus is almost always wrong.

The biggest hint that something is bullsh*t is when you clearly see a majority of people begin to take it as a given. Especially in the era of the televitzer device. If it's on televitz or disseminated in the Propasphere, it's a lie. People don't pay a couple billion for a media outlet so they can go around telling the truth. The truth can spread itself without funding - it's the ultimate open source information sharing program.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Somebody Had A Scheduled Roster of Events on September 9, 2001

How'd they know? In advance?

Same for WTC7. How'd they know? Impossible to have predicted it. WTC7 looked completely intact one second, the next a pile of rubble barely taller than a man.

Do such things happen in real life? Of course not. They do however happen in dramatic theatre and narrative fiction. Somebody was telling a story that day and reality seems to have altered itself to suit their tale. Such things do not happen in the real world in such a precise and timely fashion.

Who was on board those planes? The government admits it has no idea. None at all.

International Super Happy Funtime Hour Mystery Adventure

Kids, if Musharraf's military decides to split for the winning team and assists in a coup, then it's going to go all extra-spicey down here on Planet Earth.

Gotta love the timing. Is somebody somewhere playing a simulation called "Earth Armageddon Emulator?" Cuz' that's what it looks like when we see the headlines.

If God is love, who is dropping the smack on our asses? I think perhaps that God is love, but also mighty retribution and judgement when he wants to be. He's God, he's got all the adjustment widgets up there and can set up any scenario he wants to happen, then hit the "Run" arrow to see it all play out.

Climate Change + Famine + War = Pandemics

Throughout human history, whenever the usual suspects disrupt the existing infrastructure of men otherwise complacent there is a raft of opportunism upon which ride any number of diseases that go from seemingly trivial to lethal almost overnight.

Our generation doesn't know about typhoid and cholera. It seems to most sheeple that such things must have been buried in the mists of antiquity when in fact they are so close at hand that even the smallest interruption in the supply of clean water can eliminate half the children in a nation overnight.

Teaching them to shoot what moves

Halfway through WW3, there will be a huge raft of technical innovation just like halfway through WW2. Only instead of better munitions and aircraft, it will be a limitless marching horde of networked adaptive poison-injecting cooporative killbots with orders to destroy all of mankind.

There's also a downside to all of this. I thought I'd give you the good news first.

Sunlight Evil. Pale green flourescents good.


Your problem is not enough aspartame in your diet! Drink up.

Wherever your civilization makes contact with your habits, Western man, you seem therein to sustain a mortal wound. Is it possible some do not wish the best for you, kind strangers one and all? They only want to help!

U.S. Dollar = Birdcage Liner / Chinese Firecracker Base / Fuel For Stoves In Refugee Tent Camps

Globalist economics :

Internet Porn + Positive Outlook + Your Wife In A Gangbang Spectacular = Middle Class Income.

Yeah, she'll be right, mate.

How To Beat A Stop-Loss Order

Gagging on gun barrels is becoming the most popular form of career advancement for today's active troops in the field.

Understanding Modern Politics

It's formaldehydalicious!

Russian Innovation Outstripping Amerikwa By Leaps And Bounds

A thermobaric fuel bomb with the approximate punching power of a low yield nuke and none of the nasty residuals.

In case you had any doubts that ours is without hesitation the most batsh*t crazy race of men that have ever lived, check out the assurance that this weapon will be safe for the environment. That's what really matters, of course.
Rukshin said: "At the same time, I want to stress that the action of this weapon does not contaminate the environment, in contrast to a nuclear one."

Wow! Carbon neutral! That's a relief! (Cue Applause)

Oh Happy Day

A hundred years from now, this is what historians will write in their books ...

The Gathering Storm

The oddest aspect of the cultural and social climate that existed in the West shortly before World War III began was it's nigh hysterical optimism. Briefly before three billion people were to die of the direct effects of blast, fallout, famine, disease and armed conflict, the self-styled leaders of the doomed enterprise assured their citizens that life had never been so good and that the future would be only better and brighter. The only comparable irony is the manic utopianism that flourished before the first World War began in the early part of the prior century and then afterwards, when it was announced that the League of Nations (thereafter disbanded) announced that war as a means of conflict resolution had been unanimously voted illegal by all countries participating.

It can be said in hindsight that of all the utopian ideologies that existed previously none shed greater rivers of blood than the ballyhooed parade called globalism, multiculturalism and 'free trade.' It was to be the fatal folly of the entire West when it's fruits finally bloomed."

Monday, September 10, 2007

Entire U.S. Air Command Will Stand Down This Week

You heard that right.

Just like on 9-11-2001.

All across America, the entire U.S. air defense network will deliberately stand down.

Broken Arrow?

Is Steve Fossett's disappearance the decoy excuse for the search for a missing nuke?


No News Is Good News - Bee Virus is Israeli Bioweapon

400+ news stories on this discovery printed throughout the United States all omit the most crucial fact in the story - the virus is an Israeli bioweapon.

This link will take you to one newspaper which accidentally published the original Reuters information, perhaps mistakenly. It may be edited in the near future to correct this mistake.

The worldwide bee die-off is due to a heretofore unknown virus that came from an Israeli biowarfare lab.


Was the virus introduced into Australian bees first before export to America?

This week in the news ... ARMAGEDDON?

Something big is getting ready to happen.

We're not psychic at Vault-Co. We are not entirely sure what that something is.

Yes, we know we were sounding the alarm all through the end of 2006.


I think something big is getting ready to happen.

I'll take a swing at it ...

1. False flag attack on U.S. soil
2. Already flagging U.S. economy takes a dirt nap
3. Martial law declared in America
4. All-out aerial destruction of Iran by combined Israeli-U.S. forces
5. No rest between now and start of WW3, whenever that is 'zactly.

Something is ready to bust loose between U.S. and Russia, Russia and NATO, Syria and Israel, Everybody and Iran, Everybody and Everybody.

Yes, I know the biggest story on the televitzer tonight was about a new perfume for dogs. There's no news on the news, all the news is at Vault-Co.

Is this the big shift that John Titor was talking about? We'll know very soon. Titor promised that nothing would ever be the same again.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sea Level Rise Is A FRAUD. A FRAUD!!!!!!

Look into their EYES. Global warming is a cult. It's the last phase of mental degeneration after people have surrendered their nations, their faith, their culture and their society. It's a religion for those who have none. Globowarmthinkers are human train wrecks, plain and simple. It's not what is going on out there, it's what is going on inside those poisoned toxic skulls of theirs.

The Global Warming Hoax Is Dead

Now just you watch.

I know mankind.

95% of the people who were shrieking it like the gospel will now quietly and silently convert to another viewpoint. If asked a direct question about their former advocacy, they will deny they ever took it that seriously.

This is exactly what has happened with Rational Rose in the past five years. Those who screamed the loudest with the biggest bugeyed bipolar mania about what an edjumificated scienmajific method for software development it was now pretend to have never heard of it, from embarrassment. "You must have me confused with somebody else. I was never part of that sick stuff. No, really. I always knew something was fishy. Really, I did."

Friday, September 7, 2007

ZOGBux Smashes Screaming Through Last Safety Net

U.S. Dollar just crashed down through 80 cents but many people say the real plunge is being hidden by automated trading and plunge protection teams. Left to it's own devices it might be .60 or less right now.

Nuttin' but air between the entire continent and contingency cannibalism.

If this trend continues then by this time next year, Amerikwa will be a 3,000 mile wide flaming mega-Balkans in a war of all against all.

Resistance is Futile.

Switzerland is putting up a pretty good imitation, however.

Notice the moral indignation of the writer. How dare the Swiss try to go on existing intact!

Rapists, Sodomites, Preverts, Accursed Of God & Damned To Hell

... and that's just the enlisted men.

Time for imprecatory prayer.

Preparations in U.S. To Institute Martial Law

Remember all the stuff predicted by survivalist nuts like Kurt Saxon thirty years ago?

Well, it was all true. The government really was going to use fake terrorist attacks as an excuse to create a one-world government, strip America of all freedoms and induct it into a North American Superstate under the U.N.'s supervision.

Sounded pretty crazy thirty years ago. So did the John Birch society pamphlets.

All of it was true.

Pardon, Is This A Vault-Co Apocalyptiverse Crack Fantasy?

Putin cozies up to Indonesia.

Now they will be able to get the naval support they need to land on the northern end and march south in Australia.

Vault-Co predicted this previously, except China was the superpower who would put them under their wing. Since nowadays the alliance between Russia and China is growing so strong it is hard to differentiate them, we can assume a Russia-friendly Indonesia is a China-friendly Indonesia. That's a roundabout way of saying Australia will get it's ass waxed in WW3.

Great time to try to disarm the native population, chunderheads.

Throw Another Dead Scientist On The Barbie

They've killed most of the experts in germ warfare, now somebody is working on the Star Wars defensive programs. Must be someone who wants a monopoly on all these fields. That's free market competition in it's most direct form.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Congressman Whacked By Fraud Financiers

I heard this guy was investigating the huge amounts of put options in the stock market betting the entire U.S. economy is going to tank before September 21st. He used his offices to request information to find out who was doing this legalized gambling and then suddenly turned up dead.

See post below to understand why.

Itz coming.

The Biggest Advantage of Chinese People Is That They Are Still Sane

Chinese scientists spell out simple case for massive global cooling during the next twenty years.

If Chinese people watched as much television of the same flavor that Amerikwans do, they'd be clinically nuts as well. Fortunately for them they are still permitted to have a mass culture that is more closely aligned with reality as opposed to the schizophrenic nightmare that Western people are welded shut inside of.

NASA hid data that made liars out of them

Their argument was "It's no big deal and besides it contradicted our scienmajific theories, which are mostly made up over lunch by people with nothing better to do."

September Rollout For Mother Of All Bongo Parties?

It's kooky and creepy time again at World Neocon headquarters, folks. They just can't wait to start off the initial set of fireworks that will inevitably lead to the third World War. Some lesser men might allow themselves to be persuaded by a minor wisp of reason, the neocons as always intend to charge headfirst, eyes down, right into the maelstrom.

Pack your rice. It most assuredly is coming.

My fondest hope is that there will be no missiles actually crossing the poles until late 2008 in the aftermath at the earliest. I still have a lot to do at Vault-Co and every week it seems like there is more work making itself obvious.

Ron Paul Owns Media Bitches With Pimp Daddy Mastery Supreme

Ron Paul is as good as dead. Somebody needs to pick out a tombstone for this poor bastard.

He's too bright. Too noble. He's too virtuous. Too good for this sick sad little nation of sodomites. Lot could not find ten good men in this city to justify God withholding his wrath.

Those media people - don't they just make you feel queasy to look at them? What miserable, wretched gender bending tranny queen assklowns. Ron Paul gave all of these pathetic losers a sound thrashing, even with plants hired out in the audience to boo him.

People take notice. They're talking about Ron Paul. You can bet your last dollar (it isn't worth much anyway) that Mossad is doing analysis right now on his medical records to see if people would buy a story about a spontaneous heart attack or sudden liver failure. Both conditions can be faked with one simple ingredient added to the man's coffee at any campaign stop.

Ron Paul is better than what the Amerikwans deserve. They deserve to burn, not for some knight to ride in on a charger and save them from themselves. Ron Paul is stepping on big toes now and if they didn't think twice to whack John F. Kennedy they won't hesitate a millisecond on snuffing out poor old Ron. Truly this man is one of the children of God, you can hear it in his voice and see it in his face ... as surely as you can see the flames of hell around Chris Wallace, a man who was damned irrevocably from the day he was born.

I watch the headlines everyday on Drudge expecting to see the banner announcing the mysterious death of Ron Paul come up every single time when the page is loading. It's only a matter of time for the good doctor. Everybody knows this secretly even if they won't admit to it out loud.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dry Runs For Russian Bombers

The crazier it all gets, the less you hear about it in the media and what you do hear is a bland set of platitudes and beautiful sentiments, the kind you expect from people other than leaders.

Amerikwa has to pretend it's no big deal because it has few options open to it otherwise. It's already got a military stretched so thin it's almost nonexistent. No civil defense program, the War Room being run out of a former dance hall at Patterson Air Force Base, the dollar tumbling towards birdcage liner parity by the hour. Like a man who has gambled away his life savings and paychecks for three months in a row but continues to claim "everything will be okay," you have to wonder if the Yanks are not starting to retreat into a fetal shell with their thumbs in their mouths in some dark corner.

Hebrew (Real) Jews Forbidden To Study Torah, Khazar Imposters Only

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

- Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9

Poodle Disguise For Dobermans

Hilarious. If this doesn't make you laugh yourself paralytic, I give up.

This could actually be a very clever idea if the government starts to restrict security breeds.

Queers Want Women To Take Their Places In The Military

Women can't fight. It's a televitz fantasy.

Even with physical requirements reduced to one-third of the male fitness test, every woman I ever saw in the Army failed it. Ditto for nearly everything other than physical.

In the movies, super-powered babes kick men's asses whilst flying around on cables shooting lightning bolts from their eyeballs.

Needless to say, things are somewhat different in realityvitz.

Civilizations are founded to organize the protection of women and children. By the time a society has declined so far it is willing to actually send potential childbearers to the front lines, it is something that simply isn't worth anyone fighting for.

We can do better than this grease trap too stupid to even know what it smells like. Let's all applaud when the atomic fire does this one over easy and paves the way for something more like what people actually want. This civilization is a trash heap and the best way to handle a pile of garbage is for somebody to burn it up. World War III will be the best thing that has happened around here in a long, long time. Maranatha. Even God finally loses patience sooner or later.

Waffle and obscure though they may, there is one kind of man and one kind only that writes articles with this kind of advocacy. Needless to say, it ain't heterosexuals. Any normally developed male will feel deep, instinctive repulsion at this suggestion. It only starts to sound like a good idea after you have drunk thousands of gallons of man-goo smoothie beverages.

The Honeymoon Is Now Officially Over With Russia

The divorce lawers are wielding 50 megaton crust crackers and red mercury cluster bomblets. This is going to be one fun war coming up. Fair play and sportsmanship somehow went right out the window. We're now officially in a Robert Heinlein science fiction story. Between Doomsday Death Shrouds and Neutron bombs, what happened to the love? A mere twenty years ago a kinder era thought even in nuclear war there should be limits. Nobody talks about limits at all anymore.

Imagine Vault-Co times a thousand. That's World War III in a nutshell. It's probably going to be worse than anything I have ever postulated.

Globo-Warmthink Is About Big Money From Nothing

Oy! Your money is poxed! A curse it is! Give it to me, I'll burn it for you!

The "War on Terror" allowed America to run a world-historical pork barrel into the trillions without really accomplishing much of anything. That line of revenue is starting to wear thin. A new cash injection for the elites with little in the way of actual product at even higher prices is required. Globo-Warmthink is perfect in this regard. There is no actual product. You pay for your sins alone. It's like Catholics without even getting rosary beads or trinkets in return. It's like at the Carnival where all the big prizes sit out front but you're damn lucky to walk away with a rubber eraser after spending $10.00 on balls. Globo-Warmthink is even better ... no product at all, not even an eraser.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Itz coming - BIGTIME

Move preps to higher state of readiness. You see my friend, itz coming.

What will happen in the aftermath? Ten years down the road?

Just about anything.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Final Phase of Economic Warfare

Shortly before her death, the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya asked whether the rise of Putin’s Russia was mere happenstance. In answer to this question she took a bullet in the back of the head. The silencing of those who ask the right questions is part of the old communist pattern. According to Mark Riebling, KGB defector Golitsyn’s 1984 book contains 148 falsifiable predictions. Of these predictions, 139 were “fulfilled by the end of 1993 – an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent.” Today, Golitsyn’s accuracy rate is higher. Having predicted Russia’s use of oil as a weapon, having predicted a future alliance between Russia and China, it might be said that 141 out 148 of Golitsyn’s predictions have come to pass.

John Birch was right about nearly everything and Anatoly Golitsyn testified as much when he defected.

America, listen to the hoofbeats. At long last, they are finally coming for the Camp of the Saints.

The Mexican Marxist invasion/insurrection. The NAFTA Superhighway Corridor. Collapse of the dollar. Corruption of the once most virtuous nation into a country of pornographers and sodomites. How many of you know this was all predicted over fifty years ago when the Communist Menace was recognized for what it was ... an internal, not an external threat? None dare call it treason because if treason succeeds, it is no longer treason, good sir. Think about this the next time you're watching a television special called "Hollywood Celebrates The Black List" or similar mass media historical revision. If treason succeeds, it ain't treason no more.

Some days I feel like Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil film, constantly trying to recover memories that others have tried to wipe out. Everybody has forgotten. They have glazed over eyes. They have a thousand mile stare. There never was a 1950's. America was never a free country. The Bill of Rights is obsolete.
I want to scream out as loud as I can at the top of my lungs ...

My name is Texas Arcane and I remember everything.

Gandalf Enjoys Man-Goo Smoothie Beverages

The pinhead confesses to going around vandalizing Bibles wherever he finds them because he is convicted of sin by the words that are in them. Funny, if you thought it was merely the words of men, why would you fear it so?

Tolkien was a devout Christian, by the way. Devout. He would have approved neither of the casting of Gandalf nor the numerous changes to his work by the Hollywood Homo Agitprop Battalion. In spite of touting themselves as "creative," they seem unequal to create comparable literary or artistic works of merit as those of white male heterosexuals. Odd such superior critters as they claim are often to be found so fundamentally lacking in any praiseworthy virtues.

The Dead Hand. The Cobalt Death Shroud.


We knew at Vault-Co they had built this thing, primarily out of fear of Reagan's increased spending in the '80's on his Star Wars programs.

We suspected it was still active. It would be the cheapest system to maintain when Russia went through her cash crunch years. We were right. It was never deactivated.

By the way, the doomsday device is only doomsday for those who have not prepared wisely. For Vault dwellers it's just an expected inconvenience. Like water off a duck's back.

If enough cobalt is lofted and dispersed to produce 10,000 rads an hour worldwide in almost any place the wind will reach, this will mean fresher breath and whiter teeth for Vault inhabitants during their five year stay. These kinds of bombs only kill people trying to shelter in their basement in between suitcases for two weeks.

Aren't you glad that Vault-Co has always advocated preparation with the Death Shroud firmly in mind? If you were listening, you are prepped to a sufficient level to survive it now.

Ron Paul? Hoozat? Can't see'em. Mirage. McGuffin.

Ron Paul could be descending with Christ over the White House in a cloud of glory, blowing all the windows out with the massive wind of his coming, they'd still be insisting his support is just limited to a few libertarians who live with their parents in Maine.

Ron Paul won't be allowed on the ballot. Won't happen. If it did, Diebold would make sure all his votes are lost anyway.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pokeback Mountin'

I finally caught Brokeback Mountain on cable.

Scariest horror flick I have ever seen. Seriously.

The sheer amount of hatred and contempt for women and children in the movie and the derision spewed on all normal family structures was like the wild, frothy raging of demons ... which is really what the film was about for me. Two hopelessly damned demoniacal faggots cutting a swath of pain and misery through the world annihilating everything in their path.

What sort of nation would give a movie like this an Oscar? A doomed nation.

Romans 1:24-32 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.