Friday, August 31, 2007

Was John Titor Right? (2)

John Titor said we would have a female President in 2008.

He also said that next year, almost everybody, no matter how slow witted, would realize that the world they thought they were living in no longer existed.

If Hillary is elected in 2008, despite the fact she just doesn't last any serious polling, it will be the work of Diebold voting machines and the media running offense on her flank explaining her victory away to the incredulous American people.

Forget Ron Paul. He's only got 90% support, which is not enough for anybody to get elected President in America today. If you're not a zionist ass klown your chances of getting employed anywhere are close to zero.

Nation of Sodomites

The best line I have heard recently is that "If God doesn't judge the West soon, he's going to have to issue a press release apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah."

I don't think that is going to be necessary.

Haggard wants more "insertions" and "laying-on-of-hands." Wasn't that the problem, essentially? What a bunch of preverts.

Majority of Accredited Climate Scientists Say Global Warming Is Gibberish Talk

Edjumificated people mit der "consensus" scream fowl, wave bloody chickens over wijun altars and plunge pins into voodoo dolls in disagreement. Grant checks to study farting cow emissions could be put on hold if this persists, requiring a return to actual science as opposed to building computer sims in Flash that demonstrate how decomposing baby nappies change solar magnetic fields.

Amerikwan Balloon Plunges Earthward Screaming Shedding Flaming ZOGBux As Ballast

It's all good, homes. In the larger scheme of things, anyhow. It just may involve the deaths of about 99.9% of the existing population sometime soon in hideous worldwide nuclear war. Oprah Winfrey says it's all part of the magnificent journey on the issues of our life edjumification, I trust Oprah hams'n'all.

The combat stress syndrome of our time - the thousand mile stare of the Amerikwan Mind

Somebody is betting September 2007 is going to be very interesting economically, just like way back in September 2001.

Ron Paul says the government is betting this whole sad polychrome frozen nightmare is ready to give way to the real darkness.

Does Amerikwa think an attack on Iran is the only thing left that can save the dollar?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lifehacker is just plain cool

Go there, it's worth the click, trust me.

Globo-Warmthink Druids Cry For A Blood Sacrifice

Television makes sick. Watch enough television, you'll be hopelessly sick. Kill your television, get well. It's that simple. The reason people pay so much for the mass media is not so they can broadcast the truth. It's so they can retrofit their lies to whatever is happening in the world at that time.

Britain skips summer with record cold snap, that's global warming. Winter shatters all records for cold temperatures, that's global warming too. 75% of the world's glaciers grow, that's global warming. All arctic research centers buried with snow so deep that a new design will feature stilts, that's global warming too. A new Ice Age, that's global warming you see. Sure it is.

The average man cannot think anymore than he can run the 100 yard dash under ten seconds. He doesn't have the genetics for it and it is only his vanity that makes him insist it isn't so. He runs the 100 yard dash, you show him the stopwatch with 16 seconds on it, he squeals there is something wrong with your watch. 95% of the human population can't think anymore than they can fly or breathe underwater. If somebody is going around telling the general population they are smart, all of us are smart, then that person is a sneaky bastard with an agenda. The general population is dumb as donuts and twice as fat, the naked eye screams it out to your brain and if you can't hear it you must not be listening. Check your six senses and tell me again about how the man in the street can reason. He cannot.

I work in the IT industry, supposedly the last great refuge of the best minds of our age. At least half the people in my industry cannot spell "accommodation" correctly. Some of them think the word "carrot" has a 'K' in it. Lots of them believe professional wrestling is a real sport. They all sit down at the stand-up. Many of them use "Agile" and "Rational Rose" in the same sentence, believing them to be largely the same things. I worked with one guy a while back who thought that one of the ten Commandments was "Get them before they get you" and he also swore that Iraq and France share a border between them. He was a Senior Software Architect, of course. You probably already guessed that.

These are the sorts of fantastic intellectual colossi behind the science of global warming.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oy, your money, cursed, I tell you!

The gypsy money curse would have to be the oldest recorded criminal scam in history - there are stories of gypsies running this scam on ancient Egyptians.

They put out a fortuneteller sign. Everybody gets their fortune told for a few measly dollars. It's not about fortunetelling. It's about keeping your net out to capture the right person. A lonely widow, gullible old man. You see, your money is cursed. It's bringing you pain, misery and bad luck. Until you get rid of it, it will haunt you. I can get rid of this curse for you.

Sometimes they ask for their life savings, switch it with fake money and pretend to throw it into a fire to burn it up. Other times they recommend somebody it should be given to. Same old curse.

Al Gore is running a 3,000 year old scam and he's identified the perfect suckers ... the soft, goofy, gullible television-fried rubes who inhabit the decaying remains of Western civilization. Do as I say, not as I do, rubes.


Last man in the 'kwa turn out the lights when you see the missile contrails coming in and close the door behind you.

The U.S. wants an ass-whipping and they want it now. It's a race to see what knocks their infrastructure down first : rust or rockets. If the Russians wait much longer they'll just be pounding rubble with missiles.

Depraved Deviant Denounces Detractors At Dismissal

The best justice system that money can buy.

Chertoff tipped to slither in, 'natch.

The late era Roman Empire is starting to look like a civic model of honesty and accountability by comparison.

Yawn - Daily Agitprop

Setting the groundwork for the ultimate false flag attack.

Sarkozy Announces France Is Now In NWO Hands

Iran. Itz coming.

These little devils have been burning up to start WW3 since last fall when Vault-Co started harping on it. I don't know what's keeping them but I suspect it's all about timing.

Sodomite Nation

More preverts per pound in the porno pinnacle of our planet than any previous poop pit known to perdition.

Tip of the iceberg.

Vault-Co says 8 out of 10 of the sociopaths running our institutions can't go 24 hours without their man-goo smoothie beverages. Try to prove me wrong, you'll be stunned later when you find out that ratio isn't that far off.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Everything you know is truly bogus crapola

What does this mean?

You've come to the wrong place. I don't know. Maybe I'm not smart enough or perhaps I just don't know enough to draw the correct conclusion here. I do not secretly have a conviction that I know what the truth is. I don't have certainty here and humans prefer certainty, even if it's a lie.

Creationists are all wrong. They're barely in the sweepstakes for understanding, way at the back, primarily they exist to serve as gadflies on the evolutionists, who are the biggest fakes of all for pretending none of this changes the big picture.

Remember when Neanderthal was our ancestor? A few short years ago. Now? Nope, gone, DNA sequencing says he isn't. Well, at least we can keep Cro Magnons in our family tree ... oops. Sorry they are out now too. So where in the hell did Homo Sapiens come from?

We know something happened now 80,000 years ago ... a genetic bottleneck of some sort. But there's more to that story, if you search your instincts they will tell you there is more there. We can only take weak stabs at it and they seem to be getting weaker by the hour. The Toba Supervolcano eruption created a mutant superape in rapid time almost overnight by creating an instant Ice Age overnight. That's an attempt to formulate an idea about this.

Now our branch from the tree of apes suddenly leaps back many millions of years, akin to admitting the truth to be derived from the past ten years of evolutionary theory shocks and catastrophic revisions ...

We don't know what in the hell we are. We don't know why in the hell we are. We are not sure how in the hell we got here or how we appeared in the historical record so instantaneously and why we seemed to become the dominant species overnight. We seem to resemble animals. We share major parts of our genetic code with them. Until we know better, evolutionary theory is all we have. The problem is that cracks are starting to appear now and they are rapidly turning into crevasses over which reason can no longer jump with integrity.

Why are dolphins called the dogs of the sea? Why do they seem to be domesticated animals released back into the wild? Why do we cry saltwater tears like all oceanborne mammals? How come our biological clock appears geared for a 26 hour day when the day has been set to 24 hours for billions of years?

Honestly, just what in the hell are we all? Do we really know?

If you think you know, please tell me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There is something "wrong" with Radical Islam

There definitely is!

The worst thing wrong about it is it's uncanny ability to secure trillions of dollars in funding and armaments from the Western nations, even more than is made available to their own militaries. This includes active encouragement to kill civilians with violent surprise attacks without provocation to accomplish political ends.

You'll be astonished to hear that when you go out on the street and find the craziest rabid dog in town, bring it home and give it a hot bath and a warm meal, immediately afterwards it may bite your ass off. It's crazy but true.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tending Their Own Private Gardens

What do you have left when your geniuses withdraw from Western civilization?

You've got six Somalians sitting in a burned out car hulk in the desert making motor sounds with their lips and pretending to drive.

You ain't got nothing.

Western civilization was the brilliant synergy afforded by a large class of law abiding labor specialized whites combined with a smaller group of the greatest geniuses the world had ever known, all competing inside a Republic meritocracy working towards common homogenous cultural goals.

There's nothing left. It's all wrecked beyond repair by "democracy." All gone. Nothing but tumbleweeds and fake chutzpah left now.

We're just waiting quietly for the missile contrails to start coming in at this stage to close out the age we live in. The patient has already long ago flatlined.

VAULTCO SPECIAL BULLETIN : Russia Restores Long-Range Bomber Flights?!?

You might want to slap both cheeks and pinch your own nose to make sure you aren't having a vivid dream ... some crazy post on Vault-Co about Russia restoring Long-Range bomber flights 24/7 beginning immediately ... ala Dr. Strangelove/Duck'n'Cover/Cuban Missile Crisis ... don't worry, you'll wake up soon ... because obviously that's just not something that would suddenly happen with no mention in the press ... itz all much too odd to even comprehend ... unless Vault-Co was right and the Cold War never really ended ...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Russian nuclear bombers hold exercises over North Pole

Itz coming.

Increasingly, the Cold War is starting to seem like pretty tame stuff compared to the environment we are moving into now.

Watch for another move in the midnight clock soon to reflect what is happening in the world.

Although limited nuclear war once sounded like a possible scenario thirty years ago, it's just not feasible today. There will be nothing and nobody to place limits on a nuclear war once it gets started nowadays. Every silo will sing until it is empty, every missile will be used for it's purpose.

Vault-Co has always spoken of the five year worldwide death shroud of cobalt laced fallout because we believe it's the most realistic expectation now. Survivable but not as a last minute contingency. You need to prepare today for the unthinkable tomorrow.

Credit Chaos and Yo-Yo Economics

Is a depression of previously unforeseen severity approaching for the United States?

If you base your economy on fiat currency, no amount of sophistry can assure you stability from one day to the next. Your financial security will always be one panic away from total collapse.

Look at the fantastic mythology that constitutes the Amerikwan way of life.

1. Paper is as good as precious metal in currency, the value of a dollar is backed by a company's productivity.

2. Productivity is measured in the amount of fiat currency you are paid for your work.

3. A country can be propped up entirely by service industries and have all their manufacturing of real goods based offshore, which they will pay for with fiat currency.

4. It's more efficient to have goods brought from the other side of the world than to manufacture them right down the block.

5. If any trouble rears it's head, print more fiat currency.

6. If that doesn't work, go to war.

7. Wars will always be fought offshore and be the equivalent of expensive sporting events, which we finance with fiat currency.

Einstein : Plagiarist, Womanizer, Stalinist, Fraud

If you don't understand why, the first time you hear this it can be quite daunting. Needless to say, your understanding of the world is flawed because it hinges on this village idiot being a genius, when in fact he was below average in intelligence. That means just about everything else you know is probably wrong as well.

If you discard this media-created adulterous moron, you'll find the entire cosmos suddenly becomes bigger, more interesting and more exciting with the possibilities. It happened for these two German scientists when they ignored the fake mental penicillin ring drawn by this charlatan and instead sought to do what Europeans do best ... real science and discovery by experiment and investigation.

If you added up all the writings and theories of all the Talmudic sophists labeled "jeeniuses" this century by the media, you'd find absolutely nothing of value in understanding the world or adding to the total stock of mankind's knowledge. It's all about personalities and kosher selling, not the advance of science that has distinguished European civilization for the past 2000 years.

Real genius simplifies. Fake genius obscures.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

TGKB (Typical Globowarmer Kult Bullsh*t) #3

You had to read the article to understand how contrived it was.

Trotsky did subtler propaganda than this one-sided hack job in Newsweek.

China Planning On Harvesting Helium 3

China is going to the moon in a reusable orbiter.

Amerikwa is going to hell in a handbasket.

The race is on.


I knew I should have trademarked "Itz coming" back in 1998. Actually, I stole it from Thomas Chittum, so maybe he should be suing me.

Wonderful benevolent rulers plot annexation of entire continent into one big happy New World Order under one currency. By any means necessary.

The End Of Sanity

Incredibly, more than thirty steel frame buildings worldwide since 9-11 have defied the new physics, refusing to collapse in 7 seconds like WTC 7 or the Trade Towers after burning a couple of minutes. Before they changed engineering principles going back to the 1600s after 9-11, no steel framed building had ever collapsed into it's own footprint in the recorded history of mankind.


Labeling a foreign government's military as "terrorists."

If there is a better way to discredit the entire fiasco called the "War on Terror" once and for all, I cannot think of it. If you start calling military forces of other countries "terrorist" organizations because you claim you have a beef with them, it is also the best way to discredit the entire United States with the world for good.

You could not sit down at a table and form a strategy more effective at alienating the entire world from the U.S. and assuring them the only thing that Amerikwa will ever be able to comprehend is brute force delivered swiftly, mercilessly and without apology. Most of the other nations are already beginning to think of the coming Third World War as a necessary step in the history of the planet that cannot be evaded or circumvented because of Amerikwa's belligerence and abandonment of diplomacy as a tool to achieve it's goals.

Try to visualize what is going to happen now. Russia and China are going to continue doing honest business with Iran. That means Russia and China are going to be labeled collaborators. Amerikwa gives them no options. By simply buying and selling with this sovereign foreign nation, they have to choose sides. That's really, really dumb policy.

Itz coming and thatz a given.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

TGKB (Typical Globowarmer Kult Bullsh*t) #2

This is not the first time they have drummed up this crapola, rather one of several instances this century alone that these lazy, shiftless marxist masturbators have tried to turn this lie into a cottage industry. It's the hot air escaping from inside their own heads they need to monitor.

The truly hilarious aspect of all this is that they have cried wolf so many times that few people will realize there is actually a Little Ice Age (or far worse) beginning right now.

TGKB : Typical Globowarmthink Kult Bulls**t

A simple review of the data by the same guy who debunked Al Gore's bogus "hockey stick" graph reveals that the "scientists" involved in the globo-kult are lazy, stupid bastards for whom "peer review" means nothing, since their peers are as sorry and shiftless as they are. It remained for this fellow to practice a bit of actual analysis to discover what was a glaring error.

How many papers do I need to get a grant in this academy of dolts? You need papers, I got plenty of peer reviewed papers right here. Just click that link as many times as you need to be convinced I am edjumificated and whatnot. Now I want tenure and a four year grant to study the effects of the carbon emitted from my anus under trial stresses from atmospheric pressure variations. Either that or else I have go out and get a real day job.

You want to improve Western civilization? Seriously, do you mean that? Then you'll want to start by burning all of the universities to the ground. They produce illiterate, inarticulate glazed-eyed marxist morons who are unfit for anything like actual work of any kind.

Tenure is a social welfare dolebludging scheme for intellectuals. Academics are just pretentious, comically inept bums, vagrants and moochers who hide out inside of colleges so they never have to grow up and go out in the world where it's scary and you can't always impress people by stringing together big words out of context and sneering.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Comptroller General : Amerikwa IS A DOOMED NATION (6)

CG predicts that the pornography capital of the world will soon raise up a lamentation to heaven. Itz hard to be cool when you're four days out with nothing to eat and no clean drinking water and laboring under 200 rads of exposure, but Amerikwans will try. Itz about bein' cool n'sheeeeeeeeit Zimbabwe style.



Economy will soon require dollars to be burnt as fuel in FEMA tent camps and used to seal leaky roofs. Possible outsourcing as base ingredient in Chinese firecracker paper.

Winter 2008 for Amerikwa - Babies, the other white meat.

I could speak as a secular atheist and take 3 or 4 pages to explain to you that the destruction of any civilization begins with the abandonment of it's core founding ideas and aspirations, starting with the destruction of it's religious foundation. Once the people surrender their homogenous cultural link uniting them as a nation behind one ideological standard, they are anybody's bitch and it's open season on their territory, women and possessions. Divide and conquer is not a cliche, it's a inviolate rule of warfare between nations and ethnic groups. Objectively speaking, Christianity is the world's most superior religion for organizing and integrating large scale free societies within a broad division of specialized labor and competing economic social classes. Nothing else can come within a million miles of it for general consolidation of codes of behaviour and standardization of norms and productive ideals.

Instead, I'll just quote scripture.

"But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you."

Proverbs 1:25-27

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo Pictorial of Swiss Civil Defense Shelter

Wow. Beautiful. These Swiss are not kidding.

Very inspiring to see the forethought put into every detail of the shelter. Truly incredible.

Leftist Attempts To Think, With Mixed Results

People are incredibly, mindbogglingly stupid. Some of you might agree but chances are many of you would not really understand what is being said even if you did agree. Stupid as in animals on autopilot, beasts following scripted instincts, genetic automatons playing out their sad biological gear works behaviours without so much as a twinge of self-awareness.

If they realized how stupid they are, they'd never say anything at all. Writers and politicians alike are always afflicted with the same problem ... they're usually too dumb to realize they have nothing to say. Mother Nature limits human intelligence for a reason - she doesn't want them to know how ridiculous and insipid they are. If they ever realized who and what they are, they would not reproduce. Most of them would take their own lives immediately. Luckily for most of mankind, they're so dumb they're happy, like horses.

The real reason that people nowadays are so against things that are sane, like the right to bear arms, is that nature has commanded them that they should die. She's tapped them on the shoulder and told them to do themselves in. That sneer and arched eyebrow you see when you ask them a reasonable question ... say ... "Who do you expect will protect you if you do not protect yourself?" is their autopilot self-annihilation instinct warning them they must not tarry with any coherent or rational thought on their way to their own extinction party. Why are you interfering with them as they knot the noose around their own neck and prepare to kick away the chair? Asking people sane questions only causes them to ring their bell in annoyance like those mail carts that patrol corridors on a magnetic strip. They can move forward or they can stop. Asking them why they are moving in the direction they are headed in is a waste of time. You might as well inquire of a salmon why it is swimming upstream.

Friday, August 10, 2007

"DAILY KOS" : The Best Fake Opposition That Money Can Buy

I've always known that Daily Kos was a fake front organization run to try to capture the opposition. It's about as real as Jeff Gannon's "Talon News Service."

You'll notice they have always practiced heavy censorship and restricted any speculation about America's decline to blaming it on "the big corporations." The usual (yawn) Marxist class war appeal to envy.

Yes, it's all the doing of "the big corporations." Could anybody be more irrelevant or out of touch with what is really going on?

Fight To The Last Sheeple

Fresh meat needed between magnificent officers and agitated towelheads in Iraq to absorb bullets. Issue an M-16, candybar, possibly defective parachute and drop at random over Baghdad to fight against somewhat annoyed people who resent their nation being invaded, women being raped and a million civilians being tortured and killed for reasons still forthcoming from glorious leaders.

All this will start making sense sometime soon. No, really it will.

Was John Titor Right?

One serious physicist after another is concluding that time travel is a very real possibility.

Note that mass-media manufactured pretend genius "Stephen Hawkings" (like in comic books, he must be a genius because he's in a wheelchair, you see) is mostly distinguished by the fact that he has been uniformly 100% wrong all of the time without exception about most everything. If you want a more credible voice in physics, go down to the park, wake up the first bum you see sleeping under a newspaper and ask him his opinion on time travel.

Hawkings was nearly broke, out of work and penniless when the huckster train was assembled to promote his master charlatan book "MASTURBATING IN SPACE-TIME" or something to that effect and they targeted the same demographic that read HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. The basic premise was, here look at me, I'm a spaz in a wheelchair, I must be a sooper-jeenius.

Yes, they're all jeeniuses alright, Einstein (DePretto Ripoff) and Gould (Rehashed Lysenkoism) and Sagan (I can't actually do math but I do have thick glasses) and yet ... notice how aside from enriching their own bank balances, no practical advances or scientific discoveries ever seem to materialize out of these endless tomes of Talmudic sophistry going in circles nowhere? As soon as they flatline, their books are instantly thrown out with the garbage because once the carnival atmosphere dies with the carny barker, nobody wants the colorful flyers any more. Their notion of "science, " is Anthony Robbins firewalking seminars with them as the star attraction.

Total contribution of all of these hucksters to real scientific advancement? Zero. Nada. Nothing. Hawkings cannot be taken seriously as a human being, he's a rolling caricature of his own nonsensical gibberish.

Russia Prepares For War Over Arctic Resources

Russia is already training for the war when the United States can't even organize a satellite to look at the region and see if it's worth fighting for.

The mindless obsession with the Middle East and matters of no concern to Amerikwa is leaving their flank completely unguarded back in the U.S. as China and Russia prepare to whack this entire nation out of existence with a blitzkreig that would shock and frighten the Nazis.

Keep fighting the terrible threat of those camel jockeys and goat herders, boys, use up all that expensive hardware in the desert sand swinging at shadows. There's somebody who will soon bring all the war you could ever want right to your doorstep and it ain't towelheads who drive cabs.

Neocon Announces Need for "Another 911"

He just got off the phone from talking to Mossad and it's clinched for the coming fall.

Remember, they only want to destroy America in order to save it.

Sure, that's it.

Notice how it "only cost 300 lives" to intervene in Gulf War I, but it was worth it. He's willing to fight to the last goy for what's right. He'll bring up the rear with the First Israeli Typing Corps from his Easyboy monitoring the battle from his living room with a remote control.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Out of Africa" Is A Lie (It Always Was)

Seven years ago I figured out this piece of "common sense," which I had drilled into me since I was old enough to walk by all media around the clock, was in fact absolute baloney.

The truth is, nothing of merit has ever come out of Africa in the history of the planet. Nothing.

Modern man, (Homo Sapiens) arose from the conditions surrounding the Toba volcano super eruption some 74,000 years ago and the resulting bottleneck on the human population. The forcible migration into the Caucasus was by cold adapted Asian people (the ancestors of Eskimos) who then underwent further environment specific evolutionary change. We have a great deal in common with Japanese and Chinese people genetically despite many apparent differences. Africans are modestly described in the anthropology literature as "least specialized" which is a courteous way of saying they have fewer genes in common with the rest of mankind than any other race and show no sign at all of having been placed under environmental stress of the sort required to hone their genetics in response to broad selection in adverse conditions.

The evidence just isn't there but what is most shocking is that there was never really any evidence to support this hypothesis. I mean, none at all. It was just trendy to say during the turbulent 1960's if you were a Marxist academic who wanted to score more points off the fish in the barrel called Western civilization. Of evidence, there was simply none at all. They found some human fossils in Africa, ergo, we must all have come from Africa.

It's noteworthy that well into the 1950's many anthropologists had conjectured that modern mankind had begun to develop in India or Asia. So it has taken a half a century to get back to scratch where we were in 1949. That's your "progress" for you.

What causes the collapse of complex societies?

They stop innovating. It's that simple.

Whatever causes them to stop innovating, when they stop innovating they stop solving problems their ancestors easily surmounted and these problems begin to pile up.

Maybe they stop innovating because their institutions are seized by sociopaths. Maybe their entire culture develops into a worship of the lower class, ghetto vernacular and conduct. Their values are turned upside down for some reason. Maybe they just plain go nuts. In the modern West, all these things have happened and many more.

Ours is not a society that can solve it's problems anymore. Nothing else is important if that is the case. There is no remedy for this ill.

Nothing in Amerikwa Makes Any Sense, Of Any Kind, Anyhow. Nothing whatsoever.

Three trillion just got lost somewhere by Dov Zakheim.

This was enough money to rebuild the entire infrastructure of the United States and introduce a civil defense program for every single man, woman and child in the U.S. the equal of Switzerland or else better.

Nobody loses three trillion dollars. People steal three trillion dollars. Nobody just misplaces it. It doesn't happen outside of televitz reality.

Tornado in Brooklyn

It's all a result of farting cows, decomposing baby nappies and coal-fired plants.

Or else it's just the regularly scheduled irresistable end of the interglacial, right on time the way it always is, every 11,500 years like a Swiss clock.

Without Ice Ages to cull the herd, imagine what sort of people would dominate the earth. It'd be like Mike Judge's Idiocracy except those people would be like rocket scientists in comparison. Actually, there's already a place where there are no Ice Ages to cull the herd. It's called Africa and the average IQ there is 70, which is 21 points behind Koko the Sign Language Gorilla on the exact same test.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Forcible Depopulation of Rural Areas in Britain

Isn't it reasonable to assume, after the third implication of government involvement in the release of a biological warfare agent on their own agricultural/rural industry, that this might in fact be deliberate?

If a guy shoots you in the head once and says, "Oops, sorry, that was an accident!" then shoots you two more times, in both cases waving off his act as an "accident," isn't it time to consider that maybe it's not an accident on his part?

The last remaining resistance, as always, is located in the countryside and rural populations in Britain. The urban population are slaves who live hand-to-mouth and paycheck-to-paycheck. Their only option is to do as they are told. There's no danger of a revolt ever coming from their ranks and even if there was, the British government successfully disarmed them all anyway so they'd be fighting with sticks and knives (both illegal to carry in public unless you can produce a work-related reason for a policeman.) The only possible independence and objections would come from the farmers and agrarians, who still maintain some kind of life separate from government and are permitted to think doubleplus ungood thoughts by way of simple distance - the media cannot see to it they always have a televitz device in front of their face when they work all day on a farm.

So like Lenin and Stalin, aren't the marxists who are merging Britain into the European Union just taking care of their only foreseeable opposition by hurling plagues into the air upwind of their farmers, again and again? You force people into the cities, they become your bitches. Freedom is just a word for people who live in a city. As Jefferson pointed out, they are the breeding grounds of all kinds of madness and delusion, including the delusion of slaves that they are free people. It is only in the countryside you can hope some shred of sanity will remain ... and the British government is waging a war on their agricultural classes to destroy them or reduce them to penury. I use the word "war" literally, because the government is using weapons developed in biowarfare labs to destroy their own people's livelihoods and any illusions they may have remaining of independence.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Remember When China Could Only Hit The West Coast?

They've got the hardware now for full coverage, a nice distribution with combinations of groundbursts and airbursts in coordinated attack to make sure the entire United States is absolutely sterile aboveground.

Only Vault Dwellers will remain.

Multiculturalism = Ethnic Cleansing of Europeans

4000 people a week trying to leave the UK, after their ancestors have inhabited that continent without pause for at least 50,000 years? You have to be kidding me, right? That's 208,000 whites a year leaving Britain, in excess of the emigration rate of South Africa. At that rate, given the current exponential doubling each month of numbers leaving, Britain will be completely ethnically cleansed of native white Britons in a decade.

Do governments have a right to replace the people who elected them with a new population? I don't think they do. I think that Enoch Powell was right. This is foul treason both by those who have imposed this madness on the UK and those who have been complicit for fear of being branded racists.

Liam Clifford, a former immigration control officer, set up as a one-man band 12 years ago. He now employs 60 people and is in the process of opening new offices in both South Africa and Australia. Mr Clifford said: “It’s absolutely phenomenal. People are trying to get away to wherever they can, and most are successful.“Ironically, one of the main reasons for leaving is the overstretch of services due to increasing immigration into the UK. People are looking for the better standard of living offered by other countries, as even the most idyllic villages in Britain are under pressure from rising populations.

Some are telling us they are fed up with living in this country. Even business people are saying they’ve had enough.“They’re saying ‘I can’t put my children into the right school, but if I move abroad I can’. Most people are very patriotic and don’t want to leave. They’re almost terrified about it. But they say they just have to.“It’s a shame people at the top don’t recognise they’re not doing enough to retain highly skilled workers in this country. A lot of them are quite young, and they’re not idle. They just can’t see a future for themselves in this country. They want to get married and settle down and buy homes, but they can’t see it happening here.“And time and time again they are saying to us they don’t want to be seen as racist because they are quitting because of immigration. We tell them of course they’re not.”

Russia Gears Up For WW3

Serial Production of Bulava Sea-Launched Missile To Begin

Intercontinental Mobile Nuke ICBM Into Mass Production

You know, the kind you fire from a submarine during global thermonuclear warfare. That kind of missile. Going to start cranking them off an assembly line like sausages.

Russian Navy Will Restore Cold-War Naval Presence In Mediterranean

Oh, itz coming.

The Rival To NATO Raises It's Head

Russian-Chinese joint exercises. What imaginary enemy pray tell, do you think they pretend to fight against? Perhaps the Iranians or Pakistan. Yes, that's right. Let's go back to sipping our cappuccinos.

Ethnic Minorities Incompatible With Jeffersonian Democracy

You can't have freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and warrants in the same time-space point as ethnic minorities. Their ancestors never imagined personal freedoms, never fought for them and never insisted they be the cornerstone of the government's purpose. It just never occurred to them, the same way they never thought of the wheel, a writing stylus or the watermill. It was never anything but an undeserved privilege lauded to them and as you can see in the article above, they are so eager to legislate (unconstitutionally) the right away at the earliest possible convenience.

All across Amerikwa, as soon as they achieve a critical mass in demographics, the first thing to go is the Bill of Rights. They're not even bright enough to understand these things cannot be legislated away without an amendment to the Constitution. They're not bright enough to understand anything of importance.

They just don't get it. They'll never get it. They'll never be compatible with the Jefferson Republic. It's like matter and anti-matter trying to occupy the same location at the same time.

What did Thomas Jefferson have to say about this? You've probably only been exposed to half his sentence, the rest censored from history. This is the full quote :

"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate, than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." -- Thomas Jefferson

They don't want freedom of speech or association. They don't want the right to bear arms. It's not in their nature to live in the type of government that creates the very prosperity they covet. They are all botched by nature and intended to live under tyrannies by what Martin Luther King called the content of their character. Freedom is not in their biological makeup. They just were not put together well enough to be freemen, they are slaves in their hearts of one variety or another.

What is truly frightening is that I suspect more and more every day that most of my fellow citizens are becoming more like them. They're devolving into creatures less human by the hour.

It Begins - Economic Conflicts Always Precede War

China threatens to dump the dollar and instantly turn the United States into a third world ghetto. You knew it was coming.

You know when we were talking about certain flashpoints of increasing severity causing the Amerikwans to awaken rather abruptly from that feverish dream they call consciousness and then overreact? Similar to what happened with 9-11, except much worse. This is one of those kinds of flashpoints we talked about. If China prods Amerikwa with this stick sufficiently to startle them, their feebleminded leaders may well react with an overt act of war in response.


I laugh at the globo-warmers. That's because they are pathetic and comical god-haters. Those whom God would destroy, he first makes vain, self-important, ridiculous and laughable. Then he destroys them. Bad enough to die but to die a fool without ever learning anything is worse.

Ordinary people are always sneering and arching one of their eyebrows. It's such universal behaviour they no longer even realize they're doing it - they just subconsciously adopt televitz media people's expressions. "Heh - I can see you must not own a television!" They're so proud of the fact they recite exactly what the television tells them to think. "All the ejumificated peeple agree! It's on televitz, for crying out loud! Intellamajent peeple have formed a group which says it!"

Science has never, ever been about consensus. Scientists who were right have always been in the minority.

How do I know so much about the way these contemptible a**holes think? I used to be one of them! I was a massive secular humanist doofus for sixteen years. I used to do that sneering and arching thing myself. Whatta loser. What an awesome waste of my genetic potential, which offered me the possibility to graduate to such a higher level of independent reasoning.

Then I grew up and learned how to really think for myself. Everything changed after that. It's kind of sad that I was past my intellectual peak by that time at 36, my sharpest years were behind me, wasted on Carl Sagan twit gibberish. All that crap packed into my skull, it's no wonder I could never have an independent train of thought in there.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Survival Blog Added To Trusted Sites

This site, run by James Wesley Rawles (author of "Patriots"), is becoming such a good source of information I had to post it on the sidebar for trusted sites permanently. I was resisting it for a while for fear of association with the "camper van commando" school of survivalism but there is a lot of solid data posted there that can definitely be applied by nuclear shelterists and various species of Vault Dwelling hominids, for certain. Just keep in mind that this particular flavor of survivalism believes the worst that American have to worry about is mostly internal threats and economic collapse, a tiny piece of the puzzle we are always trying to assemble on Vault-Co. Most of these kinds of survivalists in the U.S. plan to survive World War III by touring the country in their well-stocked camper vans doing good deeds, kind of like a TEOTWAWKI made-for-TV movie from the 70's.

A lot of this thinking is delusional along the standard American lines, with the same structured avoidance of reality that is present in all of American life. Vault-Co urges you to prepare with a somewhat harsher scenario in mind than this one.

Phil Brennan : Itz Coming, Suckas

Ice Age II.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Emperor Of Ice Cream

A new cold war over resources.

You know, kind of like the one Vault-Co has been predicting for about nine years.

With the dollar failing in the U.S., we are looking at one of those cascade scenarios, where so much stuff starts to fly out control at the same time that humans have no choice but to fall back on their old standby - mad impulsive unrestrained war.

Amerikwan Economic Kittens In The Median Strip

Jim Cramer goes ballistic and finally cracks up completely on air at CNBC and tells people what is really happening ...

Economic Armageddon for Amerikwa. The housing boom is officially over for the United States. The new boom will be in small arms fire, human cannibalism and cohabitation between cats and dogs.

The Gates Of Vienna

A fantastic overview of the drooling rabid daft school of Marxism called Multiculturalism.

Human beings do not drive biology. They are driven by biology.

When civilizations approach their 200 year limit, there is nothing that can stop the inhabitants from recklessly throwing themselves headlong into suicidal enterprises of one flavour or another. Nothing. Give me death or nought liberty, they scream. They thirst for death, they pursue it by a thousand means and seek to be destroyed by whatever opportunity presents itself. Everything they do is engineered to wreck themselves and everything their culture has managed to construct. This ancient cyclic commandment is as powerful as the sex drive and more persistent. The lemmings will not be frustrated by fences or roads - they drive forward towards the cliffs with all the strength they have left in their bodies. Biology commands them to annihilate themselves. Whether they do it by abortion or narcotics or fallout does not matter. Biology commands them.

How odd the nuclear shelterist must seem to such people, traveling in the exact opposite direction, accompanied by no consensus, the last word in unfashionable! Where is their peer group? Didn't they get the memo from Mother Nature? We are all to rush forward to the cliffs! It's trendy, it's hip, it's somehow inexplicably sexy ... what on earth is that fool doing building shelter, storing up food and preparing himself like he wants to live instead of die! How unbelievably strange it must be for thousands of lemmings to pass by a single lonely rodent digging a burrow with a shovel and saving up nuts for the winter! There is no longer a need to ever fear the winter again, they scream as they pass in their teeming millions. We are all to rush forward to the cliffs! You don't want to be left behind, do you?!?

The big difference in the modern era is nuclear weapons. Thousands of civilizations that we know of have willfully exterminated themselves through their own efforts. Ours is the first (that we know about) that has the nuclear option as a tool to achieve their own genocidal desires. This is why Vault-Co predicts that this extinction cycle is not just going to consist of one geographic area or one narrow regional failure. It's not just the Sumerians, the Abyssinians, the Romans, the Carthaginians, the Russians, the Americans. This cycle is going to be worldwide.

Krischann Psychotics Pull Their Weight For Armageddon

Since we've been bashing the Jewish lunatics running the United States in the past couple of posts, we thought it fair to give some coverage of the fullblown Krisschann nutjobs in the Pentagon. It's a race to see who is crazy enough to usher in the Apocalypse first between the whacky alliance of Zionists and Scofieldian Krapture Bunnies in Amerikwa.

The video above may shock the hell out of you. You are looking straight into the faces of the people who have orchestrated the aerial carpet bombing of Iraq and the deaths of nearly one million civilians for the crime of moving-while-Muslim. As you can see from the video, those beady glistening eyes are just full of Jeebus love from the time the bomb bay doors open until the last charcoaled baby broils on the tarmac. What would Christ have done? Call in white phosphorus rounds in-effect on the Iraqi university during lunchtime, of course. At least, according to these doughy Krapture kids.

I have a feeling they may need to steel themselves for quite a shock at the Judgement Throne. Jesus Christ is going to shake his head and turn away from every single one of these shrieking salivatin' Krischann Wingnuts.

Matthew 7:21-23: (emphasis mine)

"Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'"

If you ever wake up one morning and discover you are targeting civilians after attacking their sovereign nation without cause, you need to stop, because you are doing the Devil's work. If you take your eyes off God and stop attending first to scripture, you'd be amazed what sort of madness that Satan can get you up to. You could even end up working at the Pentagon.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Modern "Medicine" Is A Human Slaughterhouse

I don't know this guy and I am not selling anything for him.

He gives away this page of information for free and I was surprised to see so many myths debunked in one place that I am in complete agreement with. I am not encouraging you to buy his book, although I intend to.

One reason that modern people just have no hope of surviving is that when faced with a choice between their own judgement and the group consensus, they will nearly always defer to the group. As it happens, the group today is a manufactured fake consensus created by ownership of almost all media by one ethnic group that incidentally is also overrepresented in medicine. One consistent theme amongst this ethnic group, enshrined in their religion as a basic principle for them to live by, is that they are never to do anything to cure or treat the maladies of other external ethnic groups - rather, that it is not a sin to deliberately poison or give out placebos to other ethnic groups as long as there is slim chance of them being caught.

So in it's entirety, the whole of modern medicine is basically a gigantic rat trap set out for gentiles laced with strychnine. It's working, too. Everything you drink, eat and consume is usually dosed with something to make you sick over the course of time. A good rule of thumb is that the more the common people laugh and pooh-pooh your fears, the greater the lethality of the toxins in question. Future generations will probably be dumbfounded at our widespread use of aspartame as a sweetener. They will no doubt be astounded to discover we thought sunlight causes cancer, baby food was better than mother's milk or that eggs were bad for you because somebody in the media told us this. The notion in the 1600's that rotting meat spontaneously gives rise to maggots will seem strictly scientific in comparison.

Fluoridated water causes your brain to take up more aluminium, which causes you to grow feebleminded long, long before it manifests finally as Alzenheimers. Take a look at the entire continent of America and ask yourself how much fluoride these people must be getting in their water to end up like that.

People this stupid can't see a third world war coming. They can't see anything coming. Chances are they have trouble visualizing the consequences of anything out beyond next week. So don't wait for a group consensus to tip you off that itz coming. Having turned out to be wrong about everything that matters, why would you expect them to get it right about any of the most important conclusions of them all? The group is doomed. Vault-Co is a blog for individuals. The group doesn't even have a prayer left and if they did they wouldn't be worth praying for.

Prototype Terminator Units Now Live Fire Enabled

Remember back in 2003 when the Army claimed they would never be given live weapons? Vault-Co predicted they would. Who was right?

This is only the very earliest stage of mechanized warfare. It's like the VIC-20 of killer robots. Watch and see if the evolution of these machines occurs ten times faster than the personal computer. War creates innovation and the ultimate innovation is the mechanical soldier.

American is falling apart #3

When you read about the sheer magnitude of decay in America coupled with the knowledge of how much the wars against nothing are costing per month, is it childish to assume that this work ain't never gonna get done?

Jared Diamond is of course, completely full of crap. Yet, amongst the catalogue of stolen ideas and ruthless plagiarism that characterizes his work, he has pointed out a critical feature in the history of collapsing empires ... when it rains, it pours. One day it's just swell, the next there are so many problems in a cascading wave of miscarriages that one would have to be mad to believe that anything could possibly be done to reverse the rising tide of appalling failure at every point that counts within and without the civilization in question.

Vault-Co does not believe the infrastructure of America will undergo any substantial restoration or repair before the third world war levels that nation down to bedrock. Put this prediction up on the big board and we'll see if this one comes true in time.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Setup for fake alien false flag?!?)

Funny how they linger on the terrible effects of that dying star and it's poor planet. It almost reads like a fictional account by H.G. Wells. I thought this was supposed to be a science report.

Wait, let me guess! The poor aliens have no choice but to find another Earth-like planet nearby! Gasp! Like the original story by Wells almost a 100 years ago! Whooda thunkit.

Don't laugh. Remember, the most respected authority in America on families, children and relationships is Oprah Winfrey, a 40+ year old lesbian who has never had children, a husband or stable relationship in her life. If they could believe half the crap that comes out of her mouth ... or that a steel frame building will fall straight down twenty minutes after a kerosene fire ... then they'll believe we're under alien attack.

I know it's ridiculous. Do you know why I mention it? Because I got a hunch. Just watch and see.

Maybe if we blog enough about it the way we do a false flag terrorist attack, they'll just give up on that as well and try to think of some of crisis they can manufacture.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Great American Quack Salesman

Al Gore follows in his shyster father's footsteps as the traveling salesman who has a winning smile and a charming delivery with an epistemology that conveniently skims over all the nasty thinking parts, just the way Amerikwans like it.

Farting cows and baby nappies plus that smoke you see coming out your SUV tailpipe are destroying the planet, the Goremen say. It's a twist on the "money curse" scam run by the gypsies. Your money is cursed and is cursing you, until you give it to me your bad luck won't change.

Our only friend in the Middle East

I always laugh at the part where the mystery caller identified them as "Palestinians" because they were "dressed in sheikh things." Yes, that's how you spot those nasty Arabi types, they go everywhere dressed up as sheikhs mixing up junk. All Palestinian types dress in outlandish desert turbans and robes so nobody will mix them up with other terrorists, like say, PETA operatives or something.

Notice the anonymous call was actually intended to set something up that never happened. Police dogs detected real explosives inside the van. First the call would be planted, then they intended to blow that truck up somewhere, possibly in one of the tunnels that enters New York city. Quick thinking by rube suckers doing their jobs put a stop to that.

In any other nation, this all would have led to an outrageous scandal and a fast resolution of what would turn out to be one of the biggest false flag operations in world history. Fortunately, the mainstream media was running defense for them and kept the rubes in check.

Whenever you hear some idiot blathering about "how nobody could keep something like that a secret without being found out," well, what more would you want, dumbass? Could the entire operation have been stuffed up much worse? You still didn't get the facts either way and the media just told you the story you were supposed to hear no matter how ridiculous it was at that stage.

Don't buy newspapers or magazines and don't watch television news. Check out "Adam Pearlman!" This Jewish boy is moving up quickly through the organization due to his efforts! It's the American dream come true! He's now in the "top leadership" echelon at Al Qaida! Yes, if I'm looking for new hotblooded firebrands to head up my Islamic terrorist organization, I know the way to retain the best is to seek out Jewish kids whose parents are directors of the ADL. Oy vey, Al Qaida! We've got opportunity for everyone, we are the only terrorist organization in all of Wahabist Islam with a full diversity policy, including dental coverage and health plan! Please apply to your local Mosque today with a letter of reference from your Rabbi!

Ron Paul Will Never Set Foot In The White House

Rube, you are truly kidding yourself if you think you can put Ron Paul in the Presidency. It will never happen.

America has not had a say in government since John F. Kennedy got three bullets in the head for trying to introduce silver certificates and get access to inspect the Israeli nuclear program.

All you are going to accomplish by continuing to encourage this sap is getting a good man killed. Poor Ron Paul is too honest, too decent, too virtuous and far too good a man to even be standing up there with all the risk it entails. He should be tending his own private garden. The American people deserve the leaders they have, they are not a nation that deserves to have a man like Ron Paul. The fate of the pornography sodomite empire is sealed and Ron Paul is deluded to believe any one man can interfere. Ron reminds me of Lot wandering around inside of Sodom and Gomorrah, just trying to find ten good men in the city he can present to God as proof he should withhold his vengeance. He's wasting his time and risking his very worthy head as well.

America used to be made up of men like Ron Paul. None left now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

America is falling apart #2

This stuff would be superb Monty Pythonesque humor if it wasn't actually real.

Declining societies are reflected in the inability to correctly manage finances to keep infrastructure intact. It was true in Rome. It was true in Sumeria. It's true in America.

Seriously, doesn't the photo at this article instantly remind you of that scene in IDIOCRACY where Luke Wilson looks out the window and sees an automobile just driving off the end of a broken freeway ramp? What's next, buildings tied together with string to hold them up another day?

Russia Claims The North Pole Via Titanium Seabed Marker

Ha ha, the press says. Isn't this amusing. Sort of like an old 1950's sci-fi pulp novel about the tensions leading up to WW3. Nuclear submarines staking out the resources of the North Pole and all that. Ha ha. Ha ha. Amusing stuff, one has a chuckle over one's cappuccino. Ha ha.

According to a UN arbiter, everything Russia is doing is legitimate under the world's system for recognizing resource claims. They first demonstrate a geological connection with the resources in question, then they drop a marker, then the UN officially declares these resources to be Russian territory.

The only country asleep at the wheel here is America. While they're fighting otherwise harmless towelheads riding goats in the Middle East and carpet bombing civilians, Russia and China are quietly and coolly clinching the world's resources so as to have an exclusive monopoly on most of the planet's remaining oil.

When America wakes up from this dope dream they're in with blacks-on-blondes porno and reality television shows, they're going to panic and overreact in a nightmarish fashion. That's a Vault-Co prediction, you heard it here. When it hits them this ain't no dream, they're going to start pushing buttons and opening silos in a mad frenzy of wild fear. What happens after that will be history.

There is no such thing as "Al Qaida"

That's why they are "unlimited." Because they are an imaginary foe.

Osama Bin Laden died of kidney failure in a U.S. Naval Hospital in the summer of 2001, months before the attack on the World Trade Center. The videos that have been released since are generic rants by Bin Laden recorded years ago with crappy propaganda translations to make them seem current. They're about as genuine as Adam Pearlman, the American arm of "Al Qaida," and various other Mossad ops.

You probably won't believe this, but sometimes I really think everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

If the average American is really stupid enough to fall for all this crap, maybe they deserve the leaders they have. Maybe they deserve everything that has happened and will happen to them. It's hard to feel sorry for somebody who supports bombing civilians without even knowing where their country is located on the map of the world. They have no virtues as a people with which to commend them. That's the most damning thing I can think of to say about them.

I honestly believe that God has abandoned America to hell and unleashed all the entropic forces of the universe on that poor nation in order to destroy it forever. I also believe that America abandoned God first, before he abandoned them.

As Mel Gibson pointed out in "Signs," the movie by M. Night Shymalayan, there are two types of people in the world. America embraced secular atheism. They believe nobody is coming to help them, the world is the product of randomness, there is no God. Now they shall discover what it means to live in just such a universe. It's a very, very bad place.

America is falling apart, literally

Not just it's rule of law, culture, economics, politics, society and nation.

It's falling apart physically as well.